A Helping Hand

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I was suppose to be going out with friends. It had been a long two weeks cramming for finals. My sophomore year in college was proving to be much more difficult then my freshman. I had barely stuck my head out of the books long enough to eat, let alone relax. So since this was Friday night, some of my gal pals decided I needed a break. But now, about halfway there, I decided I was just to exhausted to go through with it, and turned the car around to head home.

Home meaning my parents home, where I still lived. I know, I know. I was almost 20 yrs old and still living with my parents. But that was one huge advantage to going to a local college…I was saving a fortune on housing by staying at home as opposed to the dorms at school. Plus mom and dad were great about letting me have my own space and not making me account for my comings and goings and such. And it was a huge house with just the parents, my younger brother, Bob, and me.

Bob was a- what you would call a, ummmm, what would be the polite term, ummmm, oh the hell with it. He was a fucking nerd! Right down to his thick glasses, clothes that went out of style a decade earlier and those horrible pocket protectors full of pencils and pens. And he was skinny as a rail. It was no wonder he had not even had a single date. But, he had a heart of gold and was absolutely brilliant. I had no doubt that he would be the head of his class by far when he graduated later this year.

I pulled into the driveway and saw by the empty garage that mom and dad were still out on the town. It was just now 7:30 and they had not expected me back so early. Super. That would just leave me and the boy-wonder, and he would be so engrossed in whatever book he would be studying, he was always studying that he would be no bother. I could relax and wind down from the stressful week.

I grabbed a towel, a bottle of wine from dad’s liquor cabinet, and a glass and headed out to the back porch. I flipped on the hot tub, stripped naked, and settled into the steaming hot water. Privacy was not a concern. The backyard was completely fenced in so no one could see from the outside, and if Bob came out here, I would be completely covered by the water. I poured myself some wine and turned on the built-in stereo system.

This is just what I needed. The wine was warming me on the inside and the hot streams of water were warming me from the outside. By the time I had worked myself through half the bottle of wine, I was starting to feel slightly drunk. That, combined with the way the hot, bubbling water was feeling against my naked skin was starting to make me to feel slightly horny as well. As I leaned my head back, I found my hand sliding down my flat belly and across my clean-shaven pussy. I found myself already wet, and not from the water. As soon as my fingers touched my already erect clit, I felt an electric charge race through my body. This would not take long.

I started to rub my clit hard with three fingers as my other hand moved to my 36c sized breasts. I pinched and massaged a stiff nipple as my other hand worked at a furious pace on my hard clit. güvenilir bahis After only a moment I could feel my much needed release approaching. I squeezed my tit hard just as my climax hit. I continued rubbing my clit as wave after wave of orgasmic delight crashed over me hard. I started to scream out loud and raised my ass off the seat as I rubbed myself into one, then two more quick orgasms. When I finally regained my senses, I found myself breathing very hard and found I had drenched the area around the tub with all my splashing. I suddenly realized that I had been screaming and hoped no one had heard me.

I quickly climbed out of the tub, dried off, and picked up my clothes. I grabbed the bottle of wine, wrapped myself in the towel, and headed towards my room. I was still horny as hell and I had a huge toy collection just waiting for me to use in my room. I still had not seen Bob, but thought nothing of it. As I mentioned, it was a huge house and it was easy to avoid people. My bare feet made no noise on the lush carpet. As I approached the den, I could see the glow from a television coming from the open doorway. Bob must be taking advantage of the entertainment center in there. As I passed the doorway, I glanced in, and stopped dead in my tracks.

On the screen of the large TV, which was facing the door, were two naked young girls, one with her face buried in the snatch of the other, eating her pussy for all she was worth. I also saw Bob, who was sitting on the couch in front of the TV. From my vantage point, with the couch facing away from me, all I could see of Bob was his head and the top of his shoulders. But it was very obvious, from the motion of his arms, that my baby brother was jacking off to the x-rated movie he was watching. And he was really going at it. I don’t know if it was my intoxicated state, my horniness or both, but I suddenly had the urge to sneak into the room and watch my brother stroke his cock.

Just as I stepped into the room, car lights flashed across the den window. Crap, mom and dad were home. We both panicked at the same time. Bob didn’t want to get caught yanking his crank to one of dad’s naughty movies and I sure as hell did not want to get caught drunk as a skunk. I ran to my room as I heard Bob crashing into things in his haste to get things cleaned up in the den. I just shut my door when I heard the front door open. Feeling safe, I let out a huge breath of air. Hope Bob made it too.

I took a shower in my bathroom to get all the chlorine from the hot tub off me and to relax a bit. I then got out my toy collection and settled into bed anticipating a nice “self help” session. Just as I was about to start, I heard Bob’s bedroom door open and then shut across the hallway. I suddenly felt guilty for some odd reason. Here I was, already having had a couple of orgasms, and getting ready for a bunch more, and poor Bob got interrupted before he even had one. That just didn’t seem fair. Plus I knew Bob had to be frustrated to begin with, still being a virgin and all. I know this because Bob and I are pretty close and talk about a lot of stuff.

I türkçe bahis snuck to my door and opened it quietly. I saw the light under Bob’s door go out. I knew he was heading for bed. Again, not sure what got into me (drunk? horny? you pick) but I decided that my brother needed help. I grabbed some needed supplies from my bathroom, threw on a nightshirt, and again went to my door. I shut out my light, opened my door, and snuck into the hallway. I looked down the hall, and seeing no one, moved to Bob’s door. I knew that even if mom and dad were still awake, they would be downstairs and at the other end of the house. I quickly opened the door, moved inside, and shut it again.

Bob, who was in bed, sat up and yelled. “Who’s there?”

“Ssshhhhh…It’s me.” I said.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“Just lay back down, hush, and I’ll explain.” He did as asked as I moved to the edge of the bed and knelt down. I placed a small candle on his nightstand and lit it. It bathed the room in a warm glow. I put the rest of the supplies on the floor. As I expected, Bob was wearing a full set of pajamas, complete with button up shirt just like you would expect a nerd to be wearing. I shook my head. Its no wonder the poor boy was still a virgin.

“Listen,” I started. “I know that Mom and Dad interrupted you earlier when you were having “fun” in the den.” He started to protest and I again hushed him. “Don’t worry about how I know, I just do.”

He suddenly seemed embarrassed. “It’s no big deal, really…everyone does it, even me.” This seemed to relax him a bit, but he still seemed confused. “I am going to help you out with your problem, but there are rules you need to follow, ok?”

A light seemed to suddenly come on inside his head that said he knew that he was in for something very rare and exciting here, even if he still did not know what. He simply shook his head ‘yes.’

“Ok, rule

, reach above you and grab the rails of your headboard with both hands. And no matter what happens, you are NOT allowed to let go.” Slowly, he reached above his head and grabbed the rails.


, no matter what happens in the next few moments, this is OUR secret, and ours only…understand?” He again shook his head.

I reached out and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and then pulled each half to the side, exposing his skinny chest. No hair yet. I expected that. I then reached down and started to unsnap the top button of his pants. He moved his hands from the rail and started to stop me.

“What did I tell you about your hands?” I said in a stern voice. He instantly put them back on the rails. “Just relax and trust me.” I told him.

I finished unbuttoning his pants and then pulled them down past his thighs. His now exposed cock was right in front of me. As expected, not much hair here either, but he did appear to be a little thicker then I expected. I reached underneath and held it in the palm of my hand. He jumped slightly at the feel of my warm hand on his dick. I reached down and picked up the bottle of lotion I had brought with me. I poured some along the length of his shaft. güvenilir bahis siteleri I then started to rub the lotion in with my other hand, rubbing along the length.

He started to grow in my hand, and grow and GROW. My God, I didn’t think he would ever stop! I poured more lotion on and continued to rub it in until he reached his full length. He was absolutely huge!

“My God Bob….if the girls in school knew about this monster of yours, they would be all over you!” He smiled at this and settled his head back into his pillow, starting to relax enough to actually enjoy what was going on.

I cupped my hand around the top of his shaft and started to slowly work my hand up and down. My other hand moved to his balls and I cupped them as I settled into a nice slow stroking movement. He started to groan softly as I applied slight pressure to his shaft as I stroked. I couldn’t get over the size of him. Had to be at least 10 inches.

I started twisting my hand as it moved up and down his beautiful cock. He was starting to moan a little louder now and he started thrusting his hips up in time with my strokes. I poured some lotion on his balls and massaged it in with my other hand as my stroking began a quicker pace.

I was getting very horny myself. I could feel my pussy getting very wet. It was all I could do to resist jumping on top of him and ramming this huge prick deep inside me. But that was not the intention of this session, and I was not willing to take that step with my own brother. At least not yet!

His breathing was starting to come much quicker now and he was really bucking hard against my hand. I knew he didn’t have long to go. I released his balls and reached down to the floor. I picked up a small vibrator and flipped it on. I then placed it just above his balls and against the base of his cock. I started to stroke him very hard and very quick, running the entire length of his shaft.

He moaned loudly, closed his eyes, and threw his head back. I knew this was hit. I felt his shaft harden even more and then felt the cum rising through his long cock. The first stream shot high into the air and landed on his bare chest. A second and then a third shot into the air. Several, more smaller streams oozed out of the head and onto my hands. I squeezed the shaft hard and milked out the remaining cum. By the time I was done, his chest, pelvic area, and my hands were covered with hot cum. While he still had his eyes closed, I raised a finger to my mouth, and tasted a small sample. I loved it!

I released his cock and it landed with a flop on his stomach. Bob then opened his eyes and looked down first at his still erect cock and then at me. I reached down and grabbed a warm washcloth and washed off my hands. I then took another and started to lovingly clean his chest off. I then took my brother’s slowly shrinking cock and started to clean it with the warm cloth, sending further jolts of pleasure through him. After I cleaned him up, I pulled his pants back up and buttoned his shirt.

I picked up my things, blew out my candle, and then leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. As I was exiting the room, I looked back and a completely shocked and satisfied brother. “Oh, Bob…you can let go of the rail now.” I chuckled as I walked back to my room to take care of MY problem now!

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