A Kiss Led to This Ch. 01

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The names within have most definitely been changed; with the hopes of somebody avoiding being beat to death with a shovel.


It had all began so innocently. Keith had texted Joe and wondered if he and his wife Janice could join him for happy hour cocktails at a local bar. This was not an unusual occurrence for them; they had known Keith and his wife Sandi for years. Both couples had started out as part of a large common social circle. However, over time as the group approached middle age busy schedules pared down the size of the group. The ability for these four didn’t, and they began getting together as couples much more often. And everybody seemed to get along wonderfully. It came to the point where Keith often told Joe he was his best friend and would confide in him when it came to talking about his job, business affairs and occasionally his marriage with his lovely wife Sandi.

Most of the time when Joe and Janice arrived at the lounge Keith would be waiting at the bar to greet them, drink in hand. Keith was an averaged height decent enough looking middle aged suit and tie guy. He liked to act as maître die of the lounge as he drank while spouting stories about himself and his important day. Then, as the alcohol took effect he would try to take complete charge as if he owned the place. Though Joe almost always brought Janice with him, Keith seldom included Sandi. Even if Sandi was dining later with the three of them Keith liked to meet them earlier and for some reason asked to keep their cocktail meetings secret.

Joe guessed he didn’t like her keeping tabs on him, or his suggestive dealings with the female staff or woman patrons. Keith also liked to hit on Janice, continuously making subtle advances like rubbing her back after a couple of drinks or putting his arm around her as they talked. Keith’s habit of stepping over bounds was well documented and all women were at risk. Joe wasn’t too pleased about this part of Keith’s game. At one time Joe, who was a half-foot taller and a tough guy when he needed to be, was actually was going to pound Keith into the ground for his actions.

Joe’s work was very physical while Keith mostly pushed a pencil, and it was obvious it wouldn’t have been much of a fight. Eventually others convinced Joe that it was harmless fun. He allowed it only to the extent that Janice was used to and fully capable of fending off his advances. Joe did have his suspicions about what Keith did when left unchecked. He was constantly being sexually suggestive when talking with women, virtually propositioning them right in front whoever was standing there, including his wife. Joe never understood why someone would or could do that, especially to Sandi; who was always prim, proper and respectful.

What was unusual on that one particular night was that when they arrived at the bar this time, Sandi was there. To many of the people in the lounge she might have seemed like just another forties soccer mom on a night out, but to Joe she was and had always been something very special. Although he had known her for years and years, every time he saw her she seemed to have a different look about her, or perhaps; he thought, he would just focus on a different part of her because he found her so damned interesting. Bottom line was each time Joe saw her he was dumbfounded as to what the attraction was and this night proved no different.

Sandi was much shorter than Janice, quite a bit to be honest. And although both were very pretty brunettes, Sandi was much better endowed breast wise (although she almost never showed more than a hint of cleavage). You could tell by the way she moved she was limber, and she had a wonderful ass (that Joe could never look at enough) leading down to sculptured calves and manicured feet. Joe noticed that Sandi always dressed impeccably with just the right amount of jewelry. Her hair was always done, and her make-up matched the sense of style and taste that she was famous for. And then there were her eyes. Her beautiful brown eyes. Each one was like crossing a summer half moon with a leopard. When Joe did had the nerve to talk with her he couldn’t talk for long canlı bahis or get he’d either get busted for staring into them or lost in their intrigue. As a very gregarious guy he found this even more unusual. No one had ever left him at a loss for words until Sandi came along.

“Hi Joe” she greeted as he walked over. His adrenaline pumped from the sexy cadence of her high-pitched voice.

“Sandi, what brings you here tonight? You rarely make an appearance at these get togethers.”

“I’ve decided to start enjoying life. Keith is out all the time so I’ve decided it’s time for me to get out and enjoy life a bit as well.”

“Well, I think that’s wonderful. Really.”

She wasn’t aware that just seeing her was what was most wonderful to Joe. Her presence always made his night much more enjoyable. They talked and mixed in with the group at the bar as the wine flowed. Keith was his usual self, and Sandi handled him like a problem child, often shrugging off his idiocy or simply not paying attention to it.

At one point Sandi and Joe sat together in one corner of the lounge and began a discussion about music while Keith, Janice and a few other friends leaned against the bar. Joe could see Keith starting his usual routine- moving up close to his and the other wives, and trying to give back rubs or putting his arm on their shoulders. Joe ignored this- for once he had Sandi apart from the others and they were having a blast just talking music. After reaching an impasse on a particular artist they decided to try to settle a bet by looking up the song they were fighting about on his phone.

Even though she probably didn’t even notice, her arm brushed Joe’s ever so lightly as they looked down at the results on the small phone screen. Although Sandi had a long sleeved beige sweater on, Joe’s body was suddenly bathed in warmth. This was an incredible new feeling for him, he actually had to stop and catch his breath. Inside he suddenly felt like he was lying naked in the sun on a Caribbean beach. And Sandi was lying beside him. He could feel himself starting to swell in his jeans, shifting slightly so his lengthening cock had room to grow.

“Holy shit,” Joe thought to himself.

Being so much taller than her even as they sat he was able to glance down and see the outline of her body, smell her hair, and check out her tiny neck. As they looked down at the phone Joe every so casually let his arm graze against the outline of her bra before pulling it away. He figured it would be good arousal material for later, or even sooner because by now he was so incredibly turned on he knew he would have to wait to stand up so as not to embarrass himself.

Joe tried to focus on anything but her eyes or voice. He looked to the bar and no one was paying any attention to the two of them. Every time Doris spoke Joe could feel the head of his snake crawling closer and closer to the exit at the bottom of his boxers. He knew it wouldn’t be long before it cleared them, and as the boxers slid up his shaft it would be free to rise and fill even more. At that point there would be no hiding this condition from anyone.

He shortly excused himself and went to the men’s room to adjust his package. In the bathroom stall he wiped off the drips that were already forming at the end of his rod. He grabbed some tissue and patted the wet spot on his boxers which was threatening to soak through the fabric.

“Good lord,” he thought, “what is it about that woman that drives me insane?”

After ordourves and drinks Keith invited everyone back to their place for a nightcap. Often Keith’s idea of a nightcap was to plow himself with booze and get more obnoxious until everyone felt compelled to leave. It was a beautiful spring night out and people were both inside and outside of the nicely appointed home, where of course Sandi’s taste in design was evident throughout.

At one point Joe and Sandi found themselves outside, still debating songs, and seeing her there in the moonlight, so close to him, started to drive him crazy. Crazy with a capital K.

“Time to go, Joe.” Janice shouted out the back door. She must have reached bahis siteleri her limit and Joe could see the others who were there gathering their coats.

“Right there,” Joe replied.

Sandi had walked into the garage to put away some items and turn off the lights. Instead of walking into the house Joe followed her to the garage.

“Holy shit,” he thought to himself.

“Now or never,” his mind said. Joe had no control, emotions inside him were pushing to take control and he simply couldn’t resist them anymore. As Sandi turned toward him he bent down and kissed her ever so gently on the lips. She offered little resistance.

“Good night,” he said, glancing at her eyes.

“Good night,” she replied, glancing back.

Joe turned to make his way to the house and saw Janice standing in the doorway. He was again hard as a rock; flush, flustered and positive she had just seen what he did.

“You coming or what?” Janice yelled. Wow, he thought, she must have just missed that.

“On my way.”

Joe didn’t look back at Sandi. His heart, or perhaps the giant rod in his pants, couldn’t take it.

Joe didn’t know what to make of the whole thing, but found himself blindly and totally immersed in thinking about her. He waited a day or so, and when he knew Keith and Janice would both be at work (and Sandi and himself off), Joe sent her a text, claiming he may have left something at her house, and was it possible to swing by. His body was virtually shaking as he pushed the send button.

“Sure,” she texted back, “I’m out but can you come by around noon?”

Joe paced for the next hour and thought of what would happen when he saw her. What if he was reading this wrong? What if he was reading this right?

At noon he found himself at her front door, although he would be hard pressed to remember how he got there. He was in a dreamlike state. Nervously he rang the bell. Sandi answered, wearing black stretch workout gear, her auburn hair in a ponytail. She had obviously been sweating before his arrival and hadn’t quite dressed for the occasion. Joe rarely saw this side of her. Mrs. Perfect in workout gear with her hair up. Honestly it wouldn’t have mattered if she had a five-gallon bucket over her head, just the sound of her voice was reward enough for the risk. Joe panicked inside. There was no plan for this.

“Hi Joe. Sorry, I just got back from the gym.” He could see she was still sweating from the workout.

“Hey, Sandi. How are you? Hated to bother you but I’m pretty sure I left something in the backyard the other night.”

“Okay,” she said, without any sign that he could get a read on, “let’s go see.” She beckoned him in.

Joe followed her into the house. As they walked through her kitchen he suddenly spun her around. He bent down, leaned in, angled his head and kissed her. Hard. This would be the moment of truth. What if she screamed? Would she ever speak to him again? How would he explain his actions?

He would find out in an instant.

Her lips met his and their tongues entwined like two old friends. Not just friends, souls.

“Oh my god,” Joe said, “I wasn’t sure if you felt it too.”

“Me neither,” she replied.

Those were about the last words they would speak for an hour. As Joe kissed her he ran his hands over the big breasts that were pinned down in her workout gear. He ran his hand down her the outline of her ass, charting it, savoring it. He felt her hips and the way they curved out from her waist. Joe pulled up her shirt and felt the outline of her cleavage under two shirts and a sports bra. Although he had huge hands her tits were more than he could get his fingers around. He pulled her shirts up and felt for her bra release, too focused on kissing her to even look down. His hands fished inside her bra to find her beautifully shaped hard nipples. He fumbled to free them. Sandi grinned up at his awkwardness and finally unsnapped the bra herself, releasing the most beautiful set of 34 double D’s Joe had ever seen. She must jam them in there every day, Joe thought. He was sure she did that because if she even showed a hint of those bahis şirketleri beautiful breasts he was positive that everyone around would spend the entire day staring at them.

Sandi’s nipples, now free, were pointing straight out, and the milky white skin around them was accented with just the right amount of freckles that dotted down to her petite waist. Joe kissed each nipple and took the time to suck each one as well before he picked her up. She stayed in his arms almost like she was floating, and he carried her over to the stairs that led up to the bedroom, never releasing her lips from his.

There were too many stairs and too little time for Joe, and about five treads up he simply sat her down on the stair tread. There he almost literally tore off her stretch pants and panties.

Between her legs she revealed a small patch of curly dark hair. The hair wasn’t tightly bunched together, and he noticed there was not a lot of it. It basically covered just the top of her mound. And just below her patch was the tiniest, most beautiful pussy Joe had ever seen. She had tiny lips that arched together at the top, leaving just enough room for someone to access to her tiny pink clit. And Joe knew just who that lucky person would be.

Again he found he couldn’t help himself, and he dove in tongue first. Sandi spread her legs out to the edge of each stair so he could have full access to her wet slit. She tasted like sunlight. As he licked and sucked her lips and folds he took a nipple in each hand and rolled them between his finger and thumb. He then alternated kissing her pussy, her nipples and her mouth.

Sandi kissed him back, cleaning his tongue with hers each time their mouths met, her nipples engorged, pointed and raw from him twisting them and from Joe lubricating them using her own pussy juice, which he also spread on her face as he held her head and kissed her. He made sure to spread her juices behind the base of each of her beautiful ears as well. As he moved back down to her valley of love her hips would raise up into him, and her stomach curled as he massaged her clit with his tongue.

“Oh,” she would cry out as his tongue lashed her. With her eyes shut until finally making a sound of ecstasy as Joe continued to employ his fingers and tongue in her and on her.

He could never in a lifetime find the right words to describe her sound, it was not a grunt or a sigh, but if anyone was blessed enough to hear it, they would immediately know what it meant.

Suddenly Sandi realized that what they were doing and where they were. It was a busy home where people would often drop by unannounced, and two of them were in clear view of the windows.

“Oh my god, Joe. You’ve got to go. Someone could come here any minute.”

“Okay,” he said, “but first.”

Joe kissed her then stood her up. He found himself a step above her, which together with his height put his zipper directly at her face level. He unzipped himself and dropped his pants, exposing his raging hard on. To Joe it looked twice the size of his usual erection, a monster wet cock covered in pre-come and glistening in the light of the stairwell. She stared at his rock hard member, now just inches away from her mouth, which was exactly where he meant to put it. Sandi turned her head slightly, wet her lips and began opening her mouth as she readied to take it.

Suddenly Joe got caught up in the moment, and as he looked down into those eyes and that beautiful fit body. The best he could do at this point was lay himself between those two warm breasts.

Joe could feel her tits were already wet and lubricated from his saliva along with her sweat and juices. As the pre-come continued rolling down from his shaft the valley was now soaked smooth. Spider webs of crystal fluid zig zagged across Sandi’s chest, connecting her tits and capturing Joe between them. After just two slides between them he shot a massive load that covered her chest from side to side and bubbled white cream up from her cleavage to her neck.

Joe kissed her deeply goodbye as he tucked the still hard and now very sticky member back in his pants. As he snuck out he decided it was possibly the best day he had ever had in his life. Or at least in years.

On the drive home Joe still couldn’t believe that a kiss had led to this. But he did believe there would be more to come.

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