A Late Night Out Turns Dirty

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Hi my name is Annette Taylor. Some of you might remember me from previous stories that I have posted on this site. Well this is just a short story of how my pee games with my girlfriend Chantelle escalated. It happened about 3 months ago after Chantelle and I returned home from a big night on the town. This night we arrived home about 3am extremely drunk. As we entered the house through the rear kitchen door, I grabbed Chantelle and wrestled her to the floor, kissing and groping madly. (I was extremely horny that night). As I was lying on top of her kissing and grinding my wet panty clad pussy into her, I realized for the first time that night she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

For her punishment (and my enjoyment) not telling me she had gone “commando” I relaxed my bladder and let go a river of hot pee all over her groin area. She was going wild as I painted her lower body. She reached around me and started to rub her hands all over my arse and pussy as I was filling my panties. As my flow slowed to just a trickle I started to hump hard trying to get Chantelle and myself off. I was illegal bahis so close to cumming when she pushed me off onto my back. She stood astride of me raised her dress and squatted over my pussy. I could tell that she wanted to repay the favor. She told me to pull the front of my panties open for her so she could fill them up proper. I had on a pair of lace French cut knickers that night and as I pulled them open for her I started to feel her golden liquid falling onto my pubic bone.

The flow was not as strong as she normally has so I encouraged her to push harder. I could see the concentration in her face as it changed to a light shade of red. Her stream started to increase in strength. I had my eyes closed now and one hand holding open my panties and the other on my engorged clitoris as my orgasm started to build. As it was about to hit me I heard Chantelle cry out. It was a cry of shock more than I cry of pleasure. Then suddenly I felt something hit my swollen pussy lips. I opened my eyes and looked down to find that Chantelle in all her efforts to pee as hard as she could had illegal bahis siteleri accidentally shitted herself and it landed right inside my panties.

I was so horny that just the thought of it being so nasty started to push me over the edge. Chantelle looked down at me in horror waiting to see what my reaction would be. She was expecting me to be grossed out but, she was stunned to see me release the front of my panties and run my hand over the outside massaging her steaming pooh into my soaked pussy as my other hand worked overtime on my clit. The feel of her soft warm excrement being pushed and squashed into all the folds was too much and I stared to cum and cum hard. My whole body started to convulse as wave after wave hit me. I don’t know if I blacked out or not but when I came back to earth I noticed that Chantelle had swung around and was actually now massaging my pee and shit filled panties trying to get me off again. I don’t know who was trying to get whom off but I know she was enjoying it as much as I was too.

I looked up to see her arse straddled over my canlı bahis siteleri face. I thought what the hell and pulled her down onto my out stretched tongue. She was so wet and close to cumming herself I just chewed on her clit until I felt her body starting to tense up. As she was about to explode I ran my tongue up over her asshole. This did the trick and she came very hard, harder than she has in a long time. Surprisingly her ass was not that dirty and the taste was well ahh. Anyway Chantelle suddenly reach forward and I felt her tongue start to lick the outside of my panties. This little act blew me away and I came again in a matter of seconds. I suppose she felt guilty for doing what she had done plus I was licking her dirty arse as well.

15 mins or so later after we had cum at least 1 more time we cleaned up and went to bed. When we woke up the next day we both agreed it was one wild trip we had the night before. We also agreed that if it happened again that it was my turn to give rather than receive. But as for the taste test we would see how the situation panned out. That was three months ago and all I can say is, as well as our fixation with pee games we also have a new bodily function to add to our sexual adventures.

Is there any woman out there that this has happened to before. If so we’d like to hear from you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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