A Lazy Morning

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It had been a long day yesterday, and thoughts of work to be done filled my mind as I woke, groggy and blurry. Stretching ever so slowly, loosening my muscles and relaxing, my head leaned to the side and a gentle sigh crossed my lips.

The sheets had run, unabashedly, from her smooth, silky skin, exposing her beautiful, shapely ass and legs, with the slightest peek of the moist lips between them. Instantly I was aroused, and my passion for her was growing by the second.

I rolled to the side, cupping her outer thigh in one hand, and gently brushing the hair from her adorable, sleeping face. Many times I had seen her in this state, and I thought, my god, I had married an angel. This morning, however, the angel was not what I wanted. I wanted the passionate, sensual side of her, and I knew just how to get it.

She let out a small sigh as the hair left her face, and nuzzled her back to my chest in acceptance of my presence. My head dropped to her neck, my breath warm on her skin, causing a ripple of goosebumps across her skin. Nipples hardened, lips moistened, and I wasted no time in stoking the furnace.

Her perfectly-formed ass was warm against my hardening cock, and my desire began to show as a slight trail of precum was traced along her curves. I slid my hand down her thigh to her knee and calf, gently massaging as I went, doing my best to alleviate her goosebumps, but serving only to produce even more. As if on instinct alone, my hand traveled around behind her knee, caressing gently before continuing its journey north. I could feel the heat radiating from her soft folds before I had even reached them, and was rewarded with slippery wetness when my fingers found their mark.

My hand slid gently across her sex, soaking up as much of the lovely liquid as they could, gently massaging her outer folds, preparing her for the bliss to follow. A soft moan escaped her mouth, a slight grimace of what one would think was pain, lest illegal bahis they know any better. It was pleasure, and following the moan the corners of her mouth turned in a quick smile before a bite of the lip. She knew what was coming next.

With one hand against her slick labia, my other moved quickly around her front, sliding down her chest and abdomen. I knew it was too early for her clitoris, so I paused my left hand against her hip as my right hand went to work on her labia. My fingers were a symphony of practiced movement, moving against her wet, warm and wanting labia. Each touch, though expected, caused moans of excitement, and growls of pleasure from my love. I could feel the heat and wetness rising to impossible levels, and I knew it was time. My left hand slid down her abdomen to her clitoris, swollen beneath its soaked hood. Gentle pressure applied, back and forth with a circular hint, and it was all i could to to hold on. Her hips began to thrust to my manipulations, as though It was an orchestra I was directing, leading to the crescendo of the masterpiece. She could control herself no longer as a finger slipped inside her to massage that one spot, the blasting cap for her implosion. Her body writhed and pulsed as she contracted and released, over and over again in a delicious, satisfying orgasm.

Turning her head, she looked worlds away as she smiled up at me, prompting a kiss from my lips to hers, followed by “I love you, sweetie.”

I was satisfied having completed my task, but the look in her eyes changed from drowsy sleepiness to excitement with a devilish grin, as she noticed my dripping member against her skin. She was thankful, and eager to please in return, and moved her body down mine, licking a trail from my nipples, to my stomach, to my hips. My dripping cock was practically bouncing with each heartbeat in anticipation of the moment when it would be warm and wet from her eager mouth. She looked me in the eye illegal bahis siteleri as she took me in her hand, and I gave the most subtle of nods, beginning what was sure to be my reward. Her tongue traced its way up my shaft, tickling with electric spikes of pleasure as it glided up and down. When my thrusting seemed uncontrolled from the teasing, she took me fully into her mouth, licking the precum from my cock before sliding down it, enveloping it in her lovely mouth. I was in no mood to take my time or be teased, and sensing my desire, she gripped the base of me, and pulled the slack skin up to her lips to caress them with her tongue as she suckled.

The pleasure was immediate, and intense. I had been borderline to my own orgasm from simply manipulating to her earlier orgasm, but this was a thousand times the pleasure. I could feel the precum flowing, urging her forward to my own finale. Her motions were slow and deliberate, she knew just how to get me there. My cheeks, arms, hands and legs were beginning to numb, as if my entire being was coalescing into one spot in the center of me, ready to explode. And explode I did. Groaning loudly in ecstasy, she removed herself from my cock and massaged me through my orgasm, thick ropes of creamy juice erupting from my cock to shower my chest and abdomen. She ran her hands through my wetness lovingly, and continued to lick me as my quivering subsided.

I knew at that moment, in my moment of bliss, that I need her to cum again, to hear those soft moans turn to gentle screams, and I lifted her up to me, kissing her deeply, and rolling her to the other side of the bed.

I took my time, licking her neck from one earlobe to the next, before tracing my tongue down her chest, flicking across each nipple, and sucking gently and the curve of the bottom of her round, perky breasts. My journey continued to her navel, eliciting a laugh as my tongue probed her little belly button. Smiling, I continued canlı bahis siteleri to her hips, licking gently before pushing my tongue against the spots that make her weak, right above her hip bones.

Enough teasing, I thought to myself, as I slid my mouth down over her delicious mound. The smell of her sex was intoxicating, and it begged me to continue. With wetness still coating her folds, I covered her entire vulva with my mouth, licking first from top to bottom of one side, and continuing from bottom to top of the other side. I needed to taste her, to drink her in, and dipped my tongue inside her. Her hips responded, pushing upwards into my waiting mouth, moans escaping her beautiful lips. I could wait no longer, I need her to feel my response. Tracing her succulent, beautiful inner lips with my tongue, I found the center of hear pleasure. Her clitoris was firm beneath its fleshy covering, but I knew that despite its protection, it would soon belong to be. Pressing the flat of my tongue against her, I eased my way down from her clitoris to her opening, and back up again. With each movement her body twitched, her legs tightened, and her moans increased in volume and frequency.

It was time. Locating her incredibly sensitive and beautiful clitoris, I massaged her from side to side, slipping one finger in massage her clit from inside her while my tongue worked on her exterior. I could feel the heat, taste the delicious wetness, and could feel her body tensing for the building orgasm. I wanted her to come, I needed her to come. While my husbandly duties were man, this, I had decided, was by far the most important. Her moans turned to muffled screams and cries of pleasure as her orgasm washed over her. her entire body tightened, then released in what must have felt like true bliss. her back arched and her eyes rolled back, all parts of her body seeming to pull away from me, save one. Her mound was shoved firmly against my tongue, and it would not release until her orgasm was complete, nor would I let it.

I would bring her to another orgasm in the following minutes, depleting her of her energy, and moving two loves of each others lives into another sleepy, satisfied, lazy morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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