A Letter

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This letter was shown to me by my friend Jill. It was written to her father.


Dear Robert Gene, Martha Marie and Marc David,

I remember the day very clearly. It was 1969, April 11th to be exact. I took my youngest children to church to prepare for Easter Sunday. Standing at the door was an attractive man. I didn’t know his name but, what I did know is that he was sexy. He wore a baseball cap and was very cute. I think he was there to attend an AA meeting. There was a lot of activity at the Church today. Somewhat unusual for a Saturday, definitely not typical.

My mind and body shivered. My pulse raced at the sight of him. I’m sorry if this embarrasses you, it is not something children should hear about their mother, but it had been a long time since I had known or experienced love and attention in my marriage bed. In the way that all women respond, portions of my body began to ache. Some call it an “itch.”

What made an impression on me was that he opened the door for us as we rushed in, late as usual. I wasn’t use to men being so gentlemanly.

“Happy Easter to you and your family Vera” he said as I exited the church. That stopped me dead in my rush to leave. “Excuse me? Do I know you?” I asked.

“My niece is Emily. Your daughter’s friend?” He attempted to explain, in almost an apologetic manner.

“Oh, so you’re ……” I stalled for further explanation. bedava bahis

“Martha; Emily’s mother, is my sister.” he said.

“Oh, you’re from California, right? I remember now, Martha has told me about you. You’re her twin brother,” Finally getting the connection.

“Nice to meet you finally,” I said.

He blushed, “Remember we met at the children’s Christmas program last year?”

I thought it was cute that he was embarrassed at the fact that I didn’t recognize him. I should have been the one blushing. “It must be your baseball cap” I laughed nervously. “I’m doing ok. Just feeling really crazy today.”

I was feeling very flustered at my attraction to, what amounted to, a perfect stranger talking to me. I turned to leave only to bump into the door jam. “Ouch,” I said grabbing hold of my nose. As you can imagine, I was totally humiliated.

“Are you ok?” He asked, putting his arm around my shoulder. He turned me around so that I was facing him. He was taller than me by about a foot.

“Yes, I think so. My pride is more damaged than my nose.” I laughed nervously.

“I think I’d better look at it.” First touching my cheek with his finger, and then holding my face in his hands. “At least it’s not bleeding.” he continued. I was feeling shy and had closed my eyes. I could clearly feel his breath on my face. I opened my eyes and all I saw were his bedava bonus dark brown eyes staring at me. I sensed a look of passion in them. Even when he knew I was alright, he failed to release me from his grasp. I slowly parted my lips and whispered, “kisssssss”

He touched my lips with his; tentative, as though expecting me to change my mind.

“Mmmm” was my only response.

After a gentle kiss, which quickly turned passionate, Marc looked up, and glanced around the vestibule. I worried someone had seen us.

Putting his cheek against mine, he whispered, “We’re alone.” into my ear.

Releasing my face, he put his hands on my hips and pulled me close to him. I could feel his arousal and it excited me even more. He moved his hands to squeeze my ass cheeks with both hands, pulling me even closer into his pelvis. When I said, “Yes,” he released my hips. He took my hand and quickly pulled me about ten feet into the men’s room. When he locked the door behind him, I panicked. Yes, I was physically attracted, but I was married. What exactly did he have in mind for me?

His eyes asked me if I was ok with what we were about to do. I took steps toward him never breaking eye contact. He stepped forward pushing me back from where I had been. He used his body to pin me against the wall of the restroom. He began kissing my neck and massaged my breasts through my blouse. deneme bonusu I had not felt such passion in many years and completely submitted myself to the ecstasy I was feeling. Knowing this man wanted and desired that, which I had to give.

I suppose the details of what happened next don’t have to be described completely. Let me simply say he stepped out of the restroom first, making sure no one was around , before signaling me that it was safe to exit. Again, he was a perfect gentleman. We were both smiling and as we left the church through different doors to minimize suspicion, he smacked my ass as if in appreciation for the pleasure I had given him.

We only saw each other one more time, and that was 20 years later. The day of your wedding to Emily. You always believed you married your sister’s best friend. I remember how upset your sister was that Emily was 8 years older than you. That wasn’t the primary issue for me. That wasn’t my main concern. The reason I insisted you marry in Connecticut was that it is a State which recognizes the marriage of first cousins. Marc David, you and Emily are actually cousins. No one else knew this secret except your deceased father who knew it couldn’t be his. We had not been intimate in the 4 years prior to my indiscretion. He never mentioned it, nor did I. He accepted my baby, and the name I choose to give him without condition. It is not a coincidence that you and Emily’s Uncle are both named Marc David.

I felt it was only right that you knew who your real father is. It’s Emily’s Uncle Marc.

Please forgive me.



I like to tease Jill that this is why she has six toes. J/K

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