A Lick , Now Addicted

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I am Rachael. I am so bi. I wanted to share my favorite experience with you. It all started the day my best friend (that’s another story) got a new roommate Megan. Megan was a cute little thing. Just 18, short brown hair, nice tight little body, and the nicest set of tits I had ever seen. My friend warned me not to try to get with her as she thought it might upset there living arrangement. So I decided right then and there I was going to stay away.

A week went by and I was wanting her more and more each day. There was no way in the world I was gong to stop this if it ever came to be, I don’t care who it would effect. So from then on Megan was my mission. Little did I know that I was hers.

The next weekend came and we were having a party at my friends house. I was buzzing a bit and so was she and then everyone left with my best bud and me and Megan were all alone. God the things I wanted to do to her body. How I wanted to hold it, kiss it, touch it and make it mine for ever. I did not know if she was in to girls so I decided to poke a little.

I asked her how sexually active she was and she said she has had a couple people. People now we were getting somewhere. She eventually told me she had just had her first threesome a couple weeks ago. I asked her if she enjoyed and she told me there was nothing better than being with a girl.

Then just as if I was still daydreaming she leaned over and kissed me. I was lost in her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri kiss I got tingles all over my body. I pulled her closer and started rubbing up and down her back. She was moaning under her breath as we kissed. I started felling her breast through her shirt as we continued to kiss. They were better than I thought they were going to be. I start squeezing them harder and she reaches over and takes off my top. My full c breast are so tight I never wear a bra so Megan started kissing down my neck. I was getting wetter than I ever had before.

She kissed till she got above my left nipple and gently ran her tongue over it. I t sent shivers through my body. She decided it was time to move to the other nipple so she kissed her was across my chest and pulled it hard into her mouth. I was moaning and so horny I release one hand off her tit will I was still rubbing the other through the shirt and began to massage my pussy through my pants. I was so into it. She sensed this and took off her shirt.

I got up pushed her back so she was lying on the couch and kissed her. Then I kissed each ear, working my way to her tits as she is moaning so hard telling me to suck on them. I go to her right nipple and lightly flick it. Then I kiss down her stomach to her belly button and then back up. I suck her tit hard while I grind my pussy in to her leg and she does the same to me. I go up and start kissing around her neck güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she grabs the back off my head and pulls me in for a kiss. As we kiss she starts moaning harder and I decided that I better take this to the bedroom before it goes any further so I get off of her.

She gives me a sad face thinking that I am going to end this. No way not without eating that tight little pussy. So we walk into the room and take of our pants. I see her standing there in a thong. Flat stomach nice shaped tits. She asked me why I am staring at her and I just can not tell a lie. I say you are so sexy and beautiful I am dying to run everything that I have all over you.

I walk forward and she pulls my arm and says that I also am very sexy and slips her finger on top of my panties and starts rubbing me. I feel my knees getting weaker as I feel onto the bed. Ummm she says so wet just the way I like it. Is the because of me she asked. I say yes with a strain in my voice.

Well then I better help you take care of that. She kisses me and works her way down my body stopping at my tits to suck them in she fondles them still with her hand as she continues to go down. I fell her breath just above my panty line. She then starts kissing my inner leg, back and forth between the two.

I was going to go crazy. She stops and puts her face right on my pussy and teases me with her mouth through my panties. God it fells güvenilir bahis şirketleri good. Then she stops for a moment to remove my panties. She tells me my pussy smells sweet and wants to know if she can taste it. Some how I mumbled out yes. Then she lick around my lips a few times. One hand came up to fondle my tit. I wanted her to lick my clit and all she was doing was teasing me. Around my lips she was going the, there it was she lick the inside up then down. She then stopped and told me to tell her I want her to eat my pussy. I said to her Megan please eat my pussy, lick my lips, suck my clit and make me cum on your pretty face. She did not need any more.

She started to lick my clit. I t was awesome I knew I was going to cum any minute. Then there it was I felt it building it was right there. I was cumming god it was good. I thought she was going to stop but she did not. I grabbed her leg and flipped her around I need to eat her pussy right now. I pulled her on top pf me and slid her little panties to the side. I found underneath the cutest tightest little clit. I lick her lips and she moaned on my cunt i started eating and she could not take it. She fell but did not cum. so I flipped her onto her back and gave her a deep kiss. I then went straight for her pussy I started licking and I just could not stop I was going to make her cum and more then once at that. So I started licking on her hard clit over and over. Then a silence fell into the room as she started o cum. Than she started screaming my name…oooooooooohhhhhhh Rachael I am cumming don’t stop and I didn’t. She came four more times.

Then she went to her dresser and pulled out a strap on I did not know what to say…This was going to be fun…

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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