A Little Something Important

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“Hey, Deanne,” said Lana.

I looked up at my best friend since junior high, my best friend in the whole wide world, someone I am honestly so grateful for in my life, because she has been there for me through thick and thin. I don’t know what would have happened to me without her, especially during my moody teenage years.

Lana was a natural blonde with long straight hair, tall and thin, about five-nine, with a narrow face and light-blue eyes that reminded me of a summer day, her pretty face a pleasant painting, a remembrance of people taking a pleasant stroll through the park, something like that. Her hips were a little smaller than mine, her breasts definitely smaller than mine, only a B-cup, but she was most certainly prettier than I was, at least I thought so.

Today she was wearing light-blue bellbottoms matched with a purple paisley shirt, her long blonde hair set up with a dark brown plastic band, and this outfit was like she had stepped out of an old seventies film, a throwback to a style I hadn’t seen outside of the movies.

“You said you had something important to tell me,” said Lana.

I smiled up at her. Right now I was sitting outside the café at one of this little bistro’s outdoor tables, a round metal table with metal chairs that had backs in a crisscrossed style that imitated wicker, all a pleasant white, all with large colorful red and white parasols affixed to poles within the centers of each table. I sipped my latte and felt my cheeks burn hot at the thought of having to explain myself to her.

I’d read about an embarrassing situation such as this one, read it in one of my ebooks, a situation similar to this one, a situation that was best told at a café just like this. That way…there was no scene. I knew Lana…She would not make a scene in public.

Who was I kidding? I was only lying to myself. She was going to make a scene no matter where I told her. It was inevitable. I was just going to have to deal with it.

You see, I had not seen Lana for…ooh…about eight months now. Not since graduation. We were both twenty-four, both actively seeking full-time careers but stuck in low-wage jobs, and both looking for a better life in general. We were the best of friends, and we had spoken over the phone and by text many, many times, but…I had actively avoided her all of this time, so our distance was my fault. It was my fault that I’d pushed her away, but we were meeting up now, because I had a little something important to tell her.

I, myself, was not as stunning a beauty as Lana. I was short, five-two, and normally a little heavy, about a hundred and forty pounds on the average, with a big butt and D-sized breasts. I had a cute face with brown eyes, but not beautiful, not like Lana’s. Normally I wore my curly brown hair in a pony-tail, but I’d had it cut recently, had it cut so that it just draped a little past my ears, a style I wanted to try out. No, I was not as attractive as Lana, not in my eyes anyway, especially now with all of the weight I’d put on since graduation…I weighed a lot more than a hundred-forty right now.

Today I was wearing a sleeveless orange summer dress, the kind with the thin straps that draped over your bare shoulders and showed off your bustline. I wore comfortable white sneakers and white ankle socks, something that was not too hard on my feet, considering the condition I was in.

I grunted as I stood, and my cheeks flushed as Lana’s blue eyes twinkled like stars at my swollen belly. Yes, my time for being ‘overweight’ was nearing its end, that end coming within just a few weeks.

“Oh…my…God!” grinned Lana. “Is this what you had to tell me!”

“Something like that,” I said nervously.

“No wonder you were hiding from me!” said Lana.

She reached down and ran her right hand over my pregnant belly.

“I should have known it was something like this,” breathed Lana. “Oh, this is…I’m so excited for you!”

“You might not be…” I whispered to myself.

“What’s that?” asked Lana.

“N…Nothing,” I said with a nervous smile.

Let me explain what I’m going to tell her, or rather, how this situation came to be. A little flashback is in order, a short explanation of what led up to this…this terrifying situation I’m currently in. Oh, it’s not terrifying in the horror movie kind of way…nothing like that. It’s terrifying in the ‘losing your best friend forever’ kind of way.

It all started right after graduation. Lana and I had just graduated from college, and we were driving back to Lana’s dad’s house. Lana lived with her father, and it was her car we were in, her little lima bean compact with that color I so hated. She drove as I rode shotgun, both of us giddy and excited from having just been released into the world as full-fledged adults.

“I really hope Dad is in a better mood,” frowned Lana.

We pulled up into the driveway as she eased on the breaks and parked the car.

“He and Mom were really going at it even before the ceremony began,” said Lana. “They can’t be within canlı bahis şirketleri a fifty-mile radius of each other without exploding.”

“I don’t know why,” I shrugged as I unbuckled. “Your dad is hot. I can’t imagine giving that fine piece of ass away.”

“Oh, will you stop it!” grinned Lana as she gave me a light shove. “You’re a little horndog, you know that?”

“Your dad’s a total DILF,” I replied in all honesty. “I’d fuck him.”

“Eeeeew!” replied Lana, her face scrunched up into a look of horrified disgust.

We both laughed at my little joke. This was an old joke, something that had been repeated many times, but it never really got old for me…No, it did not.

We walked into the house, still dressed in our graduation gowns, our informal clothes beneath them, caps and diplomas in our hands. I had my small red backpack with me as well, that backpack containing my clothes and other necessities for my short stay with Lana. It was Friday night, and I’d be here until we left on Tuesday. That was four nights of friendship fun for the both of us before we had to say our goodbyes for a while.

“Dad!” called Lana. “We’re back!”

Lana’s dad walked out into the living room, and I must admit, I had to stop and study him. I always did when he was around, but I made sure it was on the sly, something I wouldn’t get called out on.

I remember exactly what he was wearing that night. He still had on his light-grey formal button up with a black tie, a little gold clip on that tie, and he wore nice dark-tan slacks held up by a thick black belt with a gold buckle. On his feet were black socks and black dress shoes, those shoes polished to a spotless shine, and that nice little touch gave him a professional look that most men couldn’t hope to achieve.

He had a handsome face, always clean shaven, with piercing grey eyes, broad lips, a sharply angled nose, and a square chin with a dimple in it. He was a natural blonde like Lana, though his hair was cut short save for the front where his bangs draped down past his temples. He was broad-chested and tall, at least five-eleven, and he kept fit for a man his age, though I didn’t really know how old he was. There was a little bit of grey in his hair along the temples, but that didn’t bother me. That simply added to Mr. Cross’s mystique as an older, more experienced gentleman.

“There you are,” frowned Lana’s father. “Your mother just called. She wants you at Memories and Set Photography in an hour and a half.”

“What!” cried Lana in a visible panic. “That’s not supposed to be until Monday!”

“Well, she changed things on us,” frowned Mr. Cross. “What a surprise.”

Lana scowled and shook her head a couple of times.

“This is so…so…Ugh!” she sputtered out as she stamped her right foot, ground it into the brown carpet beneath us.

“Just go and get it over with,” said Mr. Cross. “Get it out of the way so she can go on HER way.”

Lana’s mouth dropped open as she raised the upturned palm of her right hand toward me.

“I don’t have enough time to drop off Deanne!” she spat. “We were going to celebrate and watch some movies tonight…have a little beer…”

I was not sure how her father was going to take this information, that we two young women were going to do a little drinking, but I was surprised by his answer, or rather his lack of one. It was clear that he did not mind if Lana and I had some ‘downtime’ here.

“You’re going to have to spend the night there,” replied Mr. Cross. “Your mother wants another photo shoot in the morning. Tonight’s is for graduation, and tomorrow is a family shoot with your sisters tomorrow morning.”

Lana had two half-sister’s on her mother’s side, but they and their photo shoot were not really the problem. The problem was distance. Lana’s mother lived an hour away in another suburban town. That meant our ‘downtime’ was put on hold.

Tonight was only Friday, anyway. We still had time, but Lana didn’t care.

“That’s not fair!” hissed Lana.

“I’ll drop off Deanne,” said Mr. Cross. “You’d better get moving.”

“But I wanted to spend time with her!” whined Lana. “She’s leaving for Iowa on Wednesday to see her grandparents! She won’t be back for a month!”

True, she sounded like a little kid whining to him like that, but I’d done the same thing with my parents. I understood her frustration.

“It’s okay,” I sighed. “I guess we’ll just postpone our downtime until…”

“No, no,” said Lana as she wagged her right index finger at me. “No, I’m not letting my mother waste our time and gas money. I’ve told her a million times you don’t have a car, so that means we’d have to drop you off AND pick you up again AND drop you back off. That’s an hour in the opposite direction as that bitch! That’s six hours wasted right there!”

“Lana…” warned her father.

“She IS a bitch!” yelled Lana. “She’s only doing this to get back at you!”

“I just want her out of our hair,” frowned Mr. Cross.

Lana pointed at me with her right index finger canlı kaçak iddaa and shook her head twice.

“You’re not going anywhere!” she said firmly. “I’m not dropping you off until Tuesday, just like we planned.”

“What?” I asked.

I was confused at first as to what she was saying.

“You were supposed to spend four nights here until you had to go,” frowned Lana. “So that’s what we’re doing. I’m not ruining our schedule just because of Mom’s bullshit. You can stay here tonight while I’m gone.”

I looked over at Mr. Cross, and my heart skipped a beat. Lana wanted me to stay here alone with her…dad? I…didn’t know how I felt about that.

Mr. Cross rolled his eyes, shook his head, and sighed.

“Fine,” he said. “But you’d better get moving. Your mother said she already has clothes for you for the family shoot. They were special ordered, so she’s not going to relent on this one.”

My heart was thumping as he said that single word ‘Fine’. I blanked out every other word he said after that.

I was going to be alone here with him. I have to admit that my mind went to places it shouldn’t have at this prospect, but I shoved those thoughts deep, deep down into myself. Lana was my best friend in the whole wide world, and I wasn’t about to lose her because I did something stupid…not to mention that the thought I was having at that moment was stupid anyway. What I was thinking would never, ever happen, so it was pointless to dwell on it.

Mr. Cross looked at me and nodded toward the kitchen.

“There’s food in the fridge,” he said dryly. “You can sleep on Lana’s bed.”

“Th…That’s okay,” I stammered.

I was nervous just replying to his simple statement. Why was I so nervous? I had to calm down and get my head on straight. It was tough, but I managed to do it.

“I’ll just sleep on the couch,” I replied in a normal tone. “Lana’s going to be in her bed when she gets back, so I might as well get used to it now.”

“Suit yourself,” shrugged Mr. Cross. “I’ll leave out a pillow and blanket for you. You can use Lana’s shower if you need one.”

If I were going to say anything else to him, I didn’t get the chance to.

“Good,” breathed out Lana. “I’m leaving now, but don’t think I’m not going to say anything to her! This is bullshit!”

“Lana…” warned Mr. Cross. “Don’t make any waves. Just get it out of the way. For one thing, I’m tired. I still have work to do, and then I’m going to bed. I don’t need your mother calling me up to bitch about you.”

Mr. Cross worked for some kind of online cyber-security company as a consultant. He did all of his work from home, and that meant he’d already lost a lot of work time simply by attending Lana and I’s graduation. Even so, Lana didn’t care.

“Don’t give me that,” sulked Lana. “Just go get your work done. I’ll set up Deanne here before I go. It won’t take long.”

“Alright then,” sighed Mr. Cross. “I love you, sweetie.”

“Love you, too,” pouted Lana.

Mr. Cross left the room to go back to his bedroom, but I caught a quick glance of his butt before he disappeared from my view. He had a nice ass for an older man.

“Sorry about this,” said Lana as she walked past me to the hallway closet just left of the kitchen. “I’ll get you a pillow and blanket. I’ll be back as soon as I can. You can watch TV or do whatever. My dad won’t mind.”

“Th…Thanks,” I stammered.

I was out of sorts over this. My parents knew where I was; they had attended my graduation, but they certainly didn’t know about this. Not about this. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have approved of this.

“I’ll be back by tomorrow afternoon,” said Lana.

She walked over to me, handed me a small white pillow and a thin forest-green blanket, and then turned toward the door.

“We’ll go into town tomorrow!” she said excitedly as she opened the front door. “I’ll take you out to eat! I promise!”

And then she was gone, and I was here…alone…with her father.

“Oh, my goodness,” I breathed out. “Oh, goodness.”

Calm down. Calm down.

This nervous anxiety of mine was stupid. There was no chance that Mr. Cross and I would…I mean, I had fantasies, but…no. That was not going to happen.

I took my time watching TV, stopping only to eat some left-over fried chicken from the fridge. Mr. Cross only came out to see me once, around ten-thirty, but that was simply to tell me ‘Good night’. He was going to bed, and that was that. Still, his presence with me in the room, he alone with I…It made my breath catch in my throat. I said ‘Good night’ as well, but even that was difficult for me. I had to swallow my own saliva in that reply.

I changed into my night clothes in Lana’s bedroom around midnight. Those clothes only consisted of a black T-shirt, my brown sweatpants, and my white panties beneath those. It was any easy and relaxed look, nothing racy, nothing that would offend Lana or her dad. I normally slept in the nude, but I could tough it out for a few days. It was no big deal.

I laid canlı kaçak bahis down on Lana’s nice big brown couch in the living room, the only illumination coming from the nearby kitchen. Apparently, Lana and Mr. Cross left that light on all night for some reason, so sleeping in that mild glow was a little difficult for me, but my insomnia wasn’t due to that unwanted illumination. No, I was wired, my body vibrating with an uncomfortable need, something I kept fighting against, but as the minutes ticked by, I discovered I was losing that battle.

“Fuck…” I cursed.

I was going to have to masturbate. I didn’t want to…I didn’t want to do that in my best friend’s house, but…being alone here with Lana’s dad made it impossible for me not to. My mind kept wandering to places it shouldn’t have, those forbidden places always alone with Mr. Cross, our naked bodies intertwined in heavy lust and love-making.

I could have gone to Lana’s bedroom and done it there, done it on her bed, but I stupidly decided against that. I was breathing heavily as I shook from my own stupid and selfish desire, so I decided to perform my nasty little act here, here on Lana’s big brown couch. Her couch was comfortable, and I already had a pillow and blanket, so my lust overrode my own common sense.

I sat up and peered over into the dark hallway that led toward Mr. Cross’s bedroom. He had not come out all this time, so he was clearly asleep, and that cut it for me. This place was fine, and I’d try to be quick.

I pulled off my brown sweatpants and then my panties, but my panties were already a little wet as I removed them. This act was an intrusion upon someone else’s place of residence, but that also made it dirty, exciting. It was a nasty, secret little thing I was doing, and no one would ever know or find out about it.

I stretched out upon the couch, my lower half completely nude now, and reached down between my legs with my right hand. My fingertips brushed the short curls of my brown pubic hair, and I moaned a little as I spread open my wet lips, those lips already puffy and ready for stimulation. I put my right middle finger inside myself, pulled it out, brought it to my tongue, and tasted my own rich and husky flavor, a mix of olives with a hint of tuna. I reached down to stroke the small bulb of my clitoris, that bulb safely wrapped within the confines of my pitched, triangular hood.

I imagined what it was like to have a penis, to stroke it up and down, to feel that pleasure in that big shaft of firm warm flesh in the palm of my hand. I had always wondered what it would feel like to have that organ sticking up out of me, hard and waiting for my hand to please it. Still, such a sensation was beyond me, beyond even my creativity, and this frustrated me a little. If I could only be a man for a day, I would, simply to have the experience of masturbating one time, to know what it was like to have an orgasm as a man, to know what it was like to shoot that white-hot seed from my throbbing tip.

My thoughts ran toward Lana’s father, ran and ran along the line of feeling his penis in my hand, what it was like to be him masturbating, stroking his patron cock that had conceived my best friend in the entire world.

“Ooooooh…” I moaned.

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to feel that pleasure within your own little organ, that soft and pliable little bead that lights up at the top of your own pulsing wet lips. It’s an incredible pleasure that bears down into you, sinks down into your lower belly and angles up in a V, and rubbing your whole pussy just adds to this light show, this fireworks of magic and organic mystery that’s so wonderful and personal that it is truly indescribable outside of your own body. It made me cross my legs and rub the soles of my feet against the tops of my feet, switching between feet as I did.

Oh, was I turned on at the thought of Lana’s father, Mr. Cross. Oh, was I turned on at the thought of that sexy and virile man spreading me open and injecting me with both of his magnificent balls’ worth of ivory love liquid. My right-hand fingers were sticky and sweet from my own alabaster cream, and I knew my own husky aroma had to be everywhere in that living room, Lana’s living room, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t care at that moment.

I spread my legs and bowed them as if riding a horse, my left leg and foot dangling off the side of Lana’s couch. I stroked into myself slowly, savored it, and reached up and into my shirt with my left hand to cradle and knead my own left breast.

“Oh, Mr. Cross…” I moaned. “Oh, yes…touch me there…”

The light flipped on…The light flipped on!

There I was on that big brown couch, naked from the waist down, my legs bowed out as if riding a horse, my left foot hanging off the couch, my right hand between my hairy pussy lips, that hand wet with my own translucent, organic juices.

I was temporarily blinded by the overhead light as I shrieked and fell off the couch. My forest-green blanket was on the brown carpet below, discarded for the moment, so I fell on top of it, my bare ass up and in plain view. My face burnt a fire of mortification that I had never experienced before as I desperately tried to pull that blanket out from beneath me to cover my own clear nudity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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