A Magical Visitor Ch. 07

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Jessica woke up, and opened her eyes. She was met by the sight of Sarah’s beautiful face. The face of her girlfriend. She just smiled, for she was an extremely lucky girl. She found someone who was perfect for her, and she loved every aspect of Sarah. They had amazing chemistry, and a very good connection.

She also was excited to wake up, because that meant that 24 hours were up. Emilia would change back into her usual self, and she would give Jessica goddess powers! Jessica could not wait to get started. She was trying to think of the first thing she would use the powers on, but being honest, Sarah was the perfect target, and she wouldn’t mind one bit.

Jessica looked down towards her feet, which were still wearing the Emilia converse sneakers. She could not see the sneakers, since the blankets were still covering her body, but just knowing that Emilia was down there was nice. Jessica wiggled her toes a bit inside the converse sneakers.

Good morning honey, you’re finally awake.

Have you been up long? I couldn’t really tell if you were awake or not since you’re a pair of sneakers. Jessica said to Emilia mentally.

I’ve been up all night. I was having fun with Madeline. I made a dream for her, and while it was just a dream for her, it was real for me.

But you were here on my feet the whole night.

I can be in two places at once honey. I am a goddess you know.

Well, knowing you, I’m sure it was a very fun dream.

Oh it was fun, for me at least. I explored some ideas in the dream, and I’m not so sure Madeline enjoyed them, but it was just a dream. Anyways, if I remember right, your part of the bargain has been fulfilled, so it is time for a little magic, hmmm?

Oooohh yeah! I have been looking forward to this ever since we made that deal! I’m ready to experience full power!

Let’s get down to it! Would you like to wake Sarah up, or shall I?

I want to see you do it, I’ll have many mornings to wake her up.

As you wish Jessica! Emilia started by mentally massaging in between Sarah’s legs, ever so slightly. She then did the same to Sarah’s feet, magically massaging both of them. Lastly, Emilia mentally started rubbing Sarah’s nipples, which made them perkier and perkier. Emilia levitated the sheets and blankets covering the girls off of the bed, and moved them to the side. Emilia then lifted Sarah’s body up into the air, as Sarah moaned quietly, still asleep. Emilia sped up her efforts, increasing the power of the massaging. This caused Sarah to open her eyes to see what was happening around her.

“Oh Goddess that feels good! And I’m floating! Damn I’m a heavy sleeper.” Sarah said.

We have some things to get to, so how about you finish up there? When Emilia mentally said this, she greatly increased the speed and intensity of the massage between Sarah’s legs, and it didn’t take long for her to scream out in pleasure, cumming in a matter of seconds. Emilia then lowered Sarah back down to the bed.

“I want that to be my new alarm clock, no more buzzers going off!” Sarah said, still coming down from her climax.

So ladies, Jessica has fulfilled her end of our deal, which means that she now gets powers of a goddess! So without further ado…

Jessica looked down at her feet, and saw the converse float off. They hovered into the air, and transformed themselves back into their original form. Sarah took her first look at Emilia’s true form, and her jaw dropped to the floor.

Thanks honey, I tend to have that effect on people. Emilia said, looking at Sarah’s face. Now, Jessica, it is time for you to become a goddess! This won’t hurt a bit, and it should be quite pleasurable! Emilia waved her hand in Jessica’s direction, and she floated up off of the bed, and her body started to glow. Jessica started to moan, and as the glowing grew brighter, her moaning grew louder.

When the light coming off of Jessica’s body seemed almost too much, she came, and the intensity of light decreased until it was gone, and Jessica’s body was lowered back down to Sarah’s bed. And that’s all there is to it! You are a goddess now! But I do have a few rules and limitations to let you know about. You can do whatever you want, but you can’t try to hurt me, endanger me, control me, or take away any of my powers or Madeline’s powers, since they were a gift directly from me. If you do any of this, I will take back my gift, and you will be back to your regular, non-goddess self.

“That is not a problem! I promise I won’t do anything of the sort!”

Then I will take my leave, and you girls can begin to have your fun, I’m sure Jessica has some great ideas in mind!

As soon as that final syllable entered into Sarah and Jessica’s minds, Emilia vanished, spraying a few sparkles into the air for dramatic effect.

“So, it’s just us now, and you have infinite power! Can we play with your magic already?!”

“Ok ok, so impatient! It just happened for crying out loud. First things first, I have to test this to make illegal bahis sure they work.” Jessica snapped her fingers, imagining a pair of converse sneakers, identical to the ones Emilia turned into, appearing on her feet, replacing the ones that used to be Emilia. With no more than a thought and a snap, a pair of black slip on converse sneakers instantly appeared on her bare feet, and Jessica just smiled wide. She knew that the possibilities for these powers were endless, especially now that she had a smoking hot girlfriend to help explore them with.

“Yes! You’re a goddess!” Sarah exclaimed, looking with astonishment at the sneakers Jessica conjured out of thin air on her feet.

“You’re damn right! And before I try anything else…” Jessica said, and waved her hand.

Can you hear me Sarah?

Yes I can! This is unreal!

I created a permanent telepathic link between the two of us, so we can always talk to each other, no matter where we are in the world. All we have to do is imagine that we are talking to each other in our minds, and the other person will hear it. We can also experience feelings that the other person is having, so if I, for example, run my hand up your thigh, Jessica ran her hand up Sarah’s thigh, just enough to where Sarah felt a tickle run up her leg, I will feel it too, so we are connected in many ways, since you are my girlfriend and all.

Mmmm, that gives me several things I want to try! But later though. What is the first thing you want to do with your powers, now that you have the groundwork out of the way?

Hmmm, well I do have one idea. Yesterday when I saw you in the yoga studio, you looked hot in your yoga pants. I want to see what else you look hot in. Jessica smiled devilishly at Sarah, and pointed her finger at her. Sarah lifted up off of the bed, and floated up in the air. Jessica telekinetically sat herself up into a more comfortable viewing position. She positioned Sarah so that she was standing straight up in the air, butt naked except for her uggs, still on from the night before. Jessica had a great view of Sarah’s body, but wanted the whole thing, so she commanded Sarah’s ugg boots to float off of her feet. They filled out with phantom versions of Sarah’s feet, and levitated over to Jessica to sit in her arms, who held them tight, cuddling them like she would a teddy bear. Jessica could even feel Sarah’s phantom feet moving around in them.

Jessica then raised her index finger, pointing it at Sarah, and like she was using a dating app on her phone, she swiped right. Like magic, clothes seemed to swipe onto Sarah’s body, in the exact direction Jessica gestured. Jessica was now using Sarah as her own personal dress up doll, swiping clothes onto her body, to see how they would look.

On the first swipe, a set of sexy but tasteful lingerie, with a pair of sexy high heels, appeared on Sarah’s body. Jessica liked what she saw. Sarah’s body filled out the lingerie perfectly. Sarah posed as much as she could, to show off the lingerie that was now on her body, getting turned on by the control her girlfriend had over her body. Jessica swiped right again, and the lingerie moved off of Sarah’s body, and to the right, making way for a new outfit to appear. Now, a very skimpy bikini appeared on Sarah’s body, along with a pair of fashionable sunglasses, and a pair of cute flip flops. I need to take you out to the beach! Jessica winked, and Sarah felt something pinch her butt. Sarah looked behind her to see what it could have been, but nothing was there. It was definitely Jessica, mentally pinching me, she thought.

This is really fun! Keep going! I want to see what other outfits you have in mind for me!

Jessica swiped again, and this time, and elegant cocktail dress appeared on Sarah’s body, along with a very sexy pair of high heels. Jessica was in awe of how much class Sarah exuded. She would have to plan a fancy date night for the both of them sometime. Another swipe, and the cocktail dress flew off of Sarah’s body, and disappeared to her left. Replacing the dress was a simple t shirt, with a pair of very short jean shorts and a pair of white low top converse sneakers.

I love this look. It’s very simple and casual, but great for so many occasions. Sarah said to Jessica.

I really love this look on you. And I especially love how well you wear those converse! Ok, back to the game, I have a couple more in mind.

Jessica swiped right again, feeling Sarah’s ugg boots wiggle their toes in her arms, and saw the t shirt and jean shorts fly off of Sarah’s body. The next outfit to adorn her girlfriend’s figure was a matching track jacket and pants combo, of a velvet material, with a pair or adidas sneakers on her feet. Jessica loved how well Sarah’s figure filled out the tight tracksuit. With one more outfit in mind, Jessica swiped again, and on Sarah’s body appeared a very similar outfit to the one Jessica first saw her in yesterday. Sarah now had on a workout top, very tight to accentuate her bust, along with a pair of illegal bahis siteleri leggings that very snugly hugged her lower body, and showed her ass off for the whole world to see. On her feet was a pair of white slip on converse sneakers. The exact pair that Jessica was wearing, just white, and in Sarah’s size.

I think this is one of my favorite looks on you Sarah. The leggings and the workout top just reveal your curves way too well. It makes my mouth water!

Awww, thank you girlfriend! I love it too, I feel sexy as fuck wearing this!

I wonder if you will still look just as sexy, if you are laughing hysterically.

What do you mean? Are you going to tell me a joke?

Something like that. Jessica winked at Sarah, and telekinetically removed her sneakers, levitating them in the air beside her body.

Ok, what are you doing? What’s going through that magical brain of yours?

Oh nothing, you’ll see! Jessica said playfully. Suddenly, out of Sarah’s closet flew two pairs of knit gloves from Sarah’s winter collection. Jessica mentally filled them out with phantom pairs of Sarah’s hands, and floated them over to Sarah’s body. She had one pair grab her ankles, and had the other pair grab her wrists. Sarah tried to move her arms and legs, and found that her gloves were too strong, and were not relenting.

Ok seriously, what do you have planned missy?

Tell me Sarah, have you ever been…tickled?

Of course, we all do it as kids but nev- Wait a second! Oh no you don’t. Don’t you dare!

Too late! My plan is already in motion! Jessica snapped her fingers, and two large feathers appeared out of thin air, and hovered over to Sarah’s feet. They both moved to her soles, and together started to tickle Sarah’s feet. Sarah could not contain her laughter, and started belting out, laughing loudly as the tickling commenced. Jessica smiled as she watched her girlfriend be tickled by her own telekinetic powers. It was very arousing to have such control over someone, without having to do much more than snap your fingers or wave your hand. Jessica confirmed that Sarah still did look just as sexy in that outfit, even if she was laughing hysterically.

This isn’t so bad! I don’t know why I was dreading this.

Why don’t I kick things up a notch then hmm? Jessica snapped her fingers again, and Sarah was now naked again. As well as being naked, identical feathers to the ones at Sarah’s feet now appeared all around Sarah’s body, and began tickling her everywhere, from her armpits, to her ribs, to her face, her forearms, and many other places around her body.

With these new feathers causing Sarah to be tickled just about all over her body, she could do nothing but scream out in hysterical laughter. She was starting to become short of breath as well.

Jessica laughed watching her girlfriend wriggle and writhe in her restraints. This was enough for now. They could return to this game at a later point, and maybe the roles could be reversed, a thought for another day. Right now though, Jessica had other things she wanted to try. She had other ideas that she wanted to test out with her girlfriend, all of which involved her newly acquired goddess powers.

With another snap of her fingers, all of the feathers disappeared, and Sarah took a deep breath in, recovering after laughing so much, and being tickled all over. Jessica waved towards Sarah, and the glove restraints released Sarah’s limbs, and hovered back to their place in Sarah’s closet. Sarah floated down out of the air, and into Jessica’s arms, along with her ugg boots, and they both took a second to mutually worship Sarah’s ugg boots, with the phantom versions of Sarah’s feet in side them. Damn being a goddess is fun, everything is so easy! Jessica thought to herself. I wonder what else I could do?

I want to try something, ever since Emilia turned herself into a pair of my sneakers, I’ve wanted to try it too! Jessica lifted both girls up into the air above Sarah’s bed with her powers, telekinetically lowering Sarah’s ugg boots back down to the bed in the process. Jessica decided to turn herself into one of her favorite pairs of sneakers from back in her closet. They were bound to look super cute on Sarah. With a snap of her fingers, her body quickly transformed into a pair of white sneakers with rose gold zippers on the sides, and rose gold heels. Continuing to use her powers, which Jessica made sure could still be used, even in her new form, she hovered herself onto Sarah’s feet.

Mmmm, you look very sexy like that. Yes, go on my feet this instant! I want to feel you around my feet! Sarah got her wish as Jessica’s new form surrounded her feet. Sarah was then lowered down to the ground, with Jessica’s sneaker form on her feet, and began to walk around. Oh man, you are the most comfortable pair of sneakers I’ve ever worn! Now I can see why you loved wearing Emilia so much! How does this feel for you?

It feels incredible. In my new form, I get to surround your feet, soaking canlı bahis siteleri up your foot sweat, always smelling your wonderful foot smell, and being able to lick your soles whenever I want, like this! Sarah jumped as she felt a tongue, or what felt like a tongue, sliding along the soles of her feet.

Wow, that was insane! Even though I’ve accepted all that your magic can do, it still manages to surprise me! Now, let me walk around a bit to give you the full experience. Sarah began to walk around her bedroom, gingerly at first, then like normal as she got used to wearing her girlfriend on her feet, and she didn’t hear any complaints from her.

Every step you take is like you are tickling my clit, it feels amazing! No wonder Emilia loved being my sneakers. Ok, we can continue this later, but for now I have other things I want to try with my new magic powers. Sarah felt herself lift up into the air again, and Jessica’s sneaker form hovered off of her feet. The sneakers hovered in the air, and just as quickly as Jessica turned into them, they turned back into her, so now she was levitating in the air in place of the sneakers. That sure was fun though, we will definitely put a pin in this for later. Jessica winked at Sarah.

So, what did you have in mind? Any fun ideas that you want to fill me in on?

Well, I was thinking, and now that I’m a goddess, I should have followers, people who worship me. I think that would be a good way to start the day.

Sounds kinky, and I like it! You wanna dress me in something first?

Not really, but I will because you asked. I quite like your naked body. Jessica snapped, and Sarah was now back in the last outfit from earlier, the workout top, leggings, and white slip on converse sneakers. Jessica was dressed in a blouse, jeans, and the red velvet platform sneakers that Madeline made for her a couple of days ago. She was just itching to get a chance to try them out, and now was a good time as any. How’s that? Better?

Much better! Those sneakers are incredibly cute! Makes me want a pair.

I might need to conjure you up a pair when we get back, or while we are out. We will see how the day goes! Jessica waved her hand, and both girls hovered out the door of Sarah’s apartment, thanks to Jessica’s telekinesis. They flew into the lobby, and then touched the ground again so that they were on their feet before going outside, and Jessica looked around at the options she had. She only felt the need for female worshippers, so she decided to make all the men in a 10 block radius disappear. She would bring them back, maybe. Jessica snapped her fingers, and the men disappeared. Now it was just women walking around the streets.

A mature looking brunette started to walk past Sarah and Jessica, and Jessica thought that she would be a good trial run. The brunette looked like she was going shopping, and was in a dress with heels on. Jessica gave the woman a mental command, not giving her a choice to obey it or not.

Sarah looked at the brunette passing by, and saw that all of a sudden she stopped. Jessica was staring at her, and Sarah knew that she was using her powers in some way. The brunette immediately moved herself so that she was standing in front of Jessica, then got down on her knees. From there, she bent her body down so that her face was right next to Jessica’s sneakers. The brunette then started to kiss Jessica’s sneakers lovingly. Ahh it feels good to be worshipped. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s through free will or not!

Sarah was a little scared from learning about this power that her girlfriend had, for Jessica could use it on her if she really wanted to, but she was mainly turned on, and wanted to see more.

I’m being selfish, would you like a turn? Jessica’s voice said into Sarah’s mind. Not waiting for an answer, Jessica commanded the mature brunette to move from her spot in front of Jessica, and had her kneel right in front of Sarah. The brunette now started to kiss Sarah’s sneakers.

Scared or not, this rush of power was really making Sarah’s libido jump. Even though she was not the one controlling the brunette, she still loved the fact that this brunette was commanded to kiss her sneakers. It was very sexy. She looked down, shifting her sneakers around a bit, and enjoyed every second of having them worshipped. Her new girlfriend was really going to keep her on her toes!

Jessica commanded the mature brunette to stop what she was doing, and had her stand up, ready for another command when Jessica was ready to give one. As this happened, a cute blonde, who looked to be about 19 years old, started to strut by. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and had her hair up in a ponytail, with her face glued to her smart phone as she walked along. On her feet were a pair of converse sneakers, but not a pair that Jessica had seen before. Instead of being made of fabric, the sneakers were made of see through rubber, so that Jessica had a great view of the teen’s socks. She was wearing one bright yellow sock, and one bright orange sock. The thing about the shoes that made Jessica bite her lip, though, was the fact that she could see the rubber was fogging up a little bit, from how much the girl’s feet were sweating. Jessica knew that she had to have a taste.

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