A Milky Dillema


— Disclaimer —

This is my first story as a long time reader, any feedback is welcome!

All characters in this story are 18+


A milky dillema

It was the last day of the biology project. With me and Alice having missed the first lesson we had to finish up the project while the rest of the class started the regular lessons again. As we walked through the hallway, looking for a quiet spot I walked slightly behind her, so I could steal glances at her magnificent ass. I really had hit the jackpot with this project; by a stroke of luck we were both not present the first lesson, which meant we got paired up automatically as the only remaining students.

Normally I would never get the chance to do a group assignment with her. Even though we got along pretty nicely, she is the centre of attention, which meant she was always preoccupied or engaged with other people. Alice is basically the perfect girl. The first thing anyone would notice about her is her body. She has probably the best apple bottom in the school, which she usually has on display in her tight jeans. She has wide feminine hips that flow into a small, perfectly flat waist.

Yet this waist is rarely admired as they are obscured by her massive chest. Her boobs are the most ridiculous part about her. They are the size of her head, if not slightly bigger. I’ve never seen her cleavage, but her shirts, struggling to stretch over those colossal mammaries and then tucked into her jeans, draws more attention than any other girl could flaunting a deep cleavage.

As if that wasn’t enough she has a cute face, full luscious lips (you could mistake her for having a well-done lip filler) and beautiful brunette hair. Her personality was great to go along with that, when I first met her I expected her to be bitchy, but she was anything but that. She has a warm personality and is always flaunting her beautiful smile. I really enjoyed talking to her, as did probably every other guy and most girls in school, but I rarely got to. This project however, was a godsend, since it had given me a lot of time with her.

We sat down in a little secluded space and got to work, though we were basically done with the project already.

“There is no way!” Alice exclaimed, upon me telling her one of those random facts (did you know the human nose never stops growing?).

“Yeah it’s true!” I replied, she was obviously overestimating the rate of this growth, but I was having a little fun.

“In fact, since the first time we met, your nose has gotten considerably bigger!”.

“What!? You’re bullshitting me!”

“No it’s true! Look it up”

She proceeded to google it on her phone as I grinningly waited.

“Wow, you are right” she said, with her eyes still glued to the phone.

She proceeded to feel her nose, as if to make sure it was still the same size. I couldn’t tell if she was just acting or actually serious.

“You’re sooo smart” Alice continued.

Okay, now I knew for sure that she was playing.

“I know, I know” I responded.

“And you’re good at… other things” I said glancing down quickly at her bust, which now partly rested on the desk.

“You did not just!” She responded with a serious look. I broke out laughing and she struggled to keep her act of being infuriated, betrayed by her smile.

We had been doing this kind of flirtatious teasing since the beginning of the project, and the privacy of this desk allowed me to push it further. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell whether she was as into me as I was into her, as she was pretty flirtatious with a lot of guys. I guess she just really enjoys the attention.

“I’m going to go to the toilet” she announced.

I got a beautiful view of her ass as she walked down the hallway, she probably realised that I was looking and swayed her hips a little more, enjoying how she was teasing me.

Alice had a reputation for staying in the toilet for very long, much to the annoyance of teachers. It probably had something to do with the strict no phone policy of the school, which meant if you wanted to use your phone, you had to get out of the classroom some way or another.

As I knew it would take a while before Alice returned, I tried to get more comfortable in the wooden desk chairs. There was a serene quietness in the hallway, it was pretty late in the day, and if you payed very close attention you could hear the chatter of the last lessons in the distance. Usually I would mistake this atmosphere for being a lonely depressing one, but with Alice’s presence it seemed perfect, like we were alone in the world. I took to scrolling on reddit, but found myself daydreaming about Alice, with some gif playing endlessly in the background. I didn’t know how to feel about Alice, like probably any other red blooded male I was sexually attracted to her, and had found myself fantasising about her while masturbating. Her body was simply ridiculous, I had yet to find a pornstar that had a body that could match Alice’s.

Since the start of this project something changed however. Kartal Escort Alice was more in my thoughts than ever, but I couldn’t stand the sexual fantasies I had had about her. Knowing what this meant I admitted to myself that I had a crush on her.

I pondered if I should send her a text sometime, especially since the project was coming to an end, our friendship would probably deteriorate if I didn’t undertake something.

“Being very productive I see..” A voice came. I tore myself from my daydream as Alice sat down. I hadn’t even heard her approach. I quickly put my phone away.

Something seemed off, as Alice immediately got to work without saying a word. She bent over the desk while writing. For a second I admired how her breasts rested on the desk. I wondered how weird it would be to have those huge things hanging off your chest, always getting in your way.

Alice looked up, I quickly diverted my eyes, caught in the act of staring. Yet something caught my eye and I quickly returned my gaze, looking her in the eye. Her eyes were slightly red, as if she had cried.

“Wow, Alice, what’s wrong?” I asked her, shocked at the sudden seriousness of the situation.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just not feeling great” She responded, her usual positive energy seemingly vanished.

For a second I accepted the answer, but quickly realised how weird it was that in about ten minutes she went from her usual happy self to almost crying. I got the feeling that something serious had happened.

“Alice, you know that you can trust me right?”

“Did something happen?” I continued.

She looked up at me, her eyes suggested she could start crying any second. I unconsciously felt a sort of anger building in myself, like I wanted to protect her from whatever had hurt her like this.

“Alice?” I repeated, as she seemed lost in thought.

After a few, tense, seconds she finally gave in.

“Come with me” She said, barely loud enough to hear, as she stood up.

I walked with her through the hallway. My emotions were through the roof, the same anger was there but also a kind of fear.

She walked into the teacher’s bathroom and I followed her. Once inside she locked the door behind me. The teachers bathroom was different in that sense, it still had stalls but for some reason the entire room could be locked.

She leaned against the wall and looked at the ground, not willing to make eye contact.

“I have a condition” She started.

She paused, hesitant to explain. I didn’t know what to think. Before I could say anything she continued.

“I lactate… My boobs make milk, even though I’m not pregnant.”

I was astounded with this information, but she continued.

“I need to pump the milk out every few hours, otherwise they swell and start to hurt badly.”

I was dumbfounded. She proceeded to look through her bag and then produced a pump. There was a suction cup with a bottle, and attached to that was a small plastic tube that led to a hand pump.

“It’s broken” she explained. She made eye contact me for the first time since we came into the bathroom. It was obviously awkward for the both of us, but the seriousness of the situation cut through this awkwardness a little. Before I could react she put the pump system in my hands.

“I need it to work.” She continued.

“I don’t know how I’ll get through the day otherwise, it hurts like hell.”

I’m pretty technically inclined so I started to inspect it, hoping it was something easy to fix. It felt weird handling the pump, it being such a feminine item it made me feel like I wasn’t supposed to touch it. I quickly established that there couldn’t really be anything wrong with the suction cup and bottle, so I proceeded to look at the pump. I noticed how Alice stuffed her hand under her shirt, when she touched her breast she let out a heavy sigh, affirming that they really were painful. She must have noticed me looking but acted as if I wasn’t there, which in turn made me feel a little more at ease, since I still had a strong feeling I wasn’t supposed to see all this.

I tried to test the hand pump for a second, but then noticed that a part of the plastic casting had cracked. There was no way it could be repaired. Alice looked a little calmer, maybe because now she wasn’t alone with this problem anymore.

“Alice… Eh.. It’s not going to work anymore. I can’t repair it.” I broke the bad new to her.

“Oh okay…” she responded, with obvious disappointment.

Alice moved so she could sit on the large bathroom sink, and closed her eyes, probably deep in thought. We stood for a few minutes in silence, both not knowing what to say or do. I wanted to ask her if she had a spare pump or if there was some other way to get the milk out, but I knew must have considered all that before.

“Screw it, there’s no other way”, she broke the silence.

Alice stood up and removed her shirt. I stood in awe as I her bra was revealed.

“Should I…go?” I asked her, gesturing to the door.

“You don’t have Yakacık Escort to” she answered.

I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant. She turned towards the wall and unclasped her bra. After having removed her bra, she turned towards the sink covering her nipples with her arm. Her breasts overflowed her arms and looked even bigger now exposed. She removed her arm from her breasts and I saw them in their full glory. Her wide hips flowed beautifully into her waist, which was beautifully narrow and her flat tummy made her boobs look even bigger. They looked incredibly firm and sat high on her chest, I wondered if this was her natural shape or the swelling she talked about. Her pink areola was about 2 inches across and topped by a huge nipple, about as thick as her (admittedly small) fingers. Around her areola angry veins emphasised how engorged her breasts were.

She started to milk her breasts by hand. Her small hands struggled to find a grip on the breast, being so firm and large. Her heavy sighs indicated how painful and frustrating the process was. It took about half a minute of tedious massaging before the first milk droplets started coming. With her breasts being so engorged I expected the floodgates to open and rain milk, but her efforts were only met with small squirts. In a bout of frustration she put both hands on a single boobs and squeezed, finally producing a sizeable stream.

I started to feel uncomfortable as I was just staring at her without a purpose. FiniaI realised that there was a reason I was still here. I gently approached her and she turned toward me slightly in a gesture of approval. I slowly, hesitantly reached out and placed my hand on her breast with her nipple between my thumb and index finger. the first thing I noticed was the heat, then the firmness. I gently squeezed and was surprised to find how little the breast yielded.

“You can squeeze harder”

I squeezed harder and then felt the breast giving in under the pressure, a stream of milk shot out, followed immediately by another sigh. It seemed my larger hands were better suited to this task, looking at her other boob, which she was still trying to milk herself, her fingers didn’t reach much further than her areola.

After a little while I settled into a sort of rhythm, it seemed like the flow of milk was only now getting up to steam, and she confirmed.

“Yeah, that’s good like that.”

We stood in front of the sink. The tiled wall, mirror and sink were slowly developing a coat of thousands of milk droplets. Whatever mess we made, we could take care of later, now the only thing important was relieving her.

Now that I was getting the hang of it, she released her grip from her other breast, since her own efforts seemed to be in vain. She closed her eyes and used her arm to lean on the sink. Her sighs were still constant.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“Yeah it does, but it’s a good kind of pain… it’s hard to describe.”

Up to this point the flow of milk didn’t seem to have slowed down at all. And with her other breast still full I decided to change my approach. I stood behind her and reached under her arms, finding both breasts. As I started now milking both breasts at the same time, her sighs got heavier and huskier. I was wondering if she got sexual pleasure out of this. She stood up and leaned back on me and let her head rest between my neck and shoulder. With her this close to me I smelled her sweet scent, it wasn’t a perfume, just the way she smelled. I recognised the smell from when I had been around her but it was about a hundred times stronger now that she was leaning on me.

As impossible as it seemed, I was getting used to the situation, and because of that, actually realising how ridiculous it was. For the first time in the roughly 10 minutes we’d been in the bathroom I noticed my raging boner, and how her ass just grazed past it occasionally.

Alice hadn’t opened her eyes since I started milking both breast. I got a strong feeling she was enjoying it, which made me feel satisfied as I’d apparently helped her out of her predicament. My hands were now soaked in milk as well, the wetness making her breasts slippery.

In my newfound awareness I also found my hands aching, which prompted me to stop for a second and change my grip. Alice woke up from her trancelike state. Through the milk stained mirror I noticed the smile on her face.

“Are you enjoying this?” I asked, as I resumed my grip and started gently milking.

“Hmmm, yes at this point it’s very enjoyable.” Alice answered me

“I take you are enjoying it as well?” She asked.

“Very much so.”

I noticed that her breasts were getting softer, which allowed me to milk her a lot better. I experimented with an alternating pattern and started getting up to a high pace. She moaned in response, and changed her position. Using both arms to lean on the sink, she bent me over her back slightly and firmly pressed her ass into my boner. There was no way she didn’t feel this. Even through her and my own jeans I Kadıköy Escort could feel the softness of her ass, which formed into my crotch.

I proceeded to milk her relentlessly, having become bolder with how hard I squeezed which she didn’t seem to mind at all. The milk now mostly fell on the ground. I slowly started noticing her bucking her hips, pressing harder into my crotch. Her own smell and the strong scent of what must be milk filled the air and intoxicated me. Her grinding on my crotch become more intense. With her breasts hanging below her they basically lay in my hands, giving me a sense of their significant weight. With every squeeze my fingers sank deep into her breastmeat, ever coated by film of milk. Her moaning and grinding was constant and was driving me to the edge. My cock started to spasm involuntarily and I knew that I was going to cum very soon.

“Your hands feel so good on my tits.” She said through the breathy moans.

I noticed how with every squeeze her breasts expanded to the sides, causing a huge sideboob under her exposed armpit. Entranced with this sight I came. I, involuntarily, aggressively thrust into her soft ass, finally responding to her grinding. As the most intense orgasm I’d ever had rocked my body I continued to hump her. She responded by pressing her ass even harder into my crotch, further stimulating my orgasm. My cock just kept spurting, giving me the largest cumshot I’d ever had… in my pants. When the orgasm subsided I noticed I had stopped milking and instead had held her breasts in a firm grip during the course of my orgasm. Realising this I quickly resumed milking her.

Alice’s milk had definitely subsided, and after about a minute she called it a day.

“Thank you so much” She said as she turned toward me. “You can’t imagine how anxious I was when my pump broke.”

“No problem” I answered her, and continued: “They look like they’ve calmed down.”

Her breasts were now in what must be their natural state, with a beautiful teardrop shape, her huge pink areola and nipples pointing up slightly, all above that beautiful flat tummy.

“Yeah they have, they feel so much better!”

I reached out and touched her breast. Her large, still erect nipple pressed into my palm, and the now soft breast flesh yielded under my fingers. For some reason this felt like a bold move, even though I had spent about 15 minutes squeezing them, it was just different now that I faced her and she looked me in the eye. She responded with a smile and a giggle.

“I take it you like them?”

“Oh yes, I sure do. They’re beautiful”

“You’re beautiful” I added

“Thanks” she responded with her warm smile as she moved into hug me. As we hugged she pressed herself firmly into me her still bare chest spreading out over mine, and my still present boner into her lower waist.

“I guess we need to clean up” I announced as I looked glanced at the various milk coated surfaces in the bathroom. We both laughed for a bit at the sight.

“No, I’ll clean up.” “It’s my milk anyway.” She responded.

“Speaking of which, I first need to clean something else.” She said, as she sank to her knees. I didn’t take me long to realise what was happening. As she worked on unbuckling my belt she looked up at me with a naughty smile.

As she dropped my pants to my knees I really didn’t know what to expect. It was now fully erect and still coated in my own cum from a few minutes ago. Alice reached over to her bag and got out a packet of baby wipes. Somewhere I was disappointed, thinking that she’d lick it clean or something, but I couldn’t complain.

She proceeded to slowly wipe my raging hard-on clean with the baby wipes. I got the feeling she was teasing me, with her very slow and careful wiping and getting her face very close. My cock was spasming from the attention, which she clearly noticed. Even my balls were subjected to a thorough cleaning, which she did by using her small soft hands to lift my shaft and her other to wipe them. She had her face so close I could swear I felt the heat of her face radiating on my cock. I was afraid that I’d burst at any moment, cumming all over her pretty face. My spasms were getting more frequent and I swear that if she put her hand on my shaft one more time I’d cum, and then she stopped. She put the baby wipes away and looked up at me.

I don’t know how my face looked, but the tension must’ve been very noticeable. She laughed at my expression and announced. “And now for your reward.”

She put her hand on my shaft and started slowly jerking. She clearly knew what to do, but there was still a little awkwardness in her movement, which only made it cuter. It didn’t take long at all before I was very close, she moved her hand excruciatingly slowly and my breathing was getting irregular. With her great sense of knowing how close I was, exactly when I felt myself orgasming and the cum shooting through my dick, she put the tip in her mouth. Enveloping just the tip with her beautiful luscious full lips.

I came violently, with shot after shot shooting into her warm mouth. She struggled to keep her mouth closed on my shaft as she involuntarily smiled. When I was done she stood up and swallowed my load while looking me straight in the eye. “All cleaned up.” She announced in a sultry voice.

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