A Morning at the Office

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Greg is sitting at his office desk frustrated with up coming deadlines and presentations. He is focusing hard at the paper work in front of him when he hears his office door slam shut. Not in the mood for the welcoming formalities, he just says YES, not even looking up to see who it is. When no one answers him, he aggressively looks up and is surprised at who it is. Pleasantly surprised, it’s Mandy from 2 floors up. Their work never crosses paths, but that has never stopped a warm blooded man from admiring a beautiful woman in the canteen once in a while. He has always secretly fantasized about what she looks like under her very formal work suits.

He noticed that she is not dressed in her normal navy or black suite jacket and skirt, but this time dressed in a very long formal coat with black fish net stockings and stiletto’s. “Very sexy” he thinks to himself, trying to hide the pleased look on his face.

He says Hi, but she does not answer him, all she does is locks his office door. Confused he tries to talk again, but he gets no answer from her. She just slowly walks up to his desk, not saying a word. He is starting to get very uncomfortable, but not sure what to say or where to go, he decides to just sit and wait for her to say something.

Mandy slowly walks around his desk perabet and slightly pushes his chair back as to make space for her to sit front of him. She puts her finger to his lips, and he knows straight away that not a word is to be said. He can feel himself become excited, but at the same time is still not sure if he should be enjoying this or not.

As she sits on his desk in front of him, she straightens her leg out and suggestively hints that he must remove her shoes. He slowly take her shoes off, admiring her long silky legs and her ankles, his weak spot, he loves a ladies ankles. The smell of her perfume is making him light headed and he is becoming extremely aroused.

She does not allow him to touch her for very long and then gets up onto his desk standing in front of him. He wheels his chair closer but she stops him, he is to be at a distance so that he can see all that she has to show him.

Mandy slowly unbuttons her jacket, SLOWLY. Its killing him, he can’t wait any longer and just wants to rip it off, he stands up but gets told to sit and behave…..”Good things come to those who wait”

She lets it fall off her shoulders, and fall onto his desk. Mandy is naked. The sun shining through the window onto her soft silky skin makes it look like honey that perabet giriş he wants to lick up. Her dark brown hair falling onto her shoulders, her piercing blue eyes. He perky full breasts with pail pink nipples, the curves of her waist down to her thighs. She is perfect, the most perfect thing he has ever seen.

Greg decided to try his luck again, stands up, she does not stop him. He then decided to walk to wards her; once again, she does not stop him. Standing in front of her he can smell her skin, he can hear her breath. He takes another chance and touches her leg. She does not stop him. Slowly, he runs his hand up her leg, behind her knee; she gives out a little mown. He moves his hand between her legs, her skin is so soft, and slowly makes his way up her inner thigh. Convinced she is going to stop him, he lets his hand rest just before her wetness, but she grabs his hand and suggests for him to continue.

Greg’s finger finds her pussy, it is soaking wet. He slowly parts her lips, finding her clit, and gently plays with it. Having his face right in line with her he can smell her excitement. Teasingly he plays and can feel her body becoming more and more relaxed as he plays further.

Suddenly, she starts to breathe deeper and harder. He knows she is about perabet güvenilir mi to Cum. Grabbing his hand she pushes it harder against her clit, sending her right into the peak of her orgasm. And she collapses over him in absolute pleasure.

He suggests to her to lie down on his desk and she does as she is told. Realizing that she has now become the submissive, he takes control and decided he need to pleasure this goddess to her limit.

He takes her breast in his mouth and nibbles slowly on her nipple. She arches her back in absolute delight, loving the feel of his tong on her bare breast, encouraging him to nibble a little harder. Then he slowly moves down her body, kissing gently on her sensitive skin, feeling her body react to every touch.

His mouth finally finds her wetness and he slowly dips his tong into her slit. She gasps. His tong circles her clit slowly making it go hard and sensitive, ready for another orgasm, which to both their surprise comes very quickly. She comes in his mouth, him lapping up every little drop of her juices. Him wanting more he moves his tong in again, but she stops him. He’s surprised, all this time he as thought it was his turn to be in control, but he was wrong.

Mandy indicates that he needs to sit back on his chair. Reluctant to listen he moves slowly back, not taking his eyes off of her. She swings her legs around; she lifts her knees up, lays back and gives him the most beautiful view of her pussy.

Greg is absolutely shocked as to what happens next…… TO BE CONTINUED

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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