A Mother’s Change? Ch. 01

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The day started as any other…Kathy found herself already exhausted and the day had not even started. Raising her son and daughter on her own had not been easy. Now that that Michael and Maria we older, she found it harder than ever.

Michael is 20. He had inherited his mother’s looks but father stature and even at his young age had broad shoulders, was muscular and managed to get the attention of women of all ages. Thank goodness Kathy had managed to keep his attention on his studies and away from girls.

Maria is two years younger at 18. She was petite, pretty, but happily, every much the bookworm her older brother and mom had been. She was dark featured, like her brother, wore glasses and was also about as unaware of boys as could be.

Kathy had been devastated when her husband left them. She was a shy, introverted girl when her charming, attractive and masculine husband came into her life all those years ago. She easily fell under his charm and found herself pregnant and married in no time. She also found herself the wife of a man that seemed to have sex with every woman he met and it did not take long until he disappeared from their lives.

Kathy did everything she could to shield her children from the evils and temptations of the opposite sex. She downplayed every urge, suggestion and discussion of sexuality and was proud at how “square” her children were. She knew it was not exactly the best plan but was confident it kilis seks hikayeleri would serve them in the long run.

As Kathy prepared to head to work, she checked in on Michael who was still sleeping. Maria was up, having made breakfast for her mother and was cleaning up the kitchen as Kathy headed out. “See you later honey” Kathy yelled as she dashed to her car.

The day was long and as Kathy drove home hours later, noted that it was already getting dark, the last rays of sun struggling to shine. As she drove down her block, she noted a strange glow coming from behind her home. Nervous that perhaps a fire had started, she drove a bit faster and ran to the back of her home, only to find something she could not explain.

It was the size of a soccer ball, glowing a bright blue and Kathy looked around wondering why no one else had noticed this. As she got closer, the orb seemed to pulse yet as she got even closer, Kathy felt less afraid and more intrigued.

Now only inches away, Kathy found herself drawn to the orb and just had to touch it. She reached forward, her fingertips stretching to touch just the surface when suddenly, things got crazy!

The orb seemed to bounce up into her hands and she instinctively gripped it. She could feel the power flow through her fingers, her arms and quickly, to her entire body. As she looked down, it seemed as if the orb was transferring its energy into her and she could swear her own skin was glowing! As quickly as it started, the orb went dark and just disappeared and Kathy fell backwards out of breath “What in heaven was that” she thought.

After a moment she got to her feet only to feel exhausted. She made her way into the house, her children already at the dinner table waiting for her. She excused herself and made her way up to her bedroom, collapsed on the bed and immediately fell asleep.

When Kathy opened her eyes, she sensed the house was quiet and dark. She noticed the clock read 3:00am and she knew she had to be awake in a few hours but scolded herself for falling asleep in her clothes. She unbuttoned her pants, sliding them down and off her legs, adjusting the waistband of her pantyhose. She then took off her blouse, laid it carefully on the chair and grabbing her robe, went into the bathroom.

Flipping on the light, she was met with the image of herself in the mirror and for the first time in years, became aware of her body. “What was the term, bbw” she thought. For sure, she was curvy and plumper than she would like. She gazed at her breasts enclosed in her bra and immediately reached to unsnap and remove it. “That’s better” she thought. She watched in amazement as her nipples grew and hardened, right before her eyes! She reached up to touch them and felt her body spasm! The pleasure was incredible! Oh it had been so long since her nipples had been played with! She loved how hard and long they were.

Looking at her reflection, she noted the dark patch of hair visible through her panties and pantyhose. Without thinking, she grabbed the waistband and pulled them down to expose her hairy pussy. The cool air felt so good and reaching down, she touched her clit, which grew as hard as her nipples! Had she forgotten this feeling? With her other hand, she touched her lips which became puffy and swollen with arousal. Looking around, she grabbed her daughter’s hairbrush and shoved it into her now wet pussy, sliding it in and out as fast as she could and in no time, felt herself exploding in orgasm!

As she came down from her high, she had a moment of shock when she realized that she had just masturbated…with her daughter’s hairbrush! She could not remember the last time she masturbated but oh did it feel good! Looking at the brush in her hand she wondered if she could taste herself.

She brought the handle to her lips, smelling her juice and reaching with her tongue, tasted her sweet nectar and before she knew it, was sucking on the handle like a cock, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror and putting on a show for herself! It all felt so good!

Some hours later, Kathy had passed out in pure sexual exhaustion from hours of self-pleasure and masturbation. She awoke, finding herself on the bathroom floor, panties & pantyhose still at her ankles and the floor covered with everything she could find to satisfy her pussy.

The “old” mom might have been disgusted by the scene…

But this was “new” mom…

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