A Naked Holiday with my Mother, Chapter Two


I was in the bathroom when she returned with bulging carrier bags and a beautiful big smile on her face.”I’m back darling,” she shouted, “Where are you?”I popped my head out of the bathroom door and she laughed when she saw my half shaved face.”Can I do that?””As long as you promise not to cut my throat,” I laughed.She took the razor off me and began using long expert sweeps across my face. She was very good at it until I remarked that the razor smelled really nice and then she blushed and giggled.”Well it’s been where you were this afternoon darling.””And where I want to go again, mum,” I told her and she laughed.”Oh yes,” then she squealed as I kissed her and smeared my foam covered face around hers, “You animal.”The rest of her words were silenced as I kissed her deeply.Hher arms went round my neck and she squirmed wantonly against my growing erection.”You’re going to do it again, aren’t you?””Do what, mum?””You’re going to fuck me again, aren’t you?””How did you guess?” I laughed.Sliding both hands up under her skirt, I picked her up bodily and walked into the bedroom. Mum was giggling and laughing and kissing me all at the same time. She squealed again with laughter as I dumped her onto the bed and used both arms to hold her legs apart.”Anthony,” she yelled, “No.” but then she felt my mouth on the front of her panties and she stopped squealing and started moaning.”Oh God yes,” she gasped as I sucked her juices through the flimsy garment, “Your dad never did this baby. Oh my God.”I lifted my head just long enough to pull the little panties down over her thighs and drop them on the floor, gaziosmanpaşa escort “I told you mum, dad was a fool.”Then I dipped my head again and my mouth slurped wetly at her cunt. She was wet, practically dripping and I loved it. I used my tongue to scoop out the moisture and swallow it, I licked and sucked at her swollen, pink clitoris. I even ran my tongue right down to taste her anus and all the time she kept her hands in my hair, pulling me into her wetness. I saw the tiny little hole of her urethra and licked at it longingly while she arched her back up to meet my mouth.”Do me now, Anthony,” she almost cried, “Come up here and put it in me darling. Fuck me! Come on, I need it darling, come and fuck mummy.””Take your dress off,” I said as I stood up and stroked myself while I watched her.Hurriedly she ripped the buttons open and then held her arms up to me with her legs were wide apart. She was a picture of a woman in heat and as I lowered myself onto her, she sighed, a long deep sigh of pleasure,”Yes darling,” she said it softly and began moving in time to my thrusts as if we’d been lovers for years instead of just a few hours.Every forward thrust of mine was met with one of hers, I actually felt the softness of her cunt walls squeezing me. I tasted the sweetness of her saliva as we kissed, something that I would have balked at not too long ago. I looked into her eyes and saw loneliness, longing and lust. This beautiful, sexy, soft and sensuous woman was mine at least for the next two weeks and I intended to give sultangazi escort her everything I could in that short time.I felt her hands on my bottom as she held me and worked her hips against my penis.”God Anthony, you’re big darling, So fucking big!””I love hearing you talk like that, mum,” I whispered into her ear as I increased my thrusting, “It sounds so fucking dirty.”She lunged up at me and bit my lip as she raked her finger nails over my buttocks.”It is dirty darling. You’re fucking your own mother. You’ve got your big, fat prick right up my cunt!”I felt a trembling beginning in my feet, it spread up to my legs then my thighs, then it hit my groin and I exploded. It had been totally unexpected, almost as unexpected as mum digging her nails deeply into my bum cheeks and crying into my neck that she was coming. Once again, the sheer power of it left us exhausted and I’m sure that we fell asleep instantly, our groins still entwined in our incestuous coupling.We didn’t sleep for long though, mum really wanted us to go to the dance and she wanted me to dress her too, the turnabout in her attitude was incredible.The first items of clothing I put on her were a pair of hold up stockings and then she sat and put on her make up. After that, it was her panties that I drew up over her slender hips. They were no more than a wisp of white lace, a frivolous little garment that served only to draw attention to her completely hairless slit. The tiny triangle of lace fitted snugly in between her lips and at the back it was just a narrow esenler escort string barely wide enough to hide her little puckered hole.It was her dress that I liked most; it was full length, white and fitted her like a second skin. At the front it plunged almost down to her navel making it impossible to wear a bra and her breasts bounced temptingly with every movement she made. One side was slit almost to the top of her stockings. It was a dress that only a very sexy lady could wear and on her, it was perfect.Her only item of jewelry was a black velvet choker with one fake diamond in the centre. She oozed sexuality and looked like a woman who was sure of herself, confident in her looks and poised. I was gob smacked.”You look stunning, mum.” I told her and just touched her lips with my own so as not to spoil her lipstick.Everyone looked at her as we walked proudly into the dining room; the men with lust and the women with envy. They all looked and made me the proudest man in the room as we took our places at the table. We ate and danced the night away. Mum had no shortage of dance partners, sometimes going from one to the other with hardly any time in between. I lost count of the different dance partners we both had, but while some of the ladies were very pretty, even beautiful, it was mum who I couldn’t take my eyes off. Every time I glanced at her, her eyes smiled at me and twinkled with the promise of things to come!We managed a couple of dances with each other towards the end of the night, but we didn’t dare get too touchy feely because of the row she’d kicked up on our arrival at the resort. We contented ourselves with little whispered promises. She put her lips to my ear and told me that her cunt was wet and asked me what I was going to do about it?”Well for a start, mum.” I whispered back as I held her closely to me and let her feel my erection pressing into her stomach, “I want to take you to bed with you still wearing your stockings.”

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