A Need to Be Filled

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I have a need to be filled.

This is such a need, that I am in constant search for things that attempt to fill it. I had never been certain just where the need lie, so many things have been used in my various attempts. I tried bungee jumping, yoga, college classes, dancing, getting married (THAT was not going to do it!), and getting divorced. I tried filling my life with activity… and then leaving my life without purpose. The activity suited me, so I continued to do that. I enjoyed the yoga and the dancing, so I kept up those activities as well. Then I found a niche. Writing.

My problem now was a subject matter. I was not real into gore and mystery. People would always be able to tell who my bad guys were because I made them bad. Non-fiction put me to sleep. I liked fantasy, but not the complication of keeping all those fantastical names in my head. I renamed one character 3 times because I could not remember who he was supposed to be. I liked the romance genre best. But it chafed at my practical side to have all happiness and light. Then I read a book by Thea Devine, called “Secret Pleasures” (Zebra Books 1995 ©). It was great, a bit of fantasy, a bit of history, a mystery, and a happy ending. And then there was the sex. So hot it made my fingers burn. My eyes settled on the genre of erotica… and I was hooked.

My problem now was that I had all these male figures in my head… none of whom remotely resembled the real men I knew. I began to find bits and pieces of men that I had known and liked and used those small parts to create a total figure. Yet, I also wanted to feel the things my heroines were feeling. I have always been sexual, but a vibrator just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I knew I loved sex… so I started experimenting with my wilder side. The Internet is a fantastic resource of people and information. So I turned there.

And I met him.

It was strange really… I had a profile up that he responded to. And it went from there. We chatted, and discussed our fantasies. He told me what turned him on, and I did the same. We both had some specific physical things that hit our hot spots. For me it was a TALL man… and I wanted him to have a big cock. Shallow? Maybe… but I knew what I liked and what turned me on. He did too. He wanted a fuller woman… who had a curvy ass and a high drive for sex.

So we sent pictures… and we were hooked. We chatted off and on, finding out more about each other. He was also very intelligent, and used big words often interspersed into his conversation. I am strange in the fact that big words make me weak in the knees. Words like Epicurean or sybaritic, hedonistic and promiscuous. They get me wet. I was almost in love.

I remember when I picked him up from the airport, he having taken a commuter flight from his home of New York to mine of Maryland. He was so tall, which I adore… and made me feel so small in comparison. Which for a 5’11” woman in 3-inch heels is tough to pull off. He was beautiful. Blonde, male angles and hard planes… muscle and blunt fingertips. He was wearing a soft black suit, and looking so sexy as he came though the terminal door… I almost fainted in sheer pleasure. He looked askance at me… with a smile on that sexy mouth and his head tilted. We walked toward each other and said hello. I reached up and kissed him softly, lingering in the taste of him for a brief moment. We hugged briefly… both of us needing to feel our bodies against each other. We pulled away, knowing that what was in store for later would be much more fulfilling.

We began to walk toward the parking area… he not needing luggage for what he came to visit for. I had done as he requested and worn a short snug skirt, a sexy sheer top and my heels. He held his hand to my back as we walked, making me feel the heat of his palm through the thin fabric of my blouse. We got on the escalator to the next level and he stood behind me… I felt his cock against my back through his and my clothing. We continued to touch in small minute amounts… wanting more and needing to satisfy a craving for one another.

As we walked, the conversation was unknown, unimportant, polite things… we both had so many other things on our minds that words were not needed. We moved to an elevator to take us to the top parking level. When we entered I noticed him moving to lean his legs out and support himself with his back against the wall. A second later I had straddled one of his legs and attacked his mouth. We kissed for a few amazing brief seconds… making me tingle instantly and throughout my body. It was hot and wild and delicious and TOO SHORT!! The doors opened suddenly… making us both think hateful thoughts to the designers of faster elevators. We composed ourselves and finished the walk to my SUV. I knew he was hard… and I knew I was wet… and we both wanted to find my car and have a few private moments.

Unfortunately the gods were against us… and there was someone parked next to me in the out of the way corner I had deliberately chosen. He was plane watching or something because Zonguldak Escort he made no move to leave… frustrating us both. It stopped to matter though when we were both in the car and he began to stare at me with this lustful look upon his handsome face. Time stopped and all I saw was the look on his face, all I felt were the shivers in my body and the wetness between my panty-less legs. He reached with his hands and pulled my face toward him. Our mouths met again, and we took our time with this one.

It was a deep and encompassing kiss, making me feel needy to the depths of my being. Our tongues touched and our mouths melded… and I melted. We pulled away a few moments later… hot and steamy and wanting each other very badly. I smiled and began to pull out for the drive to my home.

Not much was said for the beginning of the drive, just casual conversation as I drove from the temporary parking area and moved out toward Interstate 95. I readjusted myself into my seat to make myself more comfortable. It made my skirt ride up my thighs even more, and brought his attention to my legs.

He moaned and reached out… touching my thigh and between. He lifted up my skirt a bit, making noises about the request to come to get him without panties on. When he did, he saw my naked and hairless pussy… and my lips dripping with wetness. He reached his hand over, and slid it down over my pubis and into the depths. His fingers did not stray to far inside… he just got them covered in my juice. Then… almost making me cum right there… he moved those same fingers to his own mouth and licked them off. He moved his fingers back to my pussy… and began to explore. At this time I was driving about 75-80 mph on the highway through Baltimore City!

I tried to keep my eyes on the road… but it was next to impossible. I had to touch it… I had to feel it. I moved my hand to his lap and began to rub and squeeze and feel that magnificent object of my desire. He had told me his size… but until I moved and felt and touched it through his pants, I had no real idea of just how perfectly big and thick he was.

I had a need. A need to be filled by the beautiful cock in my hand.

He put his head close to mine… breathing hotly in my ear. “Watch the road.” He said. I did… with that sense of daydreaming detachment that would get me to my destination without remembering exactly how I got there. I rubbed his distended outline… feeling my way around with one hand. At this point, he used his closer proximity to his advantage. His fingers went deep. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…

I gave a breathless moan… and clenched my fingers into his leg lightly. He smiled against my cheek. “Do you like this?” He moved his fingers again. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… “How about this?” He asked as his fingers moved to that spongy spot at the front of my vagina. Ahhhhhhhhhh… GOD! He had hit and pushed at that part of my body guaranteed to drive me nuts and make me cum in moments. So pleasurable it hurt… his fingers dug farther in and pressed again, before swirling around in my wetness to tease. Then he repeated the motion. “Watch the road…” He said again.

I continued to drive… my brain aware of the potential for accidents, my eyes aware that we were in the center lane and people were seeing what he was doing, and my body aware that it was hanging on a precipice… about to fall and shatter. He continued his torturous movements… and my breath began to come in short, hot pants. My hips moved against his fingers in the tight confines of the car. My foot rested on the gas pedal… our speed at a constant 80mph. My other foot pushed my body against the seat and lifted me up.

I felt my leg begin to clench. My hips lifted up… pushing my cunt onto his hard, rough fingers and prolonging the contact for a few more moments… those last few moments that pushed my body to the top. My head went back and my eyes narrowed on the road to avoid an accident. I moaned long and loud and my body began to shake. My pussy clenched around his fingers and he sensed my need. He shoved them in HARD… and finished my climb, pushing me over the edge into my orgasm.

I had cum in the car. It was wild and hot and NOT ENOUGH! I wanted, no… needed to cum again. This time with his cock deep inside me. We smiled and spoke quietly as I calmed down. He moved back to his seat. I laughed and said, “That was very nice. This will be better I think.” And I reached over and placed my hand on his cock again.

I began to use my dexterous fingers to undo his belt and open his pants. He smiled and opened them himself. As soon as I saw it… I could have cum again. Big, and so thick, its color was tan… with a dark purple head that was leaking a bit of that luscious moisture. I placed my finger on that drop and brought it to my mouth. I sucked his warm juice off of my finger… savoring its smooth masculine flavor. Not too salty, not too sweet… telling me he was a man who knew his limits with food. Just enough is often plenty. I placed my hand around him, gripping his length in my Zonguldak Escort Bayan fist lightly. My hand could not cover the whole shaft… and my fingers and thumb only touched a little. I was drenched. My pussy clenched at the thought of what he would feel like inside of me. I wanted him so bad I considered pulling over and throwing him into the back of my car to have him right now. But I realized we were only 15 minutes away from my home now… and those best things are usually better when savored.

I began to play. One hand on the wheel and one hand on the cock, I touched him. I felt along every inch of his shaft, slowly, learning. I used my thumb to swirl his personal lubrication around the head… and I moved my hand up and down and up and over his cock, feeling him, touching him, and arousing him. He in the mean time placed his fingers back onto my cunt, and began to explore as well.

There we were, in my car, driving speedily down the highway, keeping each other at close to orgasmic level, and loving every moment of it. As we came nearer and nearer to my home…. He pulled away, claiming he did not want to spill just yet. “I plan to do that inside you” he whispered to me. Ahhhhhhh… good! That was exactly what I wanted! My pussy clenched again and again as his words created an image of him sliding inside my wetness. I wanted to feel him there so bad! It was only minutes later (Thank God!) that we were pulling into my driveway. Secluded, back in the woods, my home was a haven for us. No prying eyes or ears, I was free here to do as I wished. We chatted still about the area and my home as I pulled to a stop and cut the engine.

My engine was still revving. He came out of his side of the car and went around to gather me. I got out and we immediately embraced. His hands went strait to my ass again, feeling and squeezing. I knew what he wanted and my impudent side got the better of me. “I know what you want…” I said, smiling. I just pulled my skirt strait up to my waist, and placed his hands right back on my rounded globes. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He moaned. I knew then that he was not kidding when he said he loved my butt. He moaned the words… “Walk for me. I want to see that ass.” I did. Walked to the stairs, swinging my hips with a little more verve than normal, putting on a display for him. He could not keep his hands off for long and was behind me before I reached the last step, His hands cupping my cheeks as they swayed. I was so wet; I would have bent over for him there.

As it is we were patient enough to open the door and step inside before beginning to undress each other. I wrapped my arms around his neck and began to kiss him madly… then slowly began working his tie and shirt off. His jacket was somewhere behind him, and his hands were on the delicate buttons of my sheer shirt. Clothes were discarded, and he sat on the nearby sofa to remove his shoes… with him naked there, except for his shoes, I could not resist. I kneeled down and began kissing and licking his luscious cock. It tasted so good!!

My mouth enveloped him, sucking strongly, as he moaned and leaned his head back. One thing I will give myself some credit for is this. It’s my favorite past time! I love to be able to give men pleasure, and I have worked hard at perfecting my technique. I tickled his cock head with my tongue while enveloping him in my mouth… I tried to take all of him into my throat, but he was too big.

I endeavored to practice till I could! He pulled my head away from him at that moment, smiling at me… and with eyes full of lust. “Pull your skirt off.” He said. I stood, turned my back to him and grasped the skirt in my hands. It was stretchy, so it was able to slide strait down my legs. I stayed bent to pull the skirt out from under my high heels. He moaned as I wiggled my ass at him. I grinned to myself.

I stood back up and pulled him up behind me. I walked… strut really, as I was still in my heels, into the bedroom. I bent down to take off my shoes… and apparently he could not take it anymore. His thick, rampant penis began to push between my legs, rubbing against the effusive wetness dripping down my thighs. I bent over more, eager for this moment, and hot to feel him inside me. He pushed past the barrier of my pussy lips. A sound like ‘oomph!’ came from my mouth, as the feel of him was so big and so tight it overwhelmed me. I screamed loud and low… almost cumming from the feel of his hot cock. He rubbed my ass and my back frantically, reaching around to get his fingers on my nipples. He squeezed them, and then thrust. I groaned. He lost whatever control he had.

He grabbed my hips and began to pump himself inside of me. Moving faster and harder as my guttural sounds of pleasure ripped into him. I was in space… my head floating somewhere above my body; the encompassing pleasure of his cock being shoved into my wet cunt was sending tingles cascading through my limbs. I could not think, I could only feel. I could feel the fullness inside of me, feel the electric Escort Zonguldak shocks of ecstasy that my sweating and clenched muscles were enduring in our agonized search for orgasm. Over and over again his cock pounded inside of me, so hard I thought my ass would be bruised from his pleasurable abuse. I wanted it harder still. My muscles clenched and then shivered. I wanted him to make me his, his in sweat, his in passion, his in pain. I screamed as the orgasm ripped through me. And we were only beginning.


I was done in… a quivering mass of flesh still enthralled by the bombardment of physical pleasure. My legs were shaking, my breath coming in hard pants, my mouth dry and my throat burning from the momentum of my screams. He, on the other hand was still hot. Wanting me… unbelievably aroused by the sheer magnitude of my orgasm… wanting to cum and spurt his hot seed into the depths of the moistness in which he was now encompassed. He controlled his desire… partially. He continued to thrust himself back and forth slowly in my depths until I was calmed from my orgasm. He then stood me up and faced him. “I believe,” he said “that this needs to be moved onto the bed.”

I smiled and kissed him once again, hardly aware of my surroundings… only wanting more of that dizzying desire again. Here, I thought with the final remnants of my seared brain, is a man who can keep up with me! I smiled my “cat with the canary” smile that told him (though he already knew) this was NOT over. I crawled over the bed, and turned and motioned for him to follow me. He moved in… strait between my legs. His rampant erection undiminished and glistening with my juices. His kissed his way up my body, stopping at various points I would think as innocuous, but when his mouth touched them they became alive… leaping with new nerve endings before unknown. He licked my thigh, nibbled my tummy, and kissed the area between my breasts, before moving on to the sensitive tips. When his mouth enveloped them, my back arched up almost off the bed in an agony of delight. His mouth was hot, wet, and strong… and each suckle or nibble sent shock waves directly to my cunt. I reached upward and shoved my fingers into his hair; holding onto his scalp, afraid to let go incase the sensations should lessen in any degree.

He moved upward again and we began to kiss. No, kiss is too simple a word. We began to meld. Our mouths opened and ate and sucked and teased at one another’s. I felt him holding his body above mine, and my hips arched toward that great cock in an effort to feel it again. He smiled and teased… brushing my pussy lips with the tip then moving away… again and again. I grit my teeth and vented my frustration in a groan. He loved it… and took that moment to begin the luscious slide back within my body. I moved my hands from his head down to his ass and pulled him into me, hard.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. We both moaned at the final connection. He began to move. I was in heaven again, dying with ecstasy. Each time he moved in me I moaned… and he watched. Intent on my sounds and my face, we looked at each other as his body invaded mine. His male beauty was set in fierce angles, mine in a clenching and unclenching motion that visibly portrayed how he was making me feel. I was alternately opened mouthed with moans, biting my lip, and smiling a satisfied smirk. He began to shove deeper, and a sound came from my throat at each interval of his cockhead hitting the mouth of my womb. So his rhythm changed at this visible sign of my pleasure. He began to tease.

He saw and paid attention to each subtle motion of my body, each soft (and LOUD!) sound that came from my throat. It was telling how much he watched, because he would find the way that made my body react the strongest and he would do it again, as if experimenting with his sexual test subject. He found the rhythm that pleased us both. Soft, slow, shallow thrusts, taunting me with his length and then a HARD pound to the depths of my cunt. Shoving himself in so far a sound was not made… it was forced from my throat. He was in heaven, having found a woman who could take all he could give and still want more. Again and again he did this, teasing and then a hammer-like thrust. My back was arched, my legs open and up, my heels brushing his middle back, my mouth open, and my mind in a transient state of bliss. I was not me, but the essential female sexual being.

I lost the reason to know or comprehend time or my surroundings; my mind focused solely on his body, his mouth, his sweat, and his cock. I came suddenly, and HARD. He loved it, my orgasmic screams making him feel that testosterone enhanced manly feeling of sexual power. He kept going, pushing my legs now over his shoulders and sitting upright, looking down and watching his extended length moving in and out of my swollen folds. He saw the engorged size of my clit, smelled the musky-sweet aroma of my sex, and felt the dripping gush of my wetness. He was MAN; elemental, hard, driving himself into the softer sex of a female, conquering, powerful, and predominant. I watched this, feeling the shakes left from my recent orgasm, which his movements kept from disappearing. I reached down and swirled my fingers in my cream, rubbing them over and over my tingling clit… keeping myself on the sharp edge of pleasure.

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