A Nevada Party

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My business in Salt Lake City, Utah was completed successfully just after noon on a Thursday. It was time to relax , enjoy and appreciate the soft flesh of one of my favorite professionals. I especially liked the moisture that came on the pink skin of the treasure between her legs.

Yesterday, I telephoned the Nevada brothel to confirm my earlier email. Yes, my favorite “girl” Katherine would be available. Katherine was her actual name but in the brothel business she went by the name Kitty and/or Kit. While the legal prostitutes in Nevada are termed “girls” in the business, Katherine was certainly not a young girl.

For me, she was a mature lady in her mid-forties who knew her way around a man’s body. We have had many parties; she was well acquainted with my body. I was well acquainted with her body — both outside and inside. She was a few years younger then I was — — in addition to providing pleasing sex, we could also communicate about a variety of subjects.

After intercourse, we often laid on the brothel bed stark naked and talked about sports, current affairs, and some other topics of common interest. In addition to parties at the brothel, we had a few out-dates when I took her for a day or so to a tourist area in Nevada. This extended time with her was very pleasing — for both of us. And extremely pleasing for my rod and its constant companions.

A few times she told me briefly about incidents / events with some other men but most of our conversations pertained to us, current news, and about our long-term future together — when each of us were free of current problems. During the two plus years that Kitty and I had been having Nevada style parties, we learned a lot about each other. We pleased each other in many ways.

As I drove West and approached the Utah-Nevada State Line, I increased the speed of the rental car. Soon, I would be in Nevada. In a few hours, I would be in the parking lot of one of my favorite brothels. Then in a few minutes, I would be in Katherine’s room. And in a few more minutes, I would be in Kitty. I especially liked being in Kit. It was a pleasure to be in Kitty’s pussy. Her pussy is comfortable. Very comfortable.

Personally, I lik the name Katherine. But she used Kitty or Kit — — it reminds her clients / customers of the word “Pussy”. And her’s was attractive to a man’s eyes, a pleasing fragrance to his noise, and a wonderful taste for his mouth and tongue. My lips were well acquainted with both pairs of her lips. And her pussy was a pleasure to enter — either with a finger / fingers, a dildo, or a hard erection. I liked using all four!

I glanced at my watch, I was early. After ringing the door bell of the brothel, I stood by the large red door and wait. It was mid-afternoon. Soon I was inside the brothel, the madam said that Kitty was with another client but the party would be over soon.

I sat down at the bar but had only a glass of ice tea. I certainly did not want any alcoholic beverage to dull my pleasure. I watched several men and women play pool. It was enjoyable watching the women bend over and shoot. Several of the women appear to be excellent players. I like their shooting and especially like the view when they bent over and expose a lot of skin of their female mounds.

As I finish my ice tea, Katherine appear in the doorway and walks toward me.

I could feel a slight bulge forming below my belt as I spoke. My rod was waking up.

“Hi Kitty. It is good to see you again. It seems like a long time since our last party but actually only about six weeks.”

“Thank you for the telephone call and requesting me, Jeff.” Kit said.

“You are welcome. I enjoy our parties. Always have, always will. I do not recall seeing you in that gown.” I said.

“This is actually the first time I have worn it. I wanted to wear it for you, first.”

She was wearing an opaque red gown with black trim. The sleeves of the gown almost touch her elbows. It was a long gown and covers her knees — a slit starts at one knee and travels about six inches toward the juncture of her legs and her slit. As usual, she was wearing hose and medium heel height shoes. The shape of her breasts was evident through the red gown, I could see the outline of her nipples — — but the details were somewhat hidden. She was wearing a necklace that I had given to her earlier as a birthday gift. Her dark pussy hair was not evident, but I had many memories from previous parties. Her hair was brown and just touches her shoulders.

As we walk, hand in hand, down the hallway to her bedroom we pass several closed doors. From behind one of the closed doors, we both heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. We heard a woman say: “Shove it in, give me all that you have.” A man replys: “You are going to get one of the best fuckings you have ever had.” We also head the bed squeak.

Once we were in Kit’s room she said: “You have given me wonderful fuckings in the past.”

“And I want to give you another one today.” I reply.

We both smile and hug. Arrangements güvenilir bahis for our party were quickly made. She unzips my pants and quickly examines my penis. She had seen, handled, and felt my manhood many times. Her touch creates a slight erection.

“Looks like your penis is ready to grow into a cock,” she said.

“Yes. Both my cock and I have missed you.” I say, and add: “Soon my rod will feel the warmth of your body.”

Katherine looks at me and smiles — a verbal reply was not really required. Kitty left with my money to book the party. But she returns quickly and closes the door. Our sexual pleasure was starting, I would soon be on and inside her body.

I was sitting on a towel on a chair in the corner of the room. I was stark naked.

“Looks like you are ready now,” Kitty said as she smiled.

“Partially ready. Please strip for me and dance. Then we will shower together.”

Slowly, Kitty pulls the red opaque gown up over her body. She was wearing shoes, thigh high black hose, and black thong panties. She pulls some more, the gown gets tossed on the bed. She is wearing a black bra. Kitty starts to slowly move and dance around the room. My eyes traveled the length of her partially nude body — from feet to head, back and forth several times.

“That bra looks like the one that I recently gave you.”

“It is. I really like how my boobs fit in this bra.”

In a few minutes, she stops directly in front of me and bent over. While she strokes my partial erection, I reach around her body and unhook her bra. The bra straps slide over her arms, the bra fell to the floor. I put my hand on the bottom of her panties, I could feel some dampness. With a quick motion, her thong panties were pulled off by me and tossed onto the bra.

Kitty spread her legs — she was wearing thigh high black hose and shoes. Again, I looked at her body — but most of the time I was looking at her neatly trimmed hair by her slit and at her breasts. She turned around, her back toward me, spread her legs and bent over. With her fingers, she separated her pussy lips. My eyes feast on her lips and exposed treasures as she moves. The pink skin of her slightly moist cunt glistens as the light touches her body creating both lighted areas and shadows. I had seen her naked body many times but still enjoy looking at her curves — all of her curves. My penis enlarged — — in anticipation of the pleasure that was coming.

“Do you like the back view, Jeff?”

“I enjoy looking at you — any part of you. And I especially enjoy looking at those parts that I can later explore and/or penetrate.”

“I am yours, Jeff. Possess me.”

“Yes. I am going to have you. Completely!”

I put some lubricant on the adult latex toy shaped like an erect cock with balls. A little more lubricant was placed on her pussy lips. Slowly, I push the end of the dildo past her pussy lips and into her love tunnel. Gradually, the dildo penetrates into her body as far as possible. I pulled the dildo partway out, then push it in again as far as possible. Almost out, then in deep. Again and again, I fuck Kit’s cunt with the latex cock. Her natural cunt juice mix with the lubricant. The light hits her exposed ass and pink flesh, the mixture glistens. My rod was getting hard.

“Do you like this toy in you, Kit?”


“Are you thinking about my penis penetrating you and plunging into your cunt.”

“Yes. You know that I enjoy the fucking that you give me.”

“And I also enjoy the pleasure of your companionship.”

For several more minutes, I fuck Kitty with the dildo. Then I pull it out of her cunt.

Kitty stood up and places her hands on my shoulders for support. I remove her shoes. Then unrolled one hose, but one hose remains on her shapely leg. When I rub her legs, I enjoy the contrast and different feeling between bare skin and hose covered skin. My hands rub both of her inner thighs, then my middle finger pushes past her pussy lips and into her cunt — as far as possible. In a few minutes, a second finger joins the first. Kit was finger fucked for several minutes. Finally, hand in hand, we walk to the bath room.

I stood by the toilet and said: “Please hold my penis and direct my urine stream. It is your fault if my stream hits the floor.”

Kitty softly laughs but directs my warm stream as she had done in the past. Then it was her turn. She removes the remaining hose, steps into the bathtub, spread her legs, and pulls her pussy lips apart. Her urine stream starts, I watch the warm yellow liquid coming out of a small hole by her clitoris, then hit the white tub floor and splash onto her feet and ankles.

“You like watching me piss?”

“Yes. You provide lots of sexual enjoyment that my spouse will never do for me.”

As her stream ends, Kit asked: “Last time we had a party, you indicated that you plan to see a lawyer and explore the possibility of a divorce. Any updates on a possible divorce?”

“Yes. The lawyer will be filing a request for divorce türkçe bahis once I sign the papers. But for now, let’s enjoy each other.”

“OK. I understand.”

Kit turns on the water as I step into the tub and join her. In only a few minutes, I was applying liquid soap on Kit’s entire body — but most of the soap went on her breasts and genitals. About the same time, she washes my body but most of her attention is focused on washing my rod and balls.

I got out of the shower first, handed Kitty a thin white T-shirt and said: “Please put this T-shirt on and get it wet. Then step out of the shower.”

“You still like a little mystery regarding my body. Correct?”

“Yes. A little mystery keeps me interested.”

Soon Kitty steps out of the shower. Her neatly trimmed pussy hair is visible below the bottom of the shirt. I could easily see the outline of her ample breasts and firm nipples pushing against the clinging wet T-shirt.

“Please shake your body. I want to watch your breasts bounce around.”

Kate did as I request, then removes the T-shirt. She was standing beside a large bathroom mirror. I enjoy the view of four breasts — — her pair of breasts and their reflection in the mirror. I enjoy the view of two cunts. I could see her eyes travel from my cock to its reflection.

“Seeing double is always a pleasure.” I say.

After drying each other with yellow fluffy towels, we continue our fun. I sat on a towel placed on a chair. Kitty, legs spread, sat on my legs. Most of her body was available for my caresses and touches. For a few minutes, we kiss and explore each other’s mouth with our tongues.

Then, I began rubbing her upper legs — from her knees toward her slit. With her pussy lips spread, I caress her clitoris. Again, her moist cunt is explored with fingers. About the same time, she reaches down and strokes my erection. As I rub my finger in her moist cylinder, she is playing and stroking my rod and balls. My rod becomes harder, I feel some more moisture slowly oozing from cunt.

“I love you fingers in my cunt, Jeff.”

“And I love you playing with my cock and balls.” I say, and add: “I love having almost your entire body so readily available, but I also want a breast massage.”

Quickly, I am laying down on the bed, my head elevated with a very firm pillow. My cock points toward the ceiling. Kitty starts rubbing her breasts on my knees, then my upper legs are rubbed. In a short time , she is massaging my cock with her ample breasts. I appreciate watching her boobs move my cock back and forth. My cylinder becomes even harder and more erect.

“Please rub my chest, then rub my mouth with your pleasing mounds.” I request.

“I am very willing to provide you with lots of pleasure, Jeff.”

“And I enjoy every moment of the pleasure.”

Kitty massages my chest, then moves closer to my mouth. Her breasts and pink teats are rubbed across my mouth. I kiss, lick, and suck her boobs. But her teats receive most of my attention. Back and forth, from the left teat to the right teat, I suck and suck her pink teats. Her teats lengthen slightly and become firm. I have often sucked her during past parties, but it seems that I can never get enough of these female charms.

“Oh, Kitty. That massage is pleasing.”

“I believe, Jeff, that you also like to suck my breasts and nipples.”

“You are absolutely correct. But I would like some sucking elsewhere.”

“And where would that be?”

“I think you already know. My balls and cock. Actually I would like a Triple Play — my ass, balls, and cock.”

Kitty put on a latex glove and lubricates a finger of the glove. Then she applies some lubricant to my ass hole. We smile at each other as she positions a firm pillow under my butt. I spread my legs as wide as possible. She looks at my ass, balls, and cock — then she starts rubbing my ass hole. She pushes on my ass hole, gradually my muscles relax — her finger is inside my body.

“You like being fingered fucked. You like knowing what a woman feels like with a finger or cock in her cunt.”

“Yes. I enjoy being penetrated by you.”

Kit pushes some more. I feel the deeper penetration. I feel her apply some more pressure, her finger is in my ass as far as possible. Her finger fucking of my ass starts. She pulls almost out, then pushes in again. Again and again, in deep and partway out.

Kit’s mouth is close to my manhood. With her other hand, she holds my cock in her hand and gently squeezes it, then releases the pressure. At the same time, she is licking my balls. One ball is gently sucked into her mouth and squeezed. Then released, only to be sucked again into her mouth and gently squeezed. Again, and again. Then the other ball receives similar attention. I can easily feel her saliva coating my balls.

For a few minutes, she licks the base of my cock with her tongue. Most of her attention is focused on the lower part of my cock where the cock and balls meet. Then she starts to stroke and rub my balls with her güvenilir bahis siteleri fingers, but a finger of her other hand is still fucking my ass.

“Oh, Sweetheart. I feel some pain in my ass but much more pleasure.” I softly say.

“Yes, Jeff. I know you like this pleasure.”

“Get me dressed, Kitty. Take as much of my cock as you can into your mouth.”

I open a condom and hand it to Kitty. She places it on the tip of my cock. With her mouth, she unrolls the condom partway down the shaft. Her fingers complete the unrolling. I am dressed and ready for the Triple Play — ass fucking, ball stroking, and cock sucking.

As she fingers my ass and strokes my balls, Kitty opens her mouth and starts to suck my cock head. Her head bobs up and down, gradually more and more of my shaft disappears into her mouth. Kitty knows that I love this Triple Play. She will pleasure my ass, balls, and cock for an extended period of time.

“Oh, Baby. This sexual feeling is very intense. Suck harder on my cock. Take as much cock as you can.”

“I have always liked pleasuring your equipment, Jeff.”

“Why, Baby.”

“Because you can then provide my cunt with lots of pleasure.”

“I like that answer, Kitty.”

I love watching my hard cock disappear into her mouth. Then partway reappear. Her head continues bobbing up and down, my cock continues to appear and disappear. But the cock head is always in her mouth. I love her fingers stroking my balls. I enjoy my ass being finger fucked. She continues the Triple Play.

“Yes. Yes. I love this but I need to relax. I do not want to cum now.”

Kitty stops the Triple Play. Both of us rest, side by side, for a minute or so.

“Would you like to move into a ’69’ position, Jeff?”

“Yes. That would be enjoyable for both of us. You can be on top. OK?”

I continue to lay on my back, my head supported by a firm pillow. My erection is pointing directly at the ceiling. Kitty turns around on the bed, her knees beside my chest. She lifts one leg over my body — my face is close to the juncture of her legs. I look at her ass and her pussy lips. With the fingers of one hand, I spread her pussy lips and look at her moist pink treasure.

Kitty resumes the blow job. I can feel her tongue licking my condom covered cock. I feel her lips slide down on my cock, then slide up to the cock rim. I know her head is bobbing up and down on my manhood. I enjoy the pleasure of having my cock in her mouth.

“Yes. Yes. I love your blow jobs. Please continue.”

Kitty continues the blow job for many minutes. She has provided me with many blow jobs during previous Nevada parties. I don’t know if this is the best one ever, or not. But I certainly know that the sexual pleasure provided to me through my penis is extremely pleasing. Kit knows her way around a man’s body — or at least around my body.

But I am also providing pleasure for my favorite prostitute. My tongue licks her pink flesh as it travels from clitoris to cunt opening. The round trip is made many times. Then I start sucking her pink flesh — again and again my lips make the round trip from clitoris to cunt. My saliva mixes with her cunt juice. My right hand is rubbing her back, my left hand is on her firm rounded ass. I hear her soft moans of pleasure.

Next I focus my attention on licking and sucking her clitoris. My thumb plays with her cunt and Kit receives a finger fucking. I stretch out my right hand and cup her breast and fondle a nipple. Her nipple is very firm and erect. She makes more pleasurable moans.

“Do you like my licking and sucking, Kitty?” I ask.

“Yes. Yes. But, like you, I want more. Lick and suck my pink flesh harder.”

We continue the ’69’ activity. Faster and harder.

Finally, I said: “Ride me Kitty. Get in the saddle and ride my horn. Cowgirl style.”

“You just want to see my breasts swing and sway.”

“Yes. I like watching your breasts move around. But I like to fondle your breasts. And I also like to lick and suck your breasts and nipples.”

“At different times you have told me you are a breast man and a cunt man. What is your preference. Jeff.”

“I really do not like being a specialist. I much prefer being a generalist — breast and cunt. Or maybe I should just say your entire body and mind.”

“I am glad that you also said the word ‘mind’, Jeff.”

Kitty changed positions. Holding my condom covered cock, she guides my cylinder past her pussy lips and into her pink tunnel. I look at her breasts, then lower my eyes past her stomach. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair is touching my pubic hair — — my firm hard erection had completely disappeared into her body. Kit raised up slightly, my cock appears — but then disappears again as she lowers herself.

“Please play with your breasts, Kitty.” I request.

Kitty fondles her boobs and plays with her nipples. Her swinging and swaying ample mounds of female flesh act almost like a magnet and drew my eyes to her pair.

Initially, she was riding my cock slow and easy. But as the minutes passed, her cock riding gradually became faster and harder. Her body went up, then down. Frequently! My eyes move back and forth from the juncture of our legs to her bouncing breasts.

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