A New Friend, A New Car

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Brooke couldn’t believe she was back here already. A month ago, she left this same dealership in car that she never expected to get for a price almost too good to be true. This of course, was all because of a chance encounter with an incredibly sexy car dealer named Marica.

The first time she saw Marica, Brooke was looking at cars to replace her well loved, but troublesome first car. Her friends and some family members had recommended getting a Honda. She was walking through the Honda dealership car lot, just browsing, when a beautiful girl about her age stepped out the door of the dealership and began to walk towards her. One look was all it took, Brooke was struck by the girl’s utter beauty.

Her brown hair with golden blond highlights was blowing in the warm wind as she crossed the car lot heading purposefully towards her. She was wearing a low cut light yellow sundress. The breeze blowing the thin yellow material up against her body as she walked towards her almost caused her jaw to drop. As if that wasn’t enough, the bright light of the midday sun caused parts of the material to become sheer providing her with a more than ample view of the car dealer’s well-endowed body.

Releasing the breath she unknowingly was holding in, Brooke turned to face one of the cars in front of her, pretending to look at a fact sheet on the window, composing herself before the beautiful car dealer introduced herself.

“You are looking for a new car Miss? My name is Marica. Is there anything I can help you with?” Yes, she thought to herself, there was definitely something she could use her help with. Perhaps it was the fact that it had been a while since she’d last taken a lover or perhaps it was just because Marica was incredibly gorgeous, but Brooke was having a hard time getting rid of the barrage of sexually explicit acts running through her mind as she looked at Marica.

“Miss, are you okay? Can I help you?” Marica asked again her brows ruffled with concern when she didn’t respond the first time.

“I’m sorry. I guess I got distracted. Yes, you can help me. I was wondering if you could tell me about some of the cars on your lot.” Brooke said finally finding the words.

“Absolutely, it would be my pleasure Miss…” Marica trailed of seeming to realize she never asked her for her name.

“Brooke. You can call me by my first name.” she said before Marica got the chance to ask her.

“Well, that’s easy. I won’t forget that. Brooke is a very pretty name. A pretty name for a pretty girl,” Marica said winking at her and leading her across the lot to a car to a new Accord Coupe that judging from the sticker on the windshield, was a little out of her price range.

“This is one of the best deals on our lot right now. Automatic, 6 cylinder engine, CD, Mp3, sunroof, this thing has the works and it comes with one of the best warranties you can get right now. What do you think of it?” Marica asked smiling and gesturing toward the car in front of her.

“It’s really nice, but I’m not sure I can afford something this expensive right now.” Brooke said adjusting her camisole. She was getting warm standing on the hot black top of the car lot. She was glad she hadn’t worn a bra today as it would only have made her hotter. Plus she had heard on more than one occasion that her breasts looked great without a bra anyway. She finished adjusting her camisole and although Marica was still talking, she noticed that her eyes were temporarily glued to her chest.

Brooke was warm, and it was definitely hot outside, but some of her increase in temperature, was probably do to being in such close proximity to Marica. She continually had to force herself to look away from her full, round, ass as she bent over various parts of the car to show her its features. At one point, she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri swore Marica caught her staring at her breasts when she dropped a set of keys on the blacktop and had to bend over to pick them up, her large tits hanging freely, giving her a clear view down the top of her dress.

Marica had simply picked up the keys, looked up at her making eye contact for a brief moment before resuming their conversation like nothing had happened.

“It’s hot out here, huh? I heard it’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. This blacktop doesn’t help much either.”

“Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t wear pants today.”

“You can never go wrong with a skirt and cami.” Marica said her eyes examining Brooke’s attire. “I like your skirt. It looks cute on you.” Dipping her hand beneath the bottom edge of her skirt, Marica pinched the material between her fingers, rubbing it gently and causing Brooke to gasp. “It’s nice material. I think we should go for a test drive.” Marica said leaving her temporarily stunned by her bold gesture. Was it just her or was Marica flirting with her a bit, she wondered as she took the keys from her, watching as she walked around and got into the passenger side door.

Starting up the car, Brooke quickly put the windows down letting some of the stifling heat inside the car out. Marica’s hands quickly leapt to the controls turning the air conditioning on full blast. She put the car into drive and pulled up to the exit of the car lot. Traffic was a bit heavy right now and knowing she had some time to wait before the lights would give them a chance to pull out, Brooke used this opportunity to tug up and down on the bottom of her camisole in an attempt to cool herself down. “It’s so hot in here.” She said continuing to move her cami.

The air conditioning is cooling down now and they usually work pretty quickly in these cars. I suggest we shut the windows if you want to cool off.” Marica said her eyes lingering on her chest a little longer than they should. Brooke was forced to wonder again if Marica was flirting with her and checking her out. They drove around for a while, Marica pointing out various features and points of interest about the car while Brooke got a feel for how it drives. She was finally starting to cool off. Marica was right, this air conditioning works really well, she thought.

“Pull over up there.” Marica said indicating an open space on the street they were driving down. She pulled the car into the space leaving it running. The air conditioning felt good, but Brooke was starting to feel a little cold. So what do you think Brooke? Is this a car you could see yourself driving?”

“The car is amazing. I absolutely love it, but I just don’t think I can afford it. It’s quite a bit more than I was planning on spending.”

Marica started to say something, but stopped. “What? Marica?” Brooke asked turning her head towards her to see Marica staring intently at her breasts.

“I’m sorry, Brooke. Are you cold?” she asked her gaze never leaving Brooke’s chest.

“A little bit, why? Marica, why are you staring at my chest?” Brooke asked finally pulling Marica’s gaze away.

I apologize. It’s just that with the air conditioning on so high, your nipples are poking hard through the fabric of your shirt. I couldn’t help but noticed them and that you aren’t wearing a bra. You have beautiful breasts. You don’t need one.” Brooke was flattered by Marica’s complements and her attention to her breasts.

“Thanks, but you’re breasts are gorgeous too.” Brooke said looking at Marica’s before making eye contact with her. When their eyes met they both laughed.

“Brooke, I like you and its clear you like this car. Why don’t we see if we can work something out?”

“Really, can you cut me a deal or something?” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She asked excited by the mere prospect of getting to drive this car every day.

“Something like that, but you need to do something for me first.” Marica said, staring into her eyes with a burning intensity.

“What? I’ll do anything!” she said blinded by her urge to obtain the car at all costs.

“You have incredibly sexy nipples, have you ever thought of getting them pierced?” Marica asked, staring at her hard nipples, poking through her shirt from the A/C’s cold air blowing on her chest from out of the vents. “I’ve thought about getting mine done, but never seem to get around to it.”

“I don’t know. I never thought about it before.” She said, wondering where Marica was going with this.

“I’ll make you a deal, if you come and get piercings with me, and you help me out right now, I will make sure you can afford this car.” Marica said looking into her eyes with a confidence that made Brooke a little nervous.

“So you’re going to give me this car for what I can afford if I get my nipples pierced with you?” She asked a little confused by what was happening.

“Brooke, you like this car. I can tell. I want you to buy this car, but you can only afford it if I cut you a deal. I’ll sell you this car at cost if you’re interested.”

“Hell, yeah I’m interested.” She said in disbelief, a few moments of pain for a sweet ride like this would be completely worth it.”

“Well, if you remember correctly, I also said I needed you to help me out.” Marica said looking at her with a suggestive look on her face. “If you want this car you need to show me how bad you want it Brooke.” Marica stared intently into her eyes before hiking her yellow sundress up and exposing her white lace thong clad pussy to Brooke’s wide eyes.

Brooke couldn’t believe the turn of events. When she first saw Marica at the dealership, she never would have thought that this would happen. She had to admit it was turning her on. Marica pulled the white thong to the side revealing her smooth bald pussy to Brooke’s hungry gaze.

“Do we have a deal?” Marica asked trailing a finger delicately up her slit before gently parting her outer lips. Brooke eyes never left Marica’s pussy as she shook her head yes in response. “Pull the car around the corner here and into the alley between those two buildings.” Marica instructed pointing with her free hand. Her other hand stayed busy massaging between her legs as Brooke did her best to follow Marica’s directions and focus on driving.

Pulling into the narrow alley, they would have more privacy on then on the street. On both sides of the car, there were medium sized office buildings that were rented to a variety of small time companies that Brooke noticed before turning down the alley. Brooke shut the car off before returning her attention to Marica, and her tasty looking pussy. Marica adjusted her seat back as far as it would go and then tilted it back so she was lying relatively flat giving Brooke as much room as she could.

“Let’s see what you got Brooke.” Marica said teasingly spreading her legs wider and motioning Brooke to her with her hand. Unbuckling the seatbelt, Brooke moved towards her head and chest over Marica’s thighs and slowly caressed the moist pussy with her fingers. Marica sighed at the feel of Brooke’s tentative hand for the first time. Brooke ran her fingers slowly up and down Marica’s slit, before dipping first one finger, then two, into her wetness. She massaged gently stretching her tight slippery cunt while rubbing her aroused clit in little circles with her thumb.

Marica stared at her with lust in her eyes, “Lick me you teasing bitch. I want to feel that tongue of yours.” She demanded grabbing güvenilir bahis şirketleri Brooke’s hair and forcing it towards her hot, wet, snatch. Brooke happily obeyed her, dipping her head between Marica’s legs and tasting her sweet saltiness as her tongue lapped her pussy for the first time. She tasted good, Brooke thought, inhaling the musky sent of her as she found Marica’s clit and began flicking her tongue up and down and round and round it bringing cries of pleasure from her open mouth. Brooke slid two fingers into Marica’s warm inviting hole, curling them upward to find the textured raised bump of her G-Spot.

Applying firm strokes with her fingers as she continued to tongue her clit, Marica’s eyes were wide and she was moaning as she watched Brooke with her head raised off the back of the car seat. Feeling her fingers plumbing the depths of Marica’s incredible pussy, Brooke was overcome with her own lust. Using her free hand to pull her skirt up, Brooke jerked her black lace thong panties to the side and began frantically rubbing her own clit.

Soon Brooke found herself moaning into Marica’s pussy with her own pleasure. She slipped her middle finger into her pussy mimicking the actions she was currently performing on Marica while continuing to stimulate her clit with the heel of her hand. Brooke could feel herself getting close and judging from the frequency and increasing volume of her moans, Marica was nearing her own orgasm.

Marica’s body tensed, hunching forward as her orgasm ripped through her. “Fuck, Brooke I am coming.” She groaned, letting out gasps of breath in between words. Feeling Marica’s pussy grip her fingers tightly as it contracted was all it took to send Brooke over the edge. Moaning with Marica’s clit still in her mouth, Brooke felt her own pussy rhythmically squeezing on her fingers. Her orgasm was strong, and the effect of having two pussies squeezing her fingers simultaneously certainly increased both her pleasure and the novelty of the situation.

Her head still between Marica’s legs, eyes clamped tight, the only sound in the car was their ragged breathing as they both recovered from their orgasms. After a few moments, Brooke pulled her head out from between Marica’s legs and sat up in the seat of the car. Marica’s eyes opened hearing and feeling her movement. Brooke watched as a grin spread across her face.

“Brooke, you are very talented. I haven’t cum like that in a long time.” Marica said, shaking her head as if in disbelief. “Clearly this was not your first time with a woman.”

“Thanks. Yeah, I guess you could say I have some experience with ladies.” She said, grinning back at Marica. “It might not have been my first time, but it was quite memorable for me.” Brooke said moving towards her to kiss Marica’s large pouty lips for the first time, parting them gently with her tongue, before slipping it into her mouth and swirling it around her own, allowing her to taste herself.

“We should get back to the dealership, this was a long test drive and my boss might be curious about where I am. Plus, you have some paper work to sign.” Marica said, before kissing her once more and moving her seat back to an upright position. Brooke started the car and backed it carefully back down the alley. As she pulled it out, she glanced up and noticed a gathering of three or four male office workers on the second floor of the building. They were pointing, shaking their heads and giving her two thumbs up. “I guess this alley wasn’t as private as we thought,” Brooke said pointing Marica towards the bystanders crowded around one of the large windows.

“Dios Mio! You’ve got to be kidding me!” Marica exclaimed, shocked by the notion that people may have been watching the whole time. “I am sorry Brooke, I had no idea.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure we can find a better place next time.” She said, winking at a confused Marica.

“Next time?” Marica asked.

“Well, I still need to get my nipples pierced right? Who knows where we might end up after that Brooke said smiling as she drove her soon to be new car back to the dealership.

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