A Night at the Four Corners Bar and Grill


A Night at the Four Corners Bar and GrillA Night at the Four Corners Bar and GrillI received your call just after lunch, as I entered the clinic office. In your deep sexy husky voice you gave me the details of what to be wearing when I met you for our date tonight. The black lace shelf bra with matching crotchless panties you had purchased a couple weeks ago. That was a given as you hadn’t seen me wearing them yet so I knew you didn’t want to wait any longer. Patience was not one of your strong suits, but I knew what was and the trade off was worth it. You then instructed me to wear the lacy bodysuit that had long sleeves and full stockings. Of course, it was crotchless also. My black chiffon ultra-sheer blouse and a tiny black leather skirt that was only about 2 or 3 inches below my butt cheeks, which topped of the outfit showing all my curves and assets and allowing my dark hard nipples to be clearly seen through the lacy sheer material. With this I was to wear my black stiletto heeled sandals. My five foot 4 height and weight of 125 lbs, blonde hair curling to the middle of my back, a little extra make up and ruby red lipstick made this mature lady an attention grabber even if she was old enough to be the mother of some of the bar patrons. I don’t think anyone would have cared about that part. I knew I was going to look good enough to be fucked and could almost pick the guy, or guys of my choice. I know that sounds like I am full of myself, but I get hit on everywhere I go whether I am alone or with someone, even if I’m wearing old sweat pants, a hoodie and no makeup. That was all part of the thrill for us, that after an hour or so of me sitting by myself or with guys trying to hit on me, you show up and sweep me off my feet. We put on a little exhibition of near sex in public ie on the dance floor, or just at the table/booth before leaving a room full of hard dripping cocks behind us when we go home to fuck our brains out. All afternoon I had trouble concentrating on work so I begged out early, went home and ran a bath while I took out the clothes for the evening and laid them on the bed. I thought how ironic that was that later that night I would be laid on the bed and I would not have any of the clothes on when that happened. As I soaked in the hot water I was so tempted to rub one out. My hands grazed over my pert nipples and I could feel the difference of my juices around my pussy as I swished the hot water over my hardened clit and it took a lot of control to make myself wait for what the evening would bring. I took a little extra time to ensure that I was completely shaved clean, which only tempted me to go further. I had almost convinced myself that one small orgasm would not be too detrimental. But I realized how much I was only fooling myself as the way I felt right then there was no such thing as a little orgasm. Not wanting to ruin what the night had in store I just finished my tasks and let the water out of the tub and dried myself off.We had never been to the Four Corner Bar before, although we’ve passed it many times. We’ve noticed that there were more and more cars parked there on the weekends and that they were one of the only places around to have live music. As much as I was looking forward to this I was nervous as I often am the first time going to a new place. My stomach was a bit queasy and I remembered that once before you had given me a Gravol to ease my stomach. I found where they had been put with some of the extras popped from the blister pack taken out and put in an old pill container. In there was 4 pink pills and one red. Using a pill cutter I cut the red pill and put half in a small piece of tissue to take with me in case I needed it later and placed the other half beside my purse to take just before leaving. I continually assessed myself at each stage of preparedness. During the process I had drank one full glass of wine and was almost finished the second as I stood before the full length mirror that was on the back of our bedroom door. Just so that you know, my usual limit for drinking is two glasses of wine. A third glass will often put me to sleep, but I felt so agitated and excited about tonight I gazed upon my reflection from the mirror. It wasn’t just the wine talking but I couldn’t see anything that I would or could change about my appearance that I felt would improve the look I was going for. The hair, the makeup, the clothes all seemed to be just right. I knew my nipples were very much on display, but I also knew the bar would not be as brightly lit as the light in our bedroom. If someone wanted stare as much as would be required to actually see my nipples, then I guess they would see them. I was actually quite proud of my appearance. My legs were very shapely. My hips and butt had just the right amount of curve. My stomach was flat and waist was narrow. My 34 C breasts were full and round. Yes I was pleased and as I was about to down the last gulp of my wine I scooped up the half pill beside my purse and tossed it in my mouth and washed it down with the last of the wine. I grabbed my car keys and headed out for a night to remember. It was a fifteen minute drive to samsun escort the bar and about half the parking spots were filled. It was only about 6 months ago that I remember thinking this would have been as many cars that would be there during peak time at 11:00 p.m., wondering if this bar could make it when some have tried and failed. This was only 7:00 and you were to show up around 8:00 so I had an hour to play the field and have some fun. If like you usually did, you would expect a text from me once I was in and settled. I tell you where in the room I was sitting, report on the place and if there were guys interested in me (usually there was) and if there were any guys I might be interested in (usually there wasn’t – unless I was prepared to lower my standards, and alcohol could help me do that). You’d come in about 8:00 and watch me for a while, maybe up to an hour or unless I needed you to intervene before that. We would text and meet outside the washrooms to chat and discuss what was happening and make plans. It was like we were undercover spies or something. I waited in the car for a moment and thought I could feel the pill working as my stomach was not as much of an issue. I fluffed my bouncy hair and threw caution to the wind and wiggled my ass inside and took and barstool at the far end of the bar. I could feel dozens of eyes looking at my ass and legs as I paraded myself past them. I smiled to myself wondering if I will see anybody to actually get excited over and what that would be like. When I sat down and looked around, it was exactly as I expected. Most eyes were on me. As I answered the bartender’s question of what I wanted to drink I saw his eyes trying to look down my blouse. I realized that all my attention was on being able to see through the blouse, I had done up the shirt far too high. While he made my Tequila Sunrise, I undid the top button so he could have a better view if he still wanted it when he came back. He did. He started asking me chit chat question and the whole time he was looking down my blouse for cleavage and through the blouse for nipples. My reflection in the mirror behind the bar clearly showed that in the light at the bar how much cleavage I was showing and how much my nipples were actually on display. As there wasn’t much I could do about it now that I was there I just decided to go with it and see how it all played out. Being the center of attention can be great, but sometimes it feels like it’s too much. When my drink came back I decided to take the other half of that pill and just chill, so that was what I did. I didn’t try to make eye contact with anyone yet I still had a couple of younger men wander up to the bar, well past where they could have ordered more drinks just so that they could stand near me and try to strike up a conversation. I was waiting for a bit to allow myself to calm a bit more before I really wanted to get into the game. I answered their questions with brief answers but still avoided eye contact. No seats were available beside me so they couldn’t really join me and I didn’t show enough interest for them to ask me to join them at their tables. I sent you the obligatory text with all the info on it and then told you about the red pill. You seemed a bit upset but only said that it was a party pill so hang on to my knickers I was really in for some fun. You didn’t want to tell me then, but it was like ecstasy and I would stay up longer and party more and be much more horny too. You didn’t say too much for fear you might have to explain right then why you even had that pill.I saw some different guys that appeared to be from a road crew come in, looking like they were there to party hearty and a couple really took notice of me. There was a great deal of work being done on the local Highways and bridges so there were many out of town guys around. They were all about half my age, but they only saw the hot mature blonde in the sexy clothes. As they fooled around and joked with each other getting louder all the time, they eventually seemed to include me in the with them, as I was sitting near their table. One would make a smart mouth comment and one of them would look to me and make a comment, “He thinks he’s all that, doesn’t he?” presuming I was listening. I guess that I was because I began to enter in with them which got them more involving me so other guys that may have had some interest would sort get the message and back away. I texted you about these guys and you said play along and watch their faces when you swoop in and taken me away right from under their noses. I reported all that I was seeing and how there were two guys, one appeared to have some say, like he was a supervisor and the other, a black guy, not super dark like guys from the Islands were. He was dressed better than most other guys there and he seemed to be the most respectful of the group and these two were the two guys that looked the most interested in me. You told me to play with them for a while that you would be along soon. When you started to tell me how to do it, I guess I was a bit short with you, as we’ve done this before so many times I didn’t want to hear escort samsun it again as I know the routine. What you were concerned about was the little red pill and as it turned out I guess you should have been. While I had been texting with you, I had undone another button on my blouse allowing it to billow out a bit and show lots of cleavage. I sat on my bar stool making like I was dancing to the tunes so that eventually the supervisor guy, name I found out later was Don, asked me to dance. I asked if I could leave my purse at their table which earmarked that upon my return from the dance floor my intention was to sit with them. I later heard from you, through some other guys who had been watching that my dancing had taken on a more erotic flavour like that a of stripper grinding out lap dances. My dancing took on a great deal of boob shaking too and much more grinding than I have ever previously done. This behaviour resulted in a significant increase in reaction from the men and as my performance took on the more erotic performance they began a more risqué attitude with me. There was a significant increase in breast and butt grabbing during slow dances as it appeared that I was teasing them and egging them on to do it. I honestly have little recollection of this time and on. You were told that everyone there saw my skirt was being lifted up to gain access to my pussy and butt as a couple more buttons had been undone to allow the men to not only see more boob but to reach inside my shirt either while dancing and eventually just sitting at the table. The only thing that was keeping my shirt together was it being tucked into the waistband of my skirt. Now it would seem that it could well have taken two or three hours for all this to occur but actually it happened in less than 20 minutes. I never thought about why, but when Wes, the black guy asked me to go outside with them. I just got up and followed. We went to the far end of the parking lot. A couple of guys lit up cigarettes. I was really feeling the effects of the drinks, the pill and the dancing so when Wes put his hands on either side of my head and turn my face to his I was expecting to receive his tongue between my lips. Instead he blew a steady stream of smoke at me. When he did this the guys were all saying “suck it in, don’t waste it”. I did, but I choked at first. After a moment he did it again and this time I inhaled it better. When I blew the smoke out I laughed and said, “I thought he was going to kiss me”. There were a few chuckles and then Wes grabbed my head the same way again and when I turned and started to suck thinking he was going to be blowing smoke, he planted his lips on mine and stuck his tongue in my mouth and French kissed me deeply. I pulled back and said “wow” and Wes said, “You mean like that”? I said, “yes, exactly like that”. He kissed me a second time with one hand squeezing my ass and the other hand found its way inside my blouse and lacy jump suit. This kiss lasted a while as he caressed my breast, tweaked my nipple and pulled on it until it hurt nicely. His massaging my breast pulled my blouse out of my skirt. When we stopped my left breasts was fully exposed. That I vaguely remember, because of the fuss the guys were making about wanting to suck on what they were referring to as absolute perfect nipples. When we pulled apart to catch our breath Don was quick to say to me “next?” I shrugged my shoulders and said “sure”. Don didn’t need any more encouragement than that. He took up exactly where Wes left off. Our mouth lip locked, tongues intertwined, one hand on my ass and the other in my shirt playing with my boob. Then he switched hands and in doing so pulled the other end of my blouse out exposing both breasts now. I heard Wes say behind me, “god that’s a sweet body. Let’s go back to the room and get some more weed and I’ll get her full of some black man’s cum.” The idea of letting Wes fuck me was just too intoxicating and to get laid with three guys watching was exciting too. Then it hit me. They probably won’t just watch. They would all want to fuck me, which at that time was okay with me because in my opinion and state of inebriation they were all fuckable looking guys. As soon as we got back to their motel room, the booze, Southern comfort shots and weed was flowing and my head was spinning and my pussy was being banged. I know that each of them had their cocks in my mouth at some point and one guy blew his load on my tits, Don and another guy came in my mouth and Wes shot his load deep in my pussy. We were all taking a break for a moment when I heard my cell phone ring. “Oh SHIT!”I picked up the phone and it read 11:15. I forgot all about you coming to meet me at 8:00. I left the bar with these guys and fucked them for almost 3 hours while you were waiting for me at the bar. I grabbed up the phone and ran into the bathroom, dreading what you were going to say. I saw my reflection in the mirror. My hair was mussed and my makeup was smeared. I was only wearing my shelf bra, with the shoulder straps off my shoulders and the matching crotchless panties were ripped and hanging off one leg. I was a mess but loved samsun escort bayan how it all happened AND I was still horny. I was half expecting you to start screaming bloody murder at me as soon as I said hello, but I would endure the yelling because it was worth it and I deserved to take the consequences. Instead you calmly asked where I was? I admitted I was in a motel room with 4 guys but I didn’t have a clue what motel it was. You said that when you got to the bar I must have left moments before. You asked the bartender if a hot blonde had been sitting here, somewhere. He said that I was sitting in the seat you had until she joined the four guys sitting there, he pointed at the table next to where you were sitting. Apparently you just said “4 guys huh” to the bartender and he said “yeah the way that I was dancing with them he was sure that someone might have cum on the dance floor”, but he said that I went out with them to smoke a joint and never returned “Well then you know?” I stated.“Of course. How couldn’t I?” You answered. “You’ve drank more than usual tonight, you took that party/horny pill and then you smoked pot, and you never do any of those things. I’m surprised you even know how many guys you had sex with. I sheepishly told you that I knew there were 4 guys and that each on came at least once but how many each one did cum I couldn’t say for sure. “So what are you going to do now?”“I guess I could get one of them to drive me back to the bar. I might have to give him a BJ for the ride?”“Sweetheart I went home after a bit, so I’m not there now. If he took you back to the bar you’d be there by yourself again for a bit and by the time I get there from home you’ll likely be fucking someone else somewhere else”. There was a long silent pause that freaked me out a bit until you burst out laughing. I said, “Well there are two guys here, Don and Wes, that are sharing a room and they wanted to know if I could stay the night and they could share me. And I wouldn’t mind that if you don’t?”“Baby, I’ll see you in the morning, but be ready to tell me everything you can remember, and if you aren’t sure you remember, then ask the guys to fill you in, in the morning so that you can give me all the details, okay?”“Okay Baby! I’m sure that Don and Wes won’t mind filling me in, in the morning, after all, they will have just spent all night filling me in.” “I Love you Baby”.“I love you too sweetheart”I walked back out into the main room and hush came over the guys. They had figured out mostly what had happened. As they silently waited to hear the verdict, I asked whose room we were in. Don and Wes raised their hands. I smiled, undid my bra and let it drop to the carpet and tore off the last leg of the panties open and let it drop too and asked them which one would give me a ride home in the morning or should I call a cab now. Needless to say, but I will, Don and Wes drove me home in the morning. I wore the only salvageable clothes I had, my shoes, my mini skirt and my sheer black blouse. When I stepped out into the bright morning light I saw over a dozen men standing around their pickup trucks and other assorted company vehicles. I started to cringe and crossed my arms over my very visible exposed breasts when suddenly a loud cheer went up and guys began clapping. Both Don and Wes each took one of my arms and held them up, completely exposed my tits and with their other hands waving the guys on to keep cheering. I said, “I don’t remember any of these guys.”“That’s okay”, Wes said, “They will remember you for a very long time, and smile when they do.”As we got into the company pickup and I sat in the middle Don stated that as he looked around this morning there wasn’t a guy he saw that at some point during the night did not have his cock buried in my pussy, my mouth or in my hands.” And as we drove out of the motel parking lot I could see the guys still clapping and patting each other on the back. My only regret is not remembering having had that many men satisfied or satisfying me. Now please understand that this story really happened in a place called Wawa in Northern Ontario Canada a couple of summers back. You probably are thinking that if I was married to guy like that whatever could have happened. The first presumption you probably made, I was married. I wasn’t and never said I was. The second presumption was that I was waiting for a b/f, or at least he was a male. Wrong again. He was a she and was my Lesbian g/f who is in no way is into guys, but loves my stories when we make out and if you knew us this makes perfect sense. This was not our hometown but a place we stayed at often as we travel through and would sometimes spend an extra few days because when we do cool stuff happens. It is also one of the most scenic places along the Trans Canada Highway in northern Ontario, with many places to do the things we enjoy doing. I won’t you about them now, because they are the makings for future stories I have to yet to write out. The name of the bar was changed; Don and Wes are not their real names. I changed them just in case their wives or family read the story and knew guys who worked the road crews. But if someone tells you a story about a hot blonde they met up while working the road crew….they are telling you the truth!Sorry to say, my g/f never did get to see that outfit on me and because of how it happened there are no pics to post either.

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