A Night with You


Author’s note: Hi Everyone! This is my first ever story on the site so I hope you like it. This is just some good ole simple smut, unlike the fantasy stories I’ll be primarily posting. I figure this is a good base line for you to get to know my writing style. Please be honest in your feed back and remember that I’m dysgraphic and there might be spelling/grammar errors that I might have missed. Please enjoy!

A night with you.

By He of the Void.

I come home tired and stressed from a long day, and there you are waiting for me. You’re wearing nothing but lacy red lingerie that hugs every single inch of your curves, leaving little to my imagination. “Long day?” You ask and I nod. You motion for me to come over to you and I do so. “I know what you need. Get undressed, lay on the couch and rest your head in my lap.” You instruct. I begin to take off my clothes, feeling my cock start to stiffen as I do so and by the time my boxers come off I’m fully erect. I lay on the couch and put my head in your lap as instructed. You begin to run your hand down my body until it finds my hard cock. You put your thumb and fore finger together, form a ring and slowly begin to work up and down the shaft of my cock. I feel myself becoming more and more aroused with each stroke of your fingers, however it’s not enough pressure to truly edge me or make me cum. You do this just to make me horny and to make me need your touch even more than I already did. I then see you take your other arm, and undo the clasp Sakarya Escort holding your top together.

Your tits fall out of it and land right in front of my face. I then begin to suck on your full, plump tits and hear you moan in appreciation. You then stop with the ring movements and fully wrap your hand around my cock. Your hand is very warm and I can feel myself somehow stiffen even more. You make slow warm strokes and I groan in pleasure. “Tell me what speed and pressure you need to feel good, but you are not to cum yet.” You instruct as I continue to suck on your tits. Together we find just what I need to give me the most pleasure and I groan again in appreciation of your work. “Remember, you are not to cum. You are to tell me if you feel you’re getting close.” You remind me sternly. Normally I like to be in control of what’s going on, but after a long day it actually felt nice to let you take control of my body for a little bit.

You have assumed control of me, my cock, and my pleasure. I’m no longer in charge of my own body, you’ve taken command and I dare not disobey you. “I’m getting close.” I say breathlessly after a short while of you stroking my cock. You stop, but don’t take your hand off of my cock. You hand rests around the base of my shaft, not moving but just the feeling of your touch still drives me wild. “Count backwards aloud from twenty and I’ll start stroking you again.” You command. It’s the longest twenty seconds of my life, but eventually Sakarya Escort Bayan I complete the countdown and you resume pleasuring me. You continue this routine for who knows how long, as every thought has been cleared out of my head, my sense of time leaves me, and the pleasure you’re giving me consumes every part of my mind and body.

Each time you stop stroking me as I reach the edge, you add five seconds to the countdown. The need for release keeps building up inside me and each countdown is more agonizing than the last. I need your hand, I need this pleasure, and most importantly I truly need to cum. I can feel my cock throbbing more and more each time you deny me and I begin to plead with you to let me cum. “No, not yet, patience my love.” You say each time I beg you for release. Your denial is driving me to the edge of insanity but I don’t complain. This game we’re playing feels too good for me to complain. “You’re being so good for me, hang in there because your reward is coming soon.” You tell me seductively.

After what feels like an eternity playing our game, I feel you lift my head, stand up, place a pillow beneath my head and you lay my head back down. My cock aches once you remove your hand, but what you do to me next makes up for it. “Time for your reward my love.” You say as you straddle me. Then I feel your warm, wet pussy slide onto my cock. How I didn’t cum instantly after feeling your pussy grip my aching cock is beyond me, but I’m Escort Sakarya glad I didn’t. You begin to bounce up and down on my cock and I lose myself to the sex. After a few moments, I see you reach between the couch cushions and pull out your vibrator. You place it against your clit, turn it on and then return to bouncing on my cock.

We then work together to give each other what we needed. I want you to cum first, so I try to restrain myself from becoming too excited. I breathe heavily and groan loudly from pleasure. You’ve closed your eyes and are moaning from the intense pleasure rocking your body. Just seeing you like this makes me even more aroused, and I drink in your beauty as you continue to ride me. After a short while, I hear your moans get louder and feel your pussy bare down on my cock. Your entire body shutters as I feel you cum, and you yell out in pleasure. After you come down from your orgasm, you then fuck me even harder and I rocket towards the edge. “I’m close.” I cry out after a moment. You get off, lean down, point my cock at your tits and finish me with your hand. My cock practically explodes all over your tits and I groan as I cum harder than I have in quite some time and I’m so thankful to you for doing this for me.

After we’ve both come down from our adrenaline high, you grab a towel and clean us both off. You then collapse on top of me and we hold each other. “Thank you, I needed this more than you could imagine.” I say to you breathlessly. You say nothing, opting to just kiss me instead. As you do so, I realize you needed this as badly if not more than I did. After you finish kissing me, we both settle down onto the couch. Our needs had been fulfilled, our bond strengthened, we fall asleep right there in each other’s arms.

The End.

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