A Nymphomaniac’s Match

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This is a start to a story that I’ve been holding onto for a long time, but haven’t been able to put it down in writing. I finally decided to tackle it and give it a try. I would love to continue this saga, if it’s worth pursuing. I’d love to hear your thoughts and constructive criticism!


Natalia strides to her car in her office’s parking garage, a somber purpose in each step. She stares straight forward stoically, tuning out the muffled discussions of her coworkers around her. Everyone was always off at the same time, and most walked back together, gossiping about their plans for the rest of the week.

Not Natalia. She always separated herself from the others; not due to irritation, shyness, or annoyance. She simply had absolutely no interest in any social interaction. Not their kind, anyway.

She feels the prying eyes of the others as her swift pace surpasses everyone, her purse on one shoulder, and her jacket draped over her free arm. She knew what they called her; the Ice Queen. Her demeanor and cold disposition was unsettling to their fragile personalities. Everyone respected her work ethic on a professional level, but her icy demeanor made her the pariah of her work community.

And that was exactly how she needed it. Natalia simply had no desire to waste time with pointless fraternization; her goals were different. More primal. More … significant.

She reaches her car, briskly stepping into the driver seat and backing out of the parking spot. Pausing to input an address into her GPS, she drives off to her destination.

She remains silent for the half an hour drive, solely intent on reaching tonight’s location. Only the soft, elegant melodies of classical music play as she makes her way through the busy metropolitan freeways, until finally arriving. As she parks, she adjusts her mirror to check her appearance.

Natalia always had an otherworldly, ethereal beauty about her. Her platinum blonde hair framed her angelic and angular face, and that alone would be enough to turn heads.

But it was her eyes that stole the show. They almost glowed a mystic glacial blue, and they drew the attention of all who interacted with her – men or women. They were so intense, that those making eye contact with her often stumbled over their words … that is, if they even had the confidence to approach her.

Satisfied with her appearance, Natalia steps out of her car, taking her purse as her pristine white heels met the dirty sidewalk. She adjusts her professional yet sexually appealing outfit, and then strides quickly to the bar in front of her. Her long legs, well exposed by her skirt, draws the attention of passing men, but she ignores them as they all remain silent, enraptured by her tall, elegantly slender form.

Natalia steps into the dive bar and instantly begins scanning the scene in front of her.

*Two men, late forties, playing pool in the corner* she muses in her thoughts, quickly looking them up and down. They pause their game and look back, amused that such a classy, delicate woman would enter a dirty establishment such as this. *Overweight. Bikers.* She dismisses them as her gaze continues to dart across the room.

*One man. Late sixties. Working professional. All business.* She moves on as the man pours dutifully over spreadsheets.

She glances to the opposite end of the room, eyeing a younger man visually undressing her.

*Early thirties. In shape. Looks easy. Maybe… wait. No.* Her eyes look away in disinterest as a woman of same age steps to the table, eyeing her man with disgust as he tries to disguise his obvious fantasy of Natalia. She shifts her gaze to a man sitting at the corner of the bar, dejectedly nursing what appears to be a jack and coke.

*Early forties, decent shape …* She notices him twirling a ring around his finger on his left hand. A small and strangely predatory smile forms at the corner of Natalia’s mouth. *Marital problems. He’ll do.*

With her goal identified, she strides to the bar, sitting with only one stool between them. Natalia continues to assess the man with intent, not hiding her stare. He takes notice, tilts his head quizzically and says, “Hi!”

Natalia’s stoic face vanishes as an attractive, oddly pleasant smile takes its place. She playfully traces her nail over her ear, replacing a strand of hair. “Hey there.” She responds, with a flirtatious tinge in her voice. “You seem like you could use some company.”

“Oh, no, I …” his voice trails off as he catches her piercing blue eyes. “I mean, yes, of course. Thank you.” His gaze darts down, taking in the sight of her feminine assets as they ashamedly shoot back up. Natalia drifts her eyes down in a similar manner, lingering long enough to send a subliminal message … and she brings her eyes back up in a much slower, less guilty way.

“Can I get you anything to drink, Mrs…”

She laughs and leans forward, touching his hand ever so slightly. “Natalia. No Mrs. And yes, I’ll have a martini. kurtköy bayan escortlar However the house makes it.” He raises his hand and places her order to the bartender.

“My name’s Jim. Nice to meet you, Natalia.” They cheers as her drink arrives. The bartender gives her a quizzical look, as if he remembered her from somewhere, and then continues his work. She refocuses in on her new companion, staring with intent and a hint of sensuality.

“So,” he states, trying to quell his nervousness with conversation. “What brings you here?”

“Can’t a girl have a drink?” She quips back, shifting to the closest barstool. She keeps herself squarely facing Jim, her silky knees barely brushing against his coat. “I could ask you the same question, Jim.” She gives a knowing glance to his constant fidgeting with his left ring finger.

He purses his lips and closes his palm, calming his restless hands. “Well, I’ve … uh, been having issues with the wife,” he winces with regret in bringing up his relationship status to a gorgeous woman who was apparently interested in him.

Natalia reaches forward and takes his hand, focusing on his wedding ring. She gazes at it and twirls it around his finger, pretending to admire its beauty. “It’s nice,” she says, releasing his hand. “She must be a lucky woman.”

Jim starts and chuckles, his disdain for his wife’s lack of appreciation evident. “Yeah, well, she seems to be the only one who doesn’t know it … ahh, but I don’t want to bore you with my problems.” He readjusts in his seat, unsure of the level of attention he was getting. He glances around the bar, noticing the attention Natalia brought to herself. The other men quickly turn away.

“Well,” Natalia states, sitting forward and resting a hand on his knee. “I don’t think she knows what she has.” She gives it a light squeeze before trailing her fingertips ever so slightly along his leg before pulling away. He takes notice, and readjusts in his seat once more.

“You know, uh, I am, a married man,” he stammers, picking up on the strong sexual tension being produced by Natalia. She just rests her chin on her knuckles, smiling at him, letting him take the next move.

“You never told me why you’re here, miss,” he says, taking a slightly more formal tone. “So, tell me, what brings you here?”

Natalia sets her glass down on the bar and scoots closer. “Well, if you must know,” she states matter-of-factly, as she returns her hand to his knee, this time sliding it up slowly along his inner thigh. She leans in close, her lips just past his ears. “I came here … to … fuck.” With that declaration, she presses her hand into his crotch, caressing his already throbbing package and giving it a firm squeeze.

She doesn’t have to see his face to know that his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. She’s done this enough times to know when she had them. She remains in her leaned in position, letting her palm rub seductively on his compressed manhood.

She picks up on his increasingly rapid breathing as she feels a bulge pressing into her hand. He gulps and shakily begins to pant, staring straight forward in bewilderment. Natalia continues stroking his crotch, tracing the outline of his balls as he unconsciously lets his legs relax further apart.

She grins almost sadistically as she runs her fingertips to the top of his pants, deftly unfastening his button and sliding down his zipper, just enough to give her access. With her left hand, she nonchalantly nurses her drink while smiling at the bartender. With her right, she slips it under the waistband of his boxers, causing Jim to take in a sharp breath.

Natalia begins to slowly stroke his shaft downwards. She can feel streaks of wet precum along her wrist and arm as she slides her grip lower, slightly tugging at his balls. Her soon-to-be conquest closes his eyes, lost in a wordless sigh as she massages his surprisingly ample sac.

“You have needs, Jim. So do I. You think that you’re the man who can meet them?” She slides her hand up to his throbbing member and gives it a firm squeeze. A soft, breathy moan escapes his lips.

She smiles as she receives her answer; his reluctant hand brushing against her hips. She gently kisses the lobe of his ear, seductively licking it as she brakes away from him, letting her hand slip out of his pants. She grazes her slightly glistening fingers against his face and saunters off to the restroom in the hallway, glancing back at him before letting the door swing closed.

She stands waiting with a predatory gleam in her eyes as Jim steps into the restroom, almost gingerly, and he locks the door. Not breaking his gaze, she slowly walks towards him, placing her hand on his chest and firmly pushing him into the door. She leans in once more, letting her breath flow over him in a heated moment of suspense. He stifles a nervous, shaky moan. A wicked smile overtakes her face.

With a sudden sense of urgency, Natalia drops down to her knees, hungrily kurtköy escort clawing at his zipper. Jim stands there, his arms partially raised in shock and disbelief of his apparent luck as she rips his pants down to his ankles, freeing his dick from its compact prison.

She takes him in her hand, rapidly jerking him off as he tries to stifle a groan. *Four, maybe five inches. Average girth.* She reaches down into her purse and pulls out her wallet, fishing around for the right sized condom as she continues her stroking. Upon choosing the right one, she rips it open with her teeth and takes the condom fully into her mouth, adjusting it with her tongue until she had it pressed in between her teeth and lips.

She slows her hand and looks up, displaying the rubber to Jim before advancing her lips to his penis. He barely manages to croak out, “oh God, wow,” before she skillfully envelopes her lips over his dick, deftly rolling back the condom inch by inch. As she reaches its base, she presses his throbbing head against her throat. It’s length is not long enough to fully push past, but enough for her to make a choking sound that seemed to make his cock swell.

“Gluh – gluh – gluh- gluh – gluh!” Natalia rapidly, almost desperately bobs her head up and down his shaft, pressing her face into his pubes as his backside repeatedly hits the door. He grunts and tries to steady himself as she continues her wild barrage. Reaching up, she pulls his hands down and locks them onto her head. He firmly presses into her, but mainly keeps the pace and rhythm that Natalia had maintained.

*He’s not quite there yet. Still holding on.*

She takes her hand and grasps at his balls, trapping him in her nails and pulling down, just enough to elicit a pleasurable response. As she gives them a tight squeeze, she presses her face into him and holds it there, reaching out with her tongue and licking the balls in her grasp.

She knew how to milk a cock. If she had wanted to, Natalia could have easily caused Jim to blow his load right then and there. But she wasn’t ready for that yet.

Abruptly, she pulls her head back, gasping for air. With a hurried desperation, she yanks down her panties from her skirt, turns around, and rests her palms on the toilet seat. Jim eyes her with surprise and hesitation, in regards to her choice of position. His reluctance evaporated as the young and gorgeous woman looks back with a intensely fierce gaze. “Fuck me!” She growls with a hungry passion.

Jim wastes no time in rushing to her. He pulls her skirt up, exposing her perfect, supple ass. He marvels there for a moment, enjoying the sight of her bleached rosebud, as well as a beautiful, bald, and exceedingly wet pussy. She was truly a flawless picture of feminine beauty.

She drives her ass back to him aggressively, turning her head towards him and angrily saying, “Put it in me! Fuck me already.” He complies, lowering down and sliding his dick into her. She lets out a guttural groan as he rhythmically eases in and out of her. She then groans in frustration and thrusts back forcefully.

“I said, ‘Fuck me!’ Do it harder!” she growls. He increases his pace, but it is still not enough for her. Reaching back and pulling him into by his shirt, she snaps at him. “God damn it, I mean it. Pound my pussy, HARD!”

Giving into his primal nature, he pushes her back down hard into the seat and straddles her, stepping forward so that each foot was next to her knees. Grabbing her shoulders, he began to thrust deeply into her, deeper than he’s ever been allowed to go before. Natalia moans with satisfaction as he slams into her, sending ripples through her cheeks.

“Yeah, that’s it! Keep going!!” She shoots a semi crazed look at him, her hair becoming a frazzled mess. “Do what you want to me,” she pleads urgently. “I like it rough, I like it dirty!” She reaches back and digs into his calves, eliciting a cry of pain from him. “Do to me what your wife would never let you do to her!”

With that, all remaining inhibitions in him snap, and he drives forward even harder, elevating her hips to the point where she is forced to her feet again. Her face is forced down, pressing down against the toilet seat. She groans as two sharp smacks slap across her ass. She bites her lip, grinning as she feels the sharp sting of his wedding ring. “Yeah, I like that!”

With a freshly unbridled passion, Jim retorts, “Then I hope you like this!” She helps as he presses his thumb into her asshole. “Nuuuuh! Oh, fuck!” She winces as she spits sloppily into her hand, reaching back and letting it drip around his thumb. He uses her saliva to coat it, and adds some of his own. With that, he aggressively pushes his thumb as far in as his palm would allow, continuing his frantic barrage on her pussy.

“Oh, yes,” she cries out. “You like that, don’t you!” In response, he smacks her ass again, even harder. “AH! Oh, keep going … keep fucking going, don’t stop!” She grips the seat as she begins to tighten up. “I’m kurtköy escort bayanlar getting there, just a little longer-“

Jim interrupts her, crying out as his orgasm wells within him. He presses down on her, pounding into Natalia with each spurt of cum. She looks back at him incredulously as he slips his dick out of her, a surprisingly hefty load of cum draping from the tip of his condom covered cock.

“No … no no no no … fuck!” She hungrily whimpers as he catches his breath. “I was so fucking close! So fucking close …” she looks at him, distraught. He tries to remove his thumb gently from her, and she lashes her arm back, holding his hand still.

“No! I … need to cum. We’re not done!” He chuckles, surprised at her fervor, and a little concerned by her desperation. “What do you want me to do?” he asks, eyeing his already softening dick.

“Keep your thumb in me! Now … swivel around …” Natalia begins barking orders as if she was dictating an emergency surgery. “Straddle my back… straddle my back! Ok, good, now keep your thumb in my ass. With your other hand, reach over me and put your middle and ring finger in my pussy … good … now, move your hand up and down, really hard and fast!”

He complies with each order, a slushing sound emanating from her dripping pussy. Her eyes begin to roll back as he picks up momentum and speed, and she feels the condom splat onto her cheek, spilling jizz onto the backside of her uplifted skirt and her ass. She begins to let out an intense and guttural groan as her orgasm approaches.

“NNNNGH! MMMMMAAH! OH FUCK YES, FUCK FUCK F-” she clamps down and goes silent as her orgasm washes over her, the only sounds being her heels clicking on the floor from her shuddering, and the rapid sloshing of her pussy. A gush of fluid spurts out of her and splatters on the ground as she cums hard, gasping for air and wailing.

“AHHH YES! Don’t stop! Don’t stop, ohhhh, ohhhhh!” Natalia bucks her hips against his fingers, encouraging him to push harder as the throws of her orgasm began to fade.

He continues moving his fingers until it is clear that her intense pleasure has subsided, and then slowly removes them from her. He eases his thumb from her hole as well. She rests her palms on the seat, still kneeling in front of the toilet, as he swings his leg over her and begins to silently wash his hands.

Natalia could only imagine what was going through his mind at this point. Maybe he was bewildered, maybe he was filled with guilt. He could be making plans to leave his wife and be with her, or maybe he was terrified of her insatiable hunger.

Either way, Natalia didn’t care. These feelings were foreign and unknown to her. She got what she came for, and she saw no reason to stay.

Gathering her purse and panties, she brushes her skirt back down over her hips and rearranges her blouse. With a icy, stoic expression returning to her face, Natalia strolls out of the bathroom, the unlocking door drawing the man’s attention. “Hey, Natalia, wait-” the door slams shut in front of him as she strides into the bar, all eyes on her and her tattered appearance.

The bartender gives her a look of recognition, remembering her in a similar adventure in his bar months prior. He smirks as she wordlessly passes by, her cold demeanor fully restored, as her need for an act had ended. She slips out the door before her recent conquest could try to stop her.

She breathes in the crisp night air as she walks to her car. Opening the door, she reaches up into her skirt and pulls the used condom off of her ass, flicking it off and letting it hit the pavement as she slides into her vehicle, driving away as a perplexed and disheveled man bursts through the bar door, hopelessly looking for her amongst a street full of cars and pedestrians.

She doesn’t even remember his name.


Natalia sighs with relief as she begins her drive home. She begins to dissect the events of tonight, and contemplates why she did it.

Natalia had been this way for as long as she had an active sex drive, from early adolescence. She was always a strange and withdrawn child, but as she hit puberty, a significant and concerning change in her behavior prompted her parents to send her to a psychiatrist. This psychiatrist then diagnosed her with nymphomania, and borderline sociopathic tendencies, conditions to which he prescribed various medications and sedatives, to mellow and ‘normalize’ her.

Natalia hated how those drugs made her feel … precisely because they took away the only thing she really could feel. She made it routine to pretend to take the meds, and she lived her version of normal life behind closed doors. Due to her detachment to social norms, Natalia could blend into different social circles by watching and imitating, thus giving her parents the sense that everything was okay.

Meanwhile, she hungrily fed her sexual desires by any means possible, while maintaining her social façade. Sex, to her, was the ultimate pleasure. She was addicted to the sensations, the feelings; but what she craved most was the control. She loved the way her body could manipulate the male psyche. Throughout high school, she cycled through ‘boyfriends’ as quickly as could be expected from a teenage girl, until she graduated and moved onto college.

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