A One Night Stand: The Beat Goes On


It’s any rainy autumn night in the city. Cars swish by and splash water on the sidewalks, colored lights blur in moistened vision and the noise of the city pervades the dank air. Follow the course of water in the streets as it spins around grates and escapes away into darkness, now light and darkness again. It splashes and bubbles along, surface a dance with fat droplets driven from the sky. Now it rounds a corner and scurries across flat asphalt, spreading in an alluvial fan, glistening and gleaming in passing traffic lights. And so it winds its way passed a noisy door, leading from darkness into light. The door is held open by a hand and boisterous voices float on the air.

“Come along! I will take you to heights the likes of which you’ve never seen!

The hand holds the door and a pulse of music wafts out around it, muted then blaring as a figure moves our way. Two others move in quick succession before the hand comes out of the door. The hand is blonde, with leathery coat around his frame. He seeks the arm of the flashy lady with red slicker and high heels to match. They follow the willowy blonde in high heels and her companion, a tall lanky black haired man in jeans and bomber jacket.

“This’s my wheels!” says the hand.

The flashy chick on his arm exclaims, “Oh, I like what you got already, Dave!” as she runs a finger along the wax by the handle.

Dave opens the car and says, “Hop in.” She slides part way across the seat and waits. She checks her image in the mirror and adjusts some eyeliner with a painted nail, before flicking a smudge from her cheek. Dave pulls his seat ahead for Johnny and Marsha, that last one a phony name if you ever heard one, and they slide into the rear.

“And so the charioteer takes the reins,” he proclaims as he seats himself behind the wheel. With a twist of the key mighty horses roar out and they splash away up the alley.

She clutches his arm and flashes a smile at him in the mirror as brake lights reflect off the buildings and bath them in blood red. Johnny and Marsha sit side by side and watch the driver spin the wheel. They fly up Center Street passing the alleys and streetlights all in a flash. One green, one amber and then a glaring red light but nothing stops the raging stallions.

Dave lets out a blood curdling yell and the windows rattle for all his effort. “We’re free of this one horse town and we’re heaven bound!” is his cry. He reaches down by her leg and pulls out a beer, passing it over the seat and soon following it with another. “Whoopee, little darlin, we’re on our way!”

“Right on!” from Johnny in the rear. He opens the beers and Marsha tips hers back. She likes this stuff, but not necessarily her partner, the supplier. She eyes Johnny out of the corner of her eye, ready to repel any advances. She’s eighteen tonight and no stranger to sex, but this fellow looks like he could be a lot to handle.

Dave Escort Bayan reaches out two more beers and passes them to his right. “Would you do me the honor?” his query. “Sure, Dave.” is her ready reply. She opens a beer and sucks on the bottle as she watches his reflection turned on her in the rear view mirror. She passes it to him and he licks around the top before he guzzles a swallow. The low slung black machine climbs the mountain highway in the warm desert rain. They wind around curves and soon are headed back the direction they came.

Dave pulls into a favorite parking spot overlooking the town far below that they have recently vacated. He turns the key and the patter of rain is all that disturbs the night. “Well, Barb, you wanted a crack at me. Now you have your chance.” he whispers in a low voice.

He slouches down in the seat nursing his beer and waits for her first move. She moves a little closer and brushes a spear of blond hair from his eyes. “I’ve been waiting this chance since first I set eyes on you.” she says as she breathes on his neck.

Johnny swigs away at his beer and he watches Marsha’s disappear. He has only met her tonight but he feels real lucky, whether she likes it or not. Marsha drops her empty on the floor and turns to John. “You going to drink that or hatch it?” She lights a cigarette.

Barb lets her fingers roam down Dave’s neck. His hand he places on her thigh. She leans towards him and her ruby red lips find his in the dim light. Their lips meet and quiver so lightly against each other, then Dave’s tongue flicks out to trace her mouth round. So quick is the movement that though she bites quickly, she cannot catch it and he chuckles down deep in his throat. His hands come up and unbutton the front of her blouse. She kisses him once more, but with some ardor.

Johnny has let Marsha drink what’s left of his beer but holds on to the bottle as she sucks it down. His other hand encircles her shoulders and he patiently watches her finish her cigarette. “Marsha, you’re such a pretty gal, I would just like to kiss you.” he says. Marsha thinks that over and tries to remember the last time a man asked first. She smiles a small secretive smile and nods! His lips cover hers and he draws her close but keeps it gentle to lull her guard. She relaxes against him and asks what he does and he tells her lies like she knew he would.

Meanwhile Dave and Barb are not talking, just acting and he has drawn a breast to admire and caress. Their lips touch again as his fingers circle the nipple, scurrying to a and fro over the mound. They circle and come closer and closer to the rigid nipple, the focus of his attentions. And now a gentle brush from one finger touches the center and a sharp intake of breath is heard. He lifts the bra freeing the twin and works on it with his other hand. Gently, so gently he maneuvers his Escort fingers and as he finally touches the nipple she issues a low moan. Her tongue reaches into his mouth and scours the walls with movement. Her hands seek access by his leather coat and she finds his lap and can’t stop there. She rubs and massages the hard long erection through layers of cloth she wishes were gone.

Johnny has found her lips again and Marsha thinks how gentle he is. She leans a bit into him, her elbow brushing a large hard object in his lap and she thinks he must have another bottle of beer. The kiss continues. He holds her tight and she finds she likes it more and more. His hand moves up her thigh and she thinks enough and quickly sets him aside. He smiles so innocent, she’s misled and comes back into his arms, but the hand is returned to her thigh once more and she suffers it to remain for a while. His kiss is more passionate and she feels in the mood so she lets him touch her snatch. It feels so good that she lets him rub and he rubs and rubs and rubs some more.

Now Dave is playing his lips around on Barb’s magnificent boobs. His tongue does a dance around and around and his teeth tease her nipples. His hands are roving down deep in her lap and soon he finds her panties. Fingers trace the outline of her folds and settle and scratch o’er her clit. She wiggles her bottom to give him more room and his palm covers her pussy. Through the thin fabric he feels the heat and slowly moves his hand. Traces of moisture stain his fingers, then of a sudden the flood gates open and her panties are slippery and wet. He sucks on a breast and rubs her clit and she whimpers softly in his ear. He slides his fingers under her panties into the brunette thatch and she raises up her ass. He draws them down and they land on the floor as she opens up his fly. A bulge of his shorts stand out through his fly and her fingers seek access through the cloth. She parts the opening and his cock springs forth into her hands. She cups it and slides it between her hands and it is slippery and wet.

Marsha is thinking its time to halt but he rubs her up and down. Instead she guides his hand to the top and lets his fingers work her clit. He draws her down on the seat beside him and now she knows it’s time. She struggles to rise but feels denim on her thighs so she makes ready to yell. His lips cover hers and he fumbles his pants, she tries to bite him but to no avail. She feels him draw her wet panties aside to open up the way and he pushes in with a heave. He bears down on her and drives his rod up her slit, his cock leaves a furrow she’s sure. He buries so deep, so deep there inside her, her struggles abate and she wants more.

Dave now has free access and works with Barb’s pussy. He starts by rubbing her slit. His mouth seeks her mouth as he slides in a finger, then two into her silky cave. Using his thumb, he Bayan Escort plays with her clit and his fingers explore in and out. She’s wriggling and panting but Dave takes his time. Gently he nudges her head towards the passenger door and she lays back for him to mount her. He unfastens his pants and lowers his shorts so they both ride on his thighs. Up between her legs he moves and hovers over her waiting charms. He rubs his cock over her cunt through the glistening pubic hair, sliding it up and down. She reaches for him and draws him down to her breasts and he kisses her hard on the lips. He teases the folds and the lips of her opening with the tip of his cock, then slips it just inside the first fold. Bringing his weight to her belly he shuttles his cock up and down against her clit. She cries out: “Oh Dave, put it in! Please fuck me!” and he allows the silken sheath to encase his sword.

Marsha clasps his ass to her and pulls him deeper still. He has so much its a wonder she can hold it, but hold it is what she does and slowly gentle movements begin to stir in her and he pulls back to her entrance and drives in deep to the bone, then back he goes and gathers himself for a shove to her middle once more. Buried deep in her valley he violently erupts and she cannot believe it. Two strokes and no more? I didn’t want this tonight but I got it and now he’s done and no more? He withdraws and lights two cigarettes and gives her one and she smokes and chews at her nails. He’s got her all hot and bothered and now he’s not interested any more.

Dave and Barb are moving the car with a rhythm all their own. He thrusts and pulls back and thrusts and pulls back and she raises her pelvis to meet him on every stroke. He hunches a bit to get a straighter shot and goes in deeper than ever before. She wraps her legs up around him and cries; “More, oh more! Give me all you’ve got! Please, oh God, give me more!” He thrusts and he pants and she moves with him still and the car is rocking around. He feels her walls as he moves ahead each time and it goads him on to more. He reaches down to the top of her slit and massages her clit as he punches. She shakes like a leaf and squeals in delight, he knows she’s in orgasm heaven. Sweet beads of perspiration stand out ‘tween her breasts and on her fevered lips as well. He drives a few times and feels pressure mounting. Its coming, he knows it for sure. The surge builds up quickly as he thrusts in deeply and the mountain erupts with a roar. Shuddering mightily a spasm rocks him and he pushes once more again. A third time he hunches and drives in his weapon and splashes her insides with hot cum. Together they lay panting and filled with good feelings, her sodden patch matted and tangled with white scum. They promise each other this will happen again some day but they both know they lie as they lay there alone.

Back down the alley they come to a doorway and the ladies prepare to take them their leave. As they part Marsha says to Dave: “Who is that man I was with tonight? All I know is his first name’s Johnny.”

Dave smiles at her and says, “Why, that there’s Johnny Two Stroke!” and then they drive away.

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