A Picnic Story Ch. 03

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PART III — A Picnic Story

Chapter Recap: In Chapter 1, Mike (an FA) and Donna (sexy BBW) enjoyed a first date and picnic in the state park, leading to a hot and heavy session of mutual masturbation with a happy ending.

Chapter 2 has Mike and Donna continuing their day in the state park and moving from hot “solo” sex to their first physical “union”. Chapter 3 begins as they are leaving the picnic area heading home.


Our day amongst the redwood trees had started innocently enough. Good friends enjoying nature and each others company. As the day wound down and the shadows grew longer, events transformed our friendship into something more. What started as a day of exploring nature turned into personal and sexual discovery.

Donna and I had consummated our friendship in a heated session of mutual, sexual pleasure and high running emotions. The word masturbation morphed its traditional definition into something more. The act of fornication took on new meanings for us. No more could we just joke around about sex, for we had lived it today.

Donna and I talked about this on our hike out of the park. “Does this change how we look at and treat each other, Mike?” Donna asked me, in something of a concerned tone.

I thought about this for a while before answering because this was one of those questions that doesn’t have a right answer; one that almost anything I might say could get me in trouble. It goes along with the whimsical “Does this dress make my butt look fat?’ question. No right answer.

Finally, I said, “It all depends on whether we want it to.”

She looked at me quizzically but said nothing.

“I look at it like this, Dee (short for Donna)… if it was all just physical, then we go back to work Monday, act like nothing happened, we look at each other knowingly, then wink and think nothing more of it…until the next time the planets all line up again.” I said smiling.

I continued on more seriously, “On the other hand, if we choose to let this be the foundation block to the next step in a more mindful way then we just need to be honest with ourselves one way or the other and plot out a course.”

There was nothing said at this point; yet, I knew the gears were turning in her head. I broke the silence, “So what’s your take on this?”

Donna didn’t really know what to say and it showed in her silence. I answered it for her. “Donna, we’ve been friends a while now. I’ll be bold to say there’s always been an attraction to each other… or at least I know I’ve always been attracted to you. Sexual? For sure. Partner? Could be. Either way, I’m for our continuing to be the friends that we are, closer now for sure, and let’s let nature guide us.”

She nodded her acknowledgement. I’m not sure if it was in agreement or resignation but that’s where I left it.

I changed and lightened the subject by saying, “Speaking of letting nature guide us…. where the hell is the parking lot? I think we’re going in circles!” We laughed since we could both see the lot in the distance.

We held hands the last 1/2 mile to the parking lot.

As we drove back towards town, we decided that since we didn’t really finish lunch, maybe we’d go grab a quick bite to eat at the diner near her place. While eating, we also decided that we wanted to continue the day into evening in each other’s company. Catch a movie, rent a video or something “couples” do.

Following our meal we headed back to her place, a two bedroom apartment in a nice part of town. I’d been there a number of times hanging out, watching TV, drinking microbrews and pretending to be beer and ale connoisseurs, playing cards. But, there were always others around. Friends, co-workers, her neighbors. We’d never spent any time alone in her place (nor had we in mine for that matter.)

When we got in, I asked Donna, “Can I shower here? I want to lose some of the nature on my body.”

Donna’s haughty response was, “Only if I can wash you up.”

Now let me say this: All of my adult life, I would’ve killed to hear that line come from a hot woman! I mean, it is such a Hollywood cliché that it sounds like a line straight out of a “grade B, direct-to-video” movie!

Now here was Donna saying it as casually and as natural as if she were ordering a hamburger at a fast food joint.

“You’re on, lady! Let’s go get wet.”

In the bathroom, I quickly stripped off my shirt and as I started undoing my jeans, Donna stopped me with her hands on mine.

“Let me do that.” she said in her most matter-of-fact tone.

“Uhhh, sure, be my guest.” I responded, trying to sound calm and cool. In truth, I guess I didn’t really know how to respond.

She went on to quickly and deftly unbutton my jeans and proceeded to unzip my fly. “Be careful, beautiful, you know I have an aversion to underwear.” I warned. The warning had double meaning however, as it was quite clear that I was already semi-erect.

This “having-her-undress-me” act was incredibly erotic to me.

“Ah kurtköy eve gelen escort ha, I see that ‘Mister Stiffy’ has joined us tonight.” Donna commented in a haughty, naughty tone of voice.

Donna managed to carefully finish unzipping me and carefully pulled my pants down around my butt and increasingly stiff member. She stopped what she was doing, dead in her tracks.

I was curious as to why, hoping somewhat humorously that she hadn’t found something unappealing in the process.

Donna looked directly into my eyes with a sexy, dreamy look (the kind that I might have jokingly called “fuck me eyes”) and cooed, “I just want to linger on this scene a bit longer” she said while sighing softly. It’s something straight out of ‘Cosmo’… here’s this hot, partially dressed guy under my control with ‘the goods’ hanging out like some kind of sexual buffet for me.” She laughed a dreamy laugh.

It was a little embarrassing as I was bare assed but it was definitely an offhand compliment, I convinced myself.

Finally, she went on pulling down my jeans and I stepped out of them, now fully nude and erect. I was feeling a bit ‘exposed’ but shifted my attention to Donna, who was still fully dressed, a condition that I offered to rectify for her.

“Here, let me help you.” I said.

Reaching over to her, I gripped both sides of her shirt and pulled it up over her head, exposing her bra clad tits. I stood and admired them. Reaching under her arms and around back, I fumbled with the catches of her bra and once I finally got them undone, I slipped the straps off her shoulders. The bra fell to the floor and her large breasts stood out exposed for my viewing pleasure.

Continuing on, I undid the button of her shorts and slowly unzipped the fly.

Instead of stripping them off immediately, I reached into her shorts and panties, guiding my hand directly to her pussy. This motion startled her and she jumped a little and feigned displeasure by asking, in a demanding, yet warm tone, “Just what do you think you’re doing, Mister??”

I said jokingly, “I don’t know but you seem to be enjoying it.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of her bush and the softness of the skin surrounding her love opening. She trembled a bit at my touch but relaxed as I began to stroke the lips of her pussy and let my fingers brush over her clitoral hood.

However enjoyable this activity was for both, I stopped what I was doing to follow a different sexual opportunity at hand,

I gripped the waist band of her shorts and panties, pulling them down to her ankles and sinking down to my knees in one deft motion. Stepping out of her last bit of clothing, her beautiful bush was before me, inches from my face.

Before she could react or even say anything, I thrust my face directly into her bush, with my tongue homing in on her stiffening clit. Donna shook a little bit at the feel of my tongue playing over her lips and her now exposed clit.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm!” she purred, followed with “Ohhhhhh, do me right, babe…”

“Mmmmmffffff….” was my muffled response. I had my face buried so deep in her wet pussy that there was no way to make anything intelligible out of anything I might have said. I just concentrated on working her pussy until she couldn’t take any more. She put a leg up on the toilet seat and spread her legs to give me better access to her love nest. Her labored breathing told me that she was thoroughly enjoying being eaten.

“Ooooooh, lover, do it to me!” she continued to moan.

She said to me between gasps that she always wanted a guy to do her with his mouth but no one would oblige her for more than a few seconds. It amazed me to think how many guys actually dislike eating pussy and how a woman this hot could be so unlucky to hang with the “haters”.

“Idiots!” was my response to that. “Any guy who would miss out on an opportunity to taste this delicious pussy was just stupid!”

“Ohhhh, Mike, you really know how to say the right things to a girl!” She followed that with a smartass remark, “All talk….”

I kiddingly threatened to just stop. Her response was, “If you do, you little bastard, I’ll have to kill you.” followed by laughter.

I continued my voracious “consumption” of her long enough that she broke into the familiar shudder and clenching that characterized her orgasm. “Ohhhhh, my god, don’t stop! I going to cum, oh my god, eat me, I’m cumming!”

Nothing she could have said to me would have made me stop regardless. I love making a woman cum almost as much as I enjoy doing so myself! I figure it’s only fair that any woman who could bring me to such heights of pleasure should also enjoy herself as much. My tonguing of her clit, accompanied by gentle but fast fingering of her pussy was all it took to bring her to the breaking point.

No sooner had she finished her orgasm that she commanded me, “Stand up, Mike, stand up now!” I was a little taken aback by the forcefulness of her voice. I didn’t kurtköy genç escort know what was up but I complied and as soon as I was back up to the six foot level, she dropped to her knees and without any warning, she forced her mouth over my erection giving it a voracious sucking and tonguing, stopping only intermittently to throw in a quick nibble and lick of my balls!

Now it was my turn to be absolutely on the edge. We’d not gone oral on each other until now just as we’d never so much as touched each other (aside from the occasional friendly punch on the arm for making smart ass remarks) prior to this morning!

My mouth went into full “porno movie script”, I said, rather, uttered in ecstasy, “Suck on it, Donna, your mouth is so fuckin’ hot! Suck me hard! It’s not going to take much to push me over the top!!! Sure enough, I could stand only a few minutes of her incredible mouth on my dick! Donna obviously sensed my impending orgasm as she increased the tempo of her stroking and the pressure of her sucking.

Just as I was about to shoot, Donna did something that absolutely blew me away (no pun intended)! She reached her hand up between my legs and slipped her finger between my butt cheeks and massaged my anus!

As soon as she did that, I reached my detonation point and almost yelled, “Oh, Donna, I’m gonna cum!”

In her nastiest and excited tone, she exclaimed, “Cum for me Mike, give me your load, now!”

Keeping her grip on my shaft with the other hand and yanking it hard while leaving the head between her big lips, she pulled an ejaculation out of me that sent me reeling in ecstasy. My first shot filled her mouth with such force that she reflex gagged a bit but recovered enough to take the second shot easily.

She took her mouth off of my throbbing rod but maintained her frigging motion as the third and fourth spasms, while not as powerful as the first couple, still sent my remaining hot cum all over her cheeks and up into her hair.

“Ooooooh, yessss!” she groaned, “Give me all of your cum!”

She swallowed what cum I deposited in her mouth and put my still spasming dick back in her mouth to finish me off.

I’d made a mess of her with the facial glazing but she didn’t care, telling me that that was one of the most exciting things anyone had ever done with her.

As we both recovered from our third “session” of the day, we finally noticed that the room was as steamy as our interaction had been. It was for good reason: we’d left the shower running at full hot. The mirrors were as completely glazed over in moisture as our hot bodies were and were we not locked in a firm embrace, we might have lost sight of one another as if caught in a San Francisco summer fog!

For whatever reason, we both started to laugh hysterically at the situation.

“Your perversion just cost me big bucks in unused utilities, Mister!” Donna barked in mock accusation.

“My perversion?!” I responded loudly and laughingly. “Wait a second, Missy, you’re the one who started it by taking off my clothes!”

Donna quickly quipped back, “I was just trying to help you so we wouldn’t waste all the hot water! You were taking so long to strip down, Mr. Chippendale!”

I quickly grabbed her around her waist with my hands planted firmly on her ample butt cheeks and pulled her firmly against me so that our groins were pressed tightly against one another and threatened her playfully through tightly clenched lips pressed against her ear, “OK, fine, next time I’ll just shove the thing in, shoot my wad and roll over to let you sleep on the wet spot.”

“You do that, Mister and you’re gonna clean it up…. With your tongue! Now get into the shower and stop wasting MY water and gas!” she commanded with a Cheshire cat grin plastered across her face.

“Y-y-yes, m’am!” was my response.

Once in the shower, we discovered something that any couple wanting to put some spark into their love lives should try: bathe one another.

As we took turns on each other or simultaneously did so, we lathered each other’s bodies with body wash and worked it around each square inch of exposed and the not-so-exposed parts of each other’s bodies. It was like wild exploration to caress and be caressed. The way our hands glided over all parts of the body, not just those normally associated with sexual arousal was pure eroticism. I’d never done this with anyone before, not even with my ex-wife despite having been married for over 20 years! In my mind, I humorously wondered if either of us had done this with our respective spouses, would we still be married?

That was a rhetorical and admittedly stupid thing to think because here we were, in the here and now, enjoying something as simple as bathing, so immensely that it’s as if we the first people to ever do it.

I paid particular attention to Donna’s breasts, especially the undersides and beneath the area where their size and heft made them rest down against her ribcage. As I did this, kurtköy kendi evi olan escort I would take an occasional nip with my lips at one or the other of her nipples.

“Stop that!” Donna would say, followed immediately with “Wait, don’t stop that!” and giggles and laughter from both of us.

As I continued my tit play, Donna was paying soapy attention to my once again erect penis. Using both of her hands to alternately stroke and rub it, I was now even more aroused than I’d been while we cleansed each other.

Before we went any further, however, we took turns to lather and wash each other’s hair. It sounds silly I realize but perhaps the highlight of this whole wet experience for me was this very act. Standing behind her caressing and cleansing her medium length dark hair with shampoo and massaging her scalp were, for some strange reason, highly sensual for both of us. Donna moaned with pleasure at the touch of my hand on her head, gently but firmly working in the lather and using my finger tips to ease away any tension she might have had.

Donna turned to face me. Throwing her arms and hand around my neck she pulled me face to face with her and we let our lips join and tongues meet with an intense ferocity that surprised both of us. We “talked” as we kissed…

“Lover, I am so hot!” Donna would breathlessly utter.

“I want you. I want you so badly it hurts!” I said, in between gasps of air.

Between the steam in the shower and wet embrace of our bodies and our tongues, we were soaked and slippery, yet stuck to one another. I finally freed myself enough from our embrace to go down on her again. Pressing her back firmly against the shower’s marble wall, I worked my tongue up and down her labia, then using my fingers to part her lips, my tongue encircled her now exposed clitoris and alternately used my lips to kiss and “munch” on it to Donna’s pleasure.

Donna broke her loud, long moaning with slight shrieks of delight and like I had before, went into “porn movie script”, “Oh, Mike, eat me…. Lick me…. Your mouth feels so good, omigawd, please don’t stop, you’re going to make me cum!”

As her first shudder of orgasm gripped her body in pleasurable pain, she almost uncontrollably increased the pressure and tempo of her hip grinding against my face and madly lashing tongue.

To push her even more forcefully through her orgasm, I used three fingers to massage her mons in a circular stroking motion just above her vagina lips.

“Rub me, Mike, lick me hard!” Donna gasped. “Omigod, I’m cumming honey, ohhhhhhh, pleeeeeease don’t stop!”

I felt her body go into that now familiar tense shudder and then after a minute or two, felt her legs and posterior muscles go slightly limp as she started to come down from her orgasmic plateau.

I stood up and surprised her by positioning myself directly in front of her and as I pushed my body against hers while she continued to lean against the shower wall, there was no resistance or reflexes left in her to stop me from entering her slippery hot pussy. I bored myself into her full hilt on the first thrust and continued pounding her pussy relentlessly as she was gasping even more loudly, “Fuck me, Mike, good god, fuck me hard!”

Donna was standing with her back against the wall, her legs spread, mouth open wide and I was pumping her for all I was worth. We were both clean and “getting dirty” at the same time.

“Honey, tell when you’re going to cum!” she whispered loudly and frantically into my ear.

“Now…..” I replied equally frantically.,

“Take it out!” Donna commanded me forcefully.

I was surprised at her command but somehow managed to find the will power to stop and pull out. As soon as I did so, Donna dropped to her knees, forcefully gripped my dick and put her lips around the head, slipping it into her mouth and sucked hard. With her hand, she gripped the shaft and stroked it, all the while keeping the whole head in her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh, gawd, were the only intelligible words I could get out of my mouth. I felt the tingling of impending orgasm move down from my chest and stomach finally culminating in my penis. Within seconds of that, the entire lower half of my body went into convulsive waves of shuddering resulting in an orgasm that I wouldn’t soon forget!

With the water running and this orgasm coming (no pun intended) so soon after the last, even I was amazed that there was nearly as much ejaculate shooting into her mouth and onto the shower floor! The intensity of orgasm was purely off the charts!

Just as the orgasmic shuddering began to subside, I reached my hands under Donna’s arms and lifted her to her feet. Pulling her close, both my hands about her face, I pulled her into what was perhaps the most forceful and passionate kiss we’d shared up to that moment.

We leaned against each other, resting on each other’s shoulder alternately kissing and talking through our locked lips.

“How did we do that?”

“I don’t know but I’m not complaining!”

“That was a first for me, doing it in the shower.”

“Me, too.”

Finally, Donna said, “Hey Mike, I think we drained half the reservoir, maybe we ought to shut it off and get out?”

I agreed, “Good idea.” Then, after a short pause, I continued with, “Hey, if we lay down now, we’ll both be sleeping on the wet spots.”

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