A Picture = K Words In College Ch. 02

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After a complaint that the first chapter had a cock and shouldn’t be in the category “Lesbian Sex,” this is listed as “Incest/Taboo.” But the girls are still enjoying each other, and will more in the next chapter. I hope readers who clicked on the first chapter for lesbian activity will stay with the story.


After two orgasms, Vicky and Elsa quickly fell asleep. When Vicky woke up in the night, for a moment she thought she was lying with her arm around her brother, then remembered that she was sleeping with Elsa, and then wondered if Elsa might have second thoughts about what they had done. It hadn’t sounded like she would. Vicky sure didn’t, but warned herself not to assume that Elsa wouldn’t change her mind. She tried not to wake her, when she took her arm from around her and turned over.

She thought she hadn’t awakened Elsa, but then she also turned over. When her arm slid over Vicky’s side, that seemed a positive sign. Elsa’s hand didn’t find her breast, and they fell asleep again. When she woke up, earlier than usual, it was because Elsa had given a soft surprised “Hmm?” and then murmured:

“Oh, yeah,” and chuckled softly. Then her hand did find Vicky’s breast. Vicky said:

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. Funny; I can’t remember putting my arm around you.”

“But nice. Must be the most natural thing to do.”

“Um-hmmm! And holding your breast.”

Vicky put her hand on Elsa’s and nodded. They were silent for a few moments, then Elsa said:

“I hope you want to do that again; I do.”

Vicky smiled to herself with another nod and replied:

“I do too. Want to ‘get accustomed’ to it?”

“Oh? Yeah, that too. I think so. Hm-hmm! Probably like you, just sort of automatically do it.”

There was another brief silence, then Elsa remarked:

“I guess he does that to, like we did. Oh, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“We kind of skipped over doing that.”

“Oh? Just, well, did it, slept with each other?” Sorry, don’t have to tell me.”

“Why not? I did it to him with my hand first, and then we did. Oh, he did, when we were first here, when we couldn’t do anything else.”

“Hmm? Before you could in his room, I guess.”

“Um-hmm, in secluded places.”

“Oh? Outside?”

“We thought other couples we had seen might be going as far as they could.”

“Hmm?! I guess so. … ,Uh, … No, I won’t ask.”

“What else we do?”

“Yeah, I guess that was what I was thinking about.”

Vicky smiled to herself again and replied:

“We like to take showers together.”

“Hm-hmm! And wash each other. That must be nice.”

“It is.”

“My sister washed me once, well a few times, but I was only eight. I had broken my arm, had it in a cast. Mom told her to wash me. That was nice, but I guess it’s a lot different with him.”

“I sure hope so.”

They both chuckled and then were silent again, till Elsa remarked:

“I’m glad I said that about kissing; that’s how it started.”

“I am too. Maybe I would have, if you hadn’t.”

“And I would have said that I wouldn’t mind.”

“We both wanted to. We would have, if maybe not last night.”

“Um-hmm,” Elsa agreed and squeezed Vicky’s breast again, who hummed with a nod and then asked:

“Want to take a shower?”



“Hmm? If it doesn’t make me think about it all day.”

“Me too; I hope not, but maybe we can get accustomed to that too.”

“Hmmm! Every morning? Maybe?”

They chuckled again and got up and went in the bathroom, using the toilet. When Elsa was sitting on it, she looked up at Vicky with wry smile and asked:

“And wash there too?”

“Of course, but just wash.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Could you ‘just wash’ him?”

“Not always.”

Elsa giggled, and Vicky chuckled with a grin. In the shower, they couldn’t help but do a little more that “just wash” each other’s breasts and pussies. Vicky didn’t wash Elsa’s asshole, washing her own, like Elsa had done.

When they saw each other during the day, they exchanged slightly smirking smiles. When they were again together in their room that evening, they looked at each other, both pursing their lips, and then agreed to study until their usual bedtime. Shortly before it, one and then other closed her book and claimed that she was finished. They purred with smirks, then pursing their lips again and were soon in bed again, kissing.

When both their hands were sliding down on the other’s hip, and they rocked them back, inviting the other’s hand to slid between them, Vicky murmured:

“Can’t suck nipples, if we both do it.”

“Can’t always have everything.”

“Just as well, mine is a little sore from all your sucking and nibbling.”

“Sorry. It was just so nice to suck, bigger than mine.”

“Another time,” Vicky murmured.

Elsa nodded, and their fingers found each other’s pussy. They could kiss, however, and did. The bed was wet again, Vicky’s, but she said she could sleep in it. Elsa nodded and replied:

“But together in the shower again.”

“Of course!” güvenilir bahis Vicky replied, and they kissed, just a goodnight kiss.

That was a night or two before Vicky was again with her brother. On the way to meet him, she wondered if she would ever tell him about what she and Elsa were doing. She wanted to think that he wouldn’t mind, wanted to think that he would sort of like it. She could make it a good story; it was. It wasn’t like his having a serious girlfriend and then discovering that she liked to do as much as she could with her roommate. She was only his sister — cousin, if anyone asked — and could do whatever she enjoyed, like going to spend all afternoon in bed with her brother.

When she saw him, she decided she wouldn’t volunteer any information about Elsa. He would have to asked about her. She could mentioned that Elsa had said that he was nice. And if he asked more, she would play it by ear.

She had, deciding that she would rather fuck again than talk about Elsa. If he wanted to ask more about her, they still had all evening, and if he didn’t, they would be doing something better than she could with Elsa. They had, and were now on their way to have hot pastrami sandwiches.

If she wanted him to ask about Elsa, it didn’t have to be that evening. She could always mention her again and make him curious enough ask more. She suppressed a smile with the thought that maybe then she could tell him that she and Elsa did what he also liked to do — if Elsa wanted to. She couldn’t entirely suppress a chuckle at the thought that he would surely like that, that she — and maybe Elsa — also liked to lick a pussy as much as he did.

* * *

While we were walking to the hot pastrami shop, I heard Vicky suddenly chuckled very softly.

“What was that about?” I asked. She gave me slightly wry smile and replied:

“Just had a funny thought, nothing about us.”

It sounded as though she didn’t want me ask more. We ordered and then ate our hot pastrami sandwiches at the counter facing the street. Neither of us had had one before, but appreciated why the shop had such a good reputation. When we had finished them, Vicky asked if I could buy beer.

I knew that was no problem. The second time I had ventured to buy something in the most popular liquor store and asked for a cold six pack of Bud, the man at the counter had called:

“Mike, bring a cold six pack of Bud.”

I got a shock; an off-duty cop in uniform came out of the back room with my six pack. He set in on the counter without giving me a glance. Buying alcohol in the university area was no problem.

We went to the nearest bottle shop and returned to the room with our six pack. We started a couple before we began to undress again. Although we were naked again, neither of us seemed inclined to suggest we do anything. We sat on my bed, leaning against the wall, about like we had so often at home, watching TV. I had my arm around her shoulders, and her hand was more just resting in my lap than fondling, although her fingers were where they could. We drank again. Vicky chuckled and remarked:

“Just need a TV and it would be like back home.”

“Um-hmm, but we seldom really watched it.”

“Hm-hmm! No!”

She chuckled again and remarked:

“Once, you almost fell asleep.”

I had forgotten that, then remembering, and replied:

“That Saturday or Sunday, when you wanted to do it every way we could – twice.”

“I did? You did.”

“Just to please you.”

“Okay, maybe. Thanks, if I didn’t say so then.”

We chuckled and drank again. I thought that she probably hadn’t said “thanks,” since we never had, as best I could remember; it was always too mutual, and maybe we both felt that it was inappropriate to thank our sibling for doing what we did for each other. We got as good as we gave.

We drank again, and then drank again. Then she chuckled and picked up my soft cock, just holding a fold of loose skin between her thumb and index finger. She shook it, making it flop back and forth. She chuckled again and remarked:

“You didn’t tell him that we have all evening too.”

“Hm-umm. Hey, did you hear that?” I asked him.

She shook him again and replied:

“Looks like he’s shaking his head.”

“Um-hmm, sure does.”

My hand hadn’t reached down to hold her breast, but it now did. She hummed with a nod, and shook him again. This time, a little more of his head could be seen, but it only circled. I said:

“Looks like he’s undecided. Maybe you should shake him the other way.”

“If you think so.”

She did, the movement of her fingers pulling his foreskin down a little. I squeezed her breast, then curling a finger up to rub her nipple. It popped out, and she nodded with a soft moan. She shook him like that again. This time, her fingers were intentionally pulling his foreskin down, and he was nodding his head. It still wasn’t shiny, but larger than before. She shook him again and nodded and drank, and I did, fondling her nipple. She snickered and said:

“You two are sometimes kind of slow on the uptake.”

“Just türkçe bahis to tease you.”

She chuckled with a nod. She had to slip her fingers around him to shake him again. She hummed and didn’t just shake him. I said:

“I don’t think he can shake or nod his head any more.”

“Mmmm! I don’t either. Must have a stiff neck.”

“Not just his neck.”

“No!” she agreed emphatically, shaking him vigorously, but he just wagged with the movement of her hand.

We had a last drink of our beers and put them aside. She was still holding him and asked:

“Have I sucked you already today?”

He couldn’t shake or nod his head. I replied:

“I don’t think he knows; it’s so good for him either way.”

“Hmm? Could have thought of that. I don’t think I have.”

“I don’t either, can’t remember tasting you.”

“Poor deprived brother! You want to do that?”

“If you can’t remember tasting him?”

She turned her head to me and licked her lips, moving her jaw, frowning, and replied:

“I don’t think so, but maybe the pastrami and beer washed the taste away.”

“Sounds like it doesn’t make any difference. Now I’m sure that I didn’t.”

“Sounds like we should do it,” she replied with a grin.

She didn’t wait to see my grin and nod; she was already looking back at him and jogging her hand.

I took my arm from around her and twisted around so that she didn’t have to let go of him as she lay down. As I was lying down, I said:

“Thought you liked to start when he’s all soft and small.”

“Um-hmm, but it was also fun trying to make him decided if he wanted me to.”

Even though my cock was already aroused and soon twitched, when it did, she stopped sucking and licking. I took that as a suggestion for me to let her enjoy what my tongue was doing without the distraction of arousing me. She did with encouraging, chuckling moans, her chuckling seeming to confirm that she understood my idea. Then she rolled her hips back a little and began to suck and lick again. I took the movement of her hips as a suggestion that I let her concentrate on arousing me. I nodded on her thigh and let my tongue relax.

I had been right; she nodded with deep hum. My cock felt its buzzing more than I heard it. How many times could we take turns? Would she know when to stop again? Oh, she would, when I drew her hips closer. My hand was on her ass, my fingers tips just slightly in her crevice, like hers were in mine. Yeah, we didn’t want to use our fingers yet; when we started that, we knew we couldn’t stop, didn’t want to.

Before I had to suggest that she stop, she did and rolled her hip closer. My turn again, this was going to good! When she rolled her hip back sooner than I expected, I recognized that she also thought this was being fun, that we didn’t want to arouse each other too much, that we wanted to enjoy taking turns for as long as …. As long as what? Forever, well, till we had to get dressed? As long as we could resist making each other come.

She sucked and licked, but again stopped before I thought my cock was approaching the point of no return. Was she teasing me? So delightfully! I teased her, and then she did me. We took turns like that a couple of times more, and then when it seemed she didn’t want to stop, I jerked her hip closer and began to lick. She stopped, nodding with a chuckle. I licked and nibbled, until she gave a complaining moan and rocked her hip back sharply. I stopped licking, and she began again.

We only managed to do it that way one or two more time each. When her fingers crept closer to my asshole, mine crept down to hers. If she wanted to rock her hip back again, it would only be if I let her. Maybe she understood that; her fingers found my asshole, and mine found hers. We both nodded, and our fingers didn’t just brush over them.

We both moaned. growling deep in our throats, her moan vibrating with a lower frequency on my cock. Our twitching assholes wanted to be probed. Our fingers did, and then we both were doing everything we could.

How could I have waited so long to taste her pussy juice?! How could she have waited so long to feel my cock spurt deep in her mouth and taste it?! We had, and it had been worth waiting for.

When we had recovered, we both chuckled. I slid my hand up and fondled her breast. She nodded on my thigh and remarked:

“Why don’t you suck them more often; that feels so good.”

“You wanted to do this.”

“Um-hmm, another time, another way.”

“Not right now.”

“No, even though I had been thinking about it, when I was talking to him.”

“You’ve got to talk to me, if you want that.”

“Hm-hmm! Tell my little brother that I want him to suck my nipples? I’m too shy to do that.”

“Hmm? Must have forgotten who I am, when you have.”

“Just joking. Another beer?”

We got up and got them, sitting back down like we had before. Her hand unconsciously landed in my lap again, and my hand found her breast again.

“No TV,” we both said and chuckled, and then drank. Apparently, we didn’t have much to güvenilir bahis siteleri say, and both took another sip. For lack of anything else to say, I remarked:

“I guess she is a little curious about us, Elsa.”

“Isn’t Tim?”

“Probably, but hasn’t asked anything. You haven’t met him.”

“Could be embarrassing, when I do; he must assume that we do everything we do.”

“Maybe not ‘everything’.”

“Just as well.”

“And Elsa? I have met her.”

“Thought you were nice. Said that before.”

“Speaks for your good taste, having a brother she thinks is nice.”

“‘Cousin’, but she hasn’t asked, just assumes you’re a friend from home.”

“Just as well. I asked if she was curious.”

Vicky paused an instant before reply, long enough for me to think she knew that Elsa was, trying to decide how to reply. She shrugged under my arm and said:

“Probably, like Tim. Oh, sure, she must be. She did tell me that she only did it once — bad. It hurt, wasn’t good, and then her period was a week late.”

“Yeah, ‘bad.’ We’re lucky. If she said that, you must having been talking about something.”

Vicky nodded and admitted:

“Yeah, sure, of course. She assumed that we did. I didn’t want to lie, figuring she would know sooner or later.”

“Yeah, of course,” I replied, and we drank again and were silent.

After another sip, I said:

“I thought she was nice, too.”

“Shall I tell her?”

“Just to be polite.”

“If she asks again. … Oh, you want to date her?”

“I just said she’s nice. … You want me to? She didn’t say she did, did she?”

“Oh no.”

She drank, and I did, and we were silent again. I wondered if she and Elsa had talked more about us than she had admitted, if her mentioning dating was just a spontaneous remark, or whether Elsa had said more about me, asked something.

We finished our beers and agreed that we had to go to the bathroom. With only a smirk and nod, we stepped in the shower together and “went.” After two beers, we had plenty, enough to enjoy playing, snickering as we splashed each other, also with our hands. When Vicky licked hers, I licked mine. She smirked and said:

“Maybe I like that better, might want to really taste it.”

“Like how?”

“Let you do it in my mouth.”

“Oh? Really? If you want to.”

“If you promise to do it too.”

“Hmm? I guess so. Just don’t forget and go before I can.”

“You neither.”

We both shrugged with wry smiles and then washed each other. Since it was obvious that we weren’t going to do anything more in bed, we had plenty of time. We almost made each other come in the shower. While we were drying ourselves with my small towels, I let her watch my cock slowly sink down, before I dried it, then flopping it around.

“Nice plaything,” she remarked with a grin.

“Um-hmm. Oh, I guess you have a shower too and see each other naked.”

“Of course. Hm-hmm! Want us to take showers together?”

“You suggested that, not I. I probably would want to.”

“Not with Tim?!”

“Oh no, just with any girl, well, almost any, if she wanted to.”

“So I should want to with Elsa?”

“You said it, not I.”

“Hmm? Don’t know if I could ask her.”

“Yeah, I guess she would have do or say something first to let you think she also wanted to.”

“For sure; we have to live together till next spring. We have no problem seeing each other naked, you know, like in school in the locker room and showers.”

“I wish I could have seen you all.”

Vicky grinned and replied:

“And probably not just you. We girls would have liked to see all of you – ‘all’ both ways.”

We chuckled and returned to the room. It had seemed as though we could have continued the conversation, but we didn’t. As we watched each other get dressed, I rather liked the idea of Vicky and Elsa taking showers together. Why not? Girls would enjoy being washed by someone else; another girls hands would feel like mine did on my sister, and they would probably enjoy feeling another girl’s breasts as much as I did, not to mention where else they could feel. And it would be fun to watch them!

I snorted with slight smirk. Vicky noticed and asked:

“What was that for?”

“Just had a funny thought, like you did on the way to get something to eat.”

“Not about us?”

“Us? You and me, no.”

“‘Us’? Elsa and me?”



My sister could be insistent. When I hesitated, she demanded again: “Tell!”

I nodded with a shrug, then grinning, and replied:

“Thought it would be fun to watch two girls washing each other, and, well, that feeling a girl washing you would feel as good as when I do it, and that girls probably would like to feel another girl’s breasts as much as I do.”

Vicky almost laughed, but nodded. Then she smiled a little and said:

“Probably. You really want us to.”

“Especially if I could watch.”

“I bet! But I am not going to use that as an excuse to ask her, and I’m not going to tell her why you think girls would like it.”

“No, of course not, then she would know that we do.”

“If she assumes that we sleep together, that probably wouldn’t surprise her too much, but I’m still not going tell her, ask her.”

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