A Piece of ASS

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A Piece Of ASS 5-18-2020

by jnebegood

Johnny B. Goode had the kind of personality where whenever he saw a sexually attractive, vivacious female he would utter the phrase, “Damn, that is a piece of Ass!” Over the course of his nomadic experience he could frequently be heard to utter this refrain. This is his story!

In order to understand Johnny’s slang you first have to understand that whenever he says, “That’s A Piece of Ass,” what he really means is that he wishes that he could gain/secure/or win the opportunity to bend a particular female over into a ‘Doggie-Style’ position so that he could fuck her up between her fleshy, plumptuous, cushiony, ass-cheeks in order to plunge his muscular, veiny, striated, penis deep up inside of her wet, welcoming pussy!

Johnny B. Goode was a gentleman who had been raised up with the perspective that the more beautiful, the more attractive, the more sexually desirous a female was the more she enhanced her Man! It was Johnny’s belief that if a guy could somehow pick, select or be ‘chosen’ by an attractive female he would instantly enjoy an improvement or enrichment in his life. He would be instantly energized by the increased prospects of success that she brought to his life, by the enhancement of opportunities that she spurred and by the gain in privilege or distinction that her attainment brought to his life.

Somehow in his mind pussy & success in life went together! The better looking a woman was, the better was a Man’s fortunes in life because he had won the privilege of fucking her!

Because of this state of mind, Johnny went through his life judging and viewing every woman who came into his vision as either a beautiful prospect or a mindless waste of time. By the time that our story evolves Johnny is a middle-aged guy who has experienced personal difficulty in the earlier phases of his life because of the previous choices that he has made. He, at the beginning of our story, is now starting anew with new hopes, new aspirations, and new desires.

When we meet him in this profile Johnny is considering pursuing all different types of women in his universe. He is pledging himself to pursuing White women, Hispanic women, Arab women and Asian women.

On the 1st day of our story Johnny has just moved into a ‘closed-community’ of apartment residents living in a rural setting on the outskirts of a major American city where he is employed as an ‘up-scale’ professional, working in an office setting among a very diverse population of racial personalities. Johnny B. Goode is an African-American male.

As we look in on Johnny, he is out washing his late-model, luxury automobile in this apartment complex one fine shiny Sunday afternoon when he spies a pale-complexioned, plump, Plus-Sized, White female who is watering her grass in front of her cottage in this enclosed, housing complex. The minute that he lays his sights on this alabaster, pale princess Johnny is heard to utter, Damn, That’s A Piece of Ass!”

Not wanting to be conspicuous in his leering at the young, nubile, ample, BBW who has just come out of her apartment directly across the path from his own, Johnny conveniently takes the opportunity while washing his Car to simply eyeball and gawk at his new-found neighbor. She is around 5 feet tall, with a fat, bulbous ass, ample tits, thick voluminous thighs, long blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and a sweet young, innocent face.

The young lady strutting across her front lawn spraying her water hose is wearing a red-stripped Crop Top blouse with a clinging, tight Booty Skirt which appears to be molded to her curvaceous, voluptuous frame. Her personal, yet intimate Summer outfit leaves little to the imagination as Johnny recognizes her skirt is so short that if the woman bends forward to untangle her water hose he will easily be able to see the color and style of her panties. He is mesmerized with the outfit of provocative clothing that she has decked her young, bare-legged, naked thighs in.

“Hello!” she says as she saunters across her green lawn waving her hand at Johnny as he continues to stare at her plenteous loveliness with her supple and gorgeous physique. “My name is Kim Rappaport, and I live here with my baby daughter Wynona!”

“Well, how do you do, my name is Johnny B. Goode, and I am new to Appalachia. I was just transferred here for my job at the North Metro Community College. And with that introduction the new neighbors become riveted to each other in conversation as they began to introduce themselves and to start their new friendship.

Taking the initiative to bind the connection that the couple are attempting to develop the blond, Big-Beautiful-White female strides across the path separating the two new neighbor’s cottages. Once across she begins to spray water from her hose over onto the section of Johnny’s automobile that he has previously soaped up and now needs to be rinsed off before he attempts to apply drying towels and window cleaner.

“Thank You, Very Kastamonu Escort Kindly!” he says as the young woman comes across the path and joins Johnny in the completion of his auto washing.

Johnny B. Goode is a middle-aged man, around 6 ‘ft’ tall, of dark reddish-brown, Mahogany hue, with black, nappy hair, a salt & pepper goatee, and a distinctly muscularly built frame. He is typically dressed in some sporty, athletic, leisure style of clothing which usually promotes his stocky physique and piercing, penetrating brown eyes.

On this particular day Johnny is dressed in a pair of very short and tight basketball trunks, a netted basketball T-Shirt and a pair of thong flip-flops. His trunks are crotch-clinging and leave no doubt about the large-sized, hanging, slonge of beef that is between his legs.

The new neighbors have an instant connection with each other and the vibes between the interracial pair are obvious. The karma and chemistry between the older man and the younger White female is immediate and they are drawn towards each other in this inaugural task of the completion of the washing of his automobile.

With this additional helping hand from his sexy, new young neighbor Johnny next moves to turn on some music inside of his automobile and seeks to pop the trunk of his car so that the sounds can come pumping out from his audio sound system while the pair are busily washing the car and enjoying the entertainment.

The music that is heard coming from the rear-end speakers of Johnny’s auto is that of the 70’s R&B FUNK group CAMEO and the dynamic sounds have the interracial couple rocking to the hits “CANDY” and “BACK & FORTH” which percolate across the driveway path where the two neighbors finish up the washing. Johnny is enchanted in the recognition of the amorous connection that the new complex residents have made with each other in this first meeting.

He is fascinated by their chemistry and wants to explore a deeper relationship with the young sex kitten. Spontaneously he seizes upon the opportunity to go into his apartment during the car washing exercise and comes out with a six-pack of Schlitz Malt Liquor Beer to cool off the pair as they dry off the automobile in the hottest portion of that summer’s day.

As the pair finish off the drying of the car Kim impulsively strips off her blouse and reveals a skimpy, tight, push-up bra beneath her ensemble which immediately invites Johnny’s eyes to her succulent orbs, squirming to be free from the bra’s constraints. Her pale, white breasts look like two large water balloons bouncing around on her chest.

In this moment of erotica Kimberly invites Johnny to come sit on her porch out in front of her apartment in the plastic lawn chairs that she maintains on her screened-in deck. Finishing the last of the detail drying from the car wash, Johnny saunters over to Kim’s porch with the six-pack in hand as he continues to let the party music blast away through his auto’s sound system.

Sitting together on the young woman’s front porch Johnny tries to become more familiar with his new friend by striking up small talk about her background and personal history. He finds out that his neighbor is a native of the North Georgia Mountains.

Kim Rappaport is a 23 year old student of Nursing in the area’s community college and she has moved into this secluded, fenced-in complex from her nearby rural, southern, isolated parent’s farm up in the mountains. She has a five-year old daughter who she is raising without help and she is excited about meeting some new friends.

Kim is an innocent, sweet girl who is intrigued about the fascinating lifestyle of urban, big-city dwellers and all of the adventure and daring that takes place in the areas far away from the Farm and its outlying regions. She wants to know more about why people in the ‘hood’ of the big cities are so thrilling and what makes them so spirited and cool in comparison to those living out in the backwoods country.

The malt liquor’s high alcohol content is spurring a “Buzz” among the couple drinking on the shaded front porch in the relaxed setting of the summer sun. This exhilarating sensation makes Kimberly more talkative than she would otherwise be in her normal and regular situation. Today she is more forward and more flirtatious.

She starts to rattle on about how she has been watching Johnny from the perch of her front livingroom window as he has been coming and going since he recently moved into the apartment complex. She also confides to him how she has noticed his stylish, professional dress with his fancy briefcase and pretty neckties with the various business suites that he typically wears to work.

Johnny confides to his young companion that his job is as a policy analyst for the county government and that he often has to meet with important and influential officials during his work schedule. He also tells this mistress that his job requires that he put in late hours and often demands time on the Kastamonu Escort Bayan weekends as well.

Kimberly chimes in that she herself is hoping to find a professionally, accomplished man one day to help her to raise her daughter Wynona and to give her the excitement in life that she has never enjoyed being raised on a rural dairy farm. She hints that Johnny is just the kind of sophisticated guy that she would like to settle down with in the future.

On this note Johnny situates his malt liquor drink on the porches’ end table and then scoots his chair closer to Kimberly in order to kick off his flip-flop sandals and to lift his feet up between her legs on her chair. His feet are now only inches away from being inside of Kim’s short, short mini skirt.

Blushing through the reddened facial freckles of his darkened complexion Johnny is also feeling the ‘relaxing’ glow of the 8% alcohol-content in the malt liquor brew he has been drinking. He is flattered to know that his young, White, voluptuous female hostess is sexually attracted to him. This attraction is arousing to Johnny as a large bulge is noticed growing up inside his short shorts!

The tingling of the alcohol content in his drink has also made Johnny start to stroke his toes between Kimberly’s ripe, smooth, shiny thighs. His explorations inside her skirt are engaging and he begins to start teasing her bare, naked flesh with his sensual, bare-toed gestures inside of his neighbor’s open skirt.

The praise coming from Kimberly has made Johnny more emboldened recognizing that he has never enjoyed the delights of a young, ripe, sexually attractive, big beautiful White female! This reflection makes him re-examine Kimberly’s bodacious, comely, White, thighs and her awesome full-figured bosom. He wonders whether it is true that on this very afternoon he might be able to seduce a young, Caucasian female for the very first time.

Over the past few years of his life Johnny has been plenty lonely and hungry for fresh, new sexual affection at a time when he has lost the love of his life two-years earlier when his long-time Black lover ran away from him because he refused to beg her for love or to chase after her across the nation for sexual gratification. But today Johnny is also a bit worried about the thought that Kimberly is half his age, and that she is twenty years his junior and that she is so much more fresh in age than himself but yet still so new to life.

As she continues to initiate conversation with him, Johnny is shocked when his toes discover that Kimberly does not have on any panties beneath her clingy, tight, booty skirt! This discovery comes as Johnny’s big toe continues to explore the fascination of what lurks immersed inside of Kim’s pussy as the pair are continuing in conversation on her front porch.

She has plump, pink, facial cheeks with bright, alluring, blue eyes. Additionally, whenever you are in her midst of her innocence you get the distinct impression that she only has feelings for you and for no one else!

But now at this moment the heat of passion has overcome the new neighbors and their introduction proceeds to a sensuous, steamy and erotic point. It is at this point that Kimberly scoots her chair up closer to Johnny’s to allow his extended leg and naked toes to reach further up inside the creamy, viscous membrane of her hot, wet, pussy. His toes are now all swishy inside her!

Johnny is the type of guy who likes to ignore a situation when he is obviously titillating a woman’s genitals as he tries to continue what he is doing so that if she does not do anything to stop him or to complain he will continue his campaign to stroke that pussy.

In this case he continues to stroke the fullness of his big toe in and out of Kimberly’s hot, wet pussy while at the same time continuing to engage in common conversation with her.

All that Kim did was she involuntarily spread her thighs wide apart so as to allow more room for Johnny to dip his toes in and out of her wet pussy as he stroked her clitoris and also dabbed his fattest big toe deep into the inner confines of her labia. With this sensual stroking she slumped her head backwards on her chair so that she could accept more and more of Johnny’s toes in her pussy and she instinctively closed her eyes as they rolled around in the back of her skull as Johnny continued to speak erotically to her.

“Don’t you worry about the differences in our ages, he asked?” He was continually dabbing at her pussy as he splattered his toes inside her wop. He was enjoying the foreplay with Kimberly as she kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the affection that she was receiving from her older neighbor.

She grunted out at him, “You are so much more mature than the ordinary guys who come here to my cottage to visit me.” But she did not resist his titillation as both of her hands gripped tightly to her front porch chair handles as the shivers of erotic stimulation radiated throughout her vagina.

The quiet of the day Escort Kastamonu and the isolation of their residences from the rest of the apartment complex had allowed the mismatched couple not to have to worry about interruptions and this led Johnny to ask. “Where is your daughter this afternoon?”

Getting a snug grip on her porch chair so as to secure the vaginal sensation that was drenching her pussy, Kimberly opened her eyes to respond. “Ah, ah, ah, she is away from home this afternoon with her grandparents out on the Farm” she stammered!

With this notification that the coast was clear for their afternoon rendezvous Johnny instantly lurched forward towards Kimberly’s chair and began to scoot down on his knees and then he tugged at her hiked up mini skirt. And with all of the strength in his hands and fingers he pulled off her skirt removing it completely off of her hips and down over her legs and off of her feet! That done, she was now totally naked from the waist down but still in her bra up top.

The couple were secured by the fact that Kimberly’s screened-in porch was shielded-in by a stalk of tall, green, leafy, fern bushes covering up their visibility and the dark, black paint coating on her screen’s netting made it almost impossible for anyone to see her next to naked body through the shadowy netting. With that advantageous position Johnny rose up on his feet to embrace and kiss Kimberly lustfully on her lips.

The innocence and enthusiasm that Kimberly displayed towards Johnny was now met by his voracious curiosity and undaunted sexual arousal for her. He had never before fucked a White female in his first forty years of living who was twenty years his junior.

But Johnny immediately seized upon this opportunity to bridge one of the biggest social gaps in the country by attempting to get his first piece of White pussy in forty years.

As Johnny stood up to Kimberly’s face she spontaneously stuck her hands down inside of the elastic band of his sports shorts and immediately began to massage the muscular buttocks of his big, Black ass. She squeezed his bare cheeks and then stuck her pink, lurching tongue deep, down, inside the warmth of his mouth.

This mismatched couple was now fully engaged in sexual arousal on Kimberly’s front porch. Kissing and hugging, licking and slurping on each other mouths in the middle of the afternoon.

Johnny was comforted in the knowledge that his new, young lover had reactivated his sexual hunger and genital arousal and had kicked his libido back into overdrive from the disheartened and distressed vibrations of his previous personal experience. He felt a sense of renewal and yearnings inside his penis because this young, White, Big Beautiful female had excited his drive and his need to “tap that ass”.

As a final preparation for the interracial sex that he was about to devour, Johnny unsnapped Kim’s seductive, risqué brassiere and guided her naked, voluptuous tits to a gulping merger with his greedy lips, tongue and mouth. As he proceeded onward he shifted from his lustful embrace of her pale, alabaster, White titties to a position where he could now fuck her directly there on her porch.

Not wanting to wait any longer to delay the inevitable Johnny breathlessly lifted Kim’s ass up on top of a wicker dresser stand on her porch, and immediately lifted her ankles up high towards the ceiling in order to begin to insert his long, thirsty, veiny, cock directly into the expectant lips of her naughty, delicate pussy. The black & white couple immediately joined their two bodies together in an ‘Off-the-Edge’ of the dresser position with Johnny starting to bang his hips in and out of Kim’s youthful, wet, hot wop.

By now Johnny could not believe his fortune! He was actually fucking his very first piece of Alabaster, pale, White, pussy! A sweet, young, and innocent, fresh-faced, 23 year old temptress!

Before he had gotten too carried away with the success of his good fortune and had begun to spit-out his orgasmic, sexual knut deep inside the succulent cunt of this seductive, White, vamp Johnny paused for one brief moment. He wanted to delight in the fact that he had effectively reached a pleasure point in his sensual rejuvenation. He wanted to savor the recognition that at this precise moment his cock was deeply imbedded inside of the womb of a gorgeous, glorious, drooping tittie, Big Beautiful White female.

As he marveled in the fact that his throbbing cock was powerfully embedded inside the depths of Kimberly’s wet pussy, he conjured up a vision of himself, in an abstract sense, fucking one of the most admirable pieces of beauteous flesh that he had ever experienced. He had an “Out-Of-Body” vision of himself succulently fucking this plumptuous “Tenderoni”!

As his cock throbbed joyously inside her twat, his mind conjured up images of what it must look like in a mirror, in an “out-of-body” sense, to have his swollen, fat, bulging, Black cock drooling deep inside the mucous membrane of this new cunt. He was infatuated with the softness of the feel of her plump, pussy-membrane as it enveloped his stiff cock, with the swerve of her hips as they stroked his nuts, and with the bouncing, jiggling voluptuousness of her buttocks as they slammed against the dresser with every thrust of his muscular physique.

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