A Present and a Deal Ch. 12

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I found Sam before class started and asked him if he wanted to hang out at his house after school. The whole day it felt like the little USB stick was burning a hole in my pocket.

“I have something really important to tell you,” I said as soon as we got up to his room.

“What?” he asked.

“But you have to promise me you’ll never tell anyone.”

“Okay,” he said.

“I’m serious. You have to swear you’ll never breathe a word of this to anyone. Ever.”

“Alright, I swear.”

I took a deep breath. “I’ve been having sex with my mom . . .” I watched his reaction carefully.

“Yeah sure, very funny,” he said, shaking his head. He seemed slightly annoyed.

“Dude, I’m serious.”

“No you’re not.”

I sat down at his computer. I pulled the thumbdrive out of my pocket and plugged it in. I clicked on the file and my mom immediately filled the monitor.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” she said as she started undressing.

“Holy-shit!” Sam said, grabbing another chair and pulling it up.

We watched her catch the dildo.

“I thought we were gonna have sex,” she said.

“We will,” came my voice over the speakers. “What’s the hurry?”

“No fucking way!” Sam said, turning to me. “You’re holding that camera?” I could see he was sporting an erection.

“I told you I was serious.”

“When did this happen?!”

“This was like a month ago. But it all sorta started on my eighteenth birthday.” I told him.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” he asked, turning back to the computer, watching my mom edge closer to orgasm from the vibrator.

“This is fucking insane,” Sam said, adjusting his erection a bit.

We both intently watched the scene unfolding before us.

“Holy-fucking-shit!” Sam said as my cock came onto the screen. His eyes grew huge as my mom took it into her mouth and started to suck on it. He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. Before long we watched as my dad took the camera from me. On the monitor I worked the dildo in and out of my mom’s pussy as she devoured my cock.

“This is insane,” he mumbled, rubbing his dick through his jeans.

“Dude, it’s cool if you wanna jerk off,” I said.

Sam looked over at me for a moment and then looked back at the image of my cock sliding in and out of my mom’s mouth. He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his hard dick out.

He looked to be an inch, or maybe a little more, smaller than my six inches.

By the time we saw me slide into her pussy I had my cock in my hand too. Sam came as we watched me pounding her pussy.

My mother’s moans played over the computer speakers as she started to cum. I stroked myself hard and by the time we saw me unload my cum into my mother’s mouth I was losing it in the real life too.

We watched the rest of the video and then we cleaned up and put our cocks away.

“That is so fucking crazy man,” he said finally. “Jesus, you’re lucky.”

“I know, dude.”

“C’mere,” he said, getting up from his seat, “I wanna show you something.”

He led me into his mom’s room. Sam’s parents were divorced and his mom was still at work, so we had the place to ourselves.

In her room he pulled her bottom dresser drawer open.

“I mean, this is nothing like that video or anything,” he said.

He dug through her socks and underwear until he got to the very back of the drawer. Then he pulled out a big dildo and a half empty bottle of lube.

“Check this out,” he said, handing me the dildo. “I found these in here a little while ago.”

“Jesus, that’s big,” I said, turning the rubber cock over in my hand. It must have been at least ten inches long.

Sam’s mom was probably barely 5’2″. She was slim, with breasts somewhere in the B range. She wore her hair short in a bob. It was hard to imagine the big dildo I was holding fitting inside her.

We looked through the drawer a little more, checking out a couple of sets of really sexy lingerie.

Back in Sam’s room, he made me recount all the details of everything that had happened between me and my mom. I paused güvenilir bahis when I got to the part about Christmas break, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to tell him about my grandma too.

We started to watch the video again but we heard his mom pull into the driveway and we quickly switched it off. He begged me to let him copy the video onto his computer, but I told him I couldn’t.

When I got home my mom was in the kitchen waiting for me.

“How’d it go?” she asked me, raising an eyebrow.

“how’d what go?”

“You mean you didn’t show Sam yet?”

“No, I did,” I said, a little nervous.

“And?’ she asked.

“It blew his mind,” I said, “And he promised to never ever breathe a word. You should have seen how excited he was!”

“Yeah?” she asked.

“He totally jerked off while we watched it,” I said.

“Yeah?” She asked, “What about you? Did you just sit there?”

I paused for a second. “No. I jerked off too . . . Is that weird?”

She let out a little laugh. “No, it’s not weird at all.” She kissed me on the cheek. “I like the thought of two virile young men getting so hot watching me that they can’t take it anymore . . .” she looked down at my erection, “Speaking of not being able to take it anymore . . .”

“How are you hard again already?” she asked as she slid her hand into my pants. My cock twitched as she grasped it,

“I can’t help what you do to me Mom,” I said.

She laughed as her hand slowly worked my cock inside my pants. She pushed me back a little so I was leaning against the kitchen counter. She placed slow wet kisses on my neck.

“You wanna spend some points?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” I groaned.

She kissed my lips. Our tongues met as her fist pumped up and down furiously inside my pants.

My dad arrived home just in time to see me panting and grunting as I came all over the inside of my boxers.

He laughed a little as she slid her sticky hand out of my jeans and wiped it off on my t-shirt.

The next day after school, Sam and I watched the video again, each of us jerking off.

After more of the same on the third day, Sam turned to me.

“Dude, I’ve got an idea, but I need your help.”

“What is it?” I asked him.

He opened up the web browser and went to a site he had bookmarked. It was a surveillance equipment website. He navigated to a page with a small surveillance camera.

“I read on some forums that this camera works really well for peepholes.”

“What?” I asked, still confused.

“I wanna drill a hole through the wall of my closet and set this thing up pointed at my mom’s room.”

“Dude . . .” I said, my stomach getting tight.

“We’ll be able to get footage of whatever she does in there. Dude, imagine her with that dildo!”

“. . . I don’t know. This doesn’t seem right.”

“C’mon man! Look at the technical jargon in these instructions. I don’t think I could get it set up without you.”

I took a deep breath. “I don’t think I can help man. That would be a HUGE invasion of your mom’s privacy.”

“Look, man, not all of us are lucky enough to have moms that want to suck us off every night,” he said.

“Yeah, I get that!”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry . . . Look. Just think about it for a while.”

I passed Sam’s mom on the way out to my car. We exchanged pleasantries for an awkward minute, while I tried not to imagine her tight body being pounded by that 10 inch dildo.

That night I laid awake for a long time. I felt almost sick about the whole thing. What if she found out? What would my mom say if she knew I was invading someone’s privacy like that?

But still I couldn’t get the image of Sam’s mom’s tight naked body out of my head. I rubbed my cock as I thought of her pussy being stretched by the thick plastic cock.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

I reached for my phone. ‘I’ll do it’, I quickly punched out on the keyboard.

I started to stroke myself again. My phone buzzed on the nightstand, with what could only be a text of excitement and gratitude. I ignored it and soon I was moaning as I exploded into a türkçe bahis kleenex.

The next day Sam told me he had ordered the camera as soon as he got the text from me. The camera itself was only 59.99, but he had paid a bunch extra to get two day delivery.

When the camera arrived we followed instructions we found in various places on the internet and drilled a hole through the wall. We set up the camera so that it could see most of his mom’s room, and most importantly, it had a good view of the bed. I ran a cable to his computer, where the footage would be recorded.

I still didn’t feel good about it. I rationalized it to myself, thinking that I was so much luckier than him that it was only right that I should help him. I tried to forget about how much I really wanted to see whatever footage we captured.

But none of that really mattered. I had already told him I would help. It was too late to back out now.

So I set up the cable and installed the driver and all the other stuff that Sam would probably have trouble with.

That night all I could think about was what might be getting captured on that camera. About 11:45 he sent me a text.

‘got something’ it said.


‘nothing too crazy. just her undressing.’

‘still cool’ I responded.

After school we watched the footage of her. It wasn’t the most crystal clear image but it actually came out better than I thought.

We were both hard as rocks as we watched his mom strip off her blouse and then her bra. Her blonde hair fell just below her ear. We only saw her breasts for a few seconds before she turned around, but when she peeled her pants off we got a great look at her tight, perky ass while she dug through her dresser for pajamas.

For what seemed like a long time there was much of the same. Each morning and night we would capture her dressing and undressing or sometimes not even that. I cut out all the good stuff and edited it together and deleted the rest.

Then, almost a full two weeks later, we finally captured what we had been waiting for.

The next day, after school, we sat eagerly in front of his computer. My heart raced as she dug through her bottom drawer and then finally pulled out the massive plastic cock. Then she removed the bottle of lube too. She climbed into the bed. She squirted a liberal amount of the lube into her hand and stroked the ten inch didlo until it was entirely slick. The last bit of lube on her hand she rubbed on her pussy before slowly pushing the big dildo into her. The camera even picked up the soft moans she clearly tried to stifle as she came. We watched the video again and again, each of us masturbating a few times.

Sam was on cloud nine. I’m sure he must have rubbed his dick raw that night. But he still wanted more. He wanted to see someone fuck her.

He knew that his mom dated, and sometimes didn’t come home till very late, but she never brought anyone back to the house.

Sam started spending every friday and saturday night at my place. I set up his computer so that it would not only record the footage but it would also stream the footage to my computer.

We told my parents and his mom that we were working on a big project for our technology class. While he was over we all strategically ignored the fact that he had seen our family’s sextape.

The first two weekends were pretty fruitless. Most of the nights we watched as she got dolled up to go out on the town, then we waited anxiously for several hours, only for her to return alone, then undress and go to bed.

The most exciting thing that happened was that one Friday night she got home a little after midnight and when she took off her little black dress, she wasn’t wearing the thong that we had watched her put on earlier that evening.

We eagerly speculated as to the reason. Surely it meant she had gotten laid, right?

One night, when my mom and I were alone for a moment, I casually brought up the idea of me spending some of my points for Sam, but she shot me such a glare that I didn’t mention it again.

Finally, on the third Saturday night, a güvenilir bahis siteleri little after one in the morning, when we were both about to admit the whole endeavor was pointless, Sam’s mom walked into view of the peephole camera. And she wasn’t alone.

Her lips were attached to the lips of a big black guy. He was well muscled and almost a foot taller than her. If I had to guess I would probably say he was in his late 20s.

His big hands lifted her skirt and gripped her tight ass while they kissed again and again.

At this point, Sam was already grunting with orgasm.

On the screen his mom rubbed her hand over what looked to be a sizeable erection that was straining against his slacks.

She unbuttoned his pants and slowly unzipped them while they kissed. Then she reached into his boxers and pulled out his cock. He was absolutely massive.

I stopped stroking myself for a moment, as I watched her stroke the guy’s big, black cock.

“Mmm, you’re big,” she said with a smile.

“Holy Shit!” Sam said.

“I know dude! He’s gotta be even bigger than that massive dildo she has,” I added.

“I bet he’s a foot long.”

On the monitor and across town, Sam’s mom got down on her knees. She placed her lips against the meaty tip of his cock. She kissed it for a few moments and then her lips stretched around it and she took his head into her mouth.

“Fuck,” Sam panted. He was hard again and working his cock.

“how does she even get her mouth open that wide?” I asked.

She actually didn’t manage to get all that much of it into her mouth. While she bobbed her head up and down on the first few inches, she stroked the rest of it with her hand.

After a couple of minutes he said, “Get undressed.”

She got to her feet and kicked off her heels. She unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside and then she wriggled out of her skirt. As he took his clothes off she slipped her panties off and unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside.

He opened what I can only assume was some sort of condom designed for livestock and she helped him unroll it onto his massive tool.

He wrapped his big arms around her. He easily picked her up and laid her down on the bed.

“Oh yeah baby,” she said.

She spread her legs for him and he climbed on top of her. He kissed her and then reached down and grabbed his cock. He aimed it at her and started to slowly push into her.

She started to pant and grimace from his girth. After a minute he backed off. He wrapped an arm around each of her legs and yanked her over to the edge of the bed. He got down on his knees and buried his face in her pussy.

“Oh YES,,” she moaned. He licked her wildly until she was screaming with orgasm.

“OH FUCK!” she yelled, rolling her head from side to side on the bed. “Get up here and put that monster cock in me!”

He climbed onto the bed and on top of her. He spread her legs wide and rested the head of his big, black cock against the soaking wet lips of her pussy.

She let out a yelp as he drove it into her. He held it there for a few seconds and then slowly started to move it in and out of her.

“Oh, Jesus, you’re huge,” she groaned.

She wrapped her legs around him and let out short, staccato breaths and moans as he started to fuck her faster.

I groaned as I started to cum into a wad of kleenexes. Sam wasn’t far behind, cumming for the second time as his mom screamed with orgasm.

“This is incredible,” I said to him as the last spurt of his cum found the tissue.

“I know dude,” he said, panting.

We sat in awe as the guy fucked her for another 15 minutes, through her third orgasm. His grunts and moans got louder and finally he pulled his cock out of her. He ripped his XXXL condom off and moved up the bed, straddling her chest. He pushed his big throbbing black cock into her mouth and let out a groan as he started to cum.

She choked down his load until he let out a final moan and dismounted. She just laid there for a few minutes, panting. Eventually she grabbed the bedspread and wiped some of the cum from her lips.

“Oh, fuck that was good,” she said.

That night we watched the encounter two more times straight through. After that we watched the best parts over and over again until our dicks were raw and we were too tired to keep our eyes open.

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