A Proper Goodbye


Krista and I were heading back to the office from lunch; one of the last times we’d be doing so because she was going back to school for her PhD starting in a couple of weeks. I’d been a little bit smitten with Krista since we’d first worked together so many years ago and when we ended up at the same company, I was pleased with the opportunity to see her every day. We didn’t go out to lunch on a regular basis, which was probably good because I’d have been afraid of betraying the unprofessional things I was feeling about her. As it was, I’d been entranced during this particular lunch by her sparkling green eyes and watching her lips as she talked. I hoped that either she hadn’t noticed or, if she had, that she was flattered rather than creeped out.

As we were walking down the street talking, we turned toward each other at one point and, before I really comprehended what was happening, my head was moving toward her and hers toward me. There, in the middle of the sidewalk, half a block from the restaurant, our lips met and we were kissing. Once it started, the intensity picked up and I placed my hands on her hips as her arms went around my neck. It wasn’t us slobbering all over each other but probably appeared pretty romantic to the passersby. It occurred to me once we separated but I still had my hands on her hips and her arms were still around my neck that one of those passersby could potentially be somebody one of us knew. I mentioned this and we decided we might be better off in the privacy of her office back at work if we wanted to continue. I know that I wanted to and she appeared to, also.

As we resumed our return trip to the office, I was glancing at her profile and looked down at her tits jutting out, separated by the strap of her purse, almost letting out an involuntary moan; they looked so large and firm. I wondered what the odds were, in light of what had just happened, that I’d get my hands on them; I thought they were pretty good (the odds and her tits). Back at the office, we discreetly headed toward her office and closed the door behind us. Inside, we started kissing again, which quickly lead to making out and my hands dropping from her hips down to squeeze her ass. This was much more passionate than what had occurred on the street and her ass, which I had admired so many times, felt incredible in my grip.

There was no way she couldn’t have felt the bulge in my slacks pressing against her abdomen as I massaged her ass, pulling her against me. I gradually worked my hands up under the back of her skirt and felt her panties between my hands and her ass cheeks. Since she wasn’t offering any sort of resistance at all, I went Kayseri Escort ahead and slid the back of her panties down so that my hands were on the bare flesh of her nice, round ass. I liked the direction this continued to be going, so as we continued to make out and my hands massaged her bare ass, I started moving a hand around between us and into the front of her panties. Her bush was trim and her pussy was dripping. We separated enough that my hand could comfortably fit into her panties as my fingertips slid up and down her slit and over her clit while she brought one of her hands down between us to massage my bulging cock.

Her other hand soon came down from around my neck as well so that she could undo my belt and open my slacks, working a hand inside to grasp my cock. As I enjoyed the feel of her soft hand stroking my throbbing cock and the wetness of her pussy on my fingers, she was trying to work my slacks down with her free hand, so I reluctantly let go of her ass to help her. With my pants and briefs down lower, she was free to really stroke my cock but I was thinking that we ought to continue moving forward so I sat down in front of her. I raised the hem of her short skirt and asked her to hold it up for me as I slid the front of her panties down to expose her trim, dark brown bush. Once I had them completely down, my hands went back to her bare ass to guide her over me while she reached down with her free hand once she was straddling me and directed my cock into her pussy as she lowered herself onto my lap. As her hot, wet pussy engulfed me, I had to suppress a moan that would have traveled throughout the entire floor. She sat for a moment with her eyes closed, my girth completely filling her, before looking at me and leaning down to plant another kiss on me. She started to slowly ride me as we made out again and I continued to hold onto her bare ass.

I don’t know how long it took before it hit me that those tits that I had been admiring were right there in front of me just waiting to be fondled. I moved my hands up from her ass to pull her shirt from her skirt, then slid them up under it and to her luscious tits. Her hard nipples were pressing out against the thin material of the cups so I brushed my palms over them and gently pulled them before reaching around behind her to unfasten the bra. My hands were under her bra and fondling the bare flesh of her tits immediately, caressing the soft, smooth underside and feeling her hard nipples against my palms. While they felt outstanding, I had to get a look at them having spent so many years ogling them and wondering what the flesh beneath the blouses and sweaters actually Kayseri Escort Bayan looked like.

I slid her shirt and bra upward and, once they were both above her tits, I pulled my lips from Krista’s so that I could see them. They were even more remarkable than I had expected, sitting up high on her chest even unsupported with large, pink areolas and hard nipples. I wanted to take her shirt and bra completely off, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea there in her office. Granted, if anyone barged in, whether her shirt was completely off or partially off, in the position we were in, it really wouldn’t matter, but I figured we’d better stay as clothed as we could.

When I finally withdrew my eyes from her luscious tits, I saw that Krista had her eyes closed and her brow furrowed as she continued riding my tool. My hands remained on her tits, caressing the soft flesh and brushing over her hard nipples, but I was more cognizant of how much faster she was riding me and how much more juicy and hot her pussy was becoming. While her pussy felt absolutely outstanding, I wasn’t finding myself in any immediate danger of cumming, so I enjoyed her tits and the feel of her pussy while I watched various expressions crossing her face. Her breathing was heavy and an occasional soft whimper escaped as she got closer and closer to cumming. I couldn’t believe that her pussy could continue to feel better and better with each passing moment, but I loved the fact that it was. I was just starting to feel the stirrings of my own orgasm when she sat down hard on me and I could feel her shuddering.

When I knew she had finished cumming, I stood, lifting her while still embedded deep in her pussy, and set her down on the “peninsula” of her office workstation. She laid back, her tits still exposed and jutting toward the ceiling, as I hooked her legs over my arms and started fucking her hard. Leaning forward, I could reach down and fondle her tits as they bounced with my thrusting. As I was fucking her and playing with her tits, she looked up at me, smiling, and told me that, when I was ready to cum, she wanted it in her mouth. I briefly contemplated climbing up to straddle her chest and fuck her tits first, but with my slacks and shoes still on, it would have proven to be a difficult task. Instead, I just enjoyed the feel of her slippery pussy on my cock, the feel of her large tits in my hands and the smile on her face as she looked up at me.

Since she had already cum and I needn’t worry about holding out for her, I was fucking her pretty hard and fast, my hips hitting against the backs of her legs. My orgasm was building Escort Kayseri slowly and with maximum pleasure and I would have been content to continue for several more hours. I was thinking, however, as I gazed down upon her face, about what it was going to feel like when I slipped my cock into her mouth and decided not to wait until I was right on the verge so that I could enjoy it for a bit. I did keep fucking her sumptuous pussy until I felt my orgasm was well on its way, relishing every second of the slow build and every thrust in and out of her.

When I finally managed to pull my cock from her hot pussy, I dropped back onto the chair again as she first sat up, then moved to kneel before me. My focus was on her dark, trim bush until her skirt fell over it, then on her tits until her shirt slid down, then on her face as she dropped to her knees and grasped my cock. She stroked it a few times and, when I thought she was going to lower her mouth onto it, she instead pulled her blouse back up and squeezed it between her tits. I had to suppress another moan as she started sliding her tits up and down either side of my throbbing tool, the soft flesh wrapping completely around it. I could feel my orgasm continuing to rise under this unexpected and astounding stimulation but the position proved just a bit awkward, so I soon found my cock in Krista’s hot mouth.

She slid her lips up and down, her head bobbing in my lap, while gently pumping the base as I ran my fingers through her dark brown hair. She proved to be a talented cocksucker, just one of many pleasant surprises over the past hour or so. My orgasm was building in earnest now as she lowered her mouth over my stiff shaft repeatedly. I was watching my cock disappearing and reappearing between her lips, which proved to be a huge turn-on in and of itself, but combined with the feeling of her mouth, my long awaited orgasm was approaching at a nice pace. I was trying not to moan, knowing the walls were thin and not insulated, but I couldn’t control my heavy breathing and softly muttered encouragements. My cock swelled even more as the pleasure built to unprecedented levels until, finally, I was done for and I exploded into her mouth. She let out a soft cry of surprise, but continued to suck me dry, swallowing my load without pause. Once I was completely spent, she sat back on her heels and smiled up at me.

It was about two-and-a-half more weeks before her last day at work and we made good use of every day available. We varied the time of day, so as not to draw attention, and really felt that we were discreet enough not to arouse any suspicions. Her last day was a little tough, not only because so many people were stopping by to say goodbye, but also because we didn’t know when our next opportunity to be together would be. We were determined, however, to figure something out as soon as she got settled over at school, which was within walking distance from the office.

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