A Quiet Lunch

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It has been a long morning and I was beginning to wonder if lunch was ever going to get here. I have looked at my watch a dozen times this morning and the time didn’t seem to change. Another glance and I noticed it was finally noon. I was starting to get a headache and decided to go to spend my lunch hour in the quiet room. I loved this room. It was away from everyone, completely dark, no phone, and had a lock on the door. In a building full of busy cubicles, no interruptions and complete darkness is what I needed for about an hour nap. I grabbed my soda and cell phone and headed down the hallway.

I shut and locked the door behind me. I sat my soda on the table and reached to turn the light off. As I turned to lay down, I received a message on my phone. I sighed in disappointment for a moment and thought I should have left it on my desk but then I remembered that I needed it for the alarm to wake me from my nap. I hesitated to check it for fear that I may have to abandon my lunch. My disappointment quickly turned to happiness when I saw it was from him.

“What are you doing for lunch?” he asked.

“Laying in complete darkness in the quiet room.” I replied.

“Want some company?” he replied.

Was he serious? We couldn’t have sex at work. I have always wanted to but was always too afraid of being caught. But the excitement of being at work with hundreds of people around was unexpectedly stronger than the fear today.

“Sure.” I hesitantly replied.

“Open the door.”

I unlocked the door and let him in. I did not turn on the light so that poker oyna if anyone happened to be walking by they would not see me already in the room. He quickly shut the door and relocked it behind him. I sat down on the side of the waiting room type bed still in a little shock that he was in the quiet room with me. I have wanted to do this so many times. As my eyes adjusted I could see by his silhouette that he was still standing in front of the door.

“Lay back.” He whispered.

As I did, I could see him moving towards me to sit beside me on the bed. Once he was sitting beside me, I could no longer see him. I could only hear and feel him. He placed his hands on my legs just below the hem of my skirt and gently moved his hands up the inside of my thighs and pushed my legs apart just enough for him to run his fingers along the edge of my panties. He slowly pushed my skirt up around my waist and lifted my leg that was next to him and laid it across his lap. He carefully pushed my panties to the side as he ran one finger down between the lips of my wet pussy. I took a deep breath and held it for a moment because I knew I had to be quiet. He slowly parted my lips and teased my aching clit with the tip of his finger as he leaned forward to kiss me.

He slowly played with my tongue with his. He traced my top lip with his tongue and then he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth. I love the way he kisses me. He always seems to know how I need to be kissed at any given time. He started to unbutton my blouse as his kiss moved to my neck with gentle kisses one after another canlı poker oyna down to my waiting breast. He pulled my bra down just below my hard nipples and slowly licked and kissed each one. He circled one of my erect nipples with his tongue as he gently caressed the other one between his finger and thumb. He sat up and put his hands on my waist and pulled me up to kiss him again.

As we kissed, I unbuttoned his shirt so I could run my hands over his tight chest. I wanted to touch him, I needed to feel him. I traced his chest with each hand and then circled each of his nipples. I slowly ran my hands down his stomach to the top of his pants and I could feel his cock was as hard as I hoped it would be. He stood up to unbutton his pants and as he dropped them to the floor, he leaned down to me and slowly took my panties off. He sat back down on the bed beside me and he pulled me up to sit on his lap. As I straddled him he held his hard cock in the perfect position for my dripping wet pussy to wrap around. I slowly lowered my self onto him so I could feel all of him go deep inside me. He ran one hand around my waist and up my back to my shoulder. As I began to raise myself, he tightly held me down onto him, filling my pussy with all of his cock. I moved my hips back and forth pushing him deeper inside me causing his cock to throb and grow even harder inside me.

He placed his hands on each side of my face and pulled my mouth to his. Our tongues encircled each others as he kissed me gentle but intense. He moved his hands to my waist as I began to raise and lower internet casino myself onto him. I moved slowly with each up and down motion so I could feel him going inside me. I could feel when I was at the tip of his cock and I would stop for a moment before I would go back down, rocking my hips back and forth, pushing him deeper inside me each time. I could tell he was ready to explode inside me and I was ready to cum as well but I did not want to yet. I wanted this to last a little longer. He felt so damn good inside me.

He put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me down and whispered in my ear, “cum for me. I want you to cum for me.” I wanted to cum for him. I started to move up and down a little faster as his grip on my waist was getting tighter. My breaths were getting faster and it was getting hard to hold in the pleasure he was giving to me, it was becoming extremely difficult to be quiet. I whispered to him, “I’m cumming for you, I’m cumming for you now.” I moved up and down and rocked my hips back and forth a couple more times before he held me down on him. I could feel him cumming inside me, I could feel his cum fill my pussy. We did not move again until I felt his hands let go of my waist.

I moved to sit beside him. As we sat there quietly catching our breath for a few minutes, I could feel our juices leaving me. He stood up and within a few moments placed my panties in my hand. No words were spoken as we put back on what was taken off and straightened our clothes. I moved towards the door and he grabbed my arm and stopped me. He turned me around and leaned me against the door and gently kissed me again. He kissed me for a few more minutes before he opened the door and stepped out to see if anyone was in the hallway. He shook his head no and I followed after a few seconds going the opposite way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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