A Rainy Day Encounter

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The rain was pouring down. It was one of those summer thunderstorms…comes out of nowhere, hits hard, then stops, leaving the air thick with humidity. I had gotten caught in the downpour…my white tank top and khaki shorts were soaked though. I stumbled in the house with raindrops glistening all over my skin and dripping down my legs. The air conditioning was on, giving me goosebumps up and down my arms. My nipples tightened and began to press against my soaking wet bra and tank top.

I dropped my tennis shoes by the door and made my way in the dark towards my bedroom. As I walked in my room I couldn’t help but notice my reflection in the mirror over my dresser. My clothes were plastered to my body. The tank top clung to my chest. You could see drops of water running across my skin…disappearing into the cleavage that was displayed. My nipples were pressing against my shirt. The shirt and my bra might as well as been sheer for all the protection they gave me. My hair had curled in the rain…the ends just barely touching the tips of my breasts. My eyes looked huge and dark…mysterious…like I was waiting for something…looking for something. My mouth was parted…my chest gently moving up and down with every breath I took. I began to undress slowly…it was like my arms had too much weight to them to move. Everything was done slowly…my heart was pounding…I could feel my pussy swelling…getting wet.

I hooked my fingers in the waist and pulled my shorts down my legs. A new outbreak of gooseflesh covered my legs as the cold shorts landed with a wet plop at my feet. Shivering, I stepped out of them…then watched myself in the mirror as I pulled my tank top over my head. Escort Bayan My nipples tightened almost painfully as the wet fabric of my shirt slid over them. I threw my shirt away and peeled off my bra and panties. My nipples were dark and pointed…waiting for a mouth or a hand to cover them. I couldn’t resist and reached up to touch them with my own hands. My fingers gripped my soft flesh, and I felt my nipples stabbing into my palms. My head arched backwards a little as I lightly pinched my nipples and stroked my breasts. Strands of my hair dripped water across my chest. I followed the droplets with my fingers as they trailed down my tits to my navel and all the way down to my pussy. I lightly touched my pussy and wasn’t surprised to find moisture gathering there. I pushed my fingers lower and found my pussy lips had already opened…waiting to be filled. I wished you were home, but decided to content myself with one of my toys in the shower.

I reluctantly pulled my fingers away from my dripping cunt and turned to my closet to get a towel. I had to stretch up on my tiptoes to reach the top shelf where the towels were kept. My back was arched…my ass up in the air. I had almost gotten my towel when I felt someone up against my back. A startled sound escaped my lips as I felt a masculine arm wrap around my waist. I rocked back on my feet and found myself in your arms. I could tell it was you…I would recognize your scent anywhere. I turned my head and rested my cheek on your chest. You weren’t wearing a shirt. In fact you weren’t wearing anything. I could feel your heart pounding in my ear, the tiny hairs on your arms against my waist…your cock throbbing in between my ass Escort cheeks.

You were so warm…hot…my body felt like it was melting. Your head was bent so it touched the curve where my shoulder and neck met. Both of your arms were around my waist. I arched my back and thrust my ass against your dick. I know you had to have felt how wet my pussy was. I covered your hands with my own and moved them up to play with my tits. Your hands brushed against my rock hard nipples and I threw my head back, moaning. It felt so good. You knead my breasts, massaging them, pulling on my nipples. I reach one hand up, tangle it in the hair at the back of your head and move your mouth towards mine.

As soon as your lips touched mine, I felt your fingers moving along my pussy…finding the moisture there. I was dripping wet…your fingers glided over my shaved pussy, making me moan into your mouth. I widened my stance as you dipped your fingers into my steamy cunt…pushing inside my pussy. First one, then two…I was moaning and gasping as you finger fucked my pussy. I managed to work one hand in between us and started rubbing your cock in time with your fingers’ thrusts. My pussy was gushing…clutching at your fingers as you moved them in and out. I couldn’t stand it anymore…I had to feel your huge cock pumping inside my juicy little cunt.

I take my hand away from your cock and brace my arms on my closet door. I turn my head and look you in the eye. You know exactly what I want…what I need. You move in behind me…I can feel the head of your cock in between my legs. God…I wanna cum…so close…just need your cock inside me…please…please fuck me…fuck my cunt…make me Bayan Escort cum…please. My legs were shaking as you place your hands on top of mine on the door…and push your huge cock inside my pussy…every inch…all at once. Oh! Oh yeah…oh fuck me…harder…fuck my pussy harder! You reach around my head with your right hand…the hand that was fucking my cunt, and press your fingers inside my mouth. I can taste my tangy juices as I lick and suck your fingers like they were another cock. My tits are bouncing up and down…you reach out with one hand and grab one, kneading it while you fuck me from behind.

Your cock feels so good…hmm…so good…so big and hard…hmm…oh…my pussy starts to clench…hmm…oh yeah…oh fuck…uh…oh I’m gonna cum… ah…I’m gonna cum all over your cock! You grab my hips and really begin to slam your cock into my cunt. I reach in between your legs and feel my pussy juices dripping down your cock and balls. I gently run my fingertips along your balls…feeling how tight they are. You can hear my pussy making squishing sounds as you fuck it. I feel your cock getting harder…I know you’re going to cum soon…I want to come with you…I want to feel your cum shooting inside my tight little pussy. Oh god! Uh! Fuck me…fuck my cunt…fuck me with that huge dick…fuck me hard and cum inside my slutty little cunt…AH! THAT’S IT! FUCK IT! FUCK YOUR SLUT! OH YEAH! FUCK YOUR WHORE! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH! OH I FEEL IT! I FEEL YOUR CUM! SHOOT IT INSIDE ME! OH YEAH! I’M CUMMING! OH I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR COCK! OH FUCK!

I could feel every drop of your cum shoot inside my pussy. I used my cunt walls to grip your cock and milk every last drop out of you. You reluctantly pulled your dick out of my well-used pussy. I turned around and we kissed as I walked you back towards my bed. I pushed you onto it, then proceeded to give your gorgeous cock a thorough cleaning. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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