A Responsive Mum Ch. 04

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The next morning Jack woke up to see mum lubing her ass, she looked so sexy as she did it, she had an angelic look on her face. When she had finished, she lubed Jack’s now erect cock; Jack had got hard from watching mum lube herself. Mum then went on top of Jack, in the cowgirl position, she then centred Jack’s cock on the middle of her ass hole and pushed her ass down on his cock. Mum took the full length then started to ass fuck Jack’s cock.

After mum’s first vaginal orgasm brought on by the stimulation of her G-spot, mum said, “It’s great Jack, I think that your head goes deeper when we do it doggy style, it still hits and G-spot and makes me cum, I enjoy riding you like this.”

Mum had another two vaginal orgasms then brought Jack’s cock out of her ass and slid it inside her dripping pussy. It didn’t take mum long to build up a powerful rhythm; she was giving Jack a fantastic ride; her strong cunt muscles were working hard. Twenty minutes later they both orgasmed within seconds of each other. Mum leaned down and kissed Jack; she was gripping his cock tightly, holding him securely inside her dripping cunt. A minute later, mum said, “Jack, I’m going to call Dave, the painter, to ask him to meet us at the stables. He’s developed his business into a huge concern. He did a lot of work for Uncle Tom; I know that a couple of years ago he suggested sealing the stable floor, which is level with a sealant. If that’s possible, then it could save us a lot of money when we refurbish the stables.”

Mum then phoned Dave directly on his mobile; they would meet at ten this morning. They showered then mum made breakfast. They arrived at the stables just as Dave was arriving. Dave had been doing the painting for the family from the time he worked for a firm. Now he owned the firm and still did all the painting work for them.

Mum explained that she wanted to convert the stables into an Antique Centre, she then asked Dave if he could do the work for her. Dave told her that his firm could do all the work for her; he now employed electricians, so the electrical work was not a problem as well. He then suggested installing Solar Panels on the roof of the stables which would generate enough electricity to run the Antique Centre.

Jack was impressed with Dave; he knew what he was doing and was very professional in the way he went about things. He then said to mum, “Jo, I have over one hundred cabinets in my store, they came from a mobile phone distributor, they have lighting inside though I would suggest that you change the bulbs to LED. If you are going to rent out cabinets, they would be ideal for you. I need the space that they’re taking up; I can let you have them for a good price?”

They then went to Dave’s warehouse. Jack and mum loved the cabinets; they were secure and lockable. They needed the advertising stickers for the mobile phone companies removed, and the lights changed to LED. They agreed a price and Dave would deliver them after he güvenilir bahis had completed the work in the stables though Jack and mum could have access to Dave’s warehouse if they wanted to start working on the cabinets.

Dave then told them that he could put four men on to the job on Monday. Jack and mum were happy that things could move so quickly. They were happier five hours later when Dave phoned mum to say that a job they had been working on had been completed early and seven men would start the preliminary work tomorrow morning at seven-thirty. The following morning Jack was at the stables just after seven, he had found another set of keys in the house so was able to give the foreman a set which he could use. The workmen had brought one of the cabinets with all the advertising material removed and LED lights installed; Jack was impressed how good it looked, they had counted them yesterday, they had one hundred and sixty-four of them.

Jack spent the rest of the morning at the stables, in spent time looking at the amount of space they had, there was a lot of space. Dave’s workmen were excellent; they knew exactly what they were doing. All the wiring was being replaced; new fuse boxes were being installed. There were two men on the roof installing the Solar Panels, with the number they were installed they would have their electricity and be selling a lot to the electricity company. A gas central heating system was also being installed.

Jack went home for lunch at twelve; mum had been to the hairdressers, she looked good. After lunch Babs came into the kitchen, she was wearing jeans and a tight-fitting top, she looked good, mum was similarly dressed in jeans and top, Babs said, “Hi Jack, have you had a busy morning? Jo was telling me that you were there at seven this morning, it’s so exciting what you’re doing. I can’t wait to see it.”

Jack smiled then said, “I’m good Babs, I was impressed with the workmen this morning, they are all so professional, they stopped for lunch at twelve, but they have done a lot this morning. I’m sure that you’ll like what you see. Mum, they brought one of the cabinets this morning, they are ideal, they look good cleaned up, the lights are amazing, they are so bright and hardly use any electricity.”

They all went in the one car and arrived just after one. Save was there, he came over to them and said, “I’m happy that we got started this morning, we can get so much preparatory work done, the original electrics must be seventy years old. The building is so sound, we drilled through the floor, and there’s insulation there that been there since the stables were built, the horses could sleep on the floor and they wouldn’t be cold?”

Dave then left them, Jack and mum then showed Babs around. They were impressed when they saw the cabinet, Babs said, “My daughter Kate, deals in silver, my mother collected silver when she died Kate took over the collection and started dealing in it. She’s like me, türkçe bahis we deal online, but I’m sure she’d be interested in taking one of the cabinets, we must talk about that.”

They then went into Uncle Tom’s house, Babs was impressed with the porcelain that was there, especially the Chinese, German and British porcelain. Babs said, “I don’t have the knowledge to value your porcelain, do not underestimate the value of these pieces. I think that you need a porcelain expert to have a look at them before you start to sell them. Have you insurance on the contents of the house?”

Mum replied, “We kept the insurance that Uncle Tom had in place, there’s also a very elaborate alarm system, Jack, we’ll need to look at the security of the Antique Centre especially if we have other people’s antiques there.”

They left around five and went back to mums. Mum invited Babs for dinner; they would walk to the local Chinese restaurant. Mum then opened a bottle of Champagne; they sat in the lounge, Babs said, “I’m very interested in taking space in the Centre, it’s a beautiful building, the location is excellent, and you have wonderful parking. I would suggest you get in touch with the local newspaper and let them know what you’re doing and get a bit of free publicity. I would also put a little Bistro inside it; you have so much room, people would come for a coffee or lunch and have a browse around, I’m sure that would be very popular. Jo, I’m sure that I can help you a lot. I am so interested in Antiques.”

Jack smiled, Babs was a beautiful woman, she was so like Kate, Jack had never had sex with Kate, they had given each other relief, in Jack’s case, Kate had given Jack either a blow job or handjob in the car. Kate loved to be fingered, either on her ample tits or her hot pussy, she could cum very quickly. Jack replied, “Babs, we are all excited about this, I’ve been looking at some software which will allow us to have each item in a database, it will make everyone’s job so much easier, the next few weeks will be interesting. Let’s make our way to the restaurant.”

The meal was excellent, during the meal, Jack was impressed with how Babs spoke, she had been dealing in porcelain for years and knew many dealers who sold mainly online. Baby said that she would spread the word that the Centre would be opening soon and was looking for dealers to take some space there. Babs had been flirting with both Jack and mum; Jack had a feeling that tonight could be fun with Babs and mum. As they approached, the house mum said, “Babs, would you like to join us for a glass of champagne?”

Babs replied, “Jo, I would love to, I’m under no pressure to get home, in fact, if you could give me a bed that would be good as I’ve had so much to drink this evening that I’d better not drive.”

They arrived home, Babs and mum went into the lounge, they were both happy and chatting with each other. Jack went to the kitchen for a bottle and new glasses, when he got güvenilir bahis siteleri to the lounge, mum was kissing Babs, she had her top off, Babs massive tits looked fantastic, they didn’t sag, mum was playing with them as she kissed Babs. Jack poured himself a glass then sat on an armchair and watched them.

Within a couple of minutes, they were both naked; they were both engrossed in what they were doing, they were oblivious to Jack being in the room. Mum then positioned Babs on the carpet; they started to 69; they were both purring with pleasure as they lovingly gave the other oral. Babs, like mum, had a magnificent body, it was fuller than Kate’s, but Jack could see a similarity between the mother and daughter’s bodies. Jack was getting aroused as he watched Babs and mum bringing each other off.

Jack was stroking his erect cocktail when Babs orgasmed first, filling mum’s mouth with her cum. Thirty seconds later, mum climaxed filling Babs mouth with her cum. They then cum kissed, sharing their protein cocktails in each other’s mouths. This was when Babs saw Jack’s massive cock, Babs said, “Jo, no wonder that you are glowing all the time, Jack’s cock is huge, I’ve never seen one as long and thick, we’re both ready for him, would you mind if I went first? It’s so long since I’ve had a cock.”

Mum smiled then said, “No problem, you can go first. I’m looking forward to watching you ride his big cock; he’s going to fill you, you know that?”

There was some precum on the slit of Jack’s cock which Babs licked away with one flick of her tongue, she then went down on Jack’s cock, taking his full length quickly. Jack then knew that Kate and her mum gave excellent blow jobs. Jack was rock hard; he was still sitting in the armchair, Babs then squatted over him, teasing her clit with the bulbous head of Jack’s cock. Her cunt was very wet, Babs centred his head in the middle of her sex slit, she then pushed herself down on his massive cock. She took the full length then started to build up a powerful rhythm as she gripped his cock at the base and head of each thrust, Babs said, “It feels so good, he’s hitting my cervix with the crown of his cock, I’ve never had that before. I feel stretched, but it feels so good.”

Babs continued to pound Jack’s cock; she was an incredibly fit woman for her age; she was so similar to mum, giving her best but giving so much pleasure as she did it. Jack sensed that Babs was close, she was riding him so much faster, it felt so good for Jack, he knew now that Babs would be around him and mum a lot now, would it be possible to have Kate to join them too? He didn’t know, but the idea excited him then Babs had a massive body-shaking orgasm, her body was twitching with it, but she continued to pound Jack’s cock. Jack could feel the warmth of her cum on his cock.

Babs was panting; she said nothing, a couple of minutes later she had composed herself, she said, “My cunt is tingling, that was so good, I’ve never cum so powerfully in all my life. Jack, that was so good for me. I’m looking forward to being part of the Antique Centre with you; it will become a thriving business, my daughter Kate, would like to take a cabinet in it, would that be possible?”

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