A Ride to Remember

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I know this is entirely cliché, but in the last 24-hours I have lived the time of my life! A ride to remember…beginning yesterday afternoon with the moment you wisped me away so that we could go play. Continuing straight through to the very second you drove away this morning after whispering into my ear, “I’ll call you on Wednesday”. I have relentlessly relived our truly amazing escape together. Over. And over. And over!

Giving my all, I have tried to remember a time in my life when I have smiled so sincerely. Or when I have even known what it feels like to live. Really live! Without doubt, happiness is a euphoric frame of mind to endure. And with you as my lover, I am absolutely and completely consumed. There is not a split second that passes by when I do not imagine being in your arms. Arms that captures and secures all my weakness’ remolding me into a woman of strength. Life as I’ve known it has absolutely and wonderfully been altered forever. Oh, how very much, I like it! My ultimate joy began months ago during our first phone call. There is nothing like the first conversation filled with complete and utter truth. Rawness continuing into our second, our third, our 103rd… There has not been a moment pass by when we have not smiled, laughed and had fun together. This may just be love — but then again, of all woman, how would I recognize it?

* * * * *

What exquisite beauty my eyes are feeding upon. A masterpiece that is large and majestic. My language and breath now elude me! His masculinity is so massive and gorgeous. His rock hard muscles, musky fragrance and confidence leave me without words. I stare at him in complete awe and amazement. The need to memorize every inch of him is nearly all too consuming. If only I can reach out and touch him…

I’ve never seen such a striking animal and for him to present himself in such close proximity is breath-taking. What began as merely time for us to flee and engage in a bit of play, is swiftly becoming a true endowment of affection. A sunset rendezvous being our destination is bringing with it serene mountainous beauty. This is a blessed day in paradise and coated in sunshine. To our surprise we are being offered up a private showing; starring a powerful and graceful herd of elk, including the “Branch Bull” himself and certainly in all his glory. We continue our venture onward and upward. And with each bend in the winding and bumpy road comes sexual tension in extreme intensity.

My black-lace panties are now moist with solid evidence of my seductive wishes. With each swerve of the truck and pot-hole taken, I am experiencing jolts of searing tingles and bold awareness of my bodies’ wants and needs. This foreplay has me hot, wet and wild. The desire to bring you to full hardness is consuming my mind. I know your size and the taste of your juice so completely. I hunger for both, but hold on to the awareness that the point will come.

The truck came to a sudden halt. You pull on the parking brake with power and urgency. Looking deep into my eyes you ask, “Can you see how deep the embankment is?” I unbuckle and lean across your broad, masculine and great smelling body in an effort to take in the view out of your window. I know perfectly well that this is exactly your intent. The valleys bottom is barely within site. My single thought now being, “Wow!” Although amazing, the scenic view certainly is not deserving of my exclamation.

In a teasing and taunting fashion I begin to play. With slow and intentional movement, my body transfers and reacts with radiating heat and motion. I can feel the erect nipples from my full and swollen breasts rubbing back and forth across your chest. The aroma is a combination of musk cologne and sweat. The mere size of your manliness causes me to feel every bit of the sexy and sensual woman that I am. Breathing in deeply, I release an exhale of mmm…

If only these progressing sensations would be certain to never cease to exist. Slowly maneuvering my body, I turn to face you. Our eyes connect with an enticing smile shared. Devilish longing is what I recognized in your eyes. Your hunger now sets forth a rippling effect poker oyna into the deepest crevice of my feminine wilds. At this point “wild” is a definite understatement. Eagerness for you to have all consuming access into my pulsating deepness has my twat dripping with fluid for your taking. I nearly melt upon feeling your hand slide deep within my hair. You gently demand my movement towards you so that our burning and engorged lips fuse in captured affection. Kisses beginning slowly and softly are now intense and firm. Mutual desire is creating discomfort in our confining apparel. Our bodies frantically gyrate in replication of our kisses shared. Tongues inviting each other with confidence as motions of darting in and out, then around and around took us to familiar heights. Our combining movements are unable to cease in this moment – only the depth and speed fluctuating. The temperature of our combining breath is increasingly becoming feverous. Hearts racing, blood pumping, gasps taken, and moisture. Oh…so much moisture flowing. We both are now, obviously, geared up with enthusiasm to provide and receive in sexual harmony. With sweet closure, our bodies reluctantly part and our driven journey continues.

With each bush passing and mile travelled, our destination is now soon to be reached. The rawness of my knowing causes the inside of my thighs to tighten and release. Wondering about the chance possibilities of our being witnessed to causes me to be aware of our surroundings. A soundless chuckle leaves my lips as my intake of the long, straight and mature fir line trees that lining each side of our path developing into a picture-perfect comparison. This scene strikes me of ‘prim and proper’ soldiers towering over us with disapproving sighs. Maybe they lack the pleasure of witnessing such a naughty and sexually free coupling. With this amusing thought, I come back to reality by reaching for and fondled your very lonely and enticing earlobe. And in return, I receive your low-pitched moan of approval.

This afternoon’s sunshine, though strong and bright, is now becoming closer to evading us. Our travels are now becoming intense, as we rush in order of taking no chance in our experiencing disappointment. Speedily we persist toward the viewpoint. Admittedly, the rays are so pure and brilliant posses no capture of my attention. My undoubted attraction and affections for you, and you alone, are being drawn out of me by your splendor and form. With ease, the sunbeams persuade these surrounding expansions to magnify in blush. But for me, physically, all I can visualize is our love making as it matures in my minds-eye. With each gaze that I offer in your direction, my heart grows fonder and my body hotter. Alive with passion, my left hand begins to travel the length of your firm and muscular leg. Touch representing my gift solely for you. In time, pleasure being your token of my unfaltering skill and craving. Worthy are you, my sacrifice of nothing less than myself. Starting with lengthy, gentle and loving caresses are swiftly becoming intense, longing and possessive strokes lingering close to your erection. I share a suggestion of my own anticipation. My intention, by portraying a range of teasing, is to indicate promises of satisfaction. Chance touches of your hardening package cause my clit to surge with waves of explosive sensations. Expanding and crashing waves striking just above my now sweltering lips. Orgasmic surges of constant and consistent length and intensity. Our moment over-takes my sense of safety. Though covered in fabric your rock-hard self is now in my hand. Continuing my intense, longing and possessive strokes are at last claiming just an inkling of my wants. In reaction and for you, I am hot, wet and tasting of sweet molting honey…

Enjoying my wonder, I post this thought to myself… If I were to relieve your firm cock from your now tight jeans, will it be glistening with a coating of pre-cum? With an evil smile, my answer is to believe — yes! And then a halting thought, will sucking your hardening rod now ruin your plans that you have for me for later? With this possibility, a twinge of disappointment came. canlı poker oyna I do not want to take away from your enjoyment…

A battle worth fighting for is now being laid before me. I need desperately to calm my stormy waters. And keep them calm until our arrival. The scenic look-out can certainly not be much further. Or in the least I pray! And what can be more extraordinary than making love just after watching the sun setting and bidding adieu especially after such a luscious day. Well except for before, during and after. Mmm…

My realization and awareness that our romantic encounter will be happening before long, is definite incentive enough to calm these stormy waters of mine. And I have no idea how many times today I heard myself saying, “I’m sorry hon – what did you say?” Though, you do know me well. Very well! Without a doubt, you are familiar to my wanting you…finally and completely.

My thoughts are distracted by the sound of your down-shifting the truck and announcing, “I think this is… No, it can’t be unless they tore down the old building that should stand just about there.” Pointing just back from where we now sit. “No, this can’t be right.” I can read the disappointment on your face. “Let’s go just a bit further. If need be, we can always come back.” In this moment you return the truck back on the road. And I am back to self-coaching in attempt to calm my needs. It is just a couple miles further before we drove up to our destination. Here stood the building that you are remembering from your visits to the look-out in the past. Indeed, the most exciting structure that I have ever had the pleasure of beholding. Not because of the architecture or the history, but because it marks our pending unity. You maneuver the truck toward the parking area and to our dismay… Without a second spared we both speak in unison, “People. Damn!” Our twin smiles prove positive of our being in agreement.

Leaving the seclusion of the truck we set out for some fresh air. Alone together strolling hand-in-hand, laughing together, sharing kisses and holding each other so tightly we can nearly pass through each other. Life is good today!

The sun is setting, our sunset, and it is as absolutely spectacular. Together we absorb the beauty of our surroundings. Spotting this night’s first star I make a wish. May we stay as happy as we are in this very moment. You gently turn me to face you. Lowering your lips to mine and becoming one. The searing warmth of your mouth leaves nothing of your desires to my imagination. You want me — you want me now! This is a kiss that is known only between lovers. Best friends that are also lovers. We part and your most intoxicating smile simply melts me. And then I hear your low and sexy voice, “Looks like everyone else has left. Let’s go back to the truck.”

I feel you reach for my hand and I eagerly accept it. Our walk is at a much swifter pace and we reach the truck in nearly half the time of our earlier leisurely stroll. It happens…you start the truck and immediately crank the heater. “I’m freezing! We will warm up in no time. Let’s head down the mountain.” And with this said…my confusion sets in.

We are leaving. We are leaving? What? No! Yes, in the truck and head down off of the mountain and towards what I assume is home. I am definitely now equally as quiet as I’ve been most of the day. But this time, this time is for a completely different reason. Seemingly minutes passing bring us the end of the road and land in this quaint town. Surprising me with an offer for a shared dinner in the next big town, we head further away from home. Again, I am excited and making wishes…

Being firm-minded and set on controlling my naughtiness until after dinner, I know exactly what I need. I must keep you talking, which I do enjoy and will certainly bring me to tears with laughter and joy. Sharing stories, laughter and down-right girlie giggles. A delicious dinner continues our date with so much delight. And then your suggestion to stay at a hotel brought with it butterflies…and then they take flight as we leave town and head towards home. Your “hotel” suggestion internet casino was a clear message that you yearn for me and need me now. Home. Home is where our oasis is waiting for us. Our cozy fresh laundered bedding, our romantic display of candles and our favorite tunes on the stereo. Yeah, home is good. Hopefully, we just get there before those crashing waves return, deeply within me, and I am unable to self-coach. And in turn, reach the point of persuading myself to self-satisfy. You, my man, have the ability of driving me absolutely wild with desire. I now plead for distractions, distractions, and yes even more distractions. And upon my request arrive smiles, fun and laughter…

Our being, no more than ten miles within home, I could not stop me any longer. With no mild jester, my hand made direct contact with the zippered area of your jeans. Upon contact it became obvious that you were pleased. “Oh…” is what releases from your heated breath and meets my ear with pleasure. I continue to firmly grasp and rub in reaction to your hardened excitement. Removing your right hand from the wheel and making contact with my breast caused deep and longing desires within me. Deep within me! I arch my back and extend my breasts out requiring more intense contact. My hips are moving forward and back causing fulfillment from the bucket seat. Now within moments of arriving home, you sped up in order to reach our awaiting bed.

I light the candles in our room, while you stay behind and lock house for the night. Doubtful either will be departing from our shared bed. Not hearing you arrive behind me, I am pleasantly surprised by the feel of your swollen goodness as “he” rubs against my taught fanny. I moan and lean my head back against your chest, arching while placing my gap against your head. Reaching around you grasp both of my breasts in the palms of your hands and massage them in firm rounds of massage. I moan yet again just before you turn me so that I can see the hunger and desperation in your eyes. Silently you scream that you want me now and for hours to come.

Placing a loving hand on each side of my face, you lower your lips to mine. Such sweet, yummy kisses. A coupling known to me and recognize even if being received in the pitch black of night. During countless encounters, not unlike this moment, I have memorized your taste, touch and technique. Snuggling together on the couch and kissing the hours away, is certainly one of my favorite pass-times.

Before my noticing, I stood before you naked as a jaybird and loving the way you are look at me with such longing and passion. I’m quick to offer myself the same favor by removing your clothing as well. With the release of your cock that was seconds ago under cover, I can resist no longer being separated from “him”. I lower myself and “he” is deep within my mouth. Hot and laced in pre-cum, I scrub you clean with my tongue. Lapping up every bit of the juice that is being release from your swollen shaft. I move back and forth in elevated excitement, sucking harder in search for added pre-cum. You taste so heavenly. I’ve wanted to be connected with you in this way the entire afternoon. I feel you gently coaching me upward and hear your request to join you in bed. Being willing to separate from you for no other reason, I turn just long enough to close the door behind me and offer myself above you as you lay.

Our time is now arriving… On top of you I lay as we share the deepest of kisses. In satisfying yearning your penis receives the sauce from my vagina as I rub against you in a grinding fashion. Our love making ritual is to take our time to express our needs and wants in clear unspoken messages. But not tonight! Tonight we are ravaging and consuming each other in a frenzy of tossing, turning, rubbing and consuming fashion – with each insisting on pleasing the other immediately and completely. Positioning ourselves so that I can drink from your spout and you can enter my fountain, we continue with electrifying delight. We join together in our song of “oh, oh, oh…oh, god yes…aw, aw, aw…” repeating to the point of my screaming out and drenching your hand in climax. You match my move and fill my mouth with your cum. Eagerly I take every bit of it and swallow it deeply. Exhausted, I collapse on top of you. Our bodies tightly sealed together with sweat and exhaustion. Satisfied…for now!

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