A Ripe Little Peach

Female Masturbation

We were just relaxing after everyone else had left the party. Erica slumped back on the couch, kicked off her flip flops, wiggled her toes, and patted her stomach.??”Oooh, I am so full, and my poor belly hurts from eating all that pizza.”

She rubbed her hands in gentle circles over her stomach, and looked up to see my reaction. I returned her gaze, and asked if she’d like a Tums or an Alka Seltzer.

“No, the best remedy is when someone rubs my tummy.”

I tentatively reached over and gave a quick good-natured pat to her midsection.

“That’s nice, but it would be so much nicer being rubbed on my bare belly.” Erica gave a coy smile and lifted her shirt. “I’d love for you to rub some lotion on my poor bare belly”, she cajoled with a wink. “Would you do that for me?”

It was a request no rational man could refuse.

“No problem. Wait here a minute.”

“Please hurry.”

I previously thought of Erica as a cute but very shy little innocent. Apparently she was no longer so innocent, and certainly not very shy.

She had been my kid sister’s best friend during high school. I hardly paid any attention to her in those days even though she was a little blonde haired, blue eyed doll. It was great seeing her again. Now she was all grown up. We had hit it off throughout the evening, and I was glad that she stuck around after everyone left.

I was fairly stunned when she lifted her shirt without the slightest hint of apprehension or inhibition. Seeing Erica’s navel for the very first time was a totally unexpected treat. I’ve always had a major thing for girls who like to show off their belly button, especially the cute, innocent ones who don’t mind being a little naughty. It’s part of a major fetish I’ve had since the time I was a little boy.

I re-entered the room with a bottle of aloe vera, and noticed that Erica had lowered her shorts down to her hips, and assumed a comfortable position stretched out on the couch. What a magnificent sight! Her shirt was raised to the lower edge of her bra. The deep little button sitting all alone on her aching belly appeared stark, vulnerable, and highly erotic. A voyeuristic wave of pleasure overcame me as I realized how lusciously obscene it felt to observe her state of undress. I applied a nice daub of lotion to my palms and anxiously proceeded with the massage.

“Oh that feels so good, and my belly hurts so bad”, she groaned.

“You have a great touch, please don’t stop. I’m so stuffed. Make my belly ache go away.”

“That’s so nice…why did I eat so much? Rub it all in”, she implored.

“My belly hurts real bad. You are so sweet to do this.”

Erica’s skin was remarkably creamy and smooth. No six-pack abs (thank God), but a gently toned, deliciously presentable belly; nicely curved and oh so soft. The provocative birth scar was sweetly sucked in with a lower ridge lip that gave it a pouty, slightly tilted upward appearance. It literally commanded attention. I enjoyed watching Erica’s belly button continually bob up and down as my hands did their work.

Erica closed her eyes as I lovingly caressed her sides and lower abdomen. Her plaintive moans had the ring of a woman being aroused.

“This is wonderful. You have such a soothing, gentle aksaray seks hikayeleri touch”, she sighed. “I’ll bet you’ve practiced this plenty of times before with some lucky girl.”

“Erica, you shouldn’t have eaten so much”, I sympathetically admonished, avoiding the question.

“Oh I know”, she said. “but isn’t it fun rubbing my tummy?”

I leaned over and gently planted a kiss on her upper midsection. She welcomed the gesture by caressing the back of my head. I moved down with a series of tummy nibbles, and kissed her lower abdomen about an inch above the panty line.

“Wow, you’re really into this”, she giggled nervously. “The kisses are nice. They make me feel better.”

“Well, I do sort of have a thing for women’s stomachs. Hope you don’t think I’m some kind of oddball.”

A short silence passed between us. Erica broke the ice.

“I think bellies are sexy, too.”

She paused, and tentatively asked, “Do you get aroused by seeing a girl’s belly button?”

I could feel my face reddening. My fetish had always been my guilty little secret. The way Erica said “belly button” in such an inquisitive little girl voice stiffened my erection. I was lost for words as she continued.

“You might think I’m the odd one. I absolutely love showing my belly button. It gets me horny.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing; a girl who seemed to share my fetish.

Erica pressed the issue further. “You like looking at my belly button, don’t you?”

I not only liked looking at it, I loved hearing her say it.

“I love it more than you can imagine. It’s one of the sexiest innies I’ve ever seen.”

Erica looked down, and began fondling her navel.

“There’s a little bump hidden deep inside; sort of like a baby pea. I once had a boyfriend who liked to tease it with his fingernail. It gave me ‘pleasure butterflies’ running from my tummy to my toes.”

Erica beckoned me closer, and in a near whisper said, “Whenever he did that, it made me want to get naked.”

Another short silence followed. My gaze returned to her stomach while she played show and tell with her finger penetration. I felt like a deer caught in the headlights of being seduced. I’d never seen a girl play with her belly button like this before. It was like watching her masturbate. Erica again spoke in that little girl voice.

“I’d love it if you’d stick your finger in my belly button, …….and make me get naked?”

We shared a long passionate kiss. She tasted so sweet. I led her into the bedroom, and painstakingly explored each and every one of her hidden navel delights. I quickly found the sensitive little bump down deep at the core. My erection stiffened. We were both now experiencing those “pleasure butterflies” together.

“That feels soooo good!”

Erica arched her back to increase the pressure.

“Keep wiggling your finger like that. Right there….right there……yes………oh yes……..that feels so good! Oh God, your fingernail is doing such nasty, nasty things! You give great ‘navel punishment.’ Don’t stop.”

I watched her face contort into the pained frown of blissful agony as I lovingly dished out the “navel punishment” with my index finger. Every one of her continuous moans and cries fueled my desire. I molested her belly button with relish.

“No one has ever done it like this to me before. So nasty, and it hurts so good.”

Erica slipped off her tee shirt, and removed her bra. Her fulsome breasts did not disappoint. The areolae barely encircled two bright, erect, reddish nipples that were popping off her chest like fresh strawberries. She was clearly aroused, and the sight was truly awe inspiring.

My thumbs rolled back and forth over her nipples as I gently caressed and pressed the breasts together. I nuzzled down from between the cleavage, and French kissed her belly button. Whoever thought four years ago that one day I’d be licking shy little Erica’s belly button while playing with her titties? I stimulated her nipples while the tip of my tongue made sure to stimulate that hard little belly knot that gave her those pleasure butterflies.

“Make me naked”, she implored.

I removed her shorts, and noticed a moist stain on the crotch of her cotton bikini briefs.

Off came the pleasure-wetted panties. She had a small, well-trimmed pubic patch that did nothing to conceal the vagina. She could have been the model for a Georgia O’Keefe painting. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

She watched as I disrobed. My pulsating dick was practically aimed at the ceiling and strained taut.

She exuded sex while lying with her legs apart on my king sized bed. While sucking on her beautiful strawberry nipples, I finger fucked her wet pussy. It felt like liquid velvet. One finger and then two penetrated Erica’s honey crack. Then I anchored my thumb in her navel, and simultaneously stimulated her clitoris with my outstretched middle finger.

She squirted.

I ate her out and tasted the exquisite vaginal elixir of a very randy young girl. So good! Such a ripe little peach. I licked and nibbled her glistening clitoris.

She came again all over the sheet.

“How’s your belly ache now?”

“Your thumb knows just what to do”, she grimaced.

She had such attractive feet; really sexy. Yeah, I have a small foot fetish, too. I kissed, licked and smelled her lovely pink toes one at a time. They had a healthy musky scent which I found most appealing.

Placing my hand to my face, I sampled the various odors that Sarah’s body had left on my thumb, index and middle fingers. Odor is so underrated. I reveled in the intoxicating aroma of her vagina. I could smell Erica’s carnal desire. I could smell her nudity. Pure heaven.

There she was, a freshly scrubbed, lovely scented young woman. My probing finger and thumb had managed to unsettle some earthy, deeply embedded, scratch and sniff enjoyment. I know there are a number of people who will say “eewwwwwwww”, but the faint but unmistakable smell of Erica’s belly button on my thumb and index finger practically set me aflame. Behind closed doors I love a little naughty dirt here and there from a fresh girl. It brings out a certain animalistic quality in me.

“I’ve got your body on my fingers, and it’s like an aphrodisiac.”

Erica sniffed my hand, and began licking my fingers.

“Please put your penis in me. I’m so ready. I want your big, hard penis in me. I want you to fuck me any way you want. You can do anything you want with me. Anything.”

I got down on my knees and fucked her!

I took my good sweet time sliding a rock-stiff cock in and out of that pretty pussy; kept popping her cherry. I felt like a porn star who could go all night with this wet little peach. In and out, in and out, in and out… Normally it doesn’t take too long for me to ejaculate, but my concentration on giving her maximum pleasure prevented me from going over the edge. I was in the zone. I’ve never been harder or lasted longer.

The positions changed from missionary to cross-scissors to doggie style, and back to missionary. I fucked her slow. I fucked her fast. We were in total sync. She couldn’t get enough. I wanted to take her to heaven, and was wildly succeeding. She shivered and creamed my cock at least three times. I thoroughly had my way with her, and the series of mini-orgasms finally ended with one wonderful climax on her part as I maintained potency.

“My pussy is so nice and tender, and you haven’t even cum yet. Get on your back and let me molest you.”

I pulled out, and was harder than when I first went in.

She licked my penis up and down the shaft and all around the head.

“I love the taste of my own pussy. Your cock is beautiful. Do you want to come in my mouth?” She continued to lick and suck the head of my penis.

I shook my head no.

Her tongue slowly passed back and forth across the tip of my cock and insinuated itself in the little vertical slit.

“Do you want to come on my titties?”

I shook my head no.

“Do you want to stick it in my butt?”

I thought about that for a second or two, and then shook my head no.

“I want to cum all over your beautiful belly!”

“Oh yeah! That would be super. I want to watch you cum. I want to see you spill your semen all over my belly like a man. Will you do that for me?”

We got on our knees and faced each other. Erica distended her stomach and pushed it against my penis. She slowly gyrated her hips causing my cock to roll back and forth, back and forth over the button. She pinched my nipples. God, it all felt good! A small droplet of clear pre-cum emerged and found entrance at the lower ridge of her navel. My entire body felt like one big orgasm waiting to happen.

“Come on, make it good and messy!”, she urged.

“That’s it. I want to see your penis do filthy things to my belly button.”

“It feels like heaven letting you do this.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m so wet again!”

Erica reached down and began playing with her clitoris. My thumbs tweaked her nipples, and my penis continued to skim her freshly lubricated umbilicus. We both watched as another small clear droplet slowly rolled down my penis and disappeared into her belly button.

Erica let out a muffled cry. “Yes…. give me a good dirty belly button fucking!”

It was time for me to let go. I smelled her wonderfulness on my fingers and within seconds, ejaculated copious amounts of semen directly into her sweet tummy hole. Cum spurted out in all directions. I massaged Erica’s precious belly button with the head of my penis as our eyes fixated on the warm white seed of my pleasure oozing and dribbling down her lovely, curvaceous belly.

We were both going to remember this night for a very long time, and it was just beginning.

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