A Royal Bond: The King

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All characters 18+

The crown wobbled above the king’s head with every thrust he gave the prince. The jewels embedded in the goldwork tinkled in the afternoon sun beaming in through the window. Clouds of dust danced within his bedchamber and the candles flickered in a gentle breeze. Breathing heavily, he told his son. “You… enjoy this cock, because soon I may die in battle, and you’re gonna’ be missing it.” He gave his son another thrust with his monsterous manhood. “You will need to find a comely Lord to fuck alongside. I will find a woman to bear you heirs, you are eighteen and of age. But I forbid you to fuck the woman despite for that purpose. Is that understood?”

“I want you, Your Radiance,” cried the prince. “Nothing more.”

“My seed is sufficient for now. But in a week, or a month, or a year I will have been slain and you will be empty.”

“Yes, Your Grace. But who will he be?”

The king thrusted once more. A trickle of sweat slid from the his forehead to the corner of his lip. Seven hot streams of semen shot into his son’s ass as he screamed. “Take it!” And slapped illegal bahis his ass cheeks red.

In response, the prince moaned and shot three long strings of seed onto the crimson bedsheets. The king collapsed comfortably over his son, panting. He took off the crown, flung it on the sheets and began to nibble on the boy’s ear softly. Then his neck… then his shoulder.

The king massaged his heir’s hips for a moment. “Flip over. We’re not done.” He slid out his wet cock covered in his own seed and flipped the prince on to his back. He preferred to look into his son’s astonishingly chiseled face when he stroked his cock. His deep brown eyes shot up when his father took a frim grip on his manhood and his neck arched backwards, revealing the plump and prevalent apple in his throat.

“Softly, Your Grace. I might burst soon.” It was true. His cock was throbbing red and rippling with veins. A nine-inch pipe that belonged to the king whenever he wished. However, the man obeyed and stroked it softly. He lived to serve the prince as much as the prince lived to serve him. The realm depended on their illegal bahis siteleri bond. For without it, they are weak and unprotected.

Five years prior, the king and prince had lead an army seventeen-thousand strong and conquered the Capital of the realm in a single day. That day, the city had been thin with soldiers and especially knights as the result of a grand tourney being held leagues and leagues away. That left the city vulnerable and marked with infamous idiocy.

It only took seven more strokes from his father before the prince exploded once again, but now onto his stomach. “Lick it,” the prince demanded. The king couldn’t resist. His son’s rippling abdomen was lightly brushed with a coarse and dark trail of hair that ran down to his cock. The best part was that it was lined with his seed.

It didn’t take long before the king had swallowed all the semen and licked his the prince’s stomach clean. It slid down his throat softly, much like the seed leaking from the prince’s ass right now.

“Dad- I mean, Your Grace-”

“Leave it.” His father interrupted. “Call me Daddy canlı bahis siteleri if you wish. Soon, you will be king and I will mean nothing. You need to learn to be assertive.”

That certainly got him excited.

In the fold of a second, the prince was on top of his father, with his semen coated erect manhood in his palm, lightly sliding it in and out of it’s grip. “Okay, Daddy, now listen to me. Tonight I’m dipping my toe in the water. You will obey more than ever. Tonight, my Lord, I’m king.” He slapped his father across his cheek and it flushed red beneath his rugged beard. He began thrusting his pipe against his sire’s.

“Yes, Your Grace,” he cried.

When the sun had set and the darkest of dusk began to creep upon the land, the candles had already burnt out and the two men were exhausted from a days work of furious and intimate sex. Both were glossy and naked with sweat, sprawled across the bedsheets that were lined with multiple different fluids. The true prince had closed his eyes with the crown resting on his face; his headupon his father’s chest. The moonlight winked on the jewels brighter than any comet the king had ever seen.

Slowly and inevitably, he began to dream. His eyelids became heavier and heavier until he was deep in sleep, walking the through the dunes of an orange desert with the sand blowing in his face.

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