A “Seeding-ly” Close Encounter

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The last time they’d been together was wild. Sweat dripping off their bodies, total exhaustion at the last orgasm, chests heaving and smiles that would last for days.

Vanessa smiled to herself before she entered her bedroom, where she would find Shawn already half undressed. She was still in her blouse and skirt, her legs clad in a shiny, tan coloured pair of pantyhose. Her feet were still compressed into her high heels, the thin heel lifting her 4 inches above her normal height, and shaping her calves into seductive twists of muscle and feminine intrigue.

She knew Shawn cared for her. He liked her, certainly. Lusted for her, absolutely. He probably did not love her, because what they did in their last hours together was not love. Animalistic, passionate, a meshing of bodies, or body parts. It was fucking. She had fucked him. He fucked her, gently, abruptly, deeply, urgently … it was many things, and many times, but it was fucking.

The door opened in front of her as she stepped inside and Vanessa saw Shawn on the bed, dressed only in the tight trunk style boxers she’d suggested for him. Walking over to the bed, Vanessa lifted her foot and traced her heel up along his leg on the bed – and then she tapped her toe against his balls. Shawn moaned and rolled his hips away to avoid a repeat.

Vanessa stood with both shoes on the floor, and her fingers found the buttons on her blouse, picking her way around each one, revealing the notch in her collar, the skin above her breasts, the lace, white, demi bra, the flat of her stomach, and then she removed her lithe arms from the top before letting it fall to the ground.

She knelt over Shawn, kissing him while his hands touched the fabric of her pantyhose. He felt her feet, touched the shiny black leather of her heels, and he ran his hand up her legs, to her bottom, to her inner thigh, and then up to her back. Releasing the hooks of her bra, he eased the garment off her shoulders.

Her tongue had traced across his lips, teasing the corners, and now she probed and explored his mouth, deeply, her breath hot and tasting of excitement.

Shawn rolled her over, and kiss her deeply, before moving his head down her chest to suck at her small breasts, the pebble sized nipples taking shape and inviting his kiss, his licking, his sucking at them.

Vanessa allowed this for a moment, and then rolled Shawn over again onto his back. She stood, removing her heels, then undoing her bra.

It was now Shawn in his trunks, Vanessa güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in those pantyhose, but not for long. She leaned in, kissed the growing mass under Shawn’s underpants, and she took hold of his waistband before rolling them down over his cock, his hips, and down his legs. As Vanessa threw the trunk briefs away, she saw his cock, glistening already with excitement, and thick. When Shawn was truly aroused, he was not only hard, and grew long, but his circumference grew and Vanessa was filled to satisfaction by Shawn.

Vanessa kneeled on the bed, and swung around, her bottom facing Shawn. She backed up, her hair hanging down and teasing up Shawn as she moved backwards, her hips moving over his chest, and over his face.

She bent down, and took him into her mouth while Shawn ran his fingers across her hips, her backside, and her legs, feeling sexy and tantalizing in their pantyhose. He could lift his head and kiss her legs, her bottom. Her pantyhose, or the small cotton crotch of them, concealed her slit but he could see her lips compressed beneath the hose, could see the cleft in her backside. He could smell her invitation. Shawn loved when she was ‘natural’ as he called it … when she had worn her pantyhose throughout the day and then kept them on to be with him.

Vanessa’s tongue had circled his cock head, and had slid across and through his pee hole. She put her mouth into a circle, and pumped up and down just over his head, before bringing a gasp to his mouth by going down, deeply, fully. Shawn rocked his hips up to meet her pretty, plunging mouth, and Vanessa responded by pushing his hips down, and then lowering her hips onto his face.

Now Shawn could taste her pantyhose, at the crotch, at her pussy. God, she was always so sweet, so tangy, and now he tasted every part of her day. When she’d gone to the washroom, and barely dried herself. When she had been feeling warm, sweating slightly into the pantyhose. And when she had been fingering her self, rubbing her clit, in anticipation of this. He could taste it all and wanted to drink deeply.

Vanessa sat up, her pantyhose sliding her pussy away from him, and then she sat on his face. Her beautiful, small ass, tender cheeks that he craved, were above him and she rocked her little frame around so that his mouth was under the part in her cheeks. She felt so naughty, but so in control, because she knew how Shawn craved her ass.

Shawn kissed at her rear, covered in pantyhose and because güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of that, he could not have her, felt he wanted, needed her, but she was out of reach still.

Vanessa allowed him to push his tongue at her, pressing the pantyhose up in between her small globes as far as the fabric would stretch. Shawn could smell the leather of the shoes that had been on her feet all day, he could feel the roughness of the pantyhose, and then, as Maple hunched her shoulders, and rolled her hips, Shawn’s tongue found ‘the spot’, he pressed softly on her small anus and it was like an orgasm for Vanessa. She shuddered, twitched, her very being was shaken by the small touch – and a small amount of juice dribbled out, she was quite sure.

If it did, it served only to heighten the moment for Shawn, who took hold of Vanessa’s hips and push even further at her bottom. Vanessa spun into a frenzy, her body shaking as her ass was teased and pleased. She tried to go back onto Shawn’s cock with her mouth, but she needed to babble her pleasure through moans and cooing, and suddenly she simply put her head on his thigh.

Shawn took hold of the fabric of her pantyhose, and tore a small hole to accommodate his probing tongue; enough to glance at the gentle skin of her anus, before he pushed it into her tight bottom. Vanessa cried aloud.

Then he lifted his head, holding Vanessa’s hips. His slippery tongue tried to dance down to her pussy, as the nylon material split further down towards her pussy (flattened from wearing her pantyhose all day), her lips were now fully engorged and he kissed them, licked her slit, tasted her juices and yes she had peed before but it was like honey for him now. Vanessa slid back and gave him access to her clit, exposed but tender, and Shawn kissed it, flicked and sucked it lightly, before she ground her body into his face.

Shawn drew Vanessa’s clit deeply into his mouth and she came. He traced his tongue up and down, across it, under it, over it, around it, and Vanessa’s voice was soft and desperate.

She shook through another series of orgasms, before Shawn released her and eased her onto her side. He swung his body around, and positioned his hips above hers. The pantyhose, now the crotch area barely exposing her smooth and shaved pussy, seemed to awake a primitive urge to conquer, and Shawn took his cock in his hand, and slapped it against her pantyhose-covered clit. The sensitive little button was now the size of her little güvenilir bahis şirketleri finger, and he rubbed his wet cock against the nylon fabric.

Then Shawn put himself at the groove between her hose covered legs. He scooped her pantyhosed ass up with one hand and lifted her legs with the other. Vanessa told him “no, do not fuck me, don’t cum in me baby, please’, but the sight was just too inviting. Shawn slid up and down her slippery pussy a time or two further, and then with a rock of his hips, he was in her. His cock head, the bulging head, then his shaft, and soon he felt her hips against his. She was like liquid fire inside, scorching the sensitive skin of his erect penis and he took her.

Slowly he plumbed her depths, in and out. He listened to the sound of her wet cunt slurping as he pistoned in and out. Shawn held her by her pantyhose covered hips as he drove deeply into her tight, small, soaking pussy. She was close again and Shawn varied shallow thrusts, almost out of her pussy, with deep plunges where his balls slapped against her ass.

She howled. It was almost more than Shawn could take, as Vanessa’s voice rose while he fucked into her petite frame. She begged him with her mouth, to please not come, to not put his seed into her, but her eyes invited all that Shawn could offer.

His cock was swelling, his balls tightening, and Shawn was at the brink. He held his position, with his member seated tightly against her cervix, and she could feel him swell, and tighten. Shawn allowed one pulse into her, before pulling out, and slipped his throbbing cock quickly into the top of the small torn opening at the gusset as his next contraction sent a rope of copious cum up into Vanessa’s pantyhose, and then he leaned himself back, to cum, squirt, spray, pour, out as much as he could muster into her 20-denier clad thighs. His cum was thick, and almost clear, as it stained, and built up, and then rolled downward across her thighs.

Shawn then pulled his cock out from the torn gusset and continued to masturbate himself, and the next big wave came spraying out every glob, and drop, of his cum, onto the outside of Vanessa’s pantyhose gusset.

She was panting heavily, and her pantyhose were soaking wet with streaks of white creamy frosts. Shawn’s cock was still hard, but was soon to fade. There was nothing to do but rest beside each other; both completely satisfied.


Shawn bent forward, and kissed her pantyhose clad thighs, next to a huge wad of cum. She was in a fog of passion and then, even as his first shot of semen slowly began to trickle from inside of her pantyhose gusset down to her still gasping pussy lips, he shifted his body to lean near Vanessa’s ears and whispered to her, “Next time, you won’t be so lucky, bitch!”, that sent shudders through her body.

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