A Sexy Wet Fantasy

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A pulled into the driveway and put her car in park. Her thoughts were racing as she stepped out of the car and walked up the steps to the door. A knock on the door and a few seconds later, J appeared in the doorway. “Hey babe!” They hugged and then stood for a second in awkward silence. J was so sexy. She had long dark hair, full lips, huge boobs, and an ass to die for. A decided she needed a minute to prepare for this. “Hey I’m gonna have a smoke real quick.”

J smiled “Go ahead, I’ll be upstairs when you’re ready.”

A lit a cigarette and took long drags, trying to slow her racing heartbeat. This had been a fantasy for a long time. It was finally all sinking in that this was about to happen. She was excited and nervous as hell all at the same time. She wasn’t sure which one she was feeling more. The next puff on the cigarette brought her shaking hand into view. “Just relax,” she reminded herself, “You’ve been friends forever. Its going to be amazing, and there’s no reason to be so nervous!” She imagined the scenario playing out. How it would feel, how J would taste… and with that thought she flicked her cig into the street and turned around walking up the steps and through the door.

As she walked up the stairs she could hear something. When she reached the top she realized it was the shower. “This is it,” she thought. She started stripping off her clothes and laid them in a neatly folded pile güvenilir bahis on the bedroom floor. She entered the bathroom and took a breath. With no hesitation she stepped into the shower. J’s back was to her, and there was no shaking now as her hand pulled J’s hair to the side and started kissing and nibbling at the side of her neck and down her shoulder. The water bouncing off of J’s body was chilly by the time it reached A. A shiver ran through her body and her nipples hardened. Her hands ran over J’s body and then slid their way to the front and cupped around J’s tits. A pressed her body closer to J’s and pinched lightly at her nipples, rolling them around in her fingers as she ran her tongue along J’s shoulder back up to her neck.

It was now very apparent that J’s sexy ass was pressed right up against A’s pussy, and she was throbbing as she ran her hands back down J’s body cupping and admiring it. A grabbed J’s shoulders and turned her around. She was totally exposed now, but she pushed the nervousness out of her mind and began again. She kissed down J’s neck, licked down her collarbone, and down… Her hands brought one of J’s nipples to her lips and flicked her tongue over it as her other hand reached for the other one and played with the nipple. She sucked it into her mouth switching between little pinches with her teeth and flicking her tongue over it. Her eyes found J’s face. J was watching her, lips türkçe bahis slightly parted, and then a small moan escaped her lips. It was time to move lower.

A’s mind was as foggy as the bathroom, intoxicated by the sexiness of this encounter. Her mouth watered in excitement as she pulled her face away from J’s chest and started kissing down her belly. She turned J so her back was against the wall of the shower and A dropped to her knees. Her hands massaged J’s thighs as she kissed and licked lower. J parted her legs a little, and A ran her tongue down the inside of one thigh, and back up the other. J’s hand was on the back of her head now, but the teasing wasn’t over. She licked down the outside of J’s slit and back up again, never entering her pussy. She did this a couple times over and then sucked one of the lips into her mouth, sucking on it and massaging it with her tongue. J moaned and her fingers tightened in A’s hair. A complied and slipped her tongue inside J’s pussy. Her tongue traveled up, circling around her clit, and then down to the opening, again and again she traced the same path, sometimes slipping her tongue into the opening, sometimes flicking her tongue over her clit. J was a little more vocal now, her eyes closed, head tilted back against the wall and her wet hair plastered to the side of her face. A lapped at the wetness that was now growing then focused on J’s clit. She slid her tongue over it güvenilir bahis siteleri again and again, sucking it into her mouth and then flicking at it. Her fingers traveled up J’s thigh and found her pussy. She continued to lick and suck on J’s clit as she slid 2 fingers in slowly. J moaned loudly “Ohhh yeah!” A moaned against J’s pussy as her fingered explored, sliding in and out, swirling around inside, massaging at the walls of J’s vagina.

“Oh, don’t stop!” cried J. A picked up the pace as J’s moans continued. Her fingers moved faster and so did her tongue, her head bobbing a little and J’s hand gripping her hair tightly. A’s other hand reached around and ran a finger up J’s ass and slowly massaged her asshole. Just as she thought, this was the push J needed. J’s moans grew louder, her breathing more erratic, she shoved A’s face into her pussy hard. “Oh baby! Fuck yeah! Ahh I’m gonna cum!” A could feel J’s muscles tighten around her fingers, and rubbed her tongue harder against J’s clit, the finger on her other hand still massaging J’s asshole and increasing the pressure a little. J’s body was convulsing now, her moans echoing throughout the bathroom, and her legs wobbled weakly as her orgasm shot through her.”Ooooooh! Fuuuuuck!” A slowed halfway through and lessened the pace and pressure of her mouth and fingers. The orgasm rippled through J’s body, and she shuddered as it finally came to an end. A’s fingers were still, and tongue was barely moving when J pulled her by her hair and forced her to her feet. Both were smiling sex dazed smiles, and then they giggled, knowing that this was definitely the first of many adventures.

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