A Shower Surprise

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I clicked submit and closed the browser. It took longer than I had planned, but I finished the extra credit section of the online test. I looked over at the clock and realized how late it really was. I had started the test at 9:30pm and the clock now showed 12:00am. I was tired, but I really needed to take a shower to relieve some stress. I gathered my toiletries and left my room.

The dorm showers were a short walk down the hall from my room. It was now close to 12:30 am and it was my hope that I would have the showers to myself. As I entered the change room, I listened for the sound of running water. There was just the slowing dripping of a leaky shower head and the gurgle of the drain. Hurray for small victories, I rewarded myself with fist pump and started getting undressed at the nearest locker.

I made sure to lock my locker after I had stripped down, I had learnt first hand during the first week of classes that clothing seems to grow legs. During my first shower visit, I had put too much trust in my fellow students and had not used a lock. The end result was going to my first class without my bra and panties. They say that a first impression is everything, let’s just say that mine was a bit nippley. I made both friends and enemies that day.

I decided to pick the shower stall furthest away from the air vent in the ceiling, the weather was still pretty warm and the last thing that I needed was to be freezing afterwards. The shower showed its age, the tiles were cracked and discoloured, and the drain looked like a sinkhole waiting to happen. But as luck would have it, the shower head was almost brand new and multifacet to boot. I turned on the shower and waited for the right temperature, then stepped under the flowing water.

The luxury of full water pressure, most of the time I get to the showers late and I barely get any hot water. Note to self, shower after midnight. I could feel the tension in my body slowly release as the hot water flowed over me. I love to watch the water take different directions down my body, appreciating every curve that I work so hard to maintain.

I took the washcloth that I had brought with me, grabbed the handle of the detachable shower head and gave it a quick clean. I changed the setting to pulse and decided to have a little fun. I adjusted the lower the temperature and slowly sprayed the pulsing water over my breasts. My nipples hardened immediately and my body shuddered with goosebumps. With my free hand I slowly caressed each nipple, then stretched and swirled my fingertips over them.

My pussy was on fire with the combination of pulsing water and nipple play. I was wet both inside and out. I had teased myself enough, it was time to test the pulsing water against my pussy. I took a deep breath to compose myself, then I leaned back against the shower wall and spread my legs.I put the shower head facing away from me and counted to three. 1, 2 ,3, go. I turned the shower head around and sprayed the warm pulsing water over my pussy.

“OH MY GOD ” I screamed as the torrent of pulsating water hit my clit. “OH FUCK, FUCKTY, FUCK”. While I scream out loud my mind was doing its own screaming and praying. Oh thank you shower gods for me taking the time Escort Ankara to lean against the wall because if I hadn’t, I would have collapsed on the shower stall floor. I was not prepared for the force of the water hitting my clit, it felt like shockwaves being sent through my entire body. Every fabric of my existence felt both numb and on fire at the same time. I’d had orgasms in the past, but only small ones. This was something new and I felt scared, dirty and insanely turned on.

I wanted more of it, I needed more of it. I grinded my pussy against the pulsing shower head, the pressure of the water trying to force the shower head away from me. The pressure building and building until I couldn’t hold it anymore. The next few moments were a blur. I lost my grip on the shower head, my legs collapsed and my body slide down the wall in a heap of trembling skin and muscle. I thought that I heard someone screaming, but as my mind came back to me, I realized that I was the one doing the screaming.

I slowly picked myself off the shower floor and poked my head out of the shower stall. Thankfully all was still quiet, I hadn’t woken up the entire girls dorm. “Okay, lets finish this shower” I said out loud to myself. I picked the shower head back up, reattached it to the wall and adjusted it back to the normal setting. I turned the water back to hot and it shot out with its familiar squeal. The shower slowly filled with hot steam, my mind and body finally reaching its normal plateau.

I grabbed my shampoo and lathered it into my hair and rinsed. I was about to reach for my body wash when a brief metallic sound startled me. I had wondered if my early screams had brought someone to find out the source. I poke my head out of the shower for a second time, again there was nothing. I guessed it was my tired mind playing tricks on me.

I went back to lathering my body with soap, the hot water was taking its toll on me and I could feel my body protesting that it was time to head to bed. Out of nowhere I felt a hand over my mouth and something hard pressing into my lower back. “Sorry I’m late” a voice said to me in a whisper “I had to bypass the security guard to get into your dorm”.

I didn’t know what to think, my mind and body froze. I tried to say something but it came out as a mumble due to the hand over my mouth. I went to pull away, but their grip was too strong. “I’ve been looking forward to this since I received your text this afternoon.” “You’re always such a slut when it comes to taking my cock in risky locations.”

“I’m going to keep my hand over your mouth, so you don’t wake up the entire dorm.” My felt my stomach fall, I’m being mistaken for another girl and there doesn’t seem to be a way out of this. I tried to turn around to confront him, but he pushed me against the shower wall. With my breasts and stomach pressed flat to the wall, he spread my legs open with his free hand. I could feel the tip of his cock sliding against my pussy lips, it was hard to judge his the size of his cock from this position.

I was making a mental game plan, 1) try not to scream or do anything out of the ordinary, 2) make him think that you’re his girl and maybe it will be over soon. My thoughts Ankara Escort were interrupted by a grunt and hard thrust.

I couldn’t control myself, I screamed into his hand as he pumped his cock into my pussy. I hadn’t taken a cock with this much girth before, my vaginal wall was having a hard time adjusting to his size and speed. He must have clued into this because he responded with a laboured breath. “Baby, I don’t remember you being this tight, your pussy feels amazing against my cock.”

He is going to break me I thought as he continued his torrid pace. I’m not sure if it was his thick cock in my pussy or his balls slapping against my outer lips but both of them drove me over the edge. “Ohhh fuckk…I’m cumming…Keep fucking me” I moaned into his hand. I needed more, my pussy craved more. I drove my hips back trying to match each thrust, I was going to ride this wave for as long as I could. His hand slip from my mouth and onto my other hip. Using both hands on my hips he increased his assault on my pussy. I was close to cumming again and he must have sensed this. He forced me against the wall with all of his weight, his cock bottoming out. I was now taking his full length and it took me over the edge gain. I could feel each toe curl, every hair on my body stand up, and it took everything in me not to scream and give myself up. I bit down on my lip, as wave after wave of pleasure hit me, forcing my breasts to slide over the hot wet tiles adding to my overwhelming orgasmic experience.

As I came down from my orgasmic high, I could feel his pace slowing down. I wondered whether my tight pussy had finally taken its toll on him. I slapped his leg to get him to continue, but he grabbed my hand and whispered for me to be still. “Someone is coming, I swear I heard something out there”.

Sure enough, a female voice rang out from the locker room. “Zach, are you in there?”, “Did you start without me?” I could feel my mysterious shower lover tense up as he heard her voice. I felt his cock slide out of me and then he forcefully turned me around. His eyes went wide and his complexion quickly paled when he saw who I really was.

My mind put two and two together and it dawned on me that if this was Zach, than the female voice in the locker room belonged to his girlfriend Rachel. The same Rachel that had made my life here a living hell since day one. I could barely hear Rachel’s footsteps over the running water, but from Zach’s reaction I knew she was close. “I’m just getting nice and clean for you,” he said, “Just sit in the locker room and I will be out in a few minutes.” He must have convinced her, but I got the sense that she was irritated based on the stomping of her feet on the tiled floor.

I dropped to my knees, I had to get a closer look at the cock that had just driven me to new orgasmic heights. I wrapped my hands around his shaft, taking mental measurements, he looked gigantic compared to my small hands. A quick estimate of 9 inches long and about 6 inches in girth, Rachel is one lucky girl. A wicked smile came to my face, Rachel was a lucky girl, now it’s my turn. Before Zach could protest, I took this cock head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his tip and frenulum, slowly Ankara Escort Bayan making little saliva trails up and down his length. I sucked and traced my tongue over every vein on his shaft, I could taste a mixture of his precum and my pussy juices. I’d tasted my juices before, but damn, I must be doing something right because I tasted amazing.

I worked my mouth deeper onto his cock trying to fight against the resistance in the back of throat. I bobbed my head up and down adding more spit each time trying to get another inch down, slowly beating back the resistance. Finally with enough force and spit, I felt something in my throat give way and I took him balls deep. I could feel his cock head bulging and throbbing in my throat. I’d seen porn videos of girls with throat bulges, but I never thought that I would have a chance to experience it first hand. I started to tongue his balls, while I tried to fight my body’s urge to pull off his cock. I wanted his cum, but my body wanted air.

I could feel his balls twitch and his cock swell, he quickly grabbed my head and forced my lips down to his pubic bone. I felt his cock spasm and my mouth was flooded with his cum, jet after jet of cum shot into the back of my throat. I tried to choke down as much of his cum as I could, but he just kept cumming. I could feel his cum dripping out the sides of my mouth and onto my breasts. I tried to pull my head away, but he held me down until his cock got sensitive. He release his grip from my head and try to push me away, but two can play this game. I wrapped my hands around his ass and kept my mouth firmly over his shrinking cock. I admit that this was cruel, but payback is a bitch. I sucked deeper and twirled my tongue against his over sensitive cock, I could feel him squirming. I finally release my grip after a few more sucks. Plop!, Shloosh! His cock was finally free from my throat and mouth.

The most devilish idea came to my mind and I acted on it without a second thought. I quickly exited the shower and walked over to grab a free tampon from the machine on the wall. Then I walked over to the locker room, sat down on the nearest bench and unpackaged the tampon. I took the tampon and slid the applicator tip over the globs of cum on my chest, and made sure that the damn thing was coated in cum. I opened my legs, slid the tampon into my pussy. I fucked my pussy with the cum-coated tampon making sure to get it deep inside me. I pulled the plastic parts away and left the tampon to soak up the remaining cum. Part one of my idea/plan was complete, now I just had to wait on part two.

By then Zach was changing his clothes and about to leave with Rachel. While still nude I quickly walked over to Rachel and gave her a deep kiss, slowly passing any remaining cum I had into her mouth. Then I slapped Zach on the ass and said “Thanks for the best fuck that I’ve had in awhile.” I walked away leaving them both speechless and made sure to swing my hips from side to side just for fun.

I dried off, got dressed and walked back to my room. I locked the door and collapse on my bed. It didn’t take long for my exhausted and well fucked body to fall asleep. When I awoke a few hours later I felt more refreshed and confident than I had in a long time.

In the end, I passed two tests. I scored 75% on my online test and I passed part two of my plan. Code-named Operation Kotex to Clear Blue was a success, I was now pregnant with Zach’s child and ready to ruin Rachel’s life.

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