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I hear the chime on my phone, and as I shut the coffee pot off and run water into my cup, I pick up the phone and my world comes to a screeching halt. “I want you ready for me when I get home… and keep yourself on edge all day baby… I’ll know if you don’t. You’ll do this for me baby… be a good girl for Daddy and don’t cum.” The hard throbbing between my legs, my creamy thighs, swollen clit, all respond to those words. A low moan leaves my lips and my hands drift up to my lips, tracing their outline. Then my hands drift down to my nipples, and I squeeze my thighs together. I shudder as my mind drifts back to your leaving this morning. Closing my eyes, I can feel your hand on my throat, tilting my head back, grazing your lips across the skin of my throat. I feel your teeth and again a shiver runs through me and once again your words echo through my mind from your text… “Yes Daddy… I won’t cum,” I whisper and feel my nipples harden even more as a fresh gush of cream comes from me. I glance at the clock and a moan of dread leaves me, keeping myself sexually on edge, God what a long frustrating day ahead of me. Turning around, I glance at my phone once again and a dark spiral of lust twists inside me. Oh yes, he knew exactly what he was doing, damn him. I could feel the hot humidity between my thighs, that ache that would tighten and tighten some more over the long day ahead. Moving to the bedroom my eyes drift to the armoire. I knew that behind those doors are some of my darkest fantasies and most secret desires. My nipples tingle and harden to points of glass that are almost painful. Breathing deeply only causes them to scrape on the material of my T-shirt. I shudder and grab the door frame. My hands come up slowly and my palms press against my breasts and my fingers pinch my turgid nipples. I feel the spike of desire race straight to the apex between my thighs. Pressing my thighs together, letting the feelings roll through me, I let the wave hit me and toss me then to throw me up on the sands of my burgeoning desire. Leaning against the door frame, gasping, Küçükköy escort I slowly feel myself drift down, so close, so very close. Opening my eyes, I move into the bathroom and run some cold water. I press my wet hands to my cheeks thinking, “Girl, you’d better get a grip on yourself, he’s just a man.” As soon as thought registers, I smile. Yes, but he is my man. Putting on some music, I hit the treadmill and take myself through my routine. It always helps me to center myself and burn off some excess energy. As I go through my paces, his face keeps popping into my mind and finally I finish, sweating and panting, legs tingling and glad that I had gotten through it. I see the light flashing on my phone, a text message, and my pulse races. Grabbing my towel, I wipe my sweaty face. Moving over to the bed, sitting down, I pick up my phone and read the text waiting for me. “My… pussy… better be hot and moist, your clit hard and begging to be stroked…” Suddenly my spine loses its ability to hold me up and I fall back on the bed. Damn him. He isn’t making this easy for me. I ache to put my fingers deep inside me, my labia are swollen and throbbing, and even now I can feel the throbbing of my clit as it swells with yet more blood. My desires spiral through me and I moan. Rolling over on to my stomach, I can’t help but arch my pelvis into the bed, anything to get just a momentary relief. Spreading my legs, I lie there and wait, wait for it all to abate just a little. Panting breaths fall from my lips. My breasts are heavy and aching. My hands at my sides turn into fists as I try and fight, hoping to find a modicum of control. I can feel the creaminess between my thighs, and I moan as I slide into that dream state, feeling the edge so very close, beckoning to me. I shudder thinking how close I had come to going over that edge, into that sweet hot abyss. Rolling over on to my back, I grab my phone and notice that my fingers are shaking. Taking another deep cleansing breath, I quickly tap out two words, “Yes Daddy”. Slowly Mecidiyeköy escort bayan sitting up, I smile and then laugh out loud, oh yes, he knows me too well. Grabbing up my towel I get to my feet and make my way into the bathroom to take a shower. The water running over my sensitized skin makes me gasp, such a sweet torture. I shave my underarms, my legs and then my pussy. It is so very tempting to push two fingers up inside me but I know I would not be able to stop with just that. Already my clit is throbbing, begging and needy. Pulling the lips of my labia apart and making sure to remove all of the hair until it is absolutely smooth causes me to shudder, and I have to stop, grabbing the shower wall for support. Finally finished with that, I grab the natural sea sponge and wash myself, the soap and water soothing me somewhat. I smile as I know how much you will appreciate my efforts. Lost in my own thoughts, I notice the water cooling and turn off the taps. Reaching for a towel, I step out of the shower, toweling off quickly as my still sensitized skin craves so much more than the towel. Grabbing my moisturizer for my face, I apply it and look critically at myself, green eyes sparking, and a smile on my lips. I grab my scented lotion for my body and move back into the bedroom. Going through the motions of smoothing the lotion over my body, I relax for what could be the first time all day since you left this morning. Casting a glance at the clock I see that it’s almost time for you to come home. I feel the tightening deep within me, and my body knows that you will be on your way soon. The wave of longing and need flows through me like a tsunami, washing away everything in its path. Behind it, all that was left was hot lava-like desire. No more texts, the clock says you will be home any moment now. My body sets up its own little chanting, now, now… now! Hearing you pull up to the house, immediately my pussy surges with cream. My erect nipples turn to shards of glass. Your key in the door and my body suffuses Escort Merter with color as my passion rises ever higher and hotter. While I’m waiting in the area between the living room and kitchen, calm settles over me like a cloak, totally superficial. Underneath I am ripe and ready, wanting and needy. My tension is like a wire stretched to its tensile point. I clasp my hands behind my back and widen my stance. A sudden tremor assails me and I feel heat bloom low inside me and I feel the rush of color rise to my chest, my neck, and settle in my face. You enter the house… I hear your boots and my pulse quickens. You come into the room and look at me. A slight smile crosses your lips. Walking over to me your hand closes around my neck and a small, tiny gasp escapes my lips. Your hand moves to caress my cheek and your thumb rubs over my bottom lip. You tilt my head with the pressure of your thumb under my chin. Your hand is again on my neck, you’re looking into my eyes, and I hear your low words, “Are you ready? I see you shaved… you look ready…” Your hand drifts down, pausing over my soft tummy. I automatically tighten my muscles and then make a conscience effort to relax. You step back and indicate that I should turn around. I do as you silently request and I hear you pull your shirt out of your pants. My eyes close and a shudder courses through me, I lick my lips. I feel my heart beat accelerate and my pulse jumps. I hear you unfasten your belt and then the rasp as it slowly clears the loops. I whimper, and then bite my lip in an attempt to keep any further sounds trapped behind my lips. I feel your hand come up under my hair and caress my neck. Knowing you feel the tension running through me, I feel your hand slide sensuously down my spine, slowly rolling over each vertebra, until you stop at the top of my ass. I feel your hand as it slowly travels back up and I feel it stop between my shoulder blades. The flat of your hand spreads warmth through my skin and its magic seeps into me. Then the subtle pressure of your hand pushes me to the wall. My arms rise up and I splay my hands on the wall. I feel your boot next to my foot, and I widen my stance more at your unspoken command. I feel your breath on my neck and moan out loud as you press a finger up inside the puffy swollen lips of my pussy. You slide in easily as I’m so wet, my arousal creamy between my thighs.

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