A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 02

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It was Friday night and the girls were getting ready to go out. In honour of her arrangement with her sister, Megan had declared it ‘little black dress night’ and all of the girls were wearing slinky, flattering dresses. Cindy and Melissa had come over to go out with them again and they were up in Vanessa’s room talking and having a couple of quiet drinks to stave off having to pay for some to get them going when they got there. Megan was hopping into the drinks too as they had agreed to take a taxi out since there was four of them (they were all going to stay the night at Megan and Vanessa’s place with mattresses already laid out on the floor of both Vanessa and Megan’s rooms).

They were well on the way to a good night out when Vanessa and Megan’s Dad called out from downstairs that the taxi had arrived. They all tossed down the last of their drinks and headed down stairs, Cindy and Melissa leading, then Megan and Vanessa. As they were about to leave the room, Megan turned around and said to Vanessa “Show me Nessy. Remember the agreement.”

Vanessa reluctantly lifted the front of her little black dress a little and Megan reached out and lifted it further and well clear so that she managed to get a great view of her sister’s naked pussy under the dress.

“Mmm, getting wet yet?” giggled Megan.

“No,” and I tell you, its not going to happen laughed Vanessa, though she looked less than 100% comfortable and Megan wondered whether asking her about it was going to have the desired affect. She allowed Vanessa to pass her and followed her down the stairs, reaching out near the top of them to lift the dress again so that she could see her sister’s butt as well. Vanessa quickly reacted, pulling it back down and glaring good naturedly at her sister, unable to yell at her because of the questions it might solicit from her father.

They left the house with the usual warnings and advice from parents and quickly hopped into the taxi, Vanessa taking the front seat and Melissa, Cindy and Megan piled in the back. Megan and Cindy surreptitiously held hands between them enjoying the closeness and the fact that the other two were oblivious to what was going on.

They arrived at the pub where they had decided to start out before heading out to a club and ordered drinks at the bar before attempting to find a table. Sitting down, Megan made sure she was opposite Vanessa and kept peeking to see if she could see up her dress. She was none to subtle about it so that Vanessa was made acutely aware of the fact that under the little dress, she was naked as the day she was born.

The girls attracted a bit of attention and it wasn’t long before Melissa was chatting up quite a cute guy and the rest of them were amusing themselves taking together and with the boy’s friends. One guy in particular seemed very interested in Vanessa, but Cindy and Megan made it pretty clear through the conversation that they weren’t particularly interested in relationships just now. Vanessa eyed here sister strangely as she was even more curious now as to where she had spent yesterday if she wasn’t on the prowl tonight.

The girls chatted and danced some more before announcing that it was time that they headed out for some dancing action. A quick trip to the toilets gave Megan and Cindy a chance for a quick kiss before they returned to the others ready to leave. Megan was debating whether to enlist Cindy’s help in her quest to bust her sister or not, but let it go, thinking that there’d be plenty of time later if it she felt like it then. A couple of the guys agreed to come along and they all walked down the street together to the next venue for the night.

The group all headed onto the dance floor, splintering off into various sub groups in the crowd, Melissa dancing with the guy whom she was obviously getting along very well with, Vanessa and a couple of the other hopefuls who were trying to impress her and Megan and Cindy pretty much on their own, but with one guy who had let them know that he was only out with the boys because his girlfriend was away hanging about a bit as he was somewhat stranded by his mates.

As the music pumped and ground, Cindy and Megan drifted closer together and teased the boy they were dancing with by touching each other, hands wandering over each other’s hips and tummies. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when Megan reached around from behind Cindy to caress her tits in front of him. It was obvious that he was torn between wanting to tell his mates about it and wanting to stay to see what the girls did next. They laughed at the poor boys plight and took it easy on him (much to his obvious disappointment) heading off to the bar for drinks.

A short time later they were joined by Melissa and Dan along with the other girls. Vanessa had to go to the loo and Megan offered to accompany her. They stood up and made their way to the toilets which were surprisingly quite empty. They were finished up and were about to head back out to join the others when mardin seks hikayeleri Megan asked Vanessa if she was wet yet.

“Not yet, still happily dry,” said Vanessa.

“Oh well, there’s plenty of time yet, that nice boy that’s been hanging around you might just manage to do something to change it,” probed Megan.

“Well that he might, but that still won’t mean that I got wet just from wearing no underwear,” replied Vanessa.

“I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway since I’ve already bought you the dress. I should have put in a penalty clause so that if you did get wet I got something from you,” sighed Megan.

“Oh, and what is it that you would have wanted from me?” queried Vanessa.

“I don’t know, but I am sure that I could have come up with something,” laughed Megan as they headed back out.

They went back to join the others and there was only one seat. Megan let Vanessa have it as it was next to Pete, the boy they had been discussing. Megan made her way over to where Cindy was who stood up to let Megan sit before plonking herself down in the taller girl’s lap. With her hands out of view, Megan allowed one hand to slide up under Cindy’s skirt and caressed her inner thigh, drawing muted sighs from Cindy as she relaxed. Megan stroked Cindy’s legs and allowed her fingers to brush against Cindy’s underwear, Cindy gently pushing forward in response, wanting the touch.

Now it was Melissa who stood up to go to the loo and Cindy offered to keep her company, since Megan had just accompanied her sister. Megan settled in the chair to take part in the conversation that was going on and to keep an eye on what was unfolding between her sister and Pete. As Vanessa had had more to drink, she had shown more and more interest in Pete who was obviously pleased with the progress he was making, having secured Vanessa’s hand in his and sidled considerably closer together. They were obviously enjoying each other’s company and Megan was pleased to see that this was so.

Cindy and Melissa returned from the toilets taking up their previous seating positions. Cindy leaned over to put something in her bag and Megan adjusted to accommodate the movement. Having finished, Cindy positioned herself straddling one of Megan’s legs. Megan was about to comment that it wasn’t the most comfortable position when she realised that what she was feeling against her thigh was Cindy’s bare pussy. She had put her underwear in her bag and was now pleasantly rubbing her pussy against Megan. Megan relaxed a little and simply enjoyed the feeling, as Cindy was obviously having fun.

A bit more dancing ensued and then more drinks followed that. Everyone was getting happily intoxicated at this point and they were again camped at their table in the corner of the club. Cindy was again on Megan’s lap and Megan had her hand casually up Cindy’s skirt just running a finger up and down her slit, withdrawing it occasionally to suck on the juices that she was collecting with her finger. Cindy was squirming happily, using the music as an excuse to wiggle about in Megan’s lap.

Vanessa and Pete were quite chummy by this stage as were Melissa and Dan. There was some long meaningful kissing going on. Megan watched with surprise as she noticed Pete’s hands starting to explore her sister’s body whilst they kissed. She felt a twinge of jealousy, wishing that her hands were the ones that were getting to caress her breasts. She watched Vanessa’s face (well what she could see of it) intently as she noticed a hand slide up her thigh under her dress.

Vanessa had broken the kiss by the time Pete’s hand had discovered her little secret for the night. She smiled and laughed and Megan noted the look of surprise as Pete had realised that there were no panties to prevent access to the heaven that he sought.

At the same time, Megan felt a hand upon hers urging for more attention under the dress. She looked at Cindy, but Cindy was playing it cool, talking and watching, seemingly oblivious to all but the music and the conversation … except for her hand urging Megan on. Megan was happy to oblige and shifted her attention from a gentle caressing of the labia to a more persistent focus on her clitoris. She rubbed it around and around and back and forth and as the music pulsed, Cindy squirmed on Megan’s leg, apparently enjoying the change in pace that had just happened in the music (at least to the eye’s of an on-looker). Cindy closed her eyes and immersed herself in her own private dance and Megan worked her clit.

Megan sighed as she felt Cindy tense and shudder, a warmth spreading over her thigh as Cindy came, sliding her wet pussy sliding back and forth as she convulsed inside. Cindy turned to face Megan and kissed her. Megan melted into the kiss, forgetting where she was at that point in time, just happy to have given pleasure to her friend and to be able to entwine their tongues together in a lovely kiss.

As she broke the kiss, she noticed Vanessa staring at her across the table in shock.

“Busted,” thought Megan.

Cindy, seeing the look coming across the table recovered the situation by jumping up and dragging Megan out onto the dance floor. Everyone else went about doing their own thing and Megan decided that she may as well just get on and enjoy herself and worry about breaking the news to her sister later.

The rest of the night passed quickly and the girls piled into a cab (after much kissing and tangling of tongues between Melissa and Dan and Vanessa and Pete) to head back to Megan and Vanessa’s place.

Seating positions remained the same as they had on the ride into town and the conversation was happily kept to discussing the boys the the two girls had hooked up with, no one quite willing to bring up the subject of Cindy and Megan getting in on the loving action.

Once inside, the girls all prepared themselves for bed, wiping off makeup, drinking plenty of water (they hadn’t exactly held back on the alcohol) and brushing teeth and stuff. The bathroom was crowded and there was plenty of good-natured pushing and shoving. They all said their good nights and Cindy headed off with Megan to her room, with some suspicious glances and hurried whispers between Melissa and Vanessa who made their own way to the latter’s room.

Megan and Cindy quickly discarded their clothes as soon as the door closed behind them and tumbled into bed together, skin brushing skin and hands beginning to eagerly explore each other’s bodies.

“Do you think Vanessa is going to be ok?” asked Cindy.

“Well, she knows you are gay, I guess its just going to take some time for her to get used to the idea that her sister is as well. Its hard to judge exactly how she is going to take it. I would have liked to have had the chance to tell her before just kissing you like that, but that’s the way it goes. I was too horny at that point to do anything but kiss you! We’ll get through it.”

“Its funny that I ended up with you here because I’ve always thought Vanessa was gorgeous and often wondered how it might be taken if I made a move on her. But I guess her actions with Pete give some idea how it might have gone over,” Cindy told Megan.

“You know, I never really paid much attention to the way that my sister looks before, but since I decided that I like women so much more than men, I came home and her sexuality hit me big time. You’re right that she’s gorgeous and there is this innocence about her that drives me crazy.” Megan replied.

“Too bad she’s your sister then. But I guess that’s good for me at least! Otherwise I might not have got a look in,” laughed Cindy, her hand beginning to explore between Megan’s legs.

“mmm,” murmured Megan, drifting off in thought from the conversation as the pleasure that was being applied started to work its magic on her. Megan relaxed, laying back as Cindy’s hand caressed her, fingers running through her pubic hair, dancing along her lips, teasing her slit.

Cindy’s mouth closed over Megan’s nipple sucking and pulling on it, drawing it out to attention, Megan moaning as she felt herself penetrated by Cindy’s hand. Cindy knelt up so that she could suck Megan’s other breast and apply more pressure with her hand, two fingers exploring inside her whilst her thumb rubbed against her clit. Megan’s hands found Cindy’s breasts and kneaded them, squeezing them together, spreading them, pulling them down towards her, pinching the nipples.

Cindy moaned before releasing Megan’s breast from her mouth with a ‘plop’ and a smile. She moved over the top of Megan, kissing her, their erect nipples crushed within each other’s embrace. Then Cindy began the slide down to Megan’s pussy, trailing her tongue over her lover’s body as she went, her crotch rubbing its way down her leg, a trail of slime marking its passing.

She reached the centre of Megan’s pleasure zone and plunged her tongue within the folds of her pussy lips, drawing out the nectar that she sought, eliciting gasps of pleasure from Megan at the same time. Then she settled into pleasuring her friend.

The trace of Cindy’s tongue about her clitoris sent spears of pleasure through her body. She felt Cindy slide a finger into her hole to be quickly accompanied by a second as her clit was engulfed by Cindy’s sucking mouth. She tweaked her nipples, enjoying the sharp pain that it sent through her, contrasting with the intensity of the pleasure being applied to her pussy.

Cindy thrust her fingers hard in and out of Megan’s pussy and sucked hard at her clit, driving her over the edge into her orgasm. Cindy gently licked around Megan’s pussy, tasting the juices of her labour before making her way back up to kiss her friend, sharing her juices with her before they tangled themselves together to sleep.

It was a couple of days later that Vanessa finally felt brave enough to speak to Megan about what had happened. They were alone together, watching TV, their parents having retired for the evening when Vanessa turned to Megan.

“How come you kissed Cindy the other night? Are you gay?” she asked.

“When I was away, I met this girl and things just sort of seemed to happen. Eventually we became lovers. I guess that at this stage I wouldn’t say I was a lesbian but I am certainly on the lesbian side of bi. If the right guy came along, I might change my mind, but at this stage, beautiful girls just do something for me that I had never expected them to. Does it upset you?”

“I wouldn’t say that it upsets me, but it was a freak out when I looked up and saw you two swapping spit in the middle of the club like that! I mean I knew about Cindy and I knew you two seemed to be having a good time together, but I guess because you’re my sister I hadn’t even thought about the fact that you might be interested in her like that. So was that the first time that you kissed her?”

“Umm, no, that first night when we went to the toilets she hit on me and I just went along with it, so that was our first kiss.”

“oh,” said Vanessa, turning quiet and contemplating what she had just been told.

“Have you done more than kiss her? ‘Cause I mean, you know, I hear stories and …”

“Yes, I’ve done more than kiss her. We’ve slept together, she’s great fun and very talented,” Megan replied when Vanessa stalled. Vanessa went bright red in embarrassment when Megan mentioned that Cindy was talented. “Too much information maybe,” Megan thought to herself.

“Its ok, you know, I’m still your sister and I still love you, nothing’s changed,” said Megan, touching Vanessa on her arm in solace. Vanessa flinched a little at the touch, but Megan left her hand there, determined not to let this information destroy the close relationship that she had with her younger sister.

“Yeah, I know that, its just gonna take me awhile to get used to,” replied Vanessa.

“That’s cool, as long as we still get to have fun together whilst I am still home,” laughed Megan.

“Absolutely, I’d have it no other way,” smiled Vanessa in return. The two girls made their way to bed and Megan made sure that she managed to give Vanessa the usual hug and kiss before they went their separate ways. The hug was fine, though Vanessa seemed to ensure that the kiss landed squarely on her cheek and not on the lips as had happened a couple of nights previously.

Megan went to bed frustrated that this incident had seemed to put a bit of a barrier between them, but determined to break it down and resume the closeness that she had been so carefully cultivating.

The next couple of days passed uneventfully, Megan took advantage of the fact that her sister was aware of the relationship she was forming with Cindy to spend some more time doing exactly that, but she was sure to spend plenty of time with Vanessa also, not wanting to drift apart. Vanessa in the meantime was seeing quite a bit pf Pete as well which tended to limit her time with Megan but did help Megan to see Cindy.

It was Thursday night, the two girls had been left alone and had decided to get some dvd’s pizza and sit in and have a few drinks to see the night out together.

After having watched the first movie and consumed several drinks, Megan put the second movie in the player. They sat down to watch it and had a couple more drinks. They were sharing the couch together and had absconded with quilts and pillows from the bedrooms to get more comfortable. Vanessa was by this time lying up against Megan who had her arm casually draped over her sister (very aware of what she would be doing if this were Cindy and not Vanessa).

They came to a scene in the movie where two young girls kissed each other and Vanessa said to Megan, “So, given your new-found twist on your sexuality, does watching girls kiss like that turn you on?”

“Um, yeah, it does. Not quite the same way that say a good kiss or a touch on the neck does, but in a mmm that looks yummy and I’d like to try it kind of way… if that makes any sense?”

“Yeah I think I get it. I mean seeing two girls kiss has never turned me off or anything. Not like it seems to for some of the girls at school. Some of them freak out just at the thought of another girl kissing them, but I just figure its something a bit different. I mean sometimes I wonder about what it must be like … I’ve just never bothered to find out.”

“Really? I didn’t even think you would have thought about it.”

“Well girls are just so nice, you know, like they know what you’re thinking and they’re sympathetic at the right times and sometimes I think I’d like to cuddle one .. like this is really comfy sitting here with you and just slopping on the couch … it seems different with boys, harder, more insistent or something. Like all they’re waiting for is the chance to get in your pants.”

“Yeah, harder …” laughed Megan

“Oh you know what I mean!” laughed Vanessa, jabbing her big sister in the ribs. They watched the movie in silence for awhile until Vanessa finished her drink and went to get another. “What do you want Meg? I’m raiding the bar!” called out Vanessa on her way out of the room

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