A Step Mother’s Sin – Chapter 4: It Spins Further Out Of Control


I returned home around 6 p.m. to find Robert in the downstairs shower. His gym clothes were strewn in front of the bathroom door indicating he had just come from a workout.My normal routine would be to come home, change out of my work clothes and into my night clothes, and then prepare dinner, clean up, etc. As I listened to the shower running in the downstairs bathroom, my mind raced with thoughts of what had occurred just last night. I decided that Robert might interpret me changing into my sleeping attire as an invitation for more ‘activity between a stepmother and son’. I was certain that, above all else, that boy did not need any encouragement from me. I decided to keep my work clothes on. I felt that my work clothes could serve as a barrier of sorts to a repeat of the previous night’s mistakes.I was wearing a blue, sleeveless print dress with a pleated skirt that reached a few inches below my knees. While form fitting, and flattering to my petite figure, the dress was not overly revealing or inappropriate. It was a dress that I was comfortable wearing to work. Since I am on the short side, somewhere between five foot three inches and five foot four inches, I sometimes struggle to be taken seriously by my six foot tall male co-workers. In an attempt to ‘level the playing field’ somewhat, I regularly wear heels. Today I wore dress boots that came up above my calf and had three inch heels. They were not spiked heels, but they did make standing for extended period of time somewhat uncomfortable.I was at the kitchen sink, cleaning up the previous night’s dishes, when I heard Robert come out of the bathroom and come into the kitchen. I glanced over my shoulder to see he was wearing only a bath towel wrapped around his waist.“Hi beautiful,” he chirped as he walked up behind me, hugging me from behind and reaching around to cup my right breast. I tensed up and tried to push his hand from my breast. I certainly did not want to resume the petting and touching that had led to my totally inappropriate behavior last night. But he was too strong and I was not going to remove his hand without his full cooperation,“Robert, we made a bad mistake last night. I made a bad mistake last night. I take full responsibility. Not only am I the adult, I am your step mother. I should never have allowed any of that to happen. I don’t know if you can forgive me or not…”Robert interrupted, “It was not a mistake, it was a beautiful thing. It was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. Please do not say ‘it was a mistake’. It hurts me to think you do not think what we shared was as beautiful as I do.”“Robert, it was wrong. It was illegal. And I should not have let it happen. You are still a child. I should have had better judgment, better self control.”“Mom, you are wrong. It was a beautiful. And I am not a child; I am an adult. I will be twenty in two months. I am old enough to vote; I am old enough to serve in the military, I am certainly old enough to know who I want for my sexual partner; and I want you. I have for years.”The last statement sent me searching for a response. “Robert, I am flattered, and I understand your confusion. I am quite confused myself. But what we did, what I did last night is wrong by any measure.”I was standing with my back to my stepson as I spoke, ashamed. I was ashamed of my behavior and I unable to face him or look him in the eye. Robert then took my hand and turned Bahçelievler escort me to face him, and said, “I need to show you something.”He stood back one step, and then he removed his towel, dropping it to the floor. He stood there naked in front of me. He was obviously quite emboldened from his success last night. He had a confident ‘don’t take no for an answer’ demeanor about him. It was strangely appealing. Since he was my stepson, it was also very wrong, but it was definitely appealing.“What on earth do you ‘need to show me’?” I was trying to react appropriately, whatever that would mean. But after the mistakes of last night, was there anything I could do going forward that would be appropriate?“Watch” he said, and his penis began to grow slowly in front of my very eyes. At first I could not believe what I was seeing. But standing there naked in front of me, my nineteen year old stepson was growing erect, pulse by pulse, throb by throb. I had never seen a man grow hard with no physical contact before. I watched in silent amazement..After about forty five seconds, he was half-way erect, poking straight out, about six inches in length. “How are you doing that?” my voice cracked slightly in obvious excitement and amazement.“I am thinking about you. I am thinking about touching you last night. I am thinking about what you did for me last night. I am thinking about how much I want you, need you… and I am thinking about what I am going to do to you tonight.”I was awe struck. I stared at his penis which was now about three quarters erect, and I suddenly became aware of my pulse in my own groin. I could feel my clitoris growing erect, and my pussy starting to leak into my panties. “Robert, we can’t…” I stammered, attempting to dissuade my stepson, but I was in a trance, watching Robert’s erection grow pulse by pulse. It was hypnotic. He cut my weak protest off mid-sentence, “Mom, this is the effect you have on me. If I react this way just thinking about you, this cannot be wrong. My body would not react this way if it was wrong” he reasoned. “Tell me that you do not have the same feelings. Tell me you are not having the same reaction right now.”I did not know what to do or say; so I simply repeated myself, “We can’t. This is wrong.” But I continued to stare at the amazing sight growing longer and more rigid between my stepson’s thighs.Robert approached me, his penis swinging proudly with each step he took. He knelt down directly in front of me. By now he had a full erection, he was every bit as hard and large as he was last night when he ejaculated in my mouth. He was pointing direct to the ceiling. Kneeling in front of me, he placed his hands on the outside of my calves and began to reach up under my dress. I stopped him, held his hands, and asked, “What are you doing?”“I want to see something. If you do not react to me the way I react to you, I will agree to leave you alone. But I think I have the same effect on you that you do on me.” I stood there, frozen, unable to move, unable to think. I wanted to find the inner strength to resist, to stop this insanity. My heart was racing, and my head was spinning as I held his hands, preventing them from moving up under my skirt. Robert said nothing. He stared up at me as his fingers squeezed into my legs, reminding me how much I craved his touch. I do not know why, but I released his hands Bahçeşehir escort bayan and stood there eyes closed, not knowing what to do, and not understanding what was happening or why. Not really thinking I had the strength or power to do anything other than comply.He slowly ran his hand up under my dress on the outside of my thighs, hooked his fingers in the waistband of my panties and gently pulled them to the floor. His motions were painstakingly slow; slow enough that I realized he was teasing me as he removed my underwear. As he brought them past my ankles, I stepped out one foot at a time, allowing him to remove them fully over my boots. The smooth silky material of my dress felt strange on my bare ass as I stood there motionless. Robert examined my panties for a brief instant; I knew my wetness in the crotch was obvious. Robert brought my panties up to his nose and inhaled the aroma from my crotch. With a huge smile he looked at me and said, “I love your scent, mom.”  I am not sure why, but while it was embarrassing, it was also quite exciting to watch my stepson inhale the aroma of the secretions from my vagina. I liked the fact that he found my scent appealing. Robert, still kneeling in front of me, placed his right hand under my skirt on my inner thigh and looked up at me. I looked down at him, blushing deeply, and I understood what he wanted me to do. After a moment’s hesitation, I reluctantly spread my legs slightly, allowing his hand to move further up my inner thigh until he reached my pussy. My face felt as if it were on fire I was blushing so deeply. I understood that I was being teased. I stood there spreading my legs, allowing my stepson to access my most private parts. Much as he did the previous evening, his fingers slowly opened my outer folds of my labia to reveal my excitement. But somehow tonight was different. My stepson was instructing me to stand there as he slowly touched me. It was a demonstration of his unique control over me, and a verification that I was powerless to resist. His assertiveness touched a deep and powerful submissive cord inside of me. Robert had stumbled upon an aspect of my psyche that permeated my inner self. I was powerless to resist a strong male to whom I was attracted and for whom I felt affection. How did he know? What did I do to reveal my submissive side? He ran his fingers up and down my slit, paying particular attention to my now erect and sensitive clitoris. I stood there, biting my lower lip. I would make a slight moan involuntarily every time he his fingers contacted my clitoris. “You are very wet, mom.” I only moaned. I had nothing to say. He was correct. I was very wet. He started to slide his fingers inside of me.“Robert, please, I beg you… we shouldn’t be doing this… we can’t do this… please, we mustn’t do this,” I panted as tears started to form in my eyes. But rather than push his hands away from me, I squatted down ever so slightly to provide him better access to my vagina. I knew then, as I am forced to admit now, that my physical actions of encouragement again contradicted my words of discouragement. I wanted to be touched and penetrated despite my feeble words to the contrary. I made no attempt to stop my stepson. In fact, with every action I took, I was begging him to touch me, to penetrate me, and to please me. Standing with my legs apart with boots Escort Bakırköy with three inch heels while squatting slightly to open myself up to Robert was difficult, and I started to topple forward a bit. I reached out and balanced myself by placing each of my hands on his shoulders as his fingers found my wet opening and entered me for yet another exploration of my womanhood. He quickly had one, then two fingers inside me. My lubrication was literally leaking out of me now, coating my inner thighs, making them slippery. His fingers found no resistance to entering my dilated vagina. He again curled his two fingers back towards himself, deep inside me, massaging the front wall of my vagina, deep inside me at my g-spot. I was responding just as he hoped, or perhaps knew, I would.I found myself squatting deeper and opening my legs wider, all the while begging him to stop. “Oh, baby, please, we shouldn’t be doing this…” But I did not try to actually stop him. I was squatting to accept his fingers deeply, conveying a clear sign that I wanted my stepson to finger me to orgasm. As much as I knew I should, I could not bring myself to attempt to push away or remove his hand. I do not know if it was the pleasure of his touch, or my need to submit to his instruction that kept me from attempting to stop this assault on my pussy; probably both. I just know that I did not or could not do anything to stop, or even discourage my stepson.I was becoming so very aroused. I knew an orgasm was building up inside of me.After a few moments, I pleaded quite unconvincingly, “Robert, please. You’re going to make me cum again. Robert, please… I can’t hold out much longer…” I was rocking my hips in a synchronized motion to the internal massage Robert was giving my vagina, continuing to steady myself by holding on to his massive shoulders, balancing myself on the three inch heels of my boots as I squatted deeper and deeper to allow my stepson full access to my very wet, and very open pussy. I wanted his fingers to reach inside me as deep as they could. I remember wishing that I had the good sense to remove these damn boots when I came home tonight.I knew I should stop, pull away, but I simply could not. I was indeed responding to my stepson’s touch and instructions. Robert, much like his father, knew exactly how to touch me for the greatest response, both emotionally and physically. He seemed to sense the erotic effect his mild dominance and humiliation would have on me. Again, he was his father’s son!After several minutes of taking me to the brink, Robert withdrew his fingers from my pussy and stood up. I cried out in frustration, “Oh baby, I am so close… please.. don’t stop.” After insisting repeatedly that we should stop earlier, I was now begging him to continue. I was so close, and I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. Involuntarily, I was rocking my hips in frustration, humping against the air. Shit! I needed a release. Even with my high heels, Robert still towered over me; and his erection waved a few inches under my chin. I could not deny the attraction I felt at that moment for this incredibly attractive young man – who happened to also be my stepson.Standing in front of me, erect and rigid, Robert reached out and took my arms, placing them around his neck, before reaching down, grabbing me by my waist and lifting me up. As he raised me up, he took hold of each of my legs, pulling them apart and around him, causing me to straddle his torso. He now had his hands supporting my legs holding me in place. I was bracing myself against his strong shoulders with my arms around his neck. The skirt of my dress was pushed up around my waist, out of his way and not interfering with his access to the bottom half of my body.

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