A Story of Us


It is cold, very cold, in our room. When I come in you are already in bed with the covers up to your neck. I take off my clothes and smile as I crawl into bed next to you. I am wearing nothing but a beautiful white lace bra/panty set and a pair of hose and bright red lipstick. I giggle as I hear you groan when I rub my leg up against you. When you roll over your lips meet mine and our tongues seek out each other with a deep need.

As my hand moves to the back of your head to pull you closer I feel your hand brush against my nipple and gently cup my breast. As you squeeze my breast and rub your thumb across my nipple, I can’t help but moan and grind my pussy against your leg. I can feel your hard cock rubbing against my hose covered leg and feel the vibrations of your moans on my lips.

I push you onto your back and slowly begin to lick and suck my way from one nipple to the other. I kiss and lick your belly and move slowly to the head of your cock. I hear the click of the lighter as I slowly run my tongue in circles following the ridge of the head. Running my tongue from top to bottom I inhale the puff of smoke you blow in my face. I exhale deeply feeling myself moisten with excitement.

When I reach the top I gently suck you in until you reach the back of my throat. As slowly as I can I slide my lips back to the top. I slide back and forth several times before I pull back to admire the red lipstick smeared from the top to the bottom of your beautifully hard cock. I lean towards you and you place the cigarette to my lips. I look you in the eye as I take a long, deep drag. Kıbrıs Escort Holding the smoke in my mouth I lean down and engulf your entire cock in my mouth before releasing the smoke. You moan loudly and arch your back to me.

I continue to slide you in and out, over and over, stopping occasionally for a drag. It excites me so much to feel you twitch and hear you groan. Most of my pleasure is in your pleasure.

The pressure of your hands on my shoulders tells me you are ready to move to other activities. I smile as I crawl up to you and watch your face as I rub my hose covered pussy over your cock. I love that look! Your kiss tells me you enjoyed my mouth on you and that you are preparing to return the pleasure. As we kiss, I feel you push me to my back. I lay back and spread my legs as your hand moves to my pussy. You softly push my bra to the side freeing my breast. Your tongue is warm and wet. I feel it flicking across my nipple. I arch my back to push it further into your mouth. A loud moan escapes as your lips suck it in. The combination of your mouth on my nipple and your hand on my pussy makes me wet.

I light another cigarette as you move further down between my legs. I can feel your hot breath through the hose as you breathe in the scent of my excitement. Your lips and tongue begin to explore through the hose as I blow smoke in your direction. I feel you moan against me and my pleasure builds. My hips begin the dance of orgasm against your face.

Peeling back the hose and panties, you delve back in. I finally feel your hot tongue against Kıbrıs Escort Bayan my clit. I feel the pressure of your fingers sliding into my soaking wet pussy. Slowly, exploring every inch with your tongues or your fingers, you bring me to the first of many climaxes.

You reach for the cigarette and sit back. You rub the butt over my clit as a signal to me for what is next. I reach down and spread my soaking pussy as wide open as I can. I whimper as I feel the lit cigarette butt slide into my pussy. With my thumb I softly begin rubbing my clit as you slide the cigarette in and out and around in circles inside me.

I feel it slide out and open my eyes to see you taking a drag. You hand it back to me and as I place it in my mouth I feel the warmth of the smoke across my pussy. The cigarette smells and tastes of me. It turns me on. You go back to licking and sucking my sweet, blazing pussy. Your tongue knows just where to go to turn me on. Your fingers fit perfectly inside me.

I feel the heat of orgasm begin to build in my belly and my back bends to meet your hand. I feel the ecstasy pour out me, drenching your hand. As you trace your cum soaked finger along my lips, I feel the climax begin to subside. I suck your fingers in, devouring the taste and smell of me on your fingers.

As I lay catching my breath I feel you move to lie next to me. Your hands are brushing back and forth over my belly. Your lips meet mine and the pleasure is evident on your face. I lick and suck every drop. You push my hands up over my head and whisper to me not to Escort Kıbrıs move them. I feel the bed move and gasp as the cold wetness drowns my nipple. I open my eyes again, to see the piece of ice between your fingers swirl around my nipple. I moan as the coldness moves to the other side only to be replaced by the heat of your mouth. The pleasure is so intense. I resist the urge to move when I feel the ice move down my belly and come to rest in my navel.

The bed moves again but I keep my eyes closed this time. A quiet scream escapes as you slide the ice through the hair on my pussy and down through the crack between my lips. I feel you gently slide the ice across my clit and softly run it over the inside of my lips before slipping it inside me.

A mixture of ice and hot cum pours out of me and drips down the crack of my ass as you roll on top of me. Bending my knees and pulling them to my chest, the feeling of your hot, hard cock pushing into me starts the wave of pleasure rocking. I can only assume you feel it too by the groans I hear.

As you slide in and out of my burning pussy I feel the coldness of the ice dripping out. Your cock is pressing deeper and deeper with each thrust, as you pump faster and faster into me. The combination of our moans echo through the room, as we reach our climax together.

As we lie catching our breath I pull you down on top of me. Keeping you inside me I feel the walls of my pussy clenching against your cock. You kiss me deeply and tell me I am amazing. I tell you that WE are amazing.

You pull out slowly and I feel a mixture of our cum and ice water pour out of me. You reach for the towel and tenderly begin to clean me up. I lay there in bliss wondering if it could get any better. You must have read my mind because you lean down and whisper to me that you love me and that is the part I like the BEST!!!

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