A Stroke before Midnight

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Worried and not wanting to upset any of her step-sisters and her step-mother, Ella hurried out of her room from the dusty drafty attic given to her since her father’s passing. Ella took each step with care as the boards creaked and shook under her weight. She stepped off onto the stone floor and into the corridor on the third floor and slowly walked up to the familiar door of what was once her bedroom.

She entered and stood before the large bed where her two step-sisters Ana and Lucy slept. She was given strict instructions on how they all must be awoken and so she has done so for some time. Slowly she pulled away the embroidered duvet to reveal their nude bodies beneath. Ana to the left slept on her back and on to her right, Lucy slept on her side. She would start with Ana first she exhaled, pressing for the inevitable; kneeling into the mattress and settling between her thighs.

Taking in the soft flesh before her, she briefly glided her fingers over her thighs; easing them apart. She lowered her gaze to the thatch of dark curls at her sex. Carefully, she raised her fingers and parted her. Exposed, her pink flesh looked enticingly soft and moist. She lowered her head and settled her lips softly on Ana’s soft folds.

Sensual kisses and sinuous laps for Ana…

She repeated her step-mother’s words in her mind as she did so with diligence. She gently pressed her lips to the warm flesh of her step-sister and kissed it lightly. The instructions engraved in her memory while she did it. Her tongue then slowly began probing between her inner lips, gently gliding her tongue over her entrance and went deep inside her with soft laps.

She grew accustomed to the taste and savored the tangy sweetness that pearled up at Ana’s opening. After a while of the same repetitive movements of kisses and gentle laps, Ana began to stir with a moan twirling her hips and spreading her legs wider. The gesture pushed Ella for more, burying deeper; seeking more of Ana juices. She looked up and watched Ana’s breasts heave and shake with her release as she slowly withdrew her sleeping mask from over her eyes.

Hooded green eyes filled with lust and satisfaction met hers with a knowing smile as Ella pulled away and went over to Lucy’s side. By this time Lucy turned slightly enough for Ella to draw her thighs apart and nuzzle her lips into her plump core. She settled deep into the folds spreading them wide until the familiar pink flesh was visible.

Gentle sucks and swirls for Lucy…

Inhaling her scent, Ella spread Lucy’s legs; pressing them to her chest for deeper taste and suckled her gently then swirled her tongue over her bud. Savoring the semi tangy juice at her entrance, she sucked again tasting her sweet cream, dipping her tongue into her soft warm little tunnel. All the while Ana leaned over to Lucy’s breast and sucked her nipples.

Ella could not lie that all of this has turned her on countless times over. And like those times she would later seek her own release in the solitude of her own room. Sucking on the warm, soft folds soon wakes up Lucy with a release that leaves her sated and in the arms of her sister as they kiss and touch each other.

Kneeling up, Ella watches with longing; as they press close to one another and squeeze each other’s flesh. Ana tenderly rubs Lucy between the thighs, inserts her fingers plunging them in and out with a sensual slowness. Her gaze lands on Ana’s finger plunging in and out of Lucy’s pússy until they glistened with her wetness. Her insides tighten as Ana lift the finger to her lips, savors the sweet nectar and deliciously enjoys her sister’s lips with tender ravenous kisses.

As if she weren’t even there, they continued. Slowly and sadly Ella slid off the bed giving them one last glance and exiting the room as Lucy whimpers with another orgasm. Walking slowly she can feel her sticky sodden panties between her legs. How she wished to be loved so, but it will never happen. She descended the stairs and walked the long corridor down to the end and opened the large wooden door stepping in. The large opulent room was dark with exotic tapestry that cost a fortune.

Her father’s fortune.

She walked towards the bed and looked over to the woman that changed her life completely and made her days impossible. Above all else she had to obey her and do exactly as she was told because she was at her mercy. Ever since her father passed away it has been that way.

She pulled away the duvet slowly. Just like her step-sisters, her step-mother was nude beneath the sheets.

Her eyes roamed over her voluptuous body. From her plump breasts and large nipples all the way down between her legs. She knelt on the soft mattress with care and spread her thighs wide to reveal her glistening folds. She had come to admire the view of her step-mothers cunt as it was different from her daughters. Her cunt was plumper, bigger, softer and the sight of its dark pink flesh sent a sensation through her so fierce that güvenilir bahis she could feel her juices between her thighs dampening her panties more.

There were no particular instructions except to just please her with her tongue. And Ella did so. She settled on her stomach between her step-mothers parted legs and inhaled deeply her unique sweet scent. Her lips gently pressed to the warm flesh and lapped gently at each fold. With her finger she spread her lips apart and twirled her tongue around her opening, tasting and savoring her wetness. Eagerly willing to please and not disappoint her step-mother, Ella sucked deep and long burying her lips into the soft moist flesh. Soon she was engulfed in her step -mother’s scent, kissing and gliding her tongue deep into her pulsing hole sampling its nectar.

Her legs opened wider, giving Ella more access. She wanted to, yet needed to please her step-mother to stay in her good graces. She did so with expert care. Her hips twirled onto Ella’s lips and her fingers glided into Ella’s hair and tugged it lightly as she moaned.

Pulling away briefly, she whispered softly to her trying to keep her pleased.

“Good Morning step- mother,” then lowered her lips and licked her in soft laps as her dew pearled and slowly rolled downward. Hungrily catching it, she licked her finger then and glided it down the middle to the opening that quivered and wept with more nectar and pushed her finger into her step-mothers warmth.

She was rewarded for her initiative with a throaty moan and a slight buck of her step-mothers hips. She licked her thumb and rubbed her swollen pearl with it, gliding one, then two fingers into her tight snatch.

Heavy cream coated Ella’s fingers as her step-mother got slicker and her breathing increased. Excitedly Ella saw her efforts unfold before her as her step-mother writhed against her fingers.

Well into her pleasure, Lucy and Ana entered as she was in the beginning throes of her climax. Pleasure and dew leaked from Ella’s thighs; watching the two daughters lay at their mother’s side and each caressed and kneaded her breasts then suckled tenderly at their mothers nipples.

Tongues lapped and sucked each darkened pink tip tightening on their lips. Soon their fingers joined Ella’s in the effort of bringing their mother to another pleasurable morning climax. One to rival the next.

As they gently played with her sticky dew and gently rubbing her bud, Ella dutifully lapped up the escaping drops of her step-mothers release. Spreading her wide and sucking at her pulsating hole as it releases its nectar of pleasure; not missing a drop. With a gentle kiss and soon more cleaning licks, Ella saw her step-mother settle down with a satisfied smile before passionately kissing each daughter good morning.

Soon they cuddled into her, caressing her breasts and suckling it more and mewling their good mornings as well.

Slowly, her eyes settled on Ella with a knowing half smile as her dismissal with no indication if she did good or not. Bowing her head, Ella slid off the bed and backed away watching how her step-mother lovingly caressed their supple rumps kneading and squeezing them softly before gliding her fingers tenderly between each cheek. With longing, her cunt tightened with the view of her step -mother’s fingers entering slowly into Lucy’s puckered anal hole with mewling sweet words that followed.

Not wanting to get yelled at, she turned in time as Lucy moaned lightly.

Exiting the room she went on to do her daily routine and chores like she does normally. Like she has been doing every morning since it began, She would prepare breakfast with their tangy after taste lingering on her tongue and lips.

Chapter 1

After such a long day, she would retire to her room, disrobe and slip beneath the sheets. Most nights she would be too exhausted to do anything else but fall quickly asleep. But, not this night. Her insides clenched remembering her morning routines servicing her step-mother and step-sisters.

She lowered her fingers to her pússy and moaned softly feeling the wetness there. She tugged and pinched at her nipple with one hand as she rubbed her pússy. She was so slick with need and getting wetter; plunging one then two fingers into her tight cunt, that it didn’t take long for her climax to render her weak and sated then she drifted off to sleep.

The bright sunny morning brought a smile to her lips as she stretched out in her bed. How she wished to be able to wake up like this always.

Then suddenly the shrill screams of Ana and Lucy pulled her out of her musings.

“Ella! Ella!” They yelled for her.

With a sigh, she tightened her eyes wishing they would stop. But, they continued even louder than before.

Along with all the things they have subjected her to, and she slowly grew accustomed to do without protest to be able to live in peace. This was one of the things she mostly detested.

Everyday nonstop it’s Ella clean this! türkçe bahis Ella wash that! Ella mend this! Ella fetch that!. She simply wanted peace for once.

Quickly with a sigh she stood and dressed then descended her room into the sitting room where they called her from. She knew her step-mother was to leave early that morning for the market and left them alone. In all honesty, they had awoken much earlier today than the usual she noticed.

A part of this she did not like because they got into trouble that she later would be punished for.

They had company.

In the small drawing room sat Anna and Lucy’s friends. Six faces all too familiar with snooty upturned noses and hard stares.

“Come here Ella,” Lucy ordered.

Ella stepped forward and stood before her. She looked down to the green eyes of her step-sister that held malice and mischief in her gaze.

“On your knees,” she said sternly; cheekily smiling at her friends that snickered behind her. It is here she noticed how Lucy took advantage of her authority in her mother’s absence. She would put Ella to do dreadful things and if she did not comply or played Lucy’s way, she would complain to her mother and Ella would be punished.

And that is one thing she detested; was to be bound, gagged and tortured like an animal for her insolence. So she did everything they asked without a word.

It was moments like these that made her upset. She knew a fate like this would be hers from the very first day this all began.


It was a morning somewhat like this that step-mother left to town for the market. And like always, Lucy and Anna would stay behind to watch over her and as their mother instructed, she was to do all her chores.

Her chore for that particular day was to polish all the silverware. A task that would take all day. So she sat quietly at the dining room table finally down to the last few pieces to be shined. Then suddenly Lucy appeared at her side. It would be an awkward moment for Ella because Lucy since meeting her barely said a word other than giving an order. Warily, Ella looked up at Lucy that held a scheming smile on her lips. She had learned since then, that Lucy was sinfully mischievous. But then again Ana at times was no different.

She listened to Lucy as she spoke. Her step-sister slowly edged closer to her side and leaned against the table to face her. The conversation began with an inappropriate order that made heat crawl up her face. She looked at Lucy astonished at such a request. She blinked once then twice in shock. What she asked to do was not correct but Lucy insisted that she must do it if she wanted to be in her good graces. She had never done anything so sinful…so wrong.

The moment Lucy moved all the silverware slowly out of the way and sat before Ella, She knew that her life would be torture if she refused. She shook nervously with fear as Lucy placed her feet on the table and slowly lifted her skirts to show Ella exactly what she must do for her step-sister. She had never seen that part of another female before other than her own and even then just looking at it, it brought on this odd feeling that coursed through her when Lucy told her to put her lips there.

It wasn’t a request but an order. One she had to follow. Swallowing hard she hesitated then lowered her head and pressed her lips to her soft moist mound. Lucy between soft whimpers instructed Ella in how she wanted to be pleased. The unfamiliar taste and flavor of Lucy, piqued Ella’s interest and the fact that more came as Lucy squirmed and mewled in delight slowly excited Ella. So she twirled her tongue deeper and licked slowly savoring the nectar that pearled up at Lucy’s entrance. Shamefully she nestled her lips further and deeper; hungrily seeking more as the taste brought on a sensation between her own thighs.

It wasn’t until the time had passed that she had grasped the full way of it and continued giving pleasure to Lucy until she cried out and trembled with a look on her face of elation and happiness. Soon she found herself doing the same to Anna as they were caught and Anna swore she would tell. So fearfully, Ella complied and settled between Anna’s legs. She wasted no time in lowering her lips to Anna’s pink moist snatch. Suckling the tiny nub made her squeal with delight coating Ella’s tongue with her dew. She continued sucking her sweet nectar and licking her until Anna climaxed. After time between Anna’s thighs, Lucy straddled her sister lovingly. Her rump before Ella. Lucy then turned and spread them in waiting and whispered for Ella to taste her. Ella’s eyes lowered to her step-sisters fingers as it gently circled her puckered anal rosette.

She hesitated, she felt overwhelmed and aroused until she ached. Lucy insisted sternly until Ella obeyed. She lifted her fingers and caressed Lucy’s soft bottom, pressing her lips to each cheek. Apprehensively, she squeezed their plumpness and spread her cheeks to look at her dark pink puckered hole. güvenilir bahis siteleri Slowly she lowered her lips and circled her tongue over its softness. Lucy cried out and Ella did it once more seeing how Lucy responded. Ella’s excitement grew with each lap of her tongue and Lucy’s squeals. She felt her step-sister tremble as she pressed her fingers into their dripping cunts and fingered them both as she feasted on Lucy’s delicious hole. They bucked and whimpered breathlessly until they climaxed with breathless cries. As they lay dazed and sated they were caught and Ella’s punishment was severe. For her transgressions, she was told that..

‘That’ would be her chore every morning from then on.

Lucy leaned forward and caressed Ella’s cheek snapping her back to her present. It created a heat that made her tremble. Deep down inside Ella craved human touch other than those during her harsh punishments. A caress, a touch, a hug. It’s all she has wanted for so long. So when Lucy did this, she flushed with the heat her fingers left in their wake.

“Our friends have come to visit and want to partake in some delightful attention,” she grinned. Nervously she looked around at the girls as they smiled at her. Eyes downcast with shame she nodded knowing fully well what Lucy implied.

With a satisfying smile, Lucy leaned back and began to pull up her skirt and they all followed and did the same to show their bare shaved cunts. Ella stared intently at each one then raised her eyes to Lucy that draped her legs wide over each arm rest. These were the liberties they took with her where she must submit to their will.

She watched Lucy spread her snatch and slowly glide her finger down between its wet parted lips and rubbed the hidden nub. She crooked her finger ordering Ella to come closer.

Stiffly she obeyed and sat on her knees close before the chair.

“Do you want a taste Ella?’ she asked dipping her finger into it and withdrawing it for her to see the dew glistening on her finger.

Licking her lips Ella stared at it then at Lucy with a hint of shame admitting she wanted to then she leaned forward and drew her step-sisters wet finger into her mouth sucking it clean. She leaned back then and watched Lucy’s finger once more press into her cunt and presented her finger glistening with her nectar as Ella again licked it clean savoring its taste.

With a sigh, Lucy smiled and settled back with a silent order for Ella to continue.

In shameful defeat, Ella leaned forward to commence her duties and pleasure her step-sisters and all of her friends. Distinct tangy and sweet juices drenched her tongue as she licked along the soft dewy fleshes and sucked each girls wet snatch. Soon the room grew hot and the scent of their arousal filled the air followed by whimpers and moans as she pleasured them all with her tongue.

After a while they all pleasured each other. She watched crestfallen and lonely as they caressed, kissed and sucked each other’s cunts and breasts. She watched growing wetter, as fingers buried deep in their warm cunts as they pleasured themselves until they lay spent spread wide in the floor still coming down from their climax. Taking a shaky breath and trying to cool her own heated skin, she crawled slowly towards them to commence her duty of cleaning them up. A worse for wear with her disheveled hair, they tugged on forcing her to bury her face deep in their pússies. And it was evident and glistening on her lips and chin as she walked out of the study saddened and embarrassed by their mistreatment.

Head bowed and accepting her routines as it was, she retired to the kitchen and began to peel potatoes slowly pushing away that lonely feeling within her. That hollowness.

When mid-day came it was odd that they were not in the sitting room or in the study as it was the usual place to attend a guest. Puzzled she went in search for them and thought perhaps they took off for a walk in the gardens but they weren’t there.

She looked everywhere until the place she came upon was the stables. Walking past the opening a slight moan came from within which she stopped and walked closer. Shocked, she stood in awe of the sight before her. Her eyes settled on the two sisters kneeling before a man. Trevar!

Trevar is Viscount Alain’s son. A sleazy and wealthy merchant in town that is the black scourge of the earth. He has made it his duty to usurp all of her father and mothers possessions through her step-mothers lavish tastes.

She frowned at the reason why Trevar would be here. But, she knew now.

She felt warm and blushed at what she was seeing. She needed to pull away but it intrigued her to see such a thing. Her eyes widened as their lips closed around his member gripping his waist as it went in and out of Anna’s mouth then Lucy’s. They maintained that way until he turned Lucy around. On their knees with rump in the air his erection slid into their cunts. While he pressed into one sister he pleasured the other with his finger and vice versa.

Ella continued to watch. Her eyes trained on how his rump flexed and unflexed with each thrust. Her core tightened and her panties became wet. Such things she has never seen or tried. She was still a virgin.

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