A Stud is Born Ch. 03

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This is the third in the series of “A Stud is Born”. I hope you enjoy it. After 20 stories I’m finding it harder to keep up the writing. Feedback is my motivation, your comments and encouragement is what I need to write more so please if you like what you read and wish for me to keep writing send me some feedback.


Finally after a restless nights sleep the big day had arrived, the day I get to fuck that hot gym teacher. I was still a little dazed by the events of the previous 24 hours and still had to pinch myself to be sure it wasn’t a dream. Had Ms Bond rally flirted with me in the gym and uttered those words “I’m going to fuck your big cock so hard….” And had Sindy from next door really jerked me off like that…Yes, Yes,YES!! It was all true, it had happened and today at 3pm I would catch up with the delicious Ms Bond.

The day at college seemed to drag and I was a little distracted to say the least. My mind kept wondering as images of a naked Ms Bond her fit gymnasts body with her amazing tits and luscious lips kept entering my mind. This caused more than a little trouble as a number of times I found my cock responding to these images as it grew in my pants. A couple of my female colleagues who had some knowledge of my “special” attributes kept teasing about the obvious discomfort I was in.

“Hey big guy, got a hot date have we?” they’d ask making direct eye contact with my groin and the obvious large lump.

God how I’d love to take a few of these hot young thinks home with me and show them what I really had in my pants. I could just imagine the look on their pretty little faces as they came face to face with my hugeness. How I would teach them a lesson not to make fun of me but I had much grander plans for the throbbing erection I had restrained in my pants and that didn’t include hosing down some 19 year old cheerleaders, NO, this was for the delicious Ms Bond who didn’t know it but within a few short hours would be at the mercy of my cock.

“No ladies, just thinking of your mums,” I replied smiling as their jaws dropped in disgust at the idea of me fucking their mums dawned upon them.

The rest of the day went relatively incident free although I was pleased that I had taken the precaution of wearing two pairs of tight fitting boxer shorts which did a pretty good job of concealing my massive shaft.

At 3.15pm I went to them gym as instructed by Ms Bond the previous day and smiled as I read a note on the door advising everyone that the gym would be closing at 3.30pm today for some maintenance. Maintenance is that what she calls I thought to myself. I’ll be more than maintaining her hot little pussy, I’ll be breaking new ground I laughed aloud as I entered the gym.

It appeared as if the notice had worked for as I entered the last guy was leaving. I quickly scouted around to check if the gym was empty which much to my delight it was although I was a little disappointed not to find Ms Bond already there.

Wanted to take my mind off the thought of thrusting my cock between Ms Bonds golden globes I lay down on the bench press machine and put on a lot of weight. I wanted to be pumped for her when she finally arrived. After a few sets I had worked up a sweat and the veins in my arms were primed and pumped. I removed my shirt ad casually glanced in the mirror, I must admit I liked what I saw. The years of working out had finally delivered me a body I could be proud of. Broad shoulders, string pecs, a nice six pack and powerful thighs looked back at me. I was proud and why shouldn’t I be I deserved to look this way but after looking at myself for a minute my eyes were attracted to my groin where the already noticeable bulge was growing before my very eyes.

Suddenly my self adulation was interrupted by the voice I knew well.

“My my, you do look good don’t you big stud,” came Ms Bonds voice from the doorway.

“Uh, I can explain I was just….” I tried to get the words out a little embarrassed to be caught out like that.

“Don’t worry Brad, I’d look at my body too if I was you, your gorgeous,” came her reply.

As we approached each other I saw that she was in her work out gear consisting of a sports bikini top and short lycra shorts. Not the bike riding type but the ones that had about 4 inches of material at the side cupping her impressively firm buttocks. She was a goddess. Her short blond hair was held back with a headband revealing her true beauty. Luscious full lips stood out with red lip gloss her eyes a deep brown. Her breasts were fulsome and large but yet they defied gravity as they sat up high on her chest. It was difficult to tell there size as they were well confined in the top she wore but I made a note to find out later. Her abdomen was lithe and displayed a six pack any guy would have been proud to call his own. Her waist was small and her hips appeared tiny. She looked top heavy but somehow it all came together in an amazing package that just oozed sex. And if this wasn’t enough her nipples were hard and erect protruding proudly from her large breasts.

As we Escort Etlik came together we embraced, no words, just the coming together of our bodies flesh on flesh, lips on lips. After an embrace lasting but a minute in which our hands ravished each others bodies, mine felt for her breasts and buttocks feeling for the firmness and size while her hands initially found my pecs where she proceeded to tweak my hardening nipples. God the feeling was unbelievable, I felt light headed, my heart raced, my blood pumped through my body.

As I lightly held Ms Bond’s neck in my strong hands lifting her jaw up and back so that I could kiss her neck I felt her hands slowly searching for my groin. I was delirious as finally I felt her small but strong hands reach my pulsating shaft.

It was this that finally broke our embrace as Ms Bond pushed me back. I held her waist with my arms fully extended. She placed her hands on my chest not in a way that suggested she wanted to push me away but rather so that she could take a look at me.

I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who was a little hot and bothered. Ms Bonds chest was heaving her breathing slightly labored her face a little flushed. God she was hot.

“Miss, you are so hot…” I began before she put a finger to my lips.

“Please call me Madeleine or better still just Maddie all my friends do, we can’t have you calling me Ms Bond now can we,” she giggled.

“Maddie, wow what a beautiful name,” I replied.

“Brad I just wanted to say that I have had my eye on you for sometime now. I’ve being watching you work out here and finally I got the courage to tell you how I feel. I hope you don’t think I was too forward yesterday but I just had to tell you how I feel about you and how desperate I am to give myself to you and your amazing cock,” said Maddie who was now gently massaging my chest and abs.

“Boy Maddie I must admit I have long admired you. I can’t tell you how hot you have always made me watching you work out and do those gymnastic routines,” I replied.

Anyway enough of the small talk we both knew what wanted and it wasn’t conversation.

Maddie took me by the hand and lead me into the store room. Normally it’s a mess with gym gear stacked up everywhere but today it was different. The room was tidied up and in the middle were some parallel bars and a bench. God I wondered what Maddie had in mind.

Before I could answer my own question Maddie decided to show me just what an athlete she was by taking to the bars and putting on an unbelievable routine. As she dismounted she grabbed me kissed me hard on the lips and without saying a word removed her top and bra revealing her sensational tits, god they were nice, big and full a true mountain of girl flesh that embodied every aspect of female sexuality. But there was something else, she was wearing a heart rate monitor which sat just under her breasts. I grabbed her close to me and whispered to her.

“Here let me help you with that,”

“Oh no, leave it on. I want to exactly how hard your hot body and big cock makes my heart beat,” insisted Maddie.

How kinky is that!! God I was going to give it to her soooo fucking hard.

Leaving her monitor on I instead turned my attention to her full breasts and erect nipples. As I cupped her breasts in my hands and brought them together Maddie threw her head back gasping for air. As I sucked each nipple alternatively Maddie insisted that I “Bite harder, bite harder….”

I needed no further encouragement and clasped my teeth around her hardened pink flesh and bit gently at first and then harder. Maddie winched with the initial on set of pain but then wrapped her hands around me running her hands through my blonde locks pulling me closer to her as she thrust her breasts forward to meet my searching mouth.

“Ohhhh god Brad, that’s so good. Harder, suck harder lover….” Her voice trailing off as she bit down hard on her bottom lip.

“Oh Maddie, OHHHH MADDIE….” was all I could muster as I licked, sucked and bit her nipples and breasts. I didn’t think her nipples could get any harder but unbelievable they did and now felt like walnuts in my mouth.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get much better it did. Maddie was now rubbing my cock through my shorts. Her hands were so strong. I guess that came from years of gymnastics grabbing hold of the bars. She was now was resting her head on my chest which meant I couldn’t suck her breasts any more as she played with my cock. I caressed her back gently with my fingers running them up and down her spine until finally cupping her taut buttocks in my hands and firmly squeezing them. Maddie was now breathing heavier as she now played with me with both hands. She had slipped one hand into my shorts and was massaging my big balls while continuing to rub my shaft. As I massaged her ass she began to slowly gyrate with my hands alternatively pushing back into my hands and then squeezing her cheeks tightly together and drawing them into me. This girl was hot. For once in my life I was sure f I could control Etlik Escort myself with a girl, normally it’s me in control with the girl losing it. But this it was different and I fought hard to control my urge to throw her on the ground and have my way with her releasing the pent up sexual tension that was consuming me but I knew that if I could just keep it together it would be even more unbelievable than it already was.

I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Maddie guided me to the bench and directed me to lie down, this wasn’t a request from a timid girl but a direction from a lady in total control.

I did as I was asked, my cock straining through my shorts a huge stain already beginning to spread as my juices oozed from my rampant cock. Maddie straddled the bench and my thighs.

“Now then stud, let’s see what’s making this impressive bulge in your shorts shall we,” said Maddie reaching forward and grabbing my shorts.

In one swift motion she pulled them down to my knees revealing my boxers.

“Oh god Brad, is that really you? Tell its so stud, tell me its ALL you!!” screamed Maddie who was now slowly easing her hands along my shaft.

I concentrated and pumped more blood into my already engorged shaft.

“Oh YEEES, it is ALL you. God your massive, soooooo fucking huge Brad, god I just love it…” her voice trailed off as her eyes opened even wider her teeth clenched firmly on her bottom lip her nipples visibly hardening.

“Oh baby, your killing me your killing me, please release me I’m aching so much,” I pleaded.

“Oh poor baby, we can’t have you pain now can we,” giggled Maddie.

Then Maddie grasped my boxers and eased them over my throbbing cock head and over my shaft and balls until they were also at my knees.

My cock sprang forward, pointing ominously skyward, a great pillar of pulsating throbbing manhood.

“God that looks just like a cock but only bigger, much much bigger!!” squealed Maddie excitedly putting her hands to her mouth like a child who has just opened a present.

I couldn’t resist grabbing my shaft and taking a couple long slow strokes. As my hand reached the head I rubbed my palm over the slit covering my hand in juice before slowly running hand back down the shaft smearing my juice over the thick shaft causing it to glisten and shine in my hand.

Maddie reciprocated by sticking a hand in her mouth lubricating her fingers before running her fingers over her erect nipples. But it was what happened next that caused my hand to increase its pace. Maddie grabbed her right breast and raised it up so that she could take her nipple in her mouth whereupon she first licked and sucked her nipple.

God I knew I was close to erupting and so did Maddie.

“Oh no your not big guy, get your fucking hand hand of that cock, NOW!!” demanded Maddie.

I was shocked by her directness but I was learning that there was a very different side to the Ms Bond I thought I knew.

As I lay there my cock throbbing Maddie removed her lycra shorts revealing a neatly trimmed pussy and oh so tight bum. Now completely naked except of course for the heart rate monitor Maddie again straddled me and this time leant forward wrapping her massive juggs around my cock. She started titty fucking me by holding her tits tightly against my cock rocking up and down.

“Oh god Maddie, that’s sooo good, so fucking good. Fuck my big cock with your massive titties, fuck it good baby…” I gasped looking down to my cock engulfed in the most magnificent big tits and the prettiest smiling face you could imagine. The fact that Maddie was clearly enjoying what she was doing was an unbelievable turn on and I raised my hips to fuck her tits even harder.

As I did this Maddie looked down and took my cock which was easily emerging from her tits with each thrust in her mouth. The wet warmth of her mouth was like a cave of sensuality sucking the very life from me.

“Oh shit Maddie, oh shiiiit…” I groaned barely able to control myself.

“Like that do we big guy? What about this then?” said Maddie who sat back releasing my cock from her fabulous breasts before placing her mouth over the peach sized head of my cock before beginning to furiously pump my cock with her right hand.

That was it for I could barely remain conscious as cum pumped from my balls up my shaft before erupting like a geyser from my cock catching Maddie a little by surprise.

‘Oh shit Maddie, I’m cumming. Oh God I’m cumming…’ I screamed.

“No shit!!” yelled Maddie who was furiously jerking my erupting cock which was spewing load after load of hot cum skyward.

Even I couldn’t believe how much cum was flying from my cock. Maddie held on tight and aimed it at her face and tits and I obliged by shooting even more cum plastering her cheeks, lips, nose and tits with my juice.

Finally my climax began to ebb although not completely as Maddie squeezed the last few shots from me.

Maddie released my cock allowing it to thud back onto my abs, the head of it resting between Etlik Escort Bayan my pecs. Blinking to clear my vision I was amazed to see Maddie still straddling me her pretty face and tits covered in cum. As I smiled Maddie simply poked her tongue out the corner of her mouth to lick the dripping cum from her cheek and rubbed my cum into her tits tweaking her nipples and massaging her massive tits. God she was sex god.

“Mmmmm, nice stud, real nice but my pussy is oh so hot for your big cock. Tell me your big cock is going to satisfy my hot little pussy,” said Maddie one hand now firmly inserted in her pussy.

My cock twitched, it throbbed, it began to rise, slowly at first but then quicker and quicker.

“Oh goody, look that big cock is getting bigger MUCH bigger,” said a clearly impressed Maddie.

I couldn’t believe it. After such a massive orgasm even I was surprised that my cock was responding so quickly.

“Stroke it honey, make it hard for Maddie, please make it hard. Show me that horse cock that just covered me in cum. Show me that 14 inches of hot cock,” begged Maddie.

I did as I was asked and stroked my cock back to its full 14 inches as Maddie prepared for the next round of fucking.

This time Maddie moved the gymnastic bar so that it was level with my cock. What was planning? What did this hot big titted sex god have install for me, time would tell.

As I lay there slowly stroking my hardening manhood Maddie again straddled my legs and reached up to hold the bar above her head. My god she was strong. Her muscles tensing with the effort but she seemed well able to handle the strain.

“What have you got in mind Maddie?” I asked unable to take my eyes of her amazing tits.

“You’ll see honey, you’ll see…” she teased.

With that lifted herself up so that she was now suspended from the bar her feet off the ground her pussy poised tantalizingly close to the head of my cock. God I couldn’t believe what I was seeing it looked for al the world like she was going to impale herself on my cock.

“OK now big boy, don’t get carried away here. We don’t want anyone getting hurt especially me and trust me that thing looks like it could do a lot of damage so let’s take it steady, OK?” Maddie said.

“Sure, what ever you say babe, what do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Just hold that monster steady babe just keep it steady,” Maddie instructed.

Before I could move Maddie lowered herself so that the immense peach sized head of my cock now liberally covered with juice made contact with her pussy lips. My cock felt like a jack hammer about to make contact with the concrete for the first time. It felt just as hard and ready for action.

“Oh god Brad, take it easy I’m not use to something this size, fuck who am I kidding I’m even use to something half this size but I need it so help me honey, please..” her voiced trailed off as my cock eased into her hot pussy assisted by Maddie weight. The first few inches were now inserted and Maddie was doing heaves, pulling herself up and then slowly lowering herself onto me each time taking just a little more of my massive cock.

Now that she had managed to take a few inches I didn’t need to hold the bottom half of my shaft and instead placed my hands on her tiny hips and helped her to raise and lower herself.

“Oh god, fuck, fuck FUCK, you’re so fucking big. God it’s killing me,” gasped Maddie now some seven inches down my shaft.

“Mmmmm Maddie you’re so tight, shit you feel soooo good, can you take any more?” I asked desperate to hear that she could.

“Yes, yes, fuck YES!!” she screamed now panting heavily as she continued to raise herself up before slamming herself back down.

Each time she did this her massive mammeries would bounce wildly turning me on even more.

“Oh shit Maddie, look at those titties of yours. They’re going crazy,” I blurted out.

“Yeah isn’t it great!!” replied Maddie bouncing even harder.

The sight of Maddie holding onto the bar above her head lowering herself onto me was truly amazing. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a thing. I was overwhelmed by the sensation I was feeling in my cock and balls as this sex goddess fucked me and rode me like I was a stallion and she my rider. Her rhythm was not only up and down but slightly forward as well as she ground her hips and pelvis onto me taking even more of my colossal erection. I was in a daze stunned by what I was seeing and feeling but suddenly I was stunned by a loud beeping sound.

“What’s that?” I asked Maddie.

“Oh yeah, 220 and rising…. I’ve set my heart rate monitor to alert me when my heart rate reached 220. I’m desperate to see how high it can go and I thought having you fuck me with your immense cock would make it go higher than it ever has,” replied Maddie.

“What’s the highest its ever been?” I asked not missing a beat as I steadily continued to raise my cock to meet her pussy.

“Well let’s see….It did reach 235 when I was being fucked my the captain of the football team but I think that was more because we were doing it in the change sheds and I was worried about getting caught. The thought of having the whole team watching me was so exciting but I know that your going to get me really going say 250 plus,” Maddie panted.

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