A Surprise for Dad , Abigail

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This is a follow up story to ‘Fuck, Not Another Lockdown’ and I hope you enjoy it.

You should read the first story before this one but that is up to you.


All characters are over the age of 18.

There is incest, lesbian sex and FMF and MFM sex.


Another six months and it will be my dad’s and Abigail’s first anniversary and I wanted to do something really special for them but I wasn’t sure what to do.

I decided to speak to Abigail to see if she could give me some ideas since we were really close now.

One day when dad went to work I asked Abigail if she could spare a few moments to chat. She said yes and, over coffee, I started the conversation.

I said to her, “Abigail, your anniversary is approaching and I wanted to do something really special for you and dad. Do you have any ideas?”

She looked at me, sipped her coffee and replied, “Rachel, that’s nice of you but it isn’t necessary. Just you being with us is gift enough for us.”

I thanked her and said to her, “No, I want to do something special for the two people I love the most. Please help me.”

Abigail answered, “Can I tell you a secret, but you have to promise you will never tell anyone?” I told her I wouldn’t say a word. Then she said, “I never told anyone, but when I was 18, I had a baby boy and my parents made me give him up. I have wanted to tell your dad but I could never find the right time. I know your dad wants to have another child, but I have been told that I can’t have any children, so unless you can get me pregnant somehow, I will have to tell him.”

I asked her if she knew anything about her son and she told me she had an idea where he was, that his name was Sam and that he was 19 and living with his adopted parents. I said to her, “Abigail, do you want to see him?” She looked at me and said, “I would love to see him and talk to him and explain why his mother gave him up.”

We finished our coffee and I went to my room. Then it hit me…I will find her son and ask him to come and see his mother.

Four days later Abigail approached me and said, “Rachel, I have to tell your father about me not being able to have children and I need you with me when I tell him. Ok Rachel?” I told her I would be there for her.

That night, after dinner, Abigail told my dad she had something to tell him. Abigail said, “Robert, I went to the doctor today and he told me that I couldn’t have children. I am so sorry. I know you wanted another child but I’m not able to give one to you.”

He went to her and hugged and kissed her and said it was ok. I cried and hugged them both.

The next day I started my search for Abigail’s son. It was more important now for me to find him and talk to him. More than three weeks went by and I finally found out where he lived and went to his house just to observe before I approached him.

Then, one Saturday morning, I was outside his house and saw his parents drive off as he was still in the house. I got up my nerve and rang his bell. He answered the door and I said, “Hi, you don’t know me, my name is Rachel and I know your biological mother and I would like to talk to you. May I come in?”

He stood there in shock and told me to go in. He asked how I knew his mother and I said, “It’s a long story and If you want, I would like to tell you.” He said he would like to hear it.

I started, “First of all I want you to know that your mother was forced to give you up. She was only 18 when she had you and her parents made her give you up. canlı bahis şirketleri A little more than a year ago your mom met my dad and they got married and the three of us live together. Their anniversary is coming up and when she told me in secret about you, I thought I would get the two of you together. I know she thinks about you every day and regrets what happened back then.”

He sat there in disbelief and said, “My parents never mentioned my mother or how they adopted me but I always wondered about my mom. I would like to meet her.” I smiled and told him I would arrange that.

We chatted for a long time and got to know each other. He was a very nice guy and we hit it off. We exchanged numbers and I told him we would stay in contact. We hugged as I left.

When I got home I immediately yelled out to Abigail to talk to her. As soon as she appeared I said to her, “Abigail, I met Sam and we talked and he wants to meet you.” Abigail hugged me and we talked about how we would arrange the meeting. I suggested that she tell my dad everything and she agreed.

That night after dinner Abigail said, “Robert, there is something I have to tell you. When I was 18, I had a baby, a baby boy. My parents made me give him up and I never saw him again. However, I did find out where he lived and Rachel tracked him down and spoke to him and he wants to meet me.” My dad didn’t say anything at first and then said, “So, what’s the problem? Invite him over so we all could meet him.” Abigail hugged and kissed my dad and started crying. I told her I would make the arrangements.

The next day I called Sam and told him he could come over next weekend and he could stay over and he accepted the invite.

Time dragged on until the day finally arrived. Sure enough, Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m., Sam rang the bell and I let him in. Standing in the hallway was Abigail and, for the first time since he was born, she saw her son. They hugged and kissed and when things quieted down I showed him to his room and then we all sat in the living room. Dad came in and the four of us got to know each other.

While Abigail and Sam chatted, I made lunch and brought it out to the patio so the four of us could enjoy the food in the warmth of the day.

Dad and I couldn’t pry them apart as they spent the whole time getting acquainted. Dad even had a gleam in his eyes as his wife and her son got to know one another.

We spent a good amount of time outside and by early afternoon I asked Sam if he would like to go for a swim in the pool since it was becoming very hot. He said he would but didn’t bring a suit. I laughed and said, “Sam, one thing around here is you don’t need a suit. We never do.” He looked at me with a quizical look and I told him that we just skinny dip. He laughed and said that was fine with him.

It didn’t take long for me to undress first and jump into the pool. He followed and, much to my surprise, my dad joined us and Abigail followed. I’m sure it was a shock to Sam to see his mother naked but he didn’t say anything.

I was rather impressed with Sam. He was 5’8″, about 170, athletic figure, blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice sized cock & balls.

The four of us enjoyed the pool and had a great time until it was time for dinner. Dad had ordered dinner and it was delivered on time and we all enjoyed the meal.

Sam said he had a great time and said he was glad that he met all of us, especially his mom. He thanked me for reaching out to him and thanked my dad for accepting him as a member canlı kaçak iddaa of the family.

Well, after dinner we chatted some more and before we knew it, it was bed time. Abigail and my dad went to their bedroom, me to mine and Sam to his. I waited awhile and then joined my dad & Abigail in their bed. As usual, Dad had me on all fours and was fucking me doggie style as Abigail stepped out to use the bathroom.

Then, as dad was fucking me, I heard Abigail talking. I looked over to the door and I could see Sam looking in as I heard Abigail say, “Sam, you enjoying the view?” Then she swung the door open and Sam could clearly see my dad fucking me. Abigail said, “You two have an audience.”

Dad looked over and was stopping but I told him not to stop and then he shot his cum into me. As soon as dad finished cumming, I went over to Sam and told him it was ok that he saw. Then Abigail said, “Sam, in this house we all enjoy and share each other. If that bothers you, we will take you home first thing in the morning. If you are ok with it, you could either go back to your room or you could join us.”

He looked at the three of us and replied, “I have never experienced anything like this, but if it is ok with you, I would be ok giving it a try.” I went over to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek, then moved my mouth to his and gave him a deep kiss. As he returned my kiss I could feel his cock rising and twitching through his briefs. I looked down and said to him, “I think you will enjoy yourself. Come with me.”

We walked over to the bed and I helped him remove his briefs. His cock sprang out and it looked so beautiful in its hardness.

Dad & Abigail moved over and me and Sam joined them in bed. Dad & Abigail started making out and I pressed my naked body to Sam’s as we kissed and felt each other up. Sam was all over me and I told him to stick his cock in me.

As my dad was fucking Sam’s mom, Sam mounted me and slipped his cock in my cunt. In seconds he started fucking me, my tits bouncing up and down as I was holding Abigail’s hand.

Just then Abigail said, “Let’s switch partners. I want to feel my son’s cock in me.” Sam & dad pulled their cocks out and switched partners. I watched as Sam mounted his mother and slowly inserted his hard cock into his mother’s count until it was deep inside her.

As dad fucked me, I watched Sam fucking his mother. They looked so much in love. Soon Sam yelled out that he was going to cum and Abigail yelled out, “My son is shooting his cum in me. It feels so good. Don’t stop Sam.”

Sam must have cum a ton because his cum was flowing out his mother’s count as soon as he pulled his limp cock out. I eased over to her and whispered, “How did it feel getting filled up with your son’s cum?” She looked at me and replied, “It felt great.”

After we rested a bit, we all shared each other throughout the night. One time Abigail got fucked by my dad who came in her and as he pulled his cock out, Sam slipped his in and he came in her too.

I was also double teamed by my dad and Sam and they filled me with their cum as well. The highlight of the night though was when dad and Sam fucked our asses side by side at the same time…Dad told me and Abigail to get on all fours. He lined his cock up to his wife’s asshole, lubed his cock and slowly slipped it in her ass. As he was fucking her ass he told Sam to lube his cock and fuck me in my ass. He went slowly and slipped his hard cock in my ass. Now, he and my dad were fucking our asses, our tits swaying back and forth. canlı kaçak bahis After a few minutes he said to Sam to switch. They pulled their cocks bout of our asses and switched. I could tell when Sam was filling his mother’s ass with his cock as she let out some squeals. Soon they were both pounding our asses. Dad came in me first then I heard Sam yell out that he was going to cum, then shot streams of cum into her ass. It was at that time I knew Sam owned his mother and she would do whatever he wanted.

The next day was practically spent in bed by the four of us. Sam was a fast learner and he and his mother fucked often, each time Sam filled her hole with his cum.

Before Sam left, Abigail and myself gave him a show and he couldn’t get over the fact that his mother loved women as much as men.

Before Sam left, we told him we would like him to be a regular guest in our house and he said he would like that. I stayed in touch with Sam and told him what I was going to do and he said he would join me.

Three months later I handed them an invitation which read, ‘Mom & Dad, you are cordially invited to join me, your daughter and your son, Sam, to a very special evening for your First Anniversary of food, drink and dessert and a special dessert & gift afterwards’.

Date: Next Saturday

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Dress: Optional

Location: Dining Room & Bedroom

They laughed and my dad asked if clothing was really necessary and I smiled and told him it wasn’t.

I had arranged for them to be out of the house the day of their anniversary so I could prepare things. Sam would be joining me to help out.

Now, I am not a chef but I can cook, so I prepared a sumptuous meal of Chateaubriand, along with oysters as an appetizer and set the table with candles and made everything special for them.

We had balloons and flowers all over the place as well. We even made the bedroom into a very romantic setting. Even though we fucked in there almost daily, I wanted it to look special on their anniversary night.

By the time they got home everything was set and ready for them. As soon as they opened the door, they could smell the food and saw the balloons and flowers. They gave us a big hug and kiss and thanked us for everything. Then they went into the bedroom to change. When they came out, dad said, “Rachel & Sam, the place looks fabulous.” Abigail continued, “Yes, it is beautiful. I am so blessed that you are our daughter and son.”

We sat down and started on the oysters. I told Dad & Sam to eat a lot and Abigail laughed. The Chateaubriand was delicious and we all had a great dinner.

After dinner, we cleaned up and relaxed in the living room. After almost an hour, I said to them, “I think it is time to go inside to top off the night in bed.” Abigail replied, “I can’t think of anything else I would rather do.

As dad & Abigail got into bed, I told them I had an announcement to make. As they looked at me, I said, “Some time ago Abigail told us she couldn’t have children. So, with that in mind, I decided to give you something special for your anniversary and the timing is perfect. Mom & dad, I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant and I want to give the baby to you as a gift from me.”

There was silence…then Abigail said, “Wow, I wasn’t going to say anything but I just found out today that I am pregnant even though the doctors said it was impossible.”

We all looked at each other and smiled and then dad said, “Well, I guess it doesn’t make a difference who the father is but I’m sure we know when you two got pregnant.”

Sam then said, “I guess I might be responsible for one or both so I guess I am going to be around here for a long time.”

After we all laughed, we had the best night of sex ever.

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