A Surprise for Son

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Barry dropped to his knees in front of his best friend. He licked his lips lustily and undid the guys belt, pulling it out of his loops and throwing it to the other side of the room. Quickly flicking open John’s button he drew his zipper down. John eagerly pushed his pants down so they fell around his ankles. The cock in front of Barry was straining at the tight black boxers and threatened to break free on it’s own.

John, while not thick in girth, was very long in shaft. Barry reached around and grabbed his friends ass cheeks while nuzzling the warmth of his cock through the thin material. He loved the way that those taut buns felt in his hands.

John gasped and wriggled his hips. He was obviously enjoying the way that Barry rubbed his nose up and down the length of that long shaft.

Barry could smell the turned-on muskiness of the other lad. He opened his nostrils wide and took and deep breath of that sexy odour. “M-m-mmmmmm…” He gasped, his face flushed. “Gotta get me some of that!”

John grinned down evilly. “Help yourself!”

Barry smirked and, with easy grace, pulled down John’s boxers. The guy’s cock sprung free and hit Barry in the face with a slap. The teen grinned and sank back on his heels, surveying the way that the long thin pole waved in the air. It was standing almost straight up from the lad’s groin. It was pink and softly veined, with two small balls drawn up tight in that lovely wrinkled ball sack. The head was purple and cut, wildly fared so that it was almost twice the width of the shaft. It looked like a morel mushroom or something. Barry didn’t care what. To him it looked like great sucking cock and that’s what he intended to do. Smacking his lips he looked up at his friend from under heavy eyelids. “Gonna suck you good, John, ’til you cum in my mouth!”

“I’ll jizz you good, Barry. Haven’t cum in days!” The other lad laughed. He was dark haired, a trait which extended to his groin. He had little pubic hair because he shaved nicely for Barry.

“Ooooh. Tasty cum!” Muttered Barry happily. He wrapped one of his hands around John’s cock and felt the warm shaft happily. It felt like a hot prong in his fist. He jacked at it obscenely, teasing his friend with a lazy tugging. John was hissing and groaning, his dick leaping in Barry’s hand with each heartbeat. Barry did not have the willpower to make his friend wait though. He just loved cock and had been sucking it for years. Not just John’s cock, he thought as he licked the precum from the chunky head, but any cock. He had sucked many in his time, was known as a good cock licker in school. Probably one of the best, certainly up amongst even the sluttiest girls. Barry loved the girls too because he loved all sex. He was as bi as they came, just like John.

Lapping happily at his friend’s cock, he worked it like a lolly pop for a while. His lips were busy and his tongue lashed away at the ridge around the other guy’s head. He knew that this drove all guys wild. It was the most sensitive spot on the organ. A fact shown by John’s increased erectness. Barry doubted that he could bend the guy’s cock now if he wanted to. For nineteen years old John had a very virginal cock and it was easy to bring off. He could also cum several times in one night which was perfect for Barry on their sleepovers.

Lusty Barry could not stand it any longer. He opened his lips and pressed them over John’s dickhead. “Go on Barry, oh yesssss!” Hissed the young man. Barry removed his hand from the cock and pushed his mouth forwards until he had swallowed three quarters of it’s length. The head banged against his throat and Barry gurgled, cursing his friend’s length. At nine inches it was too long to fit all of it into his mouth. He liked to try though and wiggled forwards until he’d gotten it to pop into his throat. His tongue kept working at the shaft the whole time, licking the underside. Barry gurgled again and looked up at the picture of utter bliss on his friend’s face. Placing his hands onto John’s groin around the base of his cock Barry began to rock backwards and forwards, fucking that beautiful dick with his mouth. He loved the way the stiffness felt between his lips, and knew that his voice would be husky tomorrow from taking the guy down his throat. He didn’t care right now. All he wanted was a good dollop of cum on his vocal cords.

John was fucking back at Barry a bit by rocking on his toes. Barry tickled his balls with his thumbs, pushing them up down down the crease in the sack. He knew John loved this big time. “Yes oh yessss, you are a great cocksucker you!” Blurted John emotionally. Barry glowed with pride at his friend’s comments. It was better than a great college report card! He redoubled his efforts and let his friend use him like a pussy. Each stroke inwards made him snort all of the air out of his nostrils, so that he sounded a little like a steam train.

“Hiss… puff… shlock!”

“Oh yeah, c’mon buddy!”

“Hiss… puff… schlock!”

Barry’s mouth muğla seks hikayeleri was all wet now and it sounded like a pussy grinding on a cock in some porn film. Barry liked his boys to think of him like a permanently greased pussy. They could use his mouth anytime they liked!

“OhGodI’msocloseBarry…” Garbled John.

Just as Barry knew he was about to receive a nice big helping of jism, the bedroom door banged wide open…

“What the hell is going on here!?”


Barry couldn’t believe it. It was his mom! Shit! He pulled his head back in a reflex action just as John lost his load. It splashed out of the wildly waving dick, delivering a good old spurt right to Barry’s right cheek. The second splat landed on his chin and the third hit his t-shirt. Barry scurried back quickly and stood, shaking his head. “Mom! I… can explain.”

He was half shocked, half angry, and all worried. “I… you shouldn’t have just walked in here like that! Christ I could have been getting changed!”

His mother raised an eyebrow. “I think I found you doing something more than getting changed, Barry Andrew Luduca. Although you’ve certainly changed in my eyes.”

“Yeah, well…” He was embarrassed and shocked. John, the sensible lad, had pulled up his pants. It was quite comical seeing him trying to button his fly around a cock that was still bolt hard and leaking cum.

Barry’s mom noticed this at about the same time as Barry did. She giggled girlishly. “John, don’t bother. You’re just going to mess your clothes up more.” She stepped into the room, her high heeled boots clicking on the varnished wood of the floor.

John gave her an angry look and finally managed to do it. He looked all defiant now.

“Why did you just walk in here, Mrs Luduca?” Asked John, his words brave but his voice quivering.

“I think I should be the one asking the questions, John Howzak. Questions like what my son is doing blowing his burly friend?”

Barry stuttered.

“Well, out with it, son. What is my academically brilliant son doing blowing the captain of the soccer team? I never had you down for a fag, Barry.”

It was hard to come up with excuses or explanations for such a thing. Especially when Barry had rapidly cooling cum running down his face. Cum he wanted to taste. “We’ve been doing this for a bit mom. Helps us both out you know?” He was trying not to scoop the ribbons of goodness from his cheek.

“I would imagine so. Girls at College not putting out?”

“We’re all nineteen, ma. They’re putting out. Just not enough for me and John. We have an arrangement. Especially when the girls don’t want to do it.”

Barry’s mom shook her long black hair. “Too busy with school work, eh? Damn these things have changed. When I was at college girls put out all the time!” She laughed. Barry took a look at his mom. She had obviously come home from work early for some reason. She was still dressed in one of her usual outfits. She wore black knee-high boots; black fishnets; and a short black silky skirt. Complementing this was a purple blouse with rolled up sleeves that she wore tight across her chest. It was also low cut enough that guys got a good view of her cleavage. Barry knew because she had bent over in front of his at the breakfast table enough time and he had seen the lacy bras she liked to wear underneath it. Her curly black hair hung around her shoulders, framing a face that was not pretty or ugly, but beautiful in a girl-next-door way. When she stood she had her legs braced apart, a sign of a powerful woman who liked to control situations. If you believed the body language experts.

At six feet three and curvy with it, Samantha Luduca had a fucking load of body language. Most of it dripped sex.

“Mmmmmm… you know guys, I wouldn’t have thought to have seen this before today. I bet you didn’t even consider how this would make me feel did you? When you were getting it on in here, IN MY HOUSE, how that would make me feel?”

They both looked away, embarrassed, unable to meet her crystal blue eyes. “All these DISGUSTINGLY DEPRAVED things you have been doing?”

Barry coughed and shifted nervously.


They both took a step back at the power of her voice.

“Look at me. LOOK AT ME!”

With difficulty they did.

“I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you feel NO REGRET. NO REMORSE AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!”

Fucking hell, thought Barry, I’m fucked. “I… mom…” But he did not feel any. He couldn’t lie to his mom. Never had been able to.

She put her hands on her hips and shook her head. “OH, SO NONE, eh? Kneeling there with your dirty boyfriend’s long cock down your throat, letting him fuck your face, IN MY HOUSE and there is no remorse. WHAT IF YOUR SISTERS HAD SEEN YOU?”

They’re both little sluts and would probably enjoy it, thought Barry. They probably do it themselves with all those guys they bring home.

He didn’t say it though.

He didn’t say anything.

“I think you need a special punishment for this Barry Andrew Luduca. One that fits the crime.” His mother strode to the bed, her long legs squeaking in the leather boots. She sat down, smoothing her skirt. “John, stay where you are. I want you to watch this and learn. Barry, come here.”

His mind flashed back to his childhood. He grimaced. He knew what was coming. At nineteen he was a little old for this though, surely?

“Take down your pants and lay across my lap!” Ordered his mother. We all know how mothers are. You can never really avoid behaving that tone they use. Barry couldn’t either and I don’t think we can blame him. He dropped his trousers and moved to lay down.

“AND YOUR BOXERS!” She screamed.

Tears joined the cum staining his face now. He was ashamed as he pulled down his tight white boxers. They fell to the floor too quickly and he was naked from the waist down. His cock had been hard but was now resting soft, curled up next to his nuts. It was a decent cock, fatter rather than long, about six inches when hard but as thick as a salt shaker. His balls were big though and hung down between his legs so full were they.

He lay down across his mother’s knees. He was surprised she could hold his weight still. As he presented his butt to her he sneaked out his tongue and licked some cum from his chin. May as well get something out of this. Could be the last cum he got for a while!

He heard a soft gasp for his mother and then the first slap rained down. It was followed by a third and fourth and fifth and sixth… She alternated between cheeks as she slapped his fat ass until it burned. Then, unaccountably, she stopped. When Barry was about to get up and run in shame he felt a soft motherly caress brush across his left cheek. “I hope that teaches you a lesson. Your pure, BEAUTIFUL bottom is all marked up now. I bet you the guys at school won’t want it any more. You won’t be able to offer it to them for at least a week. JUST THINK OF EVERYONE YOU’RE DISAPPOINTING!” She yelled angrily. Her digit came around to the top of his bum, where his cheeks came together with his tail bone. His mother didn’t stop there though. Did not even linger. She ran her finger downwards between his butt cheeks. He shivered at her touch. She was doing it with pressure, so that her forefinger slipped between his ass cheeks. The muscles parted for her. With no shame his mother worked down to his butt hole. Barry gasped loudly. Her fingertip was on his asshole! He was glad he had showered right after college now. At least he was clean!

“Oh goodness…” She whispered. “Barry… open your legs up.”

He stiffened. “What?”

“OPEN YOUR LEGS NOW!” She pushed on his ass, pulling his cheeks apart. To his shame his mother was looking at his asshole! “My God, Barry, you mean to say…”


“…you’ve never been fucked up here?”

“No Mom.” He whispered. “I haven’t.”

“Oh Barry, you don’t know what you’re missing! Ass fucking is great! I can’t believe you modern teens haven’t figured that out yet!”

As she spoke Mrs Luduca was stroking his little asshole crinkle with her fingertip. He felt it shudder under her gentle ministrations. His mom gave an evil giggle – the worst laugh he had ever heard from her – and stopped stroking. He heard a wet schlock! and then her finger was back at his ass. It felt wet.

“Ohmygod!” Was all he could manage to say as his mother pushed her digit into him. She slid it slowly, carefully, right up his tight little rectum. For Barry, who had never had anythign up there before, this was a cross between heaven and hell. It felt good but painful. And Jesus, wasn’t this incest!?

“Mom, stop!” He cried out.


“But it’s wrong!”

“So’s blowing a guy!”

“It’s incest!”

“Who cares?”

Barry stopped protesting at this. Because he didn’t care. Especially not now. Her finger slipped from his clinging recess and she leant fowards. It was odd but… oh no… she was replacing her finger with her tongue! The wet oral digit probed and licked all around his bunghole until he could feel his ass cheeks were all wet. Just when he though it couldn’t get any better his mom pushed at his hole and slipped her tongue into his butt. Barry went wild, shivering all over his lap. His cock was between her legs now, and hard, and as he moved it banged off her thighs. She groaned and reached a hand under him, groping his dick meat. As she licked and sucked at his asshole she smacked his cock around with her hand. The pain kept him on the edge.

When Barry thought he couldn’t take any more his mother seemed to read his mind. She ran the hand that had been playing with his cock up between his legs and over his balls. Backwards it went until she had it by her probing tongue. Sitting up she smacked her lips and then him. “Delicious butt hole you’ve got there, son! First class ass in taste and shape!” She giggled, pushing her finger back inside him. With all the spit lube it went easier this time. She fucked his asshole with it, back and forth, and then to his amazement and pain added another. When her knuckles were touching his ass she pulled them out and then pushed back in again. It was like she was using her fingers as a cock. She even twisted them as she worked so that his ass was opening out. After a bit the pain faded just leaving the sensation of the screwing. His little nerve endings were jangling with happiness.

“John, come over here!” Demanded the wanton mother. She seemed to be into her stride now. Controlling the situation. John, who had just stood and watched amazed until this point, joined them by the bed. Using her free hand Mrs Luduca pulled down the guy’s shorts and took a good hard look at his good hard cock. Despite himself John was as hard as ever, his shaft still slick with some of his jizz from before. How could he help it? Barry’s sexy mother was fucking her son’s little virginal ass with her fingers. Something that John had dreamt about doing himself but had never been brave enough to follow up on.The horny mother wrapped her hand around his cock and pulled him up until he kneeled on the bed. With any ceremony she licked the cum from his dick and gave him a wink. “Mmmmm… you boys are both so good and tasty! I can see why Barry loves you, John. It’s like ice cream or maybe something more bitter!” Smacking her bee stung lips she jacked on the second teens cock in an amazingly close copy of her son from before. John hissed and groaned. He didn’t give a fuck as it wasn’t his mom!

Feeling the lad’s cock strengthen Mrs Luduca gave him a sexy look. “You’re ready, John.”

“Ready?” He asked.

“To fuck my son’s asshole.” She said, placing his thick cock head at the entrance to her son’s spit-slick hole.


“SHUT UP!” She called, ramming a third finger into Barry’s butt hole. “AND DO AS YOU’RE TOLD!”

John could only think of three things. One, fucking. Two, how good the wet ass of his friend looked. Three, how much he loved fucking ass. Some of the girls at college did it and he’d experienced it twice. That it was a boy this time didn’t matter to him. He loved boys, especially Barry.

He grinned and leaned down, kissing Mrs Luduca on the lips. He slipped his tongue into her willing mouth and tasted his friend there. Her tongue was like an electric eel in his mouth. “Yummy!” He said as he drew back. He could see that Mrs Luduca’s irises had dilated in passion. “I’m ready!” He laughed.

“Okay, one, two, THREE!” Mrs Luduca guided his cock into her son’s asshole, watching closely as she did so. The anal bung had been stretched by her fingers so much that he actually popped in quick easily. Taking hold of John’s hip with her hand she guided him in deeper and deeper until he bottomed out. Barry was screaming at this but then, at the moment his friend’s balls brushed his own larger ones, he quietened. What was he shouting for? It felt GOOD!

Barry knew what he had been missing now.

Mrs Luduca slapped John’s ass and giggled. “Okay, now, FUCK HIM JOHN!”

“Yeah, FUCK ME!” Barry called in unison.

John knew when to take an instruction. He began to fuck Barry’s ass like it was the best, tightest pussy in the whole world. Which it was. His whole nine inches were buried in the teens horny asshole, and Barry was shaking and pushing back at him and clawing the ground with his hands. John started slow, but then began to pick up the pace at the urging of Mrs Luduca.

The clinging rectum around his cock was driving John wild. He slammed into it with a wet schlock and pulled out only to drill in again. Mrs Luduca had them move around so that they were no longer using her knees but the bed as a support. John grabbed his friend’s hips and used them for leverage as the thirty something woman stood and moved away. They were both disappointed that she was gone but the amusement of the screwing kept them happy.

Mrs Luduca kept shouting encouragement as she began to shed her clothes. “Go on John, fuck my son’s ass! Do him real good, so he can’t sit down for days. Punish him for me!” First off came her blouse and bra, so that her big 38DD tits swung down. They had a bit of sag but not much, and any man with an eye for such things would be able to see they were enhanced. Her nipples were dark brown and widely spaced, appearing too small for the massive tit flesh. She then dropped her skirt, leaving her boots and fishnet stockings on. Removing her boring white panties she stretched happily and watched the two boys fucking next to the bed. They were facing away from her and so she got to enjoy the sight of John’s muscular ass as her really threw a fuck into her young virginal son. In Mrs Luduca’s book Barry had the better ass, being rounder and softer, but a lot of lovers would have said John had a great butt too.

As she watched she idly played with herself, pulling on her nipples with wet fingers before moving her hands down over her ribcage and belly and into her pubic bush. She had shaved that morning so it was a nice landing strip style affair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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