A Swinging Adventure That Didn’t Go As Planned


Rob and his lovely wife Jen were your typical average, middle-class family. They were in their early forties with two children. They had been happily married for almost fifteen years and both had successful careers, but there was one thing that had haunted them, and that was the quality of their sex life. It wasn’t that their sex life was horrible or anything close to that, but it had gotten way too predicable. Jen was a very attractive looking woman and didn’t look anything like her age. Her petite 5’4 and 110 pound frame was extremely adorable. Rob had wanted to change things up in the bedroom for a while, but with work and running the children everywhere it had become an almost fruitless situation. He was at his wits end on what to do next. One night after everyone was in bed Rob went out onto the internet to see how other men were dealing with the same pressures he was going through. He wanted to find a way to put the spark back into their sex lives. He read a number of stories about how men either shared their wives with other men or went the swinging route. He grew extremely jealous about the thought of sharing Jen with another man and became even more frustrated than before. A few weeks later he began to think about possible solutions to his problem. There were only a few options and Rob knew he had to explore the idea of sharing Jen with another man if he wanted things to change for the better. He felt a wave of jealousy and frustration come over him as he actually began to think about sharing Jen with another man. The thought of swinging now began to intrigue him even more. He thought if he were to share his wife Jen with another man that he also would get something out of it by sharing the other man’s wife with him. If there was one thing he didn’t like about Jen’s body it was that her tits were on the small side. Rob had fantasized a number of times about being with women with big tits. He truly thought the idea of swinging with another couple was the only plausible answer. He went onto a local site that was dominated by swingers and gathered as much information about it as he could. He was quite surprised by how many men had enjoyed sharing their wives with other men. It was something Anadolu Yakası Escort that they were very proud of but it was going to take Rob some time to accept. A few months later Rob received an email out of the blue from someone he had never talked to before. The young man had gotten his email from another individual and wanted to know if he was interested in a night of sexual adventure by sharing each of their wives with one another. Rob was a little startled at first because he had never offered his wife up to anyone. There was one thing though that did garner Rob’s attention and that was the picture of the young man on the beach with his beautiful wife. They were quite a bit younger than him and his wife; they couldn’t have been any older than their upper twenties. The young man was quite well built as muscles bulged from several parts of his body. His wife was just as fit as him and her body was extremely gorgeous as she showed it off in a tight bikini. She also had one thing that Rob had always desired and that was that her tits were big and luscious. That was the one thing that had gotten Rob’s attention enough to reply back. Rob was very curious why this young couple would want to be with him and his wife who were a good fifteen years older than the both of them. The young couple, Brad and Amber, had no problem with this arrangement and wanted to see a picture of him and his wife Jen. Rob was hesitant at first to send a picture but decided several minutes later to do it anyway. He had found a photo of him and Jen on vacation a few months earlier as they sat next to the hotel pool. The photo showed off Jen’s beautiful body as she sat on the edge of the pool with a bikini on. The young couple was definitely interested and wanted to meet up with Rob and his wife Jen as soon as possible. Rob tried to slow things down some but the young couple was relentless. They wanted to meet that weekend as they began to pressure Rob to go along with it. It took a few days of pressuring Rob before he finally relented. Rob had become almost obsessed now with Amber’s beautiful body, especially her big tits. There was just one problem, and that was convincing Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan his wife to go along with the idea of swinging. He knew Jen was a little on the wild side in her college days well before he had met her, so he thought she might just go along with the idea. He approached it gingerly at first as Jen wasn’t thrilled with the idea. He knew he would need a little more time to convince her but that ultimately she would go along with it. He showed Jen a picture of the couple and played up the fact that the young man was very good looking and extremely fit. Jen was onto him right away as the first thing she had noticed was the woman’s big breasts. She knew that Rob had a thing for big breasts so she wasn’t a bit surprised that he wanted to go through with a stunt like this.A few days later Rob was still on Jen about going through with his idea. That was when Jen finally had enough of it and said, “You want me to go through with this? Then fine I will do it! I hope you can handle it!” Rob had the answer he had been waiting for as a surge of adrenalin shot through his body. He immediately contacted Brad and Amber and they were more than happy with Rob and Jen’s decision to meet them. They quickly set it up for a few days later as Brad and Amber agreed to host it. “Bring your swim suits with you. We have a huge hot tub in back and we all can get acquainted while drinking a glass of wine,” Brad replied. A few nights later Rob and his beautiful wife Jen headed over to Brad and Amber’s place. They had a secluded place off a main road as Brad quickly answered the door. “Hey, we are running a little behind so why don’t you and Jen get dressed here in this bedroom and go ahead out to the hot tub out back. Amber and I will be out very shortly,” Brad told them. Rob and his wife began to change into their swimsuits as Jen put on a new bikini that she just had bought. Rob watched his lovely wife of fifteen years get undressed and her naked body looked unbelievably sexy. A surge of jealousy hit him as he watched his wife bend over to put on her bikini bottom. Her petite ass was adorable and looked just as good today as the day he Escort Anadolu Yakası had married her but he was now ready to throw her into another man’s arms for his chance to be with a beautiful 27 year old with big tits. The obsession with her beautiful tits was much too overwhelming for him to back out now as him and his wife headed outside to the hot tub. The water in the tub felt great as Rob and Jen waited patiently for Brad and his wife Amber to come out. It had been a few minutes later when Brad made his way out to the hot tub area. He had a bottle of wine in one hand and four glasses in the other hand. Rob and Jen were quite surprised by what Brad was wearing. He had on a tight pair of Speedos and they showed off a huge bulge in the front of them. Rob was immediately taken back as the young man was quite well hung and his wife couldn’t take her eyes off him. Brad immediately poured each of them a glass of wine and began to impress Jen with his humor. Rob sat in the hot tub nervously waiting for Amber to come out. It was a few minutes later when Amber made her way out to the hot tub. “How is the water?” Amber asked as Rob got his first glimpse at her. She was everything that Rob had surmised and even more. Amber’s bikini barely covered each of her big tits while the back of it ran up the crack of her beautiful ass. Rob’s cock instantly began to stir as Amber climbed into the tub and sat right next to her husband Brad. A short while later the four of them were already on their second glass of wine. The sexual tension was growing by the minute as Brad moved over next to Jen. He began to cuddle up next to her and before Rob knew it the two of them were kissing one another. Rob wanted the same thing from Amber but to his disappointment Amber sat watching her husband and Jen make out across from her. A few minutes later Brad said, “Why don’t all of us go inside and get a little cozier with one another.” The four of them headed into the house as Brad’s hand rested gently right on Jen’s gorgeous ass. Amber walked ahead of everyone else as Rob brought up the rear. Once inside they immediately headed for the bedroom where Brad and Amber had a big king size bed. Brad and Jen immediately went right back at as they once again began to cuddle and kiss one another passionately. Rob had hoped this would be his chance to get together with Amber but to his dismay Amber went over toward her husband and Jen. She began to untied Jen’s top and tossed it down onto the floor as her husband Brad felt up each of Jen’s small but perky tits.

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