A Taste of True Friendship

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Dear Benny,

You are the only one I have ever told about this. I have always considered you to be my friend, one of my few friends, and really my only male friend. In fact, it was you that gave me the idea to do what I did when you were honest and trusting enough to tell me of your experiences.

As long as I can remember, I have always been the stupid, dumpy, fat girl. I couldn’t help how I looked. I was just born that way. I was a chubby baby, a roly-poly little kid, a teenage fatty, and—I hate this term—an obese adult. It isn’t like being 5’5” and 185lbs is outlandishly heavy but it does make me porky. Add to that the fact that I am not pretty, not even in the least good looking, certainly not anyone’s idea of femininity, and you have a very unhappy and generally lonely person.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t socialize. I did. But I have always been the hanger on, on the edge of the crowd, watching the other girls have the fun, and just wishing I could be as attractive, relaxed, and desirable as they were. I didn’t have many real friends, just acquaintances. And most of them just treated me like “Good Old Wanda” never thinking that I had all of the drives and desires that they did to be accepted and loved.

I guess most people don’t think that people who look like me have any sexual desires but we do. I wanted so much my whole life to enjoy sex with a boy. The problem is that the boys never even gave me a first look, let alone a second. None of them ever in even the slightest way did anything to suggest to me that they thought I might be a candidate for sex.

There were a few girls over the years who paid some attention to me, making the mistaken assumption that I was a lesbian just because of my body type. But I am not a lesbian. The thought of trying to have sex with another woman leaves me absolutely cold. I just couldn’t ever do anything like that.

I really wanted boys. All of my fantasies revolved around that. I loved the fantasy of being swept off my feet, being seduced and romanced, and—well, yes really—getting my brains fucked out by some guy. I loved the idea of oral sex, too. I fantasized a lot about going down on guys.

It isn’t that I never had a sexual experience. There were a few but those were the times when I was at a party or at a bar and hooked up with some drunken frat boy who was too stoned to really do anything or, for that matter, remember anything that was done to him. All in all, my sexual experiences were few and totally unsatisfactory.

I got used to having “just friends”—both female and male. You were one of them and one of the few who really took an interest in me as a person. I really enjoyed the talks we had, the honesty with which you discussed your sexuality, and the fact that you neither patronized nor dismissed me. I found it fascinating that you were so open about your being bi-sexual. You were always able to talk about those things without being an exhibitionist and without debasing your sexual experiences. In a way, I wished that you might give me a tumble but I can see now that would have just spoiled a good friendship.

But, when you started talking about your bookstore escapades, that is when I started to get the idea to do what I did.

I remember casino şirketleri your mentioning that there was the XXXXXXX Adult Bookstore and Arcade on YYYY Street that you used to go to just to use what you called the “glory holes”. You made it sound adventuresome and exciting and—best of all—ANONYMOUS.

So, one Friday at about 10:00 at night, I dressed up in some non-descript, unisexual looking jeans and sweatshirt and set off to investigate the XXXXXXX Adult Bookstore.

I hadn’t ever been inside a store like that so I really didn’t know what to expect. And I have to admit that I was more than a little worried that someone that I knew might see me and recognize me as I went in there. I was also concerned what someone might think about a single girl walking into a store like that. I hoped my outfit wouldn’t make my gender obvious.

I parked in the back of the store and went in through the rear entrance. There wasn’t anyone standing around in the parking lot or going in or coming out when I entered the store. As I got inside, I saw that there were rows of racks that had magazines on them with signs above them categorizing the subject matter—Boobs, Blowjobs, Gay Sex, etc. And then farther into the store were the racks of videos similarly labeled. Off to my right near the front of the store was the counter where the cashier/attendant transacted his business over a glassed in display case filled with “marital aids” of all sorts and descriptions. I could see off to my left a room with a black curtained doorway that had over it a sign “Arcade”.

I remembered your talking about getting tokens for the arcade. so I went over to the counter. Without making eye contact, gave the clerk a $20.00 dollar bill, in exchange for which he dumped 80 tokens in my hands—far more than I had anticipated. I stuffed most of them in my jeans pocket, kept a few in my hand, and headed for the arcade room.

The arcade room was a lot bigger that I had anticipated. There were five or six rows of booths with about ten booths to each row. All of the booths had doors on them. I went to the middle row, went down to one of the middle booths in the row, opened the door and went in.

There was a “blue screen” TV inside that added barely enough light to the cubicle for me to see how it was set up. On the wall to my left, I could see the TV screen, the coin slot and video selector buttons. To my left was the narrow wooden seat. As my eyes became acclimated to the dim light, I could see that there was a hole about waist high in the sidewall of the stall, and a similar hole in the back of the stall. These had to be the “glory holes” that you had talked about. I noticed that the floor of the booth was sticky underfoot.

I started to get a little nervous. Could I really go through with my plan? I hadn’t really seen anyone else in the store other than the clerk. Of course, I was so intent on getting my tokens, I don’t think I would have noticed anyway. And I didn’t see anyone standing around waiting to get in to the booths either though, once I sat down, I did recall that I could see the glow and flicker of running videos coming through the cracks of the doors in some of the other booths.

I pumped some tokens into the slot and pushed casino firmaları the “B” selector button—“B” for “Blowjob”. I thought I might like to get into the mood. The video that came on showed a busty blonde swallowing a mammoth black cock. How she got that thing into her mouth I couldn’t figure out. But she sure looked like she enjoyed it. I found myself unconsciously circling my lips and thrusting my tongue in rhythm with her performance. I must have tuned into the video late in the loop because it only took a few seconds for the black cock to shoot its load into the blonde’s mouth and all over her face.

I never had anyone cum in my mouth in my life so I tried to imagine what cum tasted like as I watched her lick her lips and use her fingers to spoon the runaway semen into her mouth. I was really starting to get aroused. I could feel my panties moistening as I watched.

I could hear the clink of coins in the booth beside me and I could see the light brightening though the hole near my right arm. I ignored what was on my video and kept watching the hole in the wall. The glow got covered up and I could vaguely make out someone’s eye looking through the hole into my booth. The next thing I knew there was a white semi-erect penis protruding through the hole into my booth.

I looked at it for a few seconds. It was smooth, circumcised cock, that looked to be maybe 5” but far from erect. I put a few more tokens into my coin slot to keep up the illumination, moved my right hand over, and began to stroke the cock with my fingers. It immediately began to get bigger. I circled it with my thumb and forefinger and moved my hand up and down the shaft feeling it grow with every stroke. Soon it was standing straight so engorged with blood that the tip was taut and shiny. I began to use my whole hand to rub the tumid penis and the owner began to thrust his hips against his side of the wall so that more of his cock was through the hole.

It was at this point that I decided that I hadn’t come this far just to give some guy a hand job. I wanted to suck some cock and find out what it was like. I continued to stroke the cock as I knelt down on the floor feeling the knees of my jeans stick to the tacky surface. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and guided my lips down toward the shiny head that was beginning to moisten with pre-cum.

The sensation of having that cock in my mouth is almost indescribable. It was delicious. I could feel my lips begin to surround the head and caress as it slipped between them into my mouth. I felt the tang of salty pre-cum on my tongue as I took the shaft deeper into my mouth. Slowly I forced myself down on that swollen organ getting the head as far back as my soft palate. And I held it there for an instant and then moved my head back to the point where the head of the penis was just inside my lips.

That fellow on the other side must have been really horny because as I started to repeat the move, I began to feel his cock swell even more and then abruptly felt the gush of warm semen into my mouth. I was shocked that it happened so fast and with such force. I pulled back with half a mouth full of cum, gagging a little because the force of his ejaculation had shot cum all the way to the back güvenilir casino of my tongue and into my throat. The rest of his sperm shot onto my face just like it had in the video of the busty blonde. I swallowed the cum that was in my mouth and then began to lick my lips to retrieve the rest while holding onto the dripping cock still dangling through the hole. I began to milk the slowly drooping penis licking the last of the cum from its head and lapping up the cum that had spilled onto my hands.

I heard him moan as he came and heard him sigh as his climax ebbed and then silence as he withdrew his flaccid cock through the opening leaving me kneeling there licking the remnants of his orgasm off of my hand.

His semen was creamy and salty and had a faint taste reminiscent of mushrooms and oysters. It was—and I blush to say it—tasty as any delicacy I had ever consumed. I wanted more. Another thing that I noticed was that my panties were soaked and that I could feel a heightening rush of my own orgasm. I wanted more of that, too.

I heard the door of his booth open and close as he left. But I only had to wait a few more moments before another penis pushed its way through the hole in front of my face. I suppose Mr.

had somehow quickly gotten the word out to the other patrons.

During the next two hours, I wound up giving seven “glory hole” blowjobs to, from what I could tell, seven different guys. I came three times myself. By the time I finished, my sweatshirt was damp with semen and my face and hair sticky with the cum I didn’t have the time to wipe completely away.

I had never experienced anything like that before, though I have experienced something like it several times since. I suppose you would say that I am addicted to doing “glory holes” now. It has turned into a regular Friday night ritual for me now, and Saturdays, too, for that matter.

I don’t go to the same place every night; I move around. I don’t want to get to be a known quantity. I come prepared—no pun intended—now. I take moistened towelettes with me and wear garments that don’t show the cum stains. I also make sure that I have some lemon-lime soda with me so that I can refresh my palate between blowjobs. I find that each of those cocks releases semen with a different taste. I think I even noticed that one fellow came back—again no pun intended—for seconds, at least it tasted that way.

I massage my clitoris while giving head through the “glory hole”. That heightens my orgasm immensely. After finishing up an evening’s worth of blowjobs I really feel like I am just floating on air. I wonder sometimes what it feels like for a man to have an orgasm. And I also wonder if the guys on the other side realize whether it is a woman or a man that is giving them their blowjob and if would make any difference to them in their orgasm. But I especially wonder if those guys who ordinarily wouldn’t even give me a second glance, let alone let me give them a blowjob if we met face to face, have any idea that it is someone like dumpy old Wanda that’s doing them. The anonymity of the “glory hole” is fabulous.

Thank you, my friend, for—perhaps unwittingly—showing me the way to find my sexual fulfillment. And, for all I know, you might even be one of those guys that I have been doing on Friday and Saturday nights. Now that you know my secret, maybe we could do a face-to-face encounter sometime. That would be exciting. I’d sure like to find out whether I have a taste for my good friend Benny.

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