A Teacher’s Dilemma


Laughter filled the air as Mia continued her story to the audience that had accumulated around her desk. “And just when I didn’t think it could get any worse, the car began to roll away behind us!”

Just then the bell rang and everyone dispersed to their own desks as Mr. Garcia walked up to the whiteboard.

“Good afternoon, class! I see everyone’s winter breaks have been…eventful?” He raised an eyebrow at Mia and the class broke out in giggles. “It’s great to see you all again. So this is what it feels like to be seniors in your last semester. And this class, five months from now, will be the last class you attend on your last day in high school.” The class grew quiet as they considered this idea. “This class, Civics, is an important one as you prepare for this transition. It is a class that asks of you: Who are you? What do you value? How do your choices reflect those values? As we learn and grow as students and citizens, we will come to know those answers and use that knowledge to serve our community.”

A student raised their hand. Mr. Garcia nodded for them to speak. “And what if we already know who we are and what we value?”

Mr. Garcia smiled. “Ah, an important question. Do we, as people, ever change? Are we the same day after day forever and ever? Can events in our lives change our values or prioritize our values? These are all questions you will have to find your answers to, both inside this class and outside of it.”

The class continued for the next half hour as Mr. Garcia introduced the syllabus, reviewed class expectations, and they began their first unit on Rights and Responsibilities. When the bell rang to end the day, the class gathered their things as they discussed their plans for the day. Mr. Garcia taped on Mia’s desk as she zipped up her backpack.

“Did you ever get the car back?” He smiled as she laughed.

“We did, but only after it was stopped by a tree. Worst camping trip ever!” Mia responded lightheartedly.

“Hey, I went camping too during break,” Mr. Garcia replied. “My wife and I checked out that state park off of 35. Although, I think she came home feeling the same way about camping as you.”

Mia cringed. “That bad, Mr. Garcia?”

He laughed. “Well, let’s just say she’s more of a city girl.”

“I guess you could say she values air conditioning and a memory foam mattress,” Mia playfully quipped. Mr. Garcia laughed out loud and she joined him as the crowd exited the room.

Mr. Garcia’s face grew serious after a moment and he picked up her notebook covered in doodled hearts and handed it to her as she stood. “And what do you value, Mia?”

For a moment their hands both clutched the notebook between them as she gazed back into his eyes. Then he broke eye contact and let out a soft chuckle as he dropped his hand away.

“You’ll figure it out Mia, don’t worry.”

She smiled and wished him a good day before she slipped out of the room.


The week went by quickly amidst the classes, sports, clubs, and events. By Friday afternoon, Mia was definitely ready for the weekend. Though she wasn’t in sports, she was a fan of cheering them on, and the basketball game tonight was exactly what she needed to relax after the stress of school had consumed her all week.

As she entered Mr. Garcia’s class, she laughed to herself. It was only three years before that she had walked into this room as a freshmen for World Geography and first met Mr. Garcia. It was her favorite class then, not because geography was anything exciting, but because Mr. Garcia was always thought-provoking, insightful, and caring. She smiled as she realized she both had the opportunity to start high school and end it with him.

“Hey Mia, you comin’ to the game tonight,” Justin called out to her as she walked to her seat.

“You know it!” She Maraş Escort exclaimed as she plopped down into her seat.

“Good. I wanna see that ass cheer me on tonight,” Justin replied flirtatiously as he winked at her.

She laughed at his cockiness and slipped in, “Who said I’d be cheering for you?” just before the bell rang for class to begin.

“Ah, basketball,” Mr. Garcia started, as he walked around the class of seniors now settled in their seats. “Two sides, fighting for control of the court, trying to win the game…and how does basketball compare to politics in our society?”

Justin jumped on that question quickly. “Well the players in basketball are a helluva lot sexier than politicians!”

The class joined in his laughter for a moment, but Mia’s eyes stayed focused on Mr. Garcia. He always had an answer that made her question everything she knew. She definitely didn’t want to miss this one.

As though he could hear her thoughts, Mr. Garcia turned in her direction. “Mia, what do you think? How do the two activities compare?”

Her brow furrowed as she considered it a moment. She noticed he waited patiently, never pushing her to answer before she was ready.

“When one side wins, it feels like a win for everyone who cheered them on. The whole community gets to celebrate a win.”

Mr. Garcia nodded but said nothing.

“But,” Mia continued after a moment, “in politics, a true win should benefit everyone, no matter which side they’re on. Isn’t that the responsibility of government roles?”

“Well, as Justin mentioned, it’s certainly not their responsibility to simply look sexy,” Mr. Garcia replied.

The class joined in the laughter as Mr. Garcia led them in a discussion about the rights and responsibilities of government leaders and citizens. He talked about the importance of voting and asked everyone who had already turned 18 to raise their hand. Mia raised hers along with about half the class. He reminded them that there was a special election in March and that they all needed to be registered to vote by then.

When the bell rang, Mia’s heart dropped. How did she come into this class wanting it to end and leave this class wishing it never would?


Mia and her best friend, JoAnne, walked into the rowdy gymnasium decked out in red and black, their school colors. JoAnne loved flare and had dolled them both up in black eye liner, red lipstick, and two spirited outfits. JoAnne sported black leggings and a red CHS shirt, purposefully shredded at the edges into fringe, barely hiding her naval as she sauntered in the room. Mia, on the other hand, had been dressed up into a black pleated skirt and a red CHS shirt gathered up and tied in a knot at her hip. Her ankle boots had only a slight heel, compared to JoAnne’s knee-high stilettos. How she could walk in those things, Mia never knew.

They found a pair of seats in the middle of the stands and cheered along with the crowd as their team led the first half by 15 points. When half-time came, she asked JoAnne if she wanted any snacks and made her way down to the concession stand set up near the entrance. Just as she got there, she noticed a couple just outside of the doors arguing. They continued down the hall as she realized who it was-Mr. Garcia!

She followed them without thinking as they continued their spirited conversation down the hall and into his room.

“We don’t even like the same things anymore!” She heard the woman’s echo from around the corner.

“But we could learn to appreciate those differences in each other,” she overheard Mr. Garcia reply.

She got to the corner and stopped so they wouldn’t see her.

“Like you tried to make me do with the camping trip?” The woman scoffed.

“I thought you’d enjoy a break from the city, some time Maraş Escort Bayan alone…” Mr. Garcia’s voice trailed off and Mia could hear defeat in the sigh that followed.

“No, Paul,” she said more softly. “You thought you could change my values. But you just can’t. I know who I am. And I just know…I can’t do this anymore. I think it’s time for us to admit what this is…this is over.”

Mia quickly slid behind the lockers as the woman stormed down the hall and out the door into the cold. She hesitated for a moment, then let out a breath and calmly walked around the corner and into the classroom where Mr. Garcia sat at his desk with tears in his eyes.

“Mr. Garcia?” Mia walked toward him slowly. His eyes didn’t meet hers. Instead he shook his head, squeezed his nose, and turned away.

“Now is, uh, not the best time, Mia,” he tried to clear his throat to mask his upset.

“Mr. Garcia, I…” She reached his desk and faltered, wondering how to help the man who had helped her so throughout her time here. Then it dawned on her.

“Who are you?” She asked him. He looked up for a moment at her, then he shook his head again and looked away.

“Who are you?” She spoke again, her tone more confident this time.

He chuckled. “I am Mr. Garcia,” he said as his eyes met hers.

“And what do you value?” She asked him as she searched his eyes for some sign that this was helping.

“I value…knowledge. I value my students. I value my role in guiding people to better understand themselves and the world around them.” He gazed into her eyes.

“And how do your choices reflect those values?” The silence between them made room only for the sound of their breathing as they continued to stay focused on one another.

“I suppose, my choice to not give up my job to follow my wife across the country reflects those values.” He shook his head. “I guess she didn’t share my values.”

Mia gently placed her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. And in the moment she touched him, she realized how much she felt for him. More than simply her teacher. His warm body radiated beneath the fabric of the sweater she now touched. She wondered if he could feel the heat of her own body as she struggled to break this small physical connection.

“Now ask me,” she said softly. He looked up into her eyes, frowning as he tried to grasp the meaning behind her words. She raised her eyebrows at his hesitancy.

“Ok,” he spoke slowly and straightened up in his chair. “Who are you?”

“I am Mia Hernandez,” she replied calmly.

“And what do you value Mia?” He looked into her eyes and she let out the breath she’d been holding. She reached out her hands and let her fingertips graze his forehead as they slid down the side of his face and cupped his cheeks in her hands.

“I value you,” she said evenly as she returned his gaze. His brow furrowed as he attempted to form his next words.

“And how do your choices reflect your values?”

She looked into his eyes and whispered, “Like this.” Then suddenly she leaned in and pressed her lips to his, melting into his warmth as she kissed him. He hesitated for a moment before returning her kiss, soft and yearning for her affection. Then he pulled away and gasped for a breath, as though she had stolen it from him.

“Mia, if I ever gave the impression that-“

“No, Mr. Garcia, no. You’ve never. You would never. But it doesn’t mean I don’t wish you would…” Her eyes dropped to the ground between them, her hands still cupping his face.

Suddenly he rose, his hands sliding up her legs and groping her thighs as he did. His mouth met hers with a passion this time, guiding her with his tongue as he set her down on his desk. He stepped closer as his hands slid further up her thighs and under her skirt. Escort Maraş She gasped, breaking their kiss as her head fell backwards, and she shivered as his hands grazed her ass. His lips found her neck and he moaned as he brought his right hand along her pantyline to her parted legs. He slipped his fingers inside her panties and began to rub her clit, as her arms wrapped around his head and back, her fingers entangled in his dark curls.

He slid his fingers between her lips and found her wet and waiting. He didn’t hesitate to slide his fingers inside, and took her sudden gasp as an invitation to continue, in and out. In and out.

Mia began to moan. “Mr. Garcia, I…ooohhh…” He groped her ass with his left hand to steady her as he continued to push his fingers deeper inside her. His thumb pressed up against her clit as he did, rubbing her with her own wetness, and bringing her closer and closer to ecstacy.

“Mr. Garcia, please…I want you inside of me. All of you,” she pleaded between breaths.

Suddenly his fingers slipped out of her, leaving her empty and aching to be filled. Her eyes found his as he quickly unbuckled his belt and shoved down his pants and boxers. His cock stood erect and intimidating, and her eyes must have said it all as she found his hungry gaze again.

“No, don’t say a word. If you speak you might change your mind, and I need…” His voice trailed off as she stroked his cheek.

“I need you,” Mia spoke softly but surely.

Her words gave him all he needed. He crushed her lips with his own as their tongues entangled with each other. Her arms wrapped around him as his hands flew under her skirt and yanked her panties down and off one boot. He lifted her ass and pulled her up against his waiting cock, then sank it deep into her wet pussy.

Mia moaned and clutched his body closer to hers as he thrust into her over again over again. His need to have her, all of her, was felt in every thrust. Each time he pushed harder, groaned louder, and brought her closer to the eruption she felt coming. She mewed and tried to stifle her cries by biting on his shoulder. This only spurred him on further as she reached the edge.

“Oh God, yes…please…don’t…stop,” Mia begged as her orgasm tore through her. Mr. Garcia groaned and grunted as his own shook through him. She held him tight against her as he came deep inside her. They both stilled in that position as they came down from the euphoria of their hidden moment together.

“Mia!” JoAnne’s voice echoed through the halls, suddenly waking them both from the world of pleasure they had both been lost in.

Mr. Garcia jumped back, almost tripping over his chair as he pulled his pants up and buckled them in lightning speed.

“Oh my God. What did we just do? Mia, you have to go,” Mr. Garcia’s eyes found hers as he spoke, and she saw nothing but fear and regret.

Mia slid off the desk quickly and pulled her panties up. Though tears might have been appropriate, she was too dazed by what had just happened to respond to his suddenly cold words. She felt his cum begin to leak from her pussy and soak her panties. She turned to see Mr. Garcia tucking his shirt back into his once again buckled pants and their eyes met once more.

JoAnne stormed through the classroom door, looking irritated. “Damn girl, I’ve been waiting for those snacks for almost half an hour! The game is almost over!” When JoAnne’s eyes landed on Mr. Garcia, she cringed. “Sorry for saying damn, Mr. G.”

Mr. Garcia chuckled. “It’s ok, JoAnne. It’s after school hours anyway.”

“Sorry JoAnne,” Mia faltered. “I snagged a chance to talk to Mr. Garcia about that paper coming up and lost track of time.”

“Dude, I’m sure even Mr. G gets tired of talking about school all the time. Let the man go home already!”

She hooked her arm through Mia’s and called out behind her as they left the room, “Thanks for looking out for her, Mr. G!”

Once they were out of sight, Mr. Garcia sank down into his chair with his head in his hands and cursed.

This would be a long semester after all.

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