A Teenage Rake Ch. 03


My eyes flew open, as I felt two large hands grip the cheeks of my ass and spread them wide enough to almost hurt my tiny ring. I came into consciousness, the sleep falling out of my eyes, as the realization that I was now face down with my hands tied to the headboard sank in.

Seconds fluttered away, while a warm, wet tongue slid it’s away along the crack of my little pussy, and it slowly occurred to me who this wonderful tongue might belong to, and why it had seemed to now be fascinated with making its way across my anus… Daddy seems to have made good on his promise… or we truly had an intruder in the house who had no interest in material possessions, just the young cunt that lived here, though I doubted this very much. Either way, my body and mind began to react to this new experience.

Those massive hands massaged my ass, as the stranger tongue fucked my butt. The soft, purple light cast by the mushroom nightlight on the far side of the room illuminated the bed in a hazed aura, as a hand left my ass and roughly traveled up my back to grip my hair. Until now, I had not made a sound, but when my hair snapped back hard, it dragged a hurtful gasp from my lips and brought my head up to stare at the wall. I could only gaze through watering eyes at the posters and pictures above my bed, while that tongue darted all over me, ravaging my tiny holes… back and forth… back and forth.

Playing up to the role, I struggled a bit and moaned my disapproval, even if it was half hearted.

“Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything you want.” I gently sobbed.

“Quiet girl. You don’t want this to get ugly.” came the muffled response with a forceful tug of my hair. I believed I could recognize the heavy, whispered voice from between my legs. Even if this was truly a complete stranger, he felt good. So good was the ministrations of that tongue, he had me wetter than I could have imagined in my wildest rape fantasies.

The AC once again came to life in this chilly house, as it often does when attempting to cool this naturally hot blooded family. It’s noise collected with the sound machine by the bedside, the white static created was effectively blocking out the commotion of my room to those outside the closed door. I could scream and draw attention, but I didn’t dare… It felt too good.

I lay here, my comforter and sheets thrown to the floor, stretched out with my arms pulled above my head and secured with what I could now see was a simply piece of bungee chord from our own garage. My head forced backwards, causing my body to arch in the middle of my back, and my little ass to rise for his complete access. With each breath, now coming faster and harder, my breasts slid along the cotton sheet beneath me, increasing my excitement.

The tip of that oh so fine tongue delved muş seks hikayeleri into my butt again, as the indescribable feeling of a strange finger filling my pussy took control. My wetness made me readily accepting to the complete length of the rough, manly digit. In seconds it had been buried inside of me, exploring my insides and tickling my G spot, while my tiny anus opened more and more to the invading wetness.

After moments of being licked, fingered, probed, and brought to the brink, I felt the elongated middle finger replace his tongue in my ass. At once, I had two fingers in my holes, both pushing and pulling into me with a mounting rhythm that grew and grew. His hand ensured my hair was used to pull me back, as his fingers pushed forward inside me. Faster and faster he worked me. Tears streamed down my face, while he reamed my softest, tightest holes. I felt my ass clench around his second knuckle, as the other finger swirled around the inner depths of my pussy. It was obvious from the amount of fluids I gave off and the groaning and grunting building in volume from me that I was close to cumming.

When the third finger slid into my pussy, leaving the pinky to rest against my clit, I came like a banshee. My head was pushed into the pillows, face first, and held there, as I screamed through my orgasm. I believed I heard his soft chuckle as I poured juices over his hand. The cum began to subside, and I slowed my pace of pushing myself back against his fingers, twisting my head a bit to rest on my pillow and enjoy the afterglow.

I felt the bed shift with his weight and knew the euphoric rest would be short lived. One naked leg was thrown over my head so that his heavy ass sat on my bound wrists. With my head pulled back up by my hair, I could see his straddled form had brought what appeared to be a massive cock, thick and angry, close to my face and my already open mouth. Without ceremony, I was made to welcome that hard pole as it passed my lips and across my tongue. With three long, teasing strokes he pushed the tip of it into my throat. At this angle it was difficult to open my throat fully. A light cough tried to escape but was gagged back as my mouth began to suffer the full assault of this rape.

Massive and full of flavor, he filled my face with an overwhelming girth that brought more tears and gagging noises from me. Using my long locks of hair to hold me in place, he slammed his rod into and out of my mouth, without a single care as to the joy it brought me. As skilled a cocksucker as I am, I breathed through my noise to avoid suffocating, and did my best to taste, lick, and experience this seemingly strange cock embedded in my throat.

The hand left its grip on my hair as they both traveled down my back to grip the cheeks of my ass again. While my mouth and throat continued to receive a hard fuck, I felt my little butt spread wide again. Two fingers were slid into my ass on either side, as he pulled me apart and stretched me wide. The pain shot up through me, but only enhanced the raging need to be fucked in every hole. My head moved of its own will and pumped up and down on his cock, as he worked those fingers around the rim of my tight ass and pulled me open more and more. On occasion he would remove a finger and begin lightly spanking my pussy. The quick slaps against my outer lips sent shockwaves through my clit and up my spine, and just as quick, that finger would be pushed back into my waiting ass.

There was no sound from either of us, but the hard, heavy breathing and moaning. I gripped the chord leading from my wrists to the headboard and used it to build momentum back and forth on the bed. Forcing his fingers deeper into my ass, and that cock further into my throat, I could feel little droplets of pre-cum ooze from his cock and even taste that salty, sweet treat in the moments when his rigid meat would slide back across my tongue before I forced it back into the hollows of my mouth.

I knew he was going to come and so did he. Those enormous balls that had been slapping my chin grew tighter and tighter. I wanted it. I wanted all of the building cum to pour down my throat like a tidal rush of juices, but this was not to be.

“Little slut. You won’t make get me off that easy.” He said breathlessly, while lifting his mass off me, and planting his feet on the floor.

I looked to the right and tried to make out his face in the pale light, but only caught a glimpse of shadow, as he stepped out of view. The bed rebounded under me, moving my entire body against the mattress when he came to kneel between my spread legs. Again, that firm grip squeezed my ass and pulled me apart and he let a large drop of spit fall into my now gaping hole.

The next second found the head of the menacing cock at the entrance to my butt, making small circles and dipping in and out of me, testing my waters. With slight shuffling of the bed, he reached over the side of the bed to retrieve something I would soon discover was one of my bed sheets. The cool material was slid under my chin and draped over my back. This had to be my uncle, and he had to have been talking to my father about me. I just knew it from the way he was set to violate my young ass and apparently ready to choke his little niece while he fucked her. There was always the chance this was a true rapist, in which case, this could quite possibly be the last sex I ever have, and in some sick way it made everything all the more exciting.

In one movement, the sheet became tight against my neck, but not enough to cut off my air supply, while in those few seconds my taut, little butt became filled with an enormous cock that would put my father and brother to shame. I attempted to scream, only to have my face pushed back into the pillow, while a slow, steady rhythm began to build against the walls and in the depths of my ass.

He fucked me. He pumped that thick cock in and out of my ass, whispering in my ear how I was a bad little tease and how he knew this is what I needed. Fucking me over and over… raping my tiny ass with that hard dick… I breathed hot against the pillow as a grunt was forced from me with each powerful, uncaring thrust. The bed beneath me became drenched, as juices flowed from my cunt and soaked the sheet under us. As often happens when I have my ass fucked, I had started to cum uncontrollably, and my bed was direct evidence of the fact that this man had managed to bring that orgasm out of me in waves.

I could hear him above me, no longer whispering what a little whore I was, but panting and grunting while throwing his cock into my anal cavity. The heat of my own breath blowing back into my face while I practically suffocated in the pillow was beginning to have an effect on me. Mixed with the constant cumming from my overheated pussy, the choking of my throat with the sheet, and the pain with pleasure from the jackhammering in my ass, started my descent into oblivion. Only one thing kept me from blacking out completely…

With one final thrust and a low groan of complete satisfaction, I felt the stranger fill my young bowels deep with his jizz. The immeasurable amount of his cum blasted against the inner walls of my butt, exploding into the deepest, darkest parts of me, and forcing new heights of my own orgasms. With a handful of quick, jerking thrusts, he finished inside of me before crashing onto my backside and rolling us onto our sides.

The sheet since removed from around my neck, he held me tight with his cock still buried inside me. Our breaths were out of control and took several minutes to reach a calming point. Sweat poured from us, drawing the cold of the AC to our skin.

As I began to doze off, wrapped in his warm, safe arms, I felt him stir and remove himself from my butt with a small popping sound. The bed shifted one final time and his body lifted from mine. With a kiss on my cheek, I heard him say, “Tomorrow night, I’ll fuck your little pussy and I’ll call you Tina.”

I moaned a quiet response, “Yes Uncle. Come earlier though, I may have a surprise for you.”

He chuckled again, this time more distant, as I heard the door to my room close and the feeling of being alone returned.

If he’s a good boy and visits me early as I said, he may just get to see me and my cousin in one of the little sex sessions we’ve been so prone to this week. I wonder if he would be so bold to put his cock in me again when he sees my tongue inside his daughter’s pussy…

I’m such a whore.

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