A Unique Family

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To say that my family was unique would be an understatement.

I was sitting in the living room, sipping on a glass of wine and watching golf on TV. I could hear Debbie, my wife of twenty-four years, moaning her approval from the bedroom. I knew full well that she was getting laid at that moment. I was also fully aware of the fact that she was in the master bedroom with our nineteen year old son, Dylan.

Even though I was still deeply in love with Debbie – and I knew she was still deeply in love me with – and even though we still enjoyed a healthy sex-life with each other, my wife and I had a very open relationship. Over the many years of our being together, we’d both taken advantage of our attitudes regarding sex, to step outside of the marriage and take a lover.

The fact that my wife had taken our son as her latest lover didn’t faze me in the slightest. In truth I felt it was great for Dylan’s confidence, which he’d always been lacking in to begin with. I knew Debbie would be loving, affectionate, and laud him with praise.

Weeks before Debbie took our son to our bed, I had dealt him a bit of a blow to his ego. Dylan had never been a real ladies man. He didn’t date much in high school, and didn’t have a girlfriend even after starting college. In fact, Dylan did seem to have a bit of a crush on one of our daughter’s friends.

Every time Monique had been over at our house for a visit, Dylan would moon over her something fierce. Unfortunately, for him, Monique paid him no interest whatsoever. The truth of the matter was, whenever Tiffany – my daughter – wasn’t around, Monique would flirt with me a great deal. Being a forty-seven year old man, I certainly wasn’t going to stop a cute eighteen year old, with a great body from flirting with me.

I had just taken it all in stride and considered it harmless. Until one night, I was giving Monique a lift home, when she really put the moves on me. I ended up finding a secluded place to park, and ended up fucking my daughter’s eighteen year old friend in the back-seat.

A few days after that, Monique was over at our house again, only this time no one else was there but me. I was fucking this little hottie once again, when Dylan came home unexpectedly and saw us together. I knew it had bummed him out to no end, so I told Debbie about what had happened.

She had told me that she’d known Dylan seemed to be in a bit more somber mood, and now knew why. Debbie added that she might be able to help Dylan get out of this funk, and I knew exactly what she meant.

Even though Debbie was forty-five years old, she was still a very attractive, and sexy lady. She was about five foot six, with a little bit of extra weight on her hips and backside than when we’d first got married. Still, she looked outstanding naked. She had wonderful C-cup tits that hadn’t sagged much over the years, which impressed me no end, since Debbie went braless often. She kept her hair dyed in it’s original brown shade, and wore it long, It would frame her still very beautiful face and highlight her magnetic blue eyes.

So Debbie had taken it upon herself to lift our son’s spirits. Every chance she had, she’d let Dylan get a glimpse of her naked. Eventually the kid’s hormones took over and he couldn’t help but look and want to see more. It may have been his mother, but she was still a naked woman.

Knowing that he was watching her, Debbie got more bold. As she did, our son became more bold himself as Debbie had teased him so much he couldn’t help himself. She told me she caught him whacking off while looking at her, and that was all she needed to get him into our bed.

Since my wife and our son had become lovers, I noticed a bit more spring in Dylan’s step. It had definitely helped his confidence. I was happy that I was able to help his confidence as well, by telling him that I was completely okay with it all. Dylan was totally surprised by that, and expressed a great deal of shock. But I convinced him by telling him that it was a wonderful way for him to deal with his sexual energy. I added that being with his mother was also a more loving environment for him, and he wouldn’t have to worry about getting some girl his own age ‘in trouble’. Still sensing some doubt in him, I also told Dylan that I was getting too old to satisfy his mother’s sexual appetites, so it was good that she found him as an outlet. I further added that it was probably a better experience for him, being with his mother, than it would have been with Monique.

“She’s not as good as she thinks she is,” I had told him with a smile.

“Then why do you keep fucking her?” he asked.

“She’s eighteen,” I shrugged. “I’m forty-seven. You don’t say ‘no’ to that. Ever.”

That made my son laugh.

Both Debbie and I felt it was important for Dylan to know that I was supportive of their new relationship. That way he could fully appreciate the experience, without having to worry about what might happen if ‘dad found out’.

The truth of the matter was that it would have been near impossible for them nevşehir seks hikayeleri to have continued this relationship without me finding out about it. Granted, because I knew from the outset, Debbie didn’t feel the need to be too discreet. Still, there was enough care taken to ensure that Tiffany didn’t find out about them. While both Debbie and I were completely open about things, and had drawn Dylan into our little circle of ‘depravity’, there was no need to bring our daughter into things.

So on this Saturday, while Tiffany was out shopping with friends, I sat there watching golf, while my son and wife fucked in my bedroom.

I heard Debbie’s wails of pleasure reach a crescendo, then soften to soft whimpers, and I knew that Dylan has just filled his mother’s pussy with his cum.

A few minutes later, I saw Dylan exit the bedroom and head to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on as Debbie exited the bedroom, still fully naked. She had her robe in her hand, but only tossed it onto the couch and sat on it as she reached for a cigarette.

“Do you mind if I have a sip?” she asked with a gesture to my wine glass as she lit her cigarette.

I smiled at her. “Did you have his cock in your mouth?” I asked wryly.

Debbie smiled back at me. “Yes,” she giggled.

“Then you can finish it,” I said as I stood up. “I’ll get myself another.”

“You’re such a dear,” she called after me playfully. “Jesus,” she exhaled heavily after taking a sip. “That kid can fuck like a beast.”

“It certainly sounded like you were enjoying yourself,” I chuckled as I returned to the sofa. “And I know you. You don’t embellish.”

“Well hell,” Debbie smiled as she took another puff of her cigarette. “What’s the point? I want to get off too. If I wail and moan and you guys aren’t doing a good job, that only encourages poor performance.”

“I know,” I smiled. I recalled back to the first time Debbie and I had sex years ago. We were in a forest not far from where we lived. We’d found a clearing and laid out a blanket and got naked. The next few hours were filled with Debbie giving me constant direction of what to do and how to do it, to give her the most pleasure. I was only too happy to follow her lead, because I wanted her to feel as good as I did.


A few hours later, Dylan was off to work, while Debbie was out in the backyard tanning in a bikini.

I was in the kitchen when Tiffany got home. She joined me in the kitchen, and when she saw her mother outside, she glared at me.

“What did I do?” I asked in a resigned tone.

Tiffany looked over her shoulder towards her mother, then back to me. “You fucked Monique?” she asked incredulously, albeit in a low tone.

I winced slightly then smiled. “Oh that,” I replied in a sarcastic tone.

“Jesus dad,” she shook her head.

“Sorry,” I shrugged. “But she’s of age, and she was into it.”

“Yeah I know,” Tiffany almost snorted. “She’s a slut with daddy-issues.”

“This is YOUR friend we’re talking about here?” I asked, somewhat surprised by how my daughter had referred to Monique.

“We’ve been friends for years,” Tiffany sighed. “I like her and all, but god she drives me nuts sometimes.”

“Little things like fucking your father?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Top of the list,” Tiffany replied sarcastically. She glanced over her shoulder at her mother once more. “I mean, I’m used to all the ‘your dad is hot’ stuff,” she sighed. “Not just from Monique but from all my friends.”

“Sorry,” I shrugged.

“Like hell you are,” Tiffany smiled at me. “I know you love the attention. I just can’t believe you’d actually fuck Monique. What if mom finds out?”

“Your mother already knows,” I said matter-of-factly. “Speaking of, how did you find out?”

“She told me,” Tiffany replied flatly as she folded her arms under her breasts.

“Just like that?” I asked. “In between ‘I like these shoes’ and ‘where are we going to eat in the food court?’.”

“My phone died,” Tiffany sighed. “So, while Monique was in a change room, I grabbed hers. And,” she glanced over her shoulder again. “I found that she’s been sending you naked selfies saying how she looks forward to having your cock inside her again,” Tiffany’s voice was almost lowered to a whisper.

I whispered back in a mocking tone. “Your mother already knows!”

“And she’s okay with it?” she asked in an astonished tone.

“Yes,” I shrugged. “In fact, your mother has also taken herself a younger lover lately. And, I’m okay with that.”

Tiffany sighed and shook her head. “You guys are weird.”

“You don’t know the half of it young lady,” I chuckled.

“Believe me dad,” Tiffany chided me as she headed to her room. “I’m getting an education.”


Debbie leaned down and kissed me passionately after riding me to a thunderous orgasm. We our lips parted, my phone buzzed. She giggled at looked down at me.

“Another nude selfie from little Monique?” she asked with a smile as she crawled off of me and lay down next to me.

“Oh probably,” I sighed. “By the way. Tiffany knows.”

“Oh god,” Debbie chuckled as she nestled up next to me and pulled the covers over our bodies. “How did that go over?”

“Not as bad as you’d think,” I said as I put an arm around Debbie’s shoulder. “I told her you already knew, so all was good. The upside is our daughter thinks we’re weird.”

“Well let’s see,” Debbie giggled. “I got laid twice today. First by my son, and then by my husband. You’re getting naked selfies from our daughter’s eighteen year old friend. I don’t think ‘weird’ even comes close to it.”


Two weeks later Debbie and I attended our daughter’s high school graduation ceremony.

When I gave Tiffany a congratulatory hug afterwards I noticed something. “What’s going on here?”

Tiffany bit her lower lip and smiled at me. She leaned and whispered into my ear: “I’m naked underneath my robe.”

“Excuse me?” I asked quietly.

“Monique dared me,” Tiffany shrugged. “She’s doing the same thing.”

I glanced over and saw Monique hugging her father. He seemed to notice the same thing I did, but didn’t seem to question his daughter about it as I had.

“By the way,” Tiffany whispered to me. “Girl’s washroom on the second floor. Monique will be there in ten minutes.”

I smiled at my daughter and shook my head. “And you say I’m weird.”

Fifteen minutes later Monique was bent over a toilet in a stall of the girl’s washroom on the second floor. I was behind her guiding my cock in and out of her inviting pussy.

Monique was indeed naked under her graduation robe. She now had it rolled up over her back, still wearing her high heels, as I fucked her. There was something so perverse about this that I was turned on no end. Even though I’d told Dylan Monique wasn’t as good as she thought, that was a lie. This girl WAS good. And a dirty little minx at that.

“My daddy won’t fuck me,” she whimpered at me as she glanced over her shoulder at me, with her best doe-eyed look on her face. “Thank you so much for fucking me Mr. Boyd, sir.”

That had become Monique’s thing over the past week. Keep calling me ‘Mr. Boyd’, and adding ‘sir’. I had to admit it to myself, it did turn me on.

I gripped Monique’s taut ass cheeks and guided my cock deeper into her. I had a brief moment of wonder as I sensed something, but was too focused on the moment to linger on it. I glanced down at Monique’s sexy legs and ass, as she whimpered her approval of my motion.

I picked up my pace as I felt myself getting closer. Monique continued to whimper her approval and beg me to cum for her one more time.

I grunted loudly and gripped her hips tightly as a I blew my load into her tight pussy.

Monique thanked me as she rocked herself back and forth against me slowly. Then she let my cock slip out of her pussy. She turned and gave me a big kiss. “I am going to miss you so much when I’m away in Europe.” She leaned in and gave me a warm kiss.

“If it wasn’t for international data rates,” I smiled back at her after our lips parted. “I’d expect a selfie a day of all the depravity you’ll be getting into over there,” I stopped a bit short as I finished that sentence. That’s when it hit me. I could smell cigarette smoke in the air. “Holy shit,” I whispered. “Somebody else is in here.”

Monique’s eyes bugged out of her skull, as I pulled away from her embrace. I took a peek through the gap between the stall door and the frame. I groaned and rolled my eyes.

“Oh for Christ’s sakes,” I said as I shook my head and began to do my pants up.

“What is it,” Monique said still in a whisper.

“Someone who think I’m weird,” I said with another shake of my head as I opened the stall door and saw Tiffany sitting on one of the sinks, smoking a cigarette.

“Hi,” Tiffany giggled with a wave of her hand. “Was it good?”

“Oh shit Tiff,” Monique laughed. “What are you doing here?”

“Keeping watch,” Tiffany said as she took another puff of her smoke. “Didn’t want you two to be interrupted on your goodbye fuck.”

“That’s my daughter over there,” I said to Monique with a smile.

Monique chuckled.

“Look at the bright side dad,” Tiffany said as she hopped off the sink and headed to another stall to toss her cigarette. “It could have been Monique keeping watch while her dad fucked me in the stall.”

“Like that would ever happen,” Monique laughed. “My dad is a prude.”

“Lucky for you my dad isn’t a prude,” Tiffany said with a smile as she stood in front of us again.

“It is,” Monique said as she leaned against me and beamed a big smile up at me.

“You should go and get changed,” Tiffany said to Monique. “I’ll give you a few minutes before I come down. Your folks are probably waiting for you.”

“True enough,” Monique nodded towards my daughter. “Mr. Boyd?” she smiled at me. “Always a pleasure.”

“Likewise young lady,” I replied with a smile. We shared a brief kiss before Monique bounced out of the washroom and headed downstairs to get changed.

I glanced back towards Tiffany and saw her smiling as she held out a cigarette for me.

“I take it you could use one,” she giggled.

I took the cigarette from her hand and let her light it for me. “What?” I said as I exhaled. “As an after-sex smoke? Or an ‘after your daughter catches you having sex’ smoke?”

“Either or,” Tiffany said with a shrug.

“By the way,” I said after I took another slow drag of my cigarette and exhaled. “When did you start smoking?”

“Two years ago dad,” Tiffany replied matter-of-factly. “But I figured you couldn’t bitch me out about it, after fucking my friend in a toilet stall at our high school.”

“Well,” I said with a smile. “I still could. But that’s not my style.”


I had finished my smoke then exited the girls washroom and slowly walked down the hall with Tiffany.

“So,” she asked slowly. “What are you going to do with yourself now that Monique is going to be in Europe for two months?”

I smiled and shook my head. “Since when is your father’s sex-life of so much concern to you?”

“Oh,” she replied in a bit of a mocking tone. “That would probably be around the time your sex-life involved one of my eighteen year old school-mates,” she giggled as she finished.

“Point taken,” I nodded. “But in my defense, she was the one who initiated it.”

“Doesn’t mean you had to say yes,” Tiffany giggled.

“Right back at ya,” I motioned at her to let her know I was referring to her lack of clothes under her graduation robes.

She just groaned and rolled her eyes.

I waited in the hall while Tiffany ducked into the girls’ locker room to get dressed. She emerged in five minutes and I walked with her to return the robes then we headed outside to hook back up with Debbie and Dylan to head home.

“By the way,” Tiffany whispered to me as we were approaching Debbie and Dylan. “Have you noticed that Dylan seems to be in a better mood lately? Do you think he’s finally getting some action?”

I forced myself not to smile too much, since I was well aware that Dylan was getting some action. And with whom this action was. “It seems likely,” I finally said. “He’s been a bit cagey, but I think he might be hooking up with someone from the restaurant that he works at.”

“Ugh,” Tiffany almost snorted. “Well hopefully it’s one of the cute servers, and not those beasts that he works alongside with in the kitchen.”

“Well,” I shrugged. “As long as he’s getting laid, does it matter who it’s with?”

“No,” she replied with a shrug. “I guess not.”

I made a mental note to remember this moment should Tiffany every find out who Dylan was having sex with.


Two weeks later, it seemed as though Tiffany did find out.

It was Saturday morning. I was in the kitchen having coffee. Dylan was off at work, while Debbie was downstairs doing laundry.

Tiffany showed up in the kitchen in her bathrobe, and looked a bit uncomfortable.

“Daddy?” she said in a cautious tone. “I think we need to talk.”

“About what?” I asked, completely unaware of what she had on her mind.

“Remember you said that you thought Dylan was hooking up with a girl from work, but you said he was cagey about it?” she asked in a quiet tone.

“Yes,” I replied, not liking where I thought this might be going.

“Well I think I know why he was cagey with you,” Tiffany lowered her voice to a near-whisper.

I tried not to let my expression betray the fact that I knew where this was going, but a part of me hoped that Tiffany would be way off the mark.

She wasn’t.

“I think Dylan and mom are fucking,” she said earnestly, but her voice was now a mere whisper.

I faked a shocked reaction. “What?” I asked in disbelief.

Tiffany glanced over her shoulder, clearly worried that her mother might arrive at any moment then she fixed her gaze on me. “My brother, your son – Dylan, is fucking my mother, your wife,” she stated emphatically.

“How do you know?” I asked in a hushed tone of my own. Despite the fact that I knew – that we, Debbie and I – knew it might come out, and were prepared to deal with the consequences, I was still sort of dreading this moment.

“On Thursday I came home early and saw them together,” she answered in a firm whisper.

I sighed. There was clearly no way of denying it, or pretending Tiffany had misread the situation. If she’d seem them together, it’s not like it could be explained away.

I slowly stood from the table where I’d been seated and moved past my daughter to the basement stairs. Tiffany looked at me with her brow furrowed up, as I called downstairs to my wife. “Deb? You almost done down there?”

“Why?” came the reply.

“Something’s come up,” I said in a resigned tone.

There was a brief pause before Debbie spoke again. “I’ll be up in two minutes.”

“One would be better,” I called back.

I glanced back to Tiffany who stood there glaring at me with her arms folded in front of her and her head cocked to one side. “Jesus,” she exhaled heavily. “You knew didn’t you?”

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