A wish coming true

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Well to start off this is my first story so bare with me. This is a true story of when I lost my virginity at 15 years.

When I lost my virginity I was a freshman at my high school and the guy I was with was a senior. Now I am not the most muscular person but my body is average. Chris (the guy I was with) on the other hand looked like someone I had never seen before he was only about 3 inches taller than me but was fairly muscular and had a face that always made me melt. He had nice short brown hair that was spiked. He was my ultimate fantasy!

Chris and I had only one class together and we didn’t talk much in the beginning but later on we did start to talk. I was got nervous when he talked to me and sometimes blushed. I wasn’t sure about him since he had a girlfriend and they had been together for some time. The only class we had together was Spanish and I would always have gum on me. That’s how we started to talk. Everyday he would turn around and ask me for some glass and I would gladly always give him some. I know he had a girlfriend but something about him didn’t seem right. Although we didn’t talk much he would often stare at me. At first I thought I was crazy but I was wrong. Everytime I stood up in class to get something I would look at him and see that he was staring at me. Everytime he stared at me I would feel so happy!! Sometimes when i would give him gum he would put his hand on mine and take sometime to take it off. When it would be lunch time I noticed while he sat with his girlfriend he would look at me and smile. To see if he was staring I would sit close Anadolu Yakası Escort to his table and notice that he would stare at me alot. Then as time went on that’s when things started to get more exciting! Everytime we passed each other in the hallway he would grab my side or pat my chest. It wasn’t much but it turned me on. We would also see each other on our way to Spanish and he would ask me to walk with him or wait for him. Then one of the best days came. He and his gf would be in a on/off relationship so when they wouldn’t be together all of a sudden he would talk to me more. On one day in Spanish class we were doing an activity that required us to move alot as we moved I noticed he followed me everywhere I went. Then as we waited I felt him rubbing his hands along my sides. Instantly I felt my dick getting turned on. Until that point it wasn’t so noticible so I was glad. But then he put his hands on my neck and started giving me a massage. it felt so good and I wished he’d never stop. He even did some moaning sounds which I didn’t know why but i liked it. Everyday I went home I fantasized of being with him and having sex. Everyday after that he always did something to turn me on like grab me from my hips or rub my neck. I didn’t know if he was gay or bi since he had his gf but I wished he was. Later I started to feel sad since he was only weeks from graduating and my wish of being with him hadn’t happened. During the school year we would ride the train together but near the end he started driving his car home. Also by the end of the school year Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan he had officially broken up with his gf so I was so glad he was single. One day afterschool he comes up to me and asks me if I wanted to go for a ride with him. I instantly said yea and was so happy. As I was in his car we talked about what he was gonna do after high school and all that. Then he told me that he was gonna miss all the times he had with me and miss when I gave him gum. I kind of blushed but didn’t want him to notice. Then he asked me if I wanted to go to his house to hang out. He told me no one would be there so I said yes. As soon as we got to his house we started playing video gamed then we ate and just watched tv. After awhile I got up off the couch and went to go get soda, he also got up and came up to me and grabbed my sides. I got scared and almost dropped the soda. He said,: ” sorry but I couldn’t help it.
I then said ,: “what do u mean?”
he responded by saying,” it’s just that I can’t stop thinking about u and i wanna be with u”
I didn’t know what to say so I just stayed quiet
he then came up to my face and looked me in the eye then started kissing me slowly.
It felt so nice to be kissed by him and I had already felt my dick get hard too. He then said, “do u wanna have sex?”
I replied to him by whispering ,”yes”
I then started to feel that his dick was hard to and rubbing against my thigh. I then get down on my knees and pull down his pants and boxers and see a huge 8 inch dick right in front of me. He had a nicely Escort Anadolu Yakası trimmed bush of hair around it and nice big balls. I then started to put his dick in my mouth and slowly started licking it all over. He sat on the couch and then started pushing my head up and down while I was sucking him and he was giving nice soft moans. He made it go deep in my throat and it felt good. He told me to stop though since he wanted to fuck me still. So he told me to bend down and started slowly fingering my ass so I can get uses to it. After that he sat back down on the couch while I got on top of him and started slowly riding his 8 inch dick. He started to moan again and said he’d rather fuck me in the bedroom, so he picked me up and payed me onto his bed. I felt his nice dick go in again and it felt so good. He started to go faster and faster making him breathe deep while he moaned at the same time. After he picked me up again as I wrapped my legs around him and he started fucking me against the wall. While he was fucking me he saying,” oh yea, oh yea , oh Kevin you feel so good!!” Finally he sat back down and I started to ride his dick again. He then started to pound my ass so hard that I felt his balls hit my ass. While he fucked me I was jacking off and finally cummed , then soon Chris started moaning hard saying he was gonna cum too. After a few more poundings I finally felt his cum inside my ass. He just layed on top of me and started kissing my neck after. We then took a shower and got dressed and sat on the couch watching tv while talking about what had happened. He said that eventhough he was graduating that he still wanted to see me more. I asked about his gf and he said that she wasn’t important no more. So before he graduated he would take me several times to his house and have some more of our fuck sessions. I was glad I finally got to feel his dick in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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