A Woman in Hardware Ch. 08


One of Jill’s classes had been cancelled, the professor away sick, so she arrived home for lunch with the afternoon free. Because her mother was still in town and not due to leave for another trip until the following Monday, Jill was incredibly horny. She was unable to enjoy either her brother or Sue while her mother was home. Although Jill had never made love to Sue by herself, she realized she had the opportunity to do so but feared Sue may not be interested without Chris. After much agonizing, she phoned Sue and asked if she could visit. Sue told her she would be more than happy to have her. Jill’s fears soon vanished when Sue meet her at the door with a hug and a beautifully long kiss, full of tongue and sexuality as always. When Sue finally broke the kiss, Jill laughed and said, “That’s exactly what I needed. I’ve been so long without it I’m insatiable horny and need you to bed me this instant.”

Sue simply grabbed her by the hand and dragged her down the hall to her bedroom before she turned and once again kissed her with such passion their hips ground against each other as tongues battled for supremacy. Sue took Jill’s sweater and pulled it over her head exposing her beautiful bra clad breasts to her lusty gaze. Jill’s nipples peaked when she saw the look in Sue’s eyes and began to unbutton Sue’s blouse as Sue unclipped and removed Jill’s bra exposing her magnificent orbs with large areolas and extremely hard and sensitive nipples. Sue stepped back from Jill and with her eyes locked on Jill’s breasts tore the blouse from her body. With the incredible movement of which only women seem capable, reached behind her back to undo her own bra jutting from her bosom as she did so. She hunched her shoulders forward allowing the straps to slide down her arms and gravity take her bra to the floor baring her own pendulous beauties before taking Jill’s buttocks in her hands, lifting her slightly, as her mouth descended taking the nipple into her warm, questing mouth. Jill’s sigh of acceptance and head holding hand told of the lascivious messages Sue was sending to her neither region. Sue again kissed her mouth. The two large-breasted women stood stripped to the waist; their feminine flesh found no room and pushed to either side.

Sue again stepped back before going to her knees. She unfastened Jill’s slacks, slid them to the floor and Jill stepped from them. As she knelt, she pulled Jill’s panties away from her body bringing the waistline under her awaiting nose. She took a deep breath of warm arousing scent before sliding the panties down to join the slacks on the floor. Sue stood with eyes locked on the beauty standing before her. She told Jill to get into bed while she unfastened her own slacks and slid both panties and slacks to the floor. Jill crawled into the bed and Sue watched the gorgeous bottom move with its lovely hairy pussy, redolent with scent, creamy with moisture, swollen with arousal, tucked between her succulent white thighs, beckon her with its movement. Sue followed her into bed taking her once again into her arms but this time presenting her own breasts to Jill for attention. Jill took one in hand and brought it to her mouth for suckling before moving her hand to the second fondling and pinching the nipple to send exquisite sensations to Sue’s gushy pussy.

“Jill I need to cunt kiss you,” she gasped. “Will you sixty nine with me and cunt kiss me too? I want you on top of me so your creamy honey will drain into my mouth as I tongue your pussy.” Sue felt her nipple leave Jill’s suckling mouth as she moaned her reply.

Jill replied, “Sue, I love feeling your pussy kissing my mouth almost as much as I love your sweet juice.” Sue rolled onto her back as Jill turned in the bed before she straddled Sue’s face once again presenting Sue with the sight of a hairy, swollen, creamy pussy, exuding the musky scent of arousal, nestled beneath the fleshy globes of her ass. Jill’s tongue separated the lips of Sue’s sex and tasted her nectar as Sue pulled Jill’s pussy onto her waiting mouth. Sue’s hands gripped each buttock and separated them giving her further access to the delight of Jill’s twat. As her tongue delved deeper into Jill’s so soft lips, she couldn’t avoid noticing the puckered hole almost beneath her nose. Withdrawing her tongue, she coated her finger with copious amounts of saliva and slid it into Jill’s bum. Although it was the first time Jill’s asshole had been invaded, she osmaniye seks hikayeleri loved the different feeling the probing finger produced and wiggled her ass in appreciation as Sue’s tongue retuned to her sex. Jill rightly assumed if Sue was probing her ass, she would like to have her own filled with a finger. Jill dropped a dollop of spit on Sue’s asshole and rubbed it in with a finger until the finger easily slid into Sue’s waiting ass eliciting a moan of appreciation. As their orgasms approached, fingers probed deeper and tongues sucked the orgasms from their clits. Jill enjoyed a multiple orgasm brought about by the new sensation of a finger fucking her asshole.

Sue enfolded Jill into her arms telling what a fantastic loving she felt it was and the ladies began talking. “Sue,” said Jill, “I’ve decided I’m bisexual. I enjoy you as much as I enjoy Chris. Each of you elicits different responses from me and I love you both.”

“Well, it’s a little early to tell yet, Jill,” replied Sue, “I hope for your sake you’re right.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Jill.

“Because, if you are, you’re a very lucky young woman. Not many can physically and mentally love both sexes. You’ll always be able to sexually enjoy anyone you love. We heterosexuals miss so much because we are unable to touch and hold our own kind.”

“But Sue, you’re bisexual too,” said Jill.

“No I’m not!” Sue vehemently denied. “The only reason I am able to love you is because your brother loves you so and introduced me into the thought of loving you too.” Sue was unwilling to tell Jill about the only other bisexual episode in her life. Sue did not tell Jill one of the reasons she enjoyed her taste so much was her flavor reminded her of her own sister. “To tell you the truth, I missed the taste of your brother in your sweet pussy today; and although I enjoy your body, I wouldn’t have had it not been for your exhibitionism and your wonderful offer of a cunt kiss with cream,” Sue told Jill. Jill looked at her strangely for a moment remembering the soft loving tongue. Jill was confused, but did not further question Sue’s assertions.

“I’m no exhibitionist, although it may have appeared so. I must confess that I made the offer because I already knew you loved the taste of my brother’s cum and I owed you a viewing.” Jill explained how when she had yet to understand the joys of love she had watched Sue and Chris through Sue’s bedroom window. “So when you stood in the doorway, I felt I was returning a favor. So honor does pay as my mother taught me,” laughed Jill. “There is another reason why I think I’m bisexual,” Jill continued. “Remember the night my mom caught you and Chris making love and how I watched her masturbate?”

“Yes I remember.” Sue replied.

“Well I masturbated too dreaming of pulling my mom’s fingers from her sopping pussy and licking them clean before my tongue dipped into her pussy. Ever since, I have tried to find a way to tell my mom how much I love her and want to love her.”

Sue thought about what Jill had said for a moment or two then asked, “Jill are there times when you and your mother are nude in front of one another?”

“There’s been several times we’ve showered together when we’ve been camping and mom has never been shy about dressing and undressing in front of me or I with her.” Jill replied.

“So you’ve showered together. That gives me ideas.” Sue said to Jill, “Here’s what I think you should do. The next time your mother takes a shower; send Chris to see me.”

“Mom usually takes a shower when she comes home from work.” Jill said.

“Good,” said Sue. “Then we’ll plan for tonight. When your mother does shower, tell Chris I want to see him. I’ll make sure he wants to be with me for several hours, if you know what I mean,” as Sue gave Jill a salacious wink. “Then I think you should strip and ask if you can join her in the shower. Tell her you have something you want to talk to her about, which you certainly will if things go the way I think they might. As soon as you get in the shower, ask if you can wash her back and as you wash talk about school or something. Slowly begin to wash her bum; if she doesn’t protest, slide your fingers between her cheeks and rub her hole. You know how nice it feels. If she still doesn’t complain, soap your finger and her butt thoroughly then slide a finger into her ass. If she complains, tell her you were giving her a through cleaning. However, if she doesn’t, you had better be prepared to tell her how much and in what way you love her. After that, sweet words will get you every thing you want.” Jill thought it was a wonderful plan and went home dreaming of loving her mother.

When Helen arrived true to form she headed for the shower and her usual change of clothes. Jill hurried to her brother’s room and told him Sue wanted to see him right now. Chris left the house immediately and Jill stripped and headed to her mother’s shower. “Mom, would it be alright if I showered with you?” Jill asked. “There are some things I want to talk to you about.”

Helen saw no reason why they couldn’t talk in the shower and made room for her daughter. Jill was soon washing her back and talked about a professor she didn’t like. As they talked, Jill’s hands moved lower and lower slathering her mother’s body with soap. Helen began to notice how good it felt to have someone else’s hands caressing her body. She hadn’t allowed anyone to touch her in more years than she remembered and she allowed her body to relax under the ministrations of her loving daughter. As time passed, Jill’s hand began a gentle soothing wash of her bum; it felt wonderful. When Jill’s fingers slid between her cheeks and washed her hole, gently rubbing it, she almost said something but the feelings Jill initiated brought back fond memories of Chris Sr. and she said nothing, allowing her daughter to continue the gentle touches. Jill used the bar of soap lathering her mother’s ass in a thick layer of suds before gently probing and entering her mother’s hole. In almost a dream like state, Helen felt the gentle invasion of her private place eliciting such lovely sensations and memories. Jill’s other hand was on her lower abdomen holding Helen steady as her finger enflamed her mother’s passion. Now as Jill gently fingered her mother, she spoke of how much she loved her mother and how she would like to love her mother. Helen became aware of what her daughter said as Jill slid the steadying hand downwards and gently cupped her mother’s cunt. Helen listened, turned off the shower, turned her head and kissed her daughter with a passion she though dead.

When they stepped from the shower, Helen asked where Chris Jr. was and was quite happy to hear he was with Sue. They dried each other slowly, paying particular attention to breasts, ass, and pussy and becoming acquainted with each other’s charms before heading for Helen’s bed. As Jill walked slightly ahead of her mom, Helen took the time to admire what a magnificent beauty her daughter had become. She caught Jill and slid a hand around to grasp a teat as Helen’s pussy hair tickled her daughter’s backside. Helen’s mouth lovingly nibbled at Jill’s neck as she built passion within them both. As Helen’s one hand held Jill’s boob, another slid through the abundant pubic hair to gently split the lips of her daughter’s sex and feel the warm wetness of her daughter’s arousal. It was so wonderful to hold with love another after being so long without. The love flowing between Mother and Daughter further enhanced the sensations as each planned the other’s ravishment. Helen felt if she was to make love to her daughter, she would do it right ensuring Jill was happy having selected her mother as a lover. Helen began by caressing Jill’s body looking for her erogenous places. Sucking an ear lobe, feather kissing along her neck, licking in the hollow of her shoulder before sliding her tongue over Jill’s breasts, she carefully avoided her areolas and nipples. She teased with her mouth before engulfing a hard sensitive nipple sending spasms of sensation to Jill’s aroused swollen pussy. Helen’s hand cupped Jill’s sex, wetted by the slow drip of a lover’s most delicious juices. As Helen’s fingers again separated Jill’s lips, Helen began to anticipate her first taste. She knew her own pussy wanted Jill’s mouth. Helen didn’t know Sue had already taught Jill the art of pussy loving, so she decided to show her daughter what she lusted for by example.

Helen sat her daughter on the edge of the bed and sat on the floor between her daughter’s legs. Her hands began to rub Jill’s succulent inner thighs as with gentle pressure, Helen spread Jill’s legs further and further apart. Jill lay back with a pillow under her head and watched as Helen examined the beautiful cunt her daughter possessed. Helen loved the luxuriant growth of pussy hair. She ran her fingers through the tiny jungle before spreading the moist lips to expose the inner rosy-colored depths. Her fingers moved higher finally at the apex spreading it wide to seek Jill’s little sexual soldier, which stood tall and proud amongst the glistening folds, totally exposed by Helen’s fingers. Helen’s tongue snaked out and touched the nerve bundle previewing the tastes and sensations. Helen let her tongue rest and her body began to shake in anticipation. Finally, she could tolerate it no longer and began a slow lick from asshole to clit slathering her daughter’s pussy with saliva, her tongue stealing Jill’s juices. Repeatedly, it penetrated deeper and deeper seeking Jill’s delicious taste. Suddenly, Jill’s hands grabbed her head holding her tongue tight against her rubbing her clit over Helen’s tongue. Helen ceased to lick but simply held her tongue tight against her daughter as with thrashing hips, heaving ass, humping twat, Jill moaned her song of passion. Thrusting her body at her mother’s stilled tongue until with a cry of passion orgasm after orgasm overwhelmed her, she splashed her mother’s tongue with her creamy cum.

“Oh yes, Mom,” Jill cried while her body still shook with the after-effects of orgasmic bliss, “That was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. It was fantastic.” Helen stood and looked at her satiated daughter recumbent her legs still spread, her pussy still leaking her creamy spend, her body too exhausted by orgasm to move. Helen was proud of her first pussy tasting, knowing she had successfully met all expectations her daughter would have from her as her lover. However, her needs had not been meet. As she lovingly looked at her beautiful daughter, she spread her legs and allowed her finger to split her sex, not realizing she presented to her daughter the same sight that caused her daughter to fall in sexual love with her. When Jill saw her mother once again with finger in moist pussy, she told her mother it was her turn to taste. Helen crawled onto the bed at Jill’s instruction and straddled Jill’s waiting mouth; her pussy gushed with anticipation. Jill still hadn’t moved, but was finally able to slide an arm up Helen’s heated body and pull her cunt to her mouth so Helen’s bum rested above Jill’s breasts. Jill’s tongue forced apart her mother’s lips, entered her sheath, and tasted her mom’s honey.

Sue, true to her word, kept Chris interested. Chris had finished oiling Sue’s squeak for a second time when Sue took him into her loving arms and cuddled him close. “Chris,” she said, “I’m not sure how to tell you this, and understand for you I think it’s terribly wrong, but I’ve reached a time with you that tells me my fondest wish is for you to oil my squeak for the rest of my life.”

Chris looked deeply into in to Sue’s eyes and replied, “I’m glad you told me, because I didn’t want to say anything, at least not yet. In the last few weeks, things have changed between us. Several nights ago, I decided I wouldn’t abandon you to your squeak.”

Sue hushed him in with a tender finger across his lips and replied, “Oh Chris, you’re far too young to make this kind of decision. What about children? What would your mother say?” She stopped his reply with a tender kiss loving his foolishness, wondering about her own. Chris remained hushed. He might be young and stupid, but he knew what he wanted.

Sue and Chris talked of forging a commitment and dreamed of what Sue considered the impossible. Next door, Helen was about to explode into ecstasy riding her daughter’s tongue. Helen had grabbed her daughter’s head lifting it completely off the bed as she held Jill’s mouth against her thrusting crotch. Helen’s cunt swathed Jill’s face with her sticky goo as her slit slid over chin, mouth, and nose striving for orgasm. Jill slid one of her fingers into her own creamy pussy coating it thoroughly before sliding into her mother’s ass and taking Helen over the top with the added sensation. Helen’s pussy gushed liberally coating her daughter’s face with her cum as she rubbed her hardened clit against Jill’s nose.

Finally, satiated Helen had a chance to think back over the last few months as she held her naked daughter and now lover in her arms. Her success in hardware was assured. There were rumors the company was considering her for the presidency, for in about a year her boss was to retire. She had successfully staved off her growing passion for her son only for her daughter to come from behind and seduce her. Yet, she was the happiest she’d been in a long time.

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