A Year with Jonah Pt. 02

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‘You fucked him!? You fucked him and then left him outside! He don’t know this city! And my brother? My fucking brother, Sean? How the fuck is that fair!?’

This week’s episode of ‘Buns’ was very good. Ali’s brother had come to visit for the week, and Greg had acted like Greg always does, and seduced Ali’s brother. I wish I could be more like Greg.

My week had not been the most eventful. I had spent every day doing the same thing: go to work, come home, and wait for Jonah to appear, so we could continue our ‘fun’ (as he called it).

Jonah had not been home in five days, and I was doing a late shift tomorrow evening.

I had lost hope in Jonah, before he moved in I was a bit of a shadow when it came to men, I spent time with one man and then it would end, and I’d spent the next year on my own. Jonah had come into my life during one of my lonely years, and I had become infatuated with him, and it felt odd.

Looking at him, you could understand some my feelings, only some of them though. The rest of my feelings, well, I didn’t even understand them myself. Maybe it was the idea of what was to come next time we would be face to face, and cock to cock.

Whatever it was, I had a notion that my feelings for him would turn into one of anger, if he didn’t turn up and deliver on his promise.


I really could have punched Jonah today, seriously, I could have.

It was almost two whole weeks since our first encounter, and then he decides to come home in the middle of the day.

I was sat at the dining table with fat Clair having a tea when he came in, smiling and trying to make conversation. I was polite, but that was all.

Once he had left the room, fat Clair looked at me with eyes that said she knew everything.

“You didn’t?!” She gasped, smiling.

“Didn’t what?” I claimed ignorance to what she was talking about.

“You and him! Did you!?” Fat Clair was loving this.

“Maybe, well not as much as you think, it was a kiss, and a little touching.” I explained, trying to dampen her dreams of me and Jonah.

“Rich! That’s not like you!”

“Yeah, well it won’t be again. He hasn’t talked to me since, he hasn’t even been here!”

“Yes he has, he been here every day whilst you’ve been at work. I talk to him a lot, I think you should go and talk to him.” Fat Clair made a gesture with a raised eyebrow that indicated she knew something.

“What is it? Did he say something?” I asked, leaning in closer a little.

“No! No he didn’t! I swear, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but he did ask about you a lot! I think you’re an idiot if you don’t go and speak to him!”

I nodded at her, and got up from the table.

I made my way upstairs and headed for Jonah’s room, where i assumed he would be hiding. I knocked on the door, but the music from inside muffled it.

I collected my courage and headed in, and then I froze in the doorway.

Jonah was laid on the bed, naked, a fully erect cock in his hand, masturbating. His eyes were closed, so he hadn’t noticed me. I should’ve been getting hard over seeing this, but I was too angry.

“Jonah!” I yelled.

His eyes opened, and then he jumped into alert, turning off the music and covering himself with the beds duvet. “Richard! What the fuck are you doing?”

I laughed at him, this was absolutely ridiculous. I turned and left the room, storming my way to my bed, where I slammed the door. I sat on my bed, and I cried. I was crying for at least 10 minutes before Jonah came in, dressed in just his underwear and a t-shirt.

“Richard, what the fuck is the matter!?” He asked, trying to sound concerned.

“Oh, you do remember the people who’s dicks you suck!” I was being bitchy, but he deserved my childish side.

“Do you actually have any understanding of why I’ve not been here in the evenings? Do you?”

I shook my head.

“You know what… Forget it…” Jonah turned round about to walk out. I jumped off of my bed and leapt at him, catching him on the shoulder and nearly tripping him over.

“Please, Jonah.” I begged. “Please just talk to me.”

Jonah turned to me sharply, tears filling his eyes. “I’m sorry…” He fell into my arms and held me tightly. I wasn’t sure about him, but I felt safe.

After an hour of talking, sat upon my bed, Jonah opened up to me. He told me about his past, about the long list of women he had been with, and the two men. It seemed to me that the numerous women were of no significance to him – sexual partners during his “straight” phase – though the two men, he told me plenty about them.

Both treated him as bad as anyone could be treated. Last week one of them had contacted him.

“This is what he did to me…” Jonah was stood up and lifting his t-shirt. There on his chest and stomach were bruises, and lots of them. I couldn’t understand how some could try to damage something that beautiful.

“I’m so sorry…” I apologised to him, I had jumped to conclusions, and I truly did feel güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri horrible for it.

“It’s fine, honestly, you were a bit of a dick though…” He laughed a little. “Though, maybe, you could make it up to me?” He smirked.

A smile grew on my face, and the crotch of my trousers expanded. “Is this that fun you were talking about?”

In a flash he was on my bed, on top of me. His perfect, full lips kissing mine with more passion then before, whilst his hands began to undress me. First to come off was my t-shirt, then my jeans followed. I quickly removed his t-shirt and we were both in our underwear, with our hardened manhoods rubbing together.

“Take them off…” He whispered through a moan. I took no time to question it, my underwear was off and thrown at my closed bedroom door within seconds.

Jonah’s hands investigated around my chest, down to my stomach, and then to my pleasure zone, the place I wanted nothing more than to bury inside Jonah’s amazingly formed buttocks. Though, I think Jonah had different opinions on what would be buried where.

As his gorgeous body made its way down to my cock, until his perfect, beautiful face was level with my erection, he placed one hand upon my butt cheek, quite close to my hole. He turned himself on the bed, my cock still in his hand, until I was faced with his bulge, concealed until underwear.

I took this as a hint, and pulled the front of his underwear down enough for me to remove his cock. Being face to face with his glorious manhood, I was a little scared. It was huge, in length and in girth, and I was sure it was more than I could manage, but I took up the challenge regardless of my fears, and slip him inside of my mouth. It felt and tasted better than I could have ever imagined. Every inch of his cock was perfect, in size and in ever other sense, and I knew I would begrudge letting this out of my lips.

His tongue began to trace lines along the length of my pulsing penis, whilst a finger made its way inside of my hole. This filled my mind with nervous thoughts.

“What you doing there?” The words had slipped out of my mouth – as had his cock – I didn’t want to say them, but I had, and now Jonah was looking directly at me; leaning his chin upon my dick.

“Don’t you like that?” He asked.

“No, no, I do, it’s just usually, I’m the one with my hand there… Well, more than a hand…”

Jonah smirked. “I think you might be in for a treat with me then…” He returned his attention back to my pleasure, back to güvenilir bahis şirketleri where I liked it. He took my throbbing piece in one and hand, and guided it slowly into his mouth, whilst the other made its way into my hole again. I took his cock back in my salivating mouth; my own giant Jonah lollipop.

Jonah licked and sucked and stroked my cock, whilst his other hand made light work of my asshole. He started off with one finger, but at the point were he could probably taste the precum that had escaped me, there was three fingers in.

There are literally no words to describe the pleasure that man gave me, the wonderful, indescribable, pleasure. I didn’t want him to leave, I wanted Jonah to say in this bed with me until we could not suck or fuck or stroke anymore, but I knew it wouldn’t last. His cock slipped out my moist lips as I hit the peek of ecstasy.

As he sped up the rhythm in which he finger fucked my asshole, and the motion with which my cock jolted in and out of his throat, I couldn’t hold back. I exploded, hard, my thick cum had burst into his mouth and his throat, and by the way he carries on, I assumed he liked the taste.

He finished swallowing the last few drops of my white liquid, and released me from his strong jaws. He licked his lips and looks up into my eyes.

“You’re good, you know that right?” He smirked. I didn’t know how to respond,

He made his way up to my face, and kissed me gently.

“Good?” I asked.

“Yeah, you taste good, and you know what you’re doing, but you could be better.” As Jonah said those words, I felt like throwing him to the floor and showing him just how good I can be, but I refrained.

“Better?” I tried not to sound too pissed, I don’t know if it was working though.

“Nothing bad, it’s just, if we’re going to carry this on, and I really do want to, you’re going to need to train a little…”

“Train?” I asked. What the actual fuck was he talking about? Did he want me to get a tiny set of Dumbbells for my cock?

“Listen, I’ve got some stuff in my room, a few toys and that, I’ll leave them outside of your room later, and just, have fun!” He smirked.

“You like the word fun don’t you?” I laughed, though I didn’t truly understand what he was talking about.

He left my room after a few minutes, and I laid in bed, contemplating what exactly he was going on about. Then, came the knock at the door.

In my still naked state, I went to investigate. I opened the door, and there upon the floor was a cardboard box, a post-it note attached to the top: “Train for me! Jonah x”.

I took the box into my room and placed it on the bed. I took no time in opening the box and removing its contents: an arrange of butt plugs and dildos, all of them different shapes, sizes and colours.

Now I understood what Jonah wanted. This was getting exciting.

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