Abigail and the Broken Pump Pt. 03

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The morning came way too early but that seemed like every morning now. Daniel went and got the baby and it prompted remorseful thoughts from Abigail. Theirs wasn’t an unhappy marriage and Daniel was a loving husband and father. It wasn’t sex though, she told herself so it must be fine. That simply was it.

The rest of the morning was a bit of a blur as weekday mornings often were between getting her daughter ready and fixing breakfast for everyone. Jillian did come, shorts added to her nighttime attire, and took the baby from Abigail who avoided eye contact though she did try to check quickly if there were any noticeable milk stains on Jillian’s shirt. If Abigail was struggling with the thought of cheating, Jillian didn’t seem to have any qualms about being the enabler as she was her regular cheerful and helpful self.

Abigail served everyone eggs, sausage for her daughter and Jillian, bacon for her husband and fruit for herself. She had sworn that everyone would eat the same thing every day when her daughter was first born but that went out the window quickly when the realities of parenting changed from some bookish goals she had made. Daniel was reading the news on his phone, JIllian was feeding the baby and her daughter was complaining about being sleepy while Abigail poured drinks for everyone.

Daniel laughed and said “These internet companies must have heard you say your breast pump wasn’t working yesterday. There’s an ad on my phone.”

Abigail brough coffee over for the adults and milk for her daughter “Oh I was googling new ones on the ipad. That’s with your Apple ID, I think.” she explained reassuring him that their devices weren’t that sinister.

“Could I have milk instead please?” Jillian asked, smiling sweetly, as she held the baby in one arm, rocking her.

Abigail looked over, her heart beginning to race, and said “Of course.” She walked back to the fridge and poured a glass.

She set it in front of Jillian who smiled and said “Thanks. I just felt like I was craving milk this morning.” she elaborated and Abigail froze.

“So do you need a new one?” Daniel asked, continuing to scroll through his phone. “How much do they cost anyway?”

“No…I fixed it.” Jillian said, taking a big sip of her milk before turning her attention to Abigail’s daughter and began chatting her up.

“Oh good.” Daniel said, not looking up. “Kids are like a giant money dump.” and then looked at his daughters and Abigail “Love them though!” and laughed.

Abigail nodded, with a half smile and toyed with her food before eating slowly.

A few minutes later Daniel and her daughter were out the door and Abigail walked them out waving goodbye. Jillian followed after putting the baby down and when Abigail turned to come back inside, she saw the teen standing right there with a devious smile on her face.

Finally making eye contact, Abigail said “Look, yesterday was crazy and I know you think it’s funny but I don’t.” Jillian looked hurt but Abigail walked by her and back into the house and immediately got busy getting herself ready to go back to work in another week.

Abigail stayed in her room, sorting and trying on clothes. She was generally pleased that most of them fit, other than one skirt which was always the tightest, but it gave her something to aspire for. A couple of hours had gone by and Abigail wondered if she had upset Jillian. Her breasts filling up were quite the distraction too. She went downstairs and found Jillian playing with the baby.

“It’s time to feed her.” Abigail announced and readied herself for some kind of drama.

“Oh is it…” Jillian said, tickling the baby’s stomach “Somebody’s hungry?” she said continuing to talk to the baby.

“Here you go.” she said, giving the baby to Abigail. “I’ll be in my room.” and she went off giving Abigail privacy.

If there was going to be drama it was in the form of a cold shoulder. Abigail nursed in silence feeling guilty for being too harsh on the sweet teen that had only been nice to her. She finished and walked to Jillian’s room and knocked. When Jillian opened it, she said “Mind taking her? I’m gonna get changed and then I need to go to the mall. Do you wanna go?”

Jillian smiled and took the baby “Sure. I’ll get dressed too.”

Abigail felt a bit better about Jillian. It didn’t seem like drama but that a line had been drawn and she was aware of it. She went back upstairs to get ready to shower and remembered that she needed to shave too and quickly texted Jillian to let her know that she’d need probably 45 minutes. When she got down to business, she resisted the urge to touch herself and focused on shaving with constant thoughts of her teenage au pair. By the time she was dressed in her goto short denim cutoffs and a white tanktop, and Michael Kors sandals, Abigail felt that the line was either blurry or she was going to cross it herself. She paused in front of the mirror, tossing her hair back repeatedly to try to give it a bit more bounce, antakya seks hikayeleri her mind still busy over analyzing her own thoughts and actions.

Was she fat? Should she work out more? Did Daniel think she was pretty still? Did Jillian think she was pretty? She wasn’t quite sure how thinking about Jillian even became a thing. She admonished herself and with that guilt she stepped away from the mirror.

As she sauntered downstairs, Jillian was there with the baby in the car seat, dressed in short denim cutoffs and a white tanktop with Adidas sneakers. The teen felt some kind of a connection yesterday which solidified the crush she had on her glamorous employer. It was a crush but one that stretched romance and moved into a pseudo mother-daughter bond that she craved. Jillian grinned, nervously, hoping Abigail would think it was pretty.

Abigail took a second glance and wondered if this was some kind of message being sent but she decided not to probe. “You look cute.” she said, and Jillian sure did.

“Thanks. I’ve been taking lessons from your fashion sense.” Jillian said and it was true.

The mall was mostly fun and lighthearted, Abigail more on edge or at least thinking that she was.

Jillian on the other hand was also busy over analyzing but perhaps did a better job of covering it. She didn’t feel nearly as much pressure as Abigail did even though she did have a boyfriend.

Things were winding down and other than Jillian holding up a large sized bra over her perky A cups and laughing it was mostly a typical visit to the mall. Abigail tried on a few clothes, wondered if they made her look fat, got reassured by Jillian, that she looked gorgeous even if her eyes fixated mostly on Abigail’s fascinating rack and bought the baby a few unnecessary items because they looked ‘so cute!’

When they got back into the SUV, Jillian turned to Abigail and took a deep breath before speaking “I’m sorry if I upset you this morning but…” she paused, unsure if she should continue and then she did “I know last night was crazy but I’m like not telling anyone if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Abigail listened, not wanting to comment yet.

Jillian continued “But it was also nice, y’know?”

Abigail smiled “it might have been nice but it wasn’t appropriate.” She started the car “And thank you for not telling anyone.”

Jillian half frowned “Not appropriate? I helped you out.” It was the feeling like she had just been friend zoned.

Abigail put the car into gear and shrugged “Yes, you did and I appreciate it but it doesn’t make it appropriate.”

Jillian put one foot up on the seat and turned her head to look outside, clearly hurt by what was just said. They drove in silence and Abigail felt bad about what had been said. As she thought about the previous night, her mind drifted into purely sexual thoughts. The honk from a car behind her at a traffic light woke her up and she looked at Jillian again. She reached over with her manicured hand and took Jillian’s, squeezing it as they continued to drive in silence.

Abigail pulled into the garage and got out and got the car seat while Jillian continued to sit inside the rapidly warming car. She set the car seat down inside the cooler air of her house and returned. She opened the door and they both didn’t say anything.

Abigail stepped closer “Listen, yesterday…” she hesitated, setting a hand down on Jillian’s thigh “it was…ummm…special.”

Jillian looked up, straightfaced “You mean that?”

“Course I do.” she replied and took Jillian’s hand.

Jillian smiled and squeezed on Abigail’s hand, propping herself up and dangling her legs outside the vehicle. “I like really wanna kiss you.”

“Gosh. Honey…we really can’t.”

“Why?” Jillian implored. “You said it was special…”

“It was.”

“Then?” Jillian’s hand tugged on Abigail’s.

Abigail stepped between the teen’s skinny legs. “Jilly…”

Jillian used her other hand to pull Abigail closer and Abigail bent her neck to lean in when she was in line with the door. Their eyes met and Abigail giggled nervously. “You know this is crazy, right?”

Jillian shrugged, and touched Abigail’s cheek, rubbing over it gently, admiring the perfect make up, those beautiful lips and those deep eyes.

“Honey…” and Abigail touched Jillian’s face, the skin young and flawless. She swallowed, and closed her eyes with her face moving in. She pressed her lips on Jillian’s and the teen wasted no time in using her hand to make sure Abigail stayed. When that moment calmed, Jillian used her tongue to push between Abigail’s lips that willingly parted and pried its way into the waiting mouth.

Jillian’s tongue danced inside, albeit a bit tentatively, trying not to make the nervous mother run away. Abigail stayed and sucked on the tongue deciding to enjoy the momen, the soft sound of kissing and sucking was the only break to the otherwise silent hot garage.

A loud text message from Jillian’s phone made Abigail pull away and they both laughed. Jillian pulled on Abigail’s hand again but the moment had passed and Abigail said “Let’s get you inside. You’re sweating.”

The rest of the day was a blur for both of them, awkward glances, blushes, smiles and nervous laughs. When dinner was done, and Jillian put the baby down, she returned to the kitchen and found Abigail cleaning. Both of them had dressed down after dinner, though Jillian hadn’t abandoned her shorts yet. Abigail was in a pair of matching grey pyjama shorts and a button down top. Daniel was watching television and the sound was loud enough to get to where they were though it wasn’t really disturbing.

Jillian leaned against the counter and smiled mischievously “That pump didn’t really get fixed.”

Abigail blushed and looked up from the sink “It didn’t? You said it did.” she said clearly aware that she knew that it hadn’t.

“I do have another fix though.” and she winked.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” Abigail asked, raising an eyebrow.

Jillian puckered her lips and made a sucking sound.

Abigail shook her head and said “You are crazy.”

The reality was that the pump hadn’t gotten fixed and as Abigail dried her hands she knew that there was going to be an inevitable repeat of the previous night that would occur in a few hours.

She went and sat down with Daniel, fiddling mostly on her phone while he caught up on sports. About an hour later, Daniel decided to head to bed and planted a kiss on Abigail’s lips before handing her the remote. She flipped channels, deciding between some mindless TV – 90 day fiancée, Below deck or some Kardashian fare. She settled on Below deck and scrolled through social media some more.

Jillian texted ‘I hear sports is off…’

Abigail replied ‘I got below deck on. Wanna watch?’

‘Only if ur bringing snacks? :p’

‘Ur crazy!’

‘Didn’t sound like a no! Omw!’ Jillian texted to end the conversation.

Less than a minute later, she was there in the living room, dressed in a short sleeveless sleep top, riding well above her waist, showing her high waisted black thong, announcing it’s Calvin Klein brand on the elastic band and her pierced belly button. She stood by the couch, raising a hand sideways to announce her arrival.

Abigail rolled her eyes but giggled and gestures for her to sit down. She did and scooted over closer to the end that Abigail was at.

“Daniel’s probably not asleep yet.” Abigail cautioned, letting her know that she would probably not be reciprocating Jillian’s desire for closeness.

Jillian nodded and slid her head down and into Abigail’s lap. “This ok, though?” Abigail shrugged and placed one hand on Jillian’s shoulder. She smiled and Jillian raised an eyebrow and grinned. Abigail shook her head and nodded towards the TV where they both moved their visual attention to though their minds were elsewhere.

Abigail caressed the shoulder with gentle rubs while Jillian just soaked in the moment, taking time to smell all of Abigail- the body lotion, the freshly laundered clothing, all added to an aura of sophistication that Jillian had so admired.

As the episode ended, Jillian turned from the TV and looked up at Abigail, raising an eyebrow again. Abigail leaned down, bending her back and smiled, touching Abigail’s face.

“I hope your ringer is off.” she said and laughed. “Don’t want to get interrupted again.”

Jillian strained her neck, reaching upwards and to Abigail’s mouth and kissed her. The older woman quickly used a hand to support Jillian’s awkward position.

“Do you wanna sit up?” Abigail asked.

“I was just positioning myself for a feed.” Jillian said with a grin.

“Oh stop!” Abigail blushed and then added “Can I just get to enjoy a kiss with you first?”

If Abigail didn’t intend to oblige with the nursing, using the word ‘first’ implied otherwise. She also made it evident that she did want to kiss, and that this was sexual too and not just maternal or desperate circumstances. Jillian nodded and sat up, still facing Abigail, curling her legs behind her.

Jillian got closer and their lips met again, this time her tongue pushed straightaway and Abigail willingly opened her mouth to encourage her tongue in. Both ladies were making an effort to be quieter than earlier in the day, the older more concerned than the pushy youngster. Jillian rested her hand on Abigail’s face, moving it down, squeezing on her shoulder before placing it on the nursing mother’s big breast.

Abigail let out a moan, muffled by Jillian’s tongue slithering in her mouth. The moan only inspired renewed confidence in Jillian and her hand as it made it’s way around the orb that she was fondling, squeezing, cradling, pressing and loving on it. As she did, her hand eventually went to the front of Abigail’s top, above her breast and fidgeted around her buttons, using feeling rather than a visual or the help of a second hand to pop the buttons.

She started with the first, which took some time but made Abigail open her eyes and wake her up from her sexually charged dream she had fallen willingly into. Their eyes met and Jillian smiled into the kiss, pushing her tongue further in while she confidently popped a second. She let her tongue retreat while she worked on the third button and by the time she was on her fourth, Abigail’s tongue had been invited into her mouth and the older woman’s eyes were closed again. Jillian’s were open as she used her other hand to now pull the top open, looking down a little as she used a hand to expose and cradle each of those big, full breasts.

Jillian broke the kiss finally, and lowered her eyes on the prize, raising her eyes to Abigail’s as if to tell her the obvious. The teen lowered herself again, back into the original position she had taken, head in Abigail’s lap.

She looked into the older woman’s eyes, Abigail’s breathing causing for those big breasts to heave out and obscure Jillian’s face, and then pawed at one. Abigail lowered her breast towards Jillian’s mouth who opened it willingly, aided by Abigail’s guiding hand behind her head. She latched, taking time to lick the nipple before and make sure this was sexually enjoyable too before wrapping her wet lips around it. Eyes still locked, the milk began to flow and they sat there, like mother and grown nursing daughter developing a powerful bond.

While she nursed, Jillian wasn’t making an attempt to make it sexual, instead just focusing on enjoying the closeness that the moment was bringing for them. As she stretched out her long bare legs and her top rode further up, she tried to make mental notes on taste, temperature and the flow as she rubbed a hand around the breast. Abigail closed her eyes, mind numbed by how quickly things had evolved since the previous night, her own thoughts a bit more sexualized but also comforted by the feeling of intimacy with this nineteen year old.

As the breast drained, Abigail opened her eyes, running a hand over Jillian’s hair, who seemed blissful with eyes closed, making her purr in appreciation of the touch. She smiled, opening her eyes, looking up and gently released the nipple, the breast still magnificent, hanging down a little upon being released. Jillian’s lips were laced with a milky glaze. She smiled, looking shy and cute as she did. This definitely wasn’t sexual for Jillian or at least there was a big part of it that wasn’t.

Abigail smiled back, and squirmed a little aware that she was wet already. This was sexual for her or at least a big part of it was. She opened her mouth to speak, realized how dry it was, and swallowed to clear her throat. “Do you…ummm…want to do the other?” Abigail asked a bit unsure because she had to suggest it and that Jillian wasn’t being her eager self.

Jillian nodded, and slid down a little, her top pulled on the couch and now just sat over her breasts, most of her skinny frame on display. She set her head down and let Abigail position it and her breast towards Jillian’s mouth. The teen licked her lips, readying it for contact and when the nipple was close, she took her time to lick over it, around it and teased. Abigail squirmed, pushing her breast forward, nipple sitting firm on it but didn’t plead yet. She was not nearly as desperate to nurse as she was the previous night and chose instead to revel in the occasion, showing it in her breathing. Her breast heaved, making the nipple move and for Jillian to snake her tongue around as it lapped over it.

As the breast settled back down and smashed over Jillian’s mouth, she opened it and swallowed the big nipple and began to suck on it. The milk flowed and Jillian closed her eyes, smelling the big breast, a mix of body lotion, sweat and that milk. She settled and opened her eyes again to look up at Abigail who had her eyes closed.

A few minutes or Jillian’s mouth working along with her hand squeezing and Abigail squirming had the second breast almost emptied. The teen was a bit rougher this time, with her hand and her lips, and Abigail seemed to approve from the way her body was reacting. Milk fell from her mouth as she sucked passionately and then slowed down while her hand played with Abigail’s other breast.

Abigail opened her eyes, looking down and Jillian looked up between gulps and grinned. “Gosh…baby.” Abigail moaned, trying hard not to make it too noisy. Jillian paused from sucking and just decided to lick the nipple, over and over. Abigail pulled her off and leaned down to kiss the teen. She pressed her lips over the au pair’s tasting her own milk on them. Abigail’s tongue pushed inside, needy and wanting. Jillian adjusted her position, trying to prop herself up and allowed Abigail to straighten up so that they could both enjoy the kiss.

Abigail had her eyes shut, her kissing was urgent and she moved her hand to Jillian’s perky breast. She put her palm over it, pressing on it and cupping it while Jillian had her eyes open, loving how this woman she was crushing hard on had abandoned her sophistication and was being animalistic.

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